The Best Friend Lunch #12

This is an unofficial ‘segment’ that I forgot to mention at all in my reader survey (if you haven’t yet done my survey, it won’t take you long!), so I guess I have zero opinions on it right now. :P

I invited Lilian to visit the Campaign Monitor office and come and enjoy lunch prepared by our kitchen crew. I’m sure she was very impressed and found it super interesting. She said that our office looked very ergonomic. :D It just made me think of the possibility of having a guestbook, which in turn reminds me that at work we were joking about the old guestbooks that used to be on people’s websites – remember writing ‘nice site! visit mine!’?

The Place

I work at Campaign Monitor, not much else to be said. We get breakfast and lunch cooked for us, and coffees made for us. Sometimes dessert if we’re lucky. We like to show off our space, too, obviously. ;)

On the menu for Thursday’s lunch were two options (yep, there is always a vegetarian/vegan option):

Hoisin chicken
With chilli, cashew stir fried vegetables and organic herb brown rice pilaff

Egg or veggie hoisin and cashews rolls
With chilli, cashew stir fried vegetables and organic herb brown rice pilaff

The Chat

Although we were sort of interrupted by BreadTalks – our weekly brown-bag/over-lunch presentation session – we still had time to chat. I did see Lilian as I was walking through the city last week, so I’m not sure there was much that was new! She will be going overseas next week for about a month.

We talked about work, and she moved to a bigger office – turns out it’s closer to my office rather than further away as we initially thought. She gets a good view on the fourteenth floor, though I just realised that’s less than half of the level 37/38 that I’m on, haha. While I have my work Christmas party tomorrow, she had hers last week.

She told me that she still hasn’t read this book an old friend from school gave her. Books can be hard to gift to people if you don’t know what they like. Lil owns every book in the universe and has a steadily growing library, but it doesn’t mean she likes every book. I’ve gotten her gift vouchers as gifts for the past few presents!

The Selfie

In front of the Christmas tree in the lobby!

Happy Crimbo (as they say in Australia)
Happy Crimbo (as they say in Australia)

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