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Last week we spent a couple of days in Zurich. Our first impressions were good – friendly people, safe, quiet, really beautiful. I liked Zurich from the moment I stepped in it, but I think we walked away wanting a little more of Switzerland. Our collective gatherings from friends and colleagues is that the Alps are a must-see and that Bern is much more interesting. We obviously came in summer and were only prepared for a short trip.

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We spent five days in Paris and only left on Monday, but it feels like we were there so long ago. I didn’t expect much from Paris but I liked it a lot. I think I was under the impression that it was horribly cliche.

Also, it pays to know some French so that you are served well. The French are certainly not rude people! We had a great time overall and along with the food, the service was excellent. I will definitely miss the food. It was delicious and affordable.

We got up to so much, including visiting a lot of museums (guess which one was my favourite?), exploring the city, and obviously visiting all the tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles.

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In this post I have written a day-by-day summary of our visit to London, which ended about five days ago. I only had time to write about it now. We saw a musical, saw Windsor Castle, saw many sights and tourist attractions, even did a Harry Potter tour and had a traditional English afternoon tea.

London was great, though I did have some parting thoughts about it, so read on… I didn’t lug my camera everywhere, but I hope you enjoy this post, and more travel ones to come. (In the meantime you can follow the hashtag #nickgeorgieEU16 on Instagram or Twitter for more photos and tweets.)

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This may be posted later than usual because I am in Paris, where the timezone is different from what it is at home. Hope you can join the linkup this month!

Today I am:

In Paris.

Today I am also:

Wondering why my tan oxford shoes have gotten so water damaged despite being leather – they have dark marks on them. :/ I want to buy some brogues in Italy because I am sure they are cheap. I have seen so many people with brogues in Paris so far and I want some!

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We are in Paris at the moment and I didn’t have a Fashion Friday post last week as expected. We’ve been busy exploring and enjoying our holiday and didn’t set aside time for any shoots – instead we decided to just have the camera and take photos if any nice places popped up.

The title for this post was suggested by Tara over a year ago, and all photos were taken on my iPhone 6S – something very different, but hopefully still has the same Fashion Friday feel. Also, there is still a lot you can do to be fashionable even when travelling light!

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We have done quite a few things in London so far, but one of my favourite things that I wanted to share was our trip to Stonehenge. We went to Windsor Castle and Bath on the same day since we did a trip on a tour bus, and went to Stonehenge in the late afternoon. I was very excited to see the monument especially since I was fascinated by Stonehenge as a child, especially since I was also obsessed with rocks at the time.

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We’re in Liverpool! Liverpool, England. Not the rip-off town whose name Sydney stole – but the real Liverpool where the Beatles’ Paul McCartney and John Lennon grew up.

A lot of people asked why we put Liverpool into our Europe itinerary and it was mainly because I knew there would be Beatles-related attractions. That and I know that many bands were bred in this city. People have asked me what’s in Liverpool and I am not sure if they have ever been there, but I always feel like directing them to Holly, who has been living in Liverpool for a few years and makes it sound like more than what people think it is.

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Timeless Thoughts is a monthly linkup hosted by myself and my friend Tara, where bloggers write about something from their past – it could be an item, a place, an event – anything that evokes a trip down memory lane. Timeless Thoughts is held on the first Saturday of the month, and runs for two weeks.

What we know as mixtapes are not really a thing anymore. Not a physically tangible thing, nor a digital thing. They are called playlists now, and they can be shared online, synced to your phone, compiled on websites like 8tracks. What we know as the mixtape doesn’t really exist anymore.

But when I was in school I loved music very much. I recorded songs from the radio onto cassettes, until CDs took over and I bought all my music because the internet had not made music so easily accessible. From all the CDs I bought, I combined songs together to make my own CDs, even making my own album art and giving these to people as gifts.

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