The Georgie Gazette #1

It’s quite common for bloggers to write about what is happening in their daily lives: separate, categorised posts that sit apart from their focused rants or ongoing monthly segments.

  • Holly has The Weekend Blog,
  • Liz has Life Update,
  • Cristina has a Week in Review,
  • Nancy has This Week’s Roundup.

I thought of doing something similar as a miscellaneous mind dump. Quite a few bloggers use the common ‘Life Lately’ but that doesn’t really sit with me. I know that I won’t want this to stick to a timeframe, and most of you know that I like to think of something creative. I initially thought of ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ as a bit of an in-joke to suggest that I haven’t disappeared, but I decided that ‘The Georgie Gazette’ made a little more sense.

The way I used to blog, I would write every two or three days and would write about what I got up to each day. I stopped writing as much and my posts became more focussed on individual topics, and I think that’s because my life became more routine. Before, school and university allowed for a lot more antics. :P These days I find that nothing sits as a topic I could write a lot about, but I miss writing more about my day and recently I’ve been busy so there has been a lot going on.

A haircut with a different hairstyle

I got a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I was complaining about my long hair for a while, Nick even said, ‘The sooner you cut it, the sooner you will stop complaining!’ I was just very bored of my long, layered hair. :( I had it since high school, basically the same style, sometimes with a fringe and sometimes without. It was driving me nuts! I had thinned out the ends, and I decided it was time to just go for a chop.

I spent ages looking at photos of bobs and long bobs but I decided that I didn’t want it that short. My feelings were that I had this typical edgy sort of haircut with my many layers, always having it sleek and long, and I wanted to do something plain-jane. I settled on a photo of Amanda Seyfried because I liked the soft layers she had, and the length was what I wanted. I wanted that soft and pretty look rather than the edgy look I had kept trying to do since I was eighteen.

It is the shortest my hair has been in a very long time, and I really like it. I’m happy with it! The hairdresser did a great job! Of course, I’ll have to curl it myself if I want it like that, but I usually don’t style my hair on a daily basis. I was grinning a bit too widely in the photo…

Comparison hair photo: Amanda Seyfried (left) and my new haircut (right)
New, shorter hair

Ross Noble show

Nick and I went to see Ross Noble the other day. He was hilarious. He went on tangents but returned to his original stories, and a large percentage of the show was based off his observations from, and interactions with, the audience. If I remember correctly, he only told one story about his encounter with policemen wanting a selfie with him, ranted about the shiny floor at the venue, mocked Nigella Lawson and told us a story about his daughter and wife towards the end of the show. The rest of his show was completely inspired by the audience. We witnessed a marriage proposal at the end as well – a man had emailed Ross Noble to ask if he could propose to his girlfriend, as they were both big fans of him and watched one of his shows on their first date. She said yes! :)

Work: busy, busy work

There have been many changes at work, it was all very hard to take in! The team I’m in had a shift in members: some members were moved to another team, and we have some new members joining us this week. My calendar looks incredibly full of meetings and early starts as we face the challenge of trying to work with what essentially feels like a new team.

Henry (one of my colleagues) and myself are how hosting our weekly lunch presentations, which we took over from Dave before he moved back to the UK. It’s been a bit of extra work, but again something to organise into my weekly tasks.

#getfitforEurope: 41 days to go

I have been tweeting with the hashtag #getfitforEurope as Nick and I go to the gym and prepare ourselves for some long days in Europe. Holidaying shouldn’t be hard work at all, but we have lots of activities and things we want to see and do, so we are going to need a lot of energy. It was perhaps eight months or so since we went to the gym? It’s good to be back. I am hoping to come out of it more toned and with some more muscle definition, but basically trying to kick ass with every gym visit. 💪

Are we excited for Europe though? Yes, super excited!

The Best Friend Lunch 🔀 The Best Friend Dinner

Lilian and I have had two dinners together since our last lunch, which I think means I should start naming them accordingly or calling them catch-ups instead. I didn’t write blog posts for the two dinners, but we are having another catch-up soon, so I’ll decide what I’ll do then. :)

This week’s overview

Nick is graduating from university this week! It has been a long journey, but I’m so proud of him. He has worked really hard. My cousin Tasya also has a presentation at university for doing so well in her first year, and there is a Twitter event in Twitter’s Sydney office on Wednesday. I’m sure work will keep me super busy as usual.

Until next time. :)

Comments on this post

Love the new hair, Georgie! Soft waves suit you. I can tell that you are very happy with it :D

Ross Noble sounded awesome! I like him, he’s gold. I also love that someone got proposed to, aww :3

Congratulations to Nick on his graduation! Mine was 6 years ago :O That’s crazy to think now lol.

Good luck this week, sounds like you are super busy!

