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Today I am interviewing my friend Nancy, someone I have known in the blogging world for quite some time. I know her to be a smart, fun individual who likes fashion and food. Nancy blogs at Colorfulistic, so make sure you pay her blog a visit!

I am Nancy and I’m from southern California. Long story short, I enjoy adventures whether it’s to the market, mall, school, and anywhere nature persists. I’m a computer information systems major, joining the forces of good in the security field. Aside from wanting to fight cyber crimes, I’m a blogger, car enthusiast, foodie, shots glass collector, and anything else others want to call me based on my interests. I’ve been blogging for 6 years and still going strong. Come visit me and we can bond 😄!

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It’s been some time since I’ve written anything substantial on Hey Georgie, and several events have crawled into my life, making themselves known and making themselves home. I think it’s fair to say that some changes have occurred, and though change was something I completely dreaded during my teenage years, it’s fair to say, like something out of a coming-of-age novel – change is something I have learned to embrace as it has helped me grow and widen my horizons.

If I were to write a note to myself half a decade ago, I would write: the world is not all about just you.

We can be so naïve sometimes, and we can often believe that change is disaster, while at the same time thinking that we can do just one little thing and everything will be completely amazing. We forget the journey in between, and we forget that while everything is not all flowers and sundrops, everything isn’t an avalanche either.

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Orange is a funny colour. I don’t have many clothes or accessories in that colour, and sometimes “orange” is given a more interesting name like “pumpkin”, “tomato”, “persimmon”, or, in this case, I opted for “tangerine” (why are they named after fruits or vegetables?). I feel like I need to get creative with the names I’ve come up with for various Fashion Fridays – I have a lot of one-worded ones like Amethyst, Limeade, and Chevrons, and ones like Trash and Treasure, Black & Mixