A Day in the Life: December 2015

This is the last A Day in the Life post for the year. And what a year it has been.

I want to take some time to thank Manda for letting me take over this linkup for the duration of the year. I enjoyed taking it over! But I have to admit that I am having the same feelings she did when she finished the linkup a year ago. It has slowly begun to feel like a chore for me, partially because I feel like having just words is boring. However, I am reluctant to end this linkup or pass it on just yet.

I want to make a couple of changes to the style of the linkup to make it more interesting. When faced with the prompt ‘write about your day’, sometimes people are lost. How much to write? But I didn’t do much today? What if I am not inspired to write about what happened today? I want to include questions or prompts to make this linkup a bit more fun and put people more at ease with what to write. You will definitely see it back in 2016. 😊

A Day in the Life: December 2015

Now on to a summary of my day…

I drove to the train station in the morning in the hopes of getting a parking spot. It isn’t the train station I normally go to, but it’s one a bit closer. Trains are less frequent but since there is parking, I wanted to give it a go. I need to drive to a train station on Friday, so I thought today would be good ‘practice’.

I almost crashed into a car when I turned into the station. I think it was partially my fault for not double checking, but I was right behind the car in front of me, and we were both turning right, when all of a sudden this car just appeared out of nowhere from the opposite direction and didn’t even slow down or swerve, leaving me to slam on the brakes. I was in a bit of a ‘what the heck just freaking happened’ moment, but I moved along, relieved to still be alive.

Unfortunately there was some work being done at the train station so a lot of the parking spaces were fenced off. I ended up driving for twenty minutes, meeting Nick at the station where he usually drives to. It’s in the totally opposite direction to the city, but I parked my car next to his (haha) and we caught the train and went on our way.

After finally arriving at work, I grabbed breakfast and we had our stand-up meeting. I spent most of the morning working on one task, having to deal with some computer problems along the way. We all got Christmas cards from our team leads & managers. ☺️🎄

Just after noon, Nick and I went to have lunch with our friend Blake. We all used to work for the same company at one point! It was good to catch up. We mostly talked travel and work, while we ate burgers at Charlie & Co. They have the best vegetarian burger I have ever tasted, but this time I decided to try the fish burger. It was super delicious!

We went our separate ways and back to work. I felt a bit more productive in the afternoon compared to the morning. I worked on rebuilding a new feature towards the end of the day.

After work finished, I walked to the station to meet Nick, and I was so tired I had a nap on the train. We all knew it was going to rain, and it rained lightly when we got off the train at the end of our ride and walked to our respective cars. It was strange having to both drive in our cars but drive in separate directions. We’re used to either going home together or parting ways when one of us gets off the train.

It rained harder as I drove home, but it wasn’t too bad. When I got home I rested on my bed and read some news articles on my phone, and read through some responses from my blog survey. It’s still open if you want to complete it. I will leave responses open for at least another week.

After having some dinner I had a shower, then spent some time drafting up some blog posts and getting some ideas out. It’s been a pretty lazy evening, I’m hoping to sleep soon!

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Comments on this post

I haven’t linked up, really, but I sorta did some…they just turned into ‘life update’-type posts. :( Ugh. My problem was that my life is seemingly boring, and I’m not great with series/commitment unless it’s a TV show (I guess), so I tend to forget. I’d like to try to make it more of a habit, though. It’s just getting into the habit for a monthly series like ADITL is that is hard.

Having prompts might be helpful, though. :3

I’ve also considered doing a video similar to the opening sequence of Chasing Life, because my camera’s sound is officially non-existent, so it could be kinda fun and easy, rather than, like you said, having to do just words. c:

To get to work, do you have to always take a train, or do you sometimes drive? It’s always interesting to hear/read about others taking trains for transportation, because we don’t have anything more than taxis/cabs and buses, though some places (e.g. Galveston, some parts of Dallas, and [maybe] Austin) have trolleys, which just follow tracks.

…in Texas. Some places may have a train, but Texans don’t seem to make a lot of use for them for anything more than importing and exporting goods.