AHAHAHA! I love the name! Love the alliteration :D You know I’m a huge fan of those! ^^

I love your haircut! It fits you wonderfully. And that smile! Beautiful, Georgie :D

Yay for getting fit! You’re really dedicated and I admire you for it. I need to get on with my exercise plan, but sickness last week totally delayed it for me. I’m going to do it starting this Friday, so woot!

Congratulations to Nick for his accomplishment! Graduating is a huge milestone, and I’m sure he feels a huge sense of relief and is glad he completed his degree! I know I felt like a huge load left my shoulders when I finished my degrees! :D

The hairstyle really suits you and the loose curls are utterly adorable!
Congratulations to Nick on his graduation :)

Your haircut is so cute, Georgie! When I read that you got your haircut I was imagining a lot shorter, haha. It looks really nice styled like that too – very different from how you normally used to wear it. I like it a lot and I’m glad that you do, too!

I’m glad you’re including this new “series” and I like the name of it. I feel like a lot of time when bloggers have all sorts of different series going on, you lose a lot of just what’s going on in their lives, which is what I actually enjoy the most! I’ve always toyed with the idea of doing a weekend recap, but I already center most of my posts around what I do, so I didn’t really feel like it was necessary. Looking forward to reading more of these. :)

Also, I am so excited for you guys to go to Europe! You are going to have so much fun and I am super jealous. :P You may have mentioned previously and I missed it, but where are you guys planning to visit?

Haha thanks! I have been starting to make it a bit wavy for the past few days… I like that it adds some texture compared to just having it straight.

That is awesome – I think I got too focussed on the random ‘series’ I was doing that were a bit unrelated to my daily life, so this is sort of a way to bring it back. :D

We will be going to Liverpool, London, Paris (nowhere else in France unfortunately), Zurich, Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan. I think we just decided to do most of Italy this time, but I really want to go to Amsterdam some time and definitely explore more of London. There is never enough time… :P We are staying about three to five days in each city. I know it won’t be enough. We are going with the mindset that we will return, so that we don’t try to rush anything.

You are very creative with your names! Good game XD~~

I like the focus on individual topics, it gives us more insight on what you’re interested in and all of that cool jazz. With you being a full-time worker, you got some pretty cool stories as a professional ;).

Your new hair style looks neat-o! The curls at the ends give some bonus points!

It’s cool to witness a proposal! You get to be part of the moment where everyone is in awe because of the love birds. I’ve been seeing plenty of your gym tweets, so it looks like you’re on the right track with getting fit for Europe~

Congratulations to Nick on graduating!

Haha I did think of having something like ‘GG’ in there… even ‘what up G’. But I felt like going for something more ‘elegant’.

Thank you! I have been curling my hair a bit now, I don’t like treating it with too much heat but I’ve used some heat protection spray so it doesn’t do my hair too much damage. Loose curls are definitely more interesting than plain straight hair, in my opinion anyway.

I find that I am blogging about certain topics a lot lately, where I used to write more about life and a number of things at once. xD I like this new segment on your blog. :)

I love the new haircut. It really suits you and it can be nice to have a change. It can feel really fresh. :D

That’s great you enjoyed the show. :)

Hopefully things settle down at work again soon. Maybe once all the team members are where they need to be. :)

Eeeee. Not long to go to your trip! :D It is such a great idea to get fit before going on a trip, because you would have a better chance of being able to do more things and cope with it.

Congratulations to Nick on graduating! :D

Congratulations to Nick for graduating! I love Nick Noble’s stand up, I’d love to see him live. Your new haircut looks great, I love the color. No such thing as smiling too wide :D

Oh no, sweetie, that grin is absolutely adorable! *big hugs* That hairstyle looks great on you and you look very pretty with shorter hair.

Hope you and your workmates will adjust to the changes soon. I understand how awkward it must feel. Hope the meetings are interesting, at least! ^-^

I like the idea of themed entries and a category just to let it all out like in the old times. I haven’t been blogging a lot for personal reasons since 2013, I think. I know it sucks. Trying to get back to it, to make personal stuff fit in my schedule again (because I often tend to give all my energies to work blogging and that’s not the way I should go about it; I know it’s a self-esteem problem). You are a big inspiration in that sense. You always were, but even more so now that I think of you as a close friend. *more big hugs*

Congrats to Nick for his graduation, too! Eagerly waiting for Simone’s here – his is coming around May 22nd. Hope everything goes smoothly, as there were some issues with uni credits due to one professor not registering them. ^^; Yeah.

Take care, Georgie!

~ Luana

I have trouble dealing with fear of disappointing others sometimes, which leads me to put others before myself first. But sometimes we need to take care of ourselves. I can understand what you mean. <3 I really appreciate your support and thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog over the years. *hug*

Those professors can be really tardy, can’t they?! I think Nick had a similar issue with his results. If I ever become a professor I will be sure to be organised and to get things sorted for my students, haha.