A wild survey appeared!

Hey Georgie survey

Taking after Holly, I have also decided to create a reader survey for readers of my blog. I would love if you could take the survey!

There are no right or wrong answers, and I won’t be offended by what you consider to be your opinion. My blog is mostly a personal blog, and there are going to be some parts of my blog that you like, and others you dislike. It may vary from person to person. I have collected over ten responses already after promoting the survey on Twitter, and it’s interesting to see the types of posts different people are interested in.

I want to make some changes to my blog, particularly the various ‘segments’ or ‘series’ I have. I also can’t seem to call them ‘segments’ or ‘series’ consistently either. 😐 The reason I want to make these changes is because I am aware that those segments have been flooding my blog, with very little ‘room’ for me to write about anything else. I also started a lot of those segments more for readers’ enjoyment than my own fun, so I definitely am keen on making changes if no one likes certain posts I write.

I have started to notice what readers are interested in, but it would be good to hear it straight from you! Please take the survey if you have time. Also, I did the survey with GetFeedback, just because I work at Campaign Monitor and we own GetFeedback. 😂

Comments on this post

I really like the styling of the feedback form! It’s clean and customizable! Also love the first Q where you can drag the dot to any answer you want ;). Hope you get some good results that will help your blog!

Thanks Nancy! I could have used that slider control thing on other questions but it only seemed right for the first one. There were a few other cool options haha.

I hope you receive helpful/beneficial feedback. c: Also, I hope you don’t receive too horrible of feedback. Open-ended questions tend to bring out the worst in people. :s

Campaign Monitor sounded familiar to me, so I visited the site and now see why—Pinch of Yum uses it, or at least they used to. I’m addicted to reading their income reports, though I can’t enjoy their actual food…? #foodallergyproblems

They can. But I love how people were very honest in their answers. None were mean or critical – they were just ‘I don’t like this’ or ‘it just isn’t in my interests’, which was fair enough.

Apple and Airbnb use Campaign Monitor as well. ;)

Your survey was weirdly fun to complete. :) Normally the surveys I do online are through Survey Monkey, and they aren’t quite as pretty as yours was, haha. Hope the feedback is helpful!

Thanks Becca! I remember using Survey Monkey and it doesn’t seem like you can make the surveys very nice. GetFeedback requires you to pay if you want more than 20 responses, but because I work for Campaign Monitor I didn’t have to pay (I anticipated I would get more than 20). 😂

Survey completed! I have to admit that it was rather fun. :) I hope that the feedback that you receive is helpful, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. <3

Yay, I’m glad it was fun! Thank you for doing it.

Totally took it when it was on Twitter. More than anything, I would love to help you make your blog better :D