That’s totally OK – no need to feel guilty! It depends on what it is, but if I really like something I will commit to it. When it starts feeling like a chore, I step back. It’s the best thing to do and it’s OK to step back.

I haven’t heard of Chasing Life, sorry. But I have tried to be more creative in previous posts by writing lists, including photos and doing it in a different form. Maybe a template would encourage people to participate.

It is much better to take a train. If I drove all the way to work, I would be spending about $300 a week in parking and maybe about $100 in petrol/gas… compared to about $25 a week catching buses and trains. I also don’t live within comfortable walking distance of a train station so I have to catch a bus. I only use a car if I am staying at Nick’s house. If I will be returning to the train station when it’s very late and there are no more buses, I might drive to a station that has parking (but few of them do). I wouldn’t have to do this if I didn’t live an hour away from the city, though.

A lot of times, it’s more of a time thing—I’m either too lazy to do it, or I have a lot going on. :p

Chasing Life is an ABC Family series, and my apologies; I tend to forget about TV shows not being worldwide. :| I found the title sequence on Vimeo. It’s a cool way to show her average day/life. :3

Even so, I don’t watch any television so I probably would not have heard of it anyway. 😆 But I just watched it, it looks pretty interesting and I like the style. :)

I did the blog survey before you blogged about it. :D

I like this link-up a lot, but I always have to remind myself to take photos to include for the entry.

As for trains, I really wish Houston’s rail system was up to par with other major city’s train/railway systems. But then again, Houston is huge and the majority of people just drive because everything is so far away.

Aw, that is good to know you like it. I don’t think you should worry too much about taking photos, though. It’s not really a requirement and over the course of time I have stopped putting too much effort into the pictures too.

That is a shame. I can’t say our transportation system is magnificent, even though it is convenient. 😆

I definitely think prompts are a good idea! I’ve only done this linkup once and it was lucky I chose a very eventful day where I started the hanging out at midnight, then went to bed at 2AM only to get up again at 8AM for a trip that lasted until 11PM. Not every day is as good hehehe.

How early do you have to be there to get a parking spot? At my train station back home all the spots would be taken by the time I wake up to go to work. I also miss having lunch breaks to eat together with others because now my lunches are done in front of my work. :(

I feel like I deliberately picked some days where I knew something was on, or where I was overseas. I don’t really want to keep doing that haha! Feels dishonest. ;p

I am not sure but I once got there with a friend at 7am when all the spots were still open, and we had no trouble. I drove to one that was twenty minutes away and usually that doesn’t get packed until 9 (and I should be at work by then anyway haha).

I like doing this a different day each month because one day is never the same. Like last month what should have been a normal work day ended up being cut short because I was sick. This time around it was my sister’s birthday. So I think doing a different day each month like you do keeps it interesting. I also think prompts are a good idea. Keep up the good work – I’m so glad to have found your blog and the linkup!

Some days turn out to be bad and some turn out to be super eventful. I guess that is why it’s good to pick a handful of dates at the beginning of the year, as you won’t really know what is going to happen. When I picked the dates I tried to pick some at the beginning, end, and middle of the month, and an even spread between weekdays and weekends.

I am thrilled that you participated and that’s why I chose to subscribe to your blog and keep reading. So glad I found someone who also blogs regularly – I’ve never had trouble keeping up with someone’s blog before, but I love yours.

Thanks for stopping (and sticking) by, Cristina! :)❤️

I have participated in this link up quite a few times, but it is sometimes so difficult to keep up with it. There are many days which go in a great way, worthy of a blog, but they leave me tired enough that I don’t blog about it that day n then forget about it! :(

Driving to the station here is a rare luxury even for a bike. There is absolutely not space left in the parking lots after 10 am! And if it is a car, then you probably have to park it about a km away just so u get a spot and then walk to the station. That’s why we have these private buses along with the public buses to take us to the train stations!

I will still keep it a linkup and I am deciding on the dates for the year. I think it’s all about writing about any day of the year, so no pressure!

I feel your pain there, there are only a few stations here with a lot of parking. And they are usually full early in the morning. One time I left home later and I had to park about a kilometre away as well, and then walk. Not pleasant at all, and I should have just waited for a bus instead because it would have been quicker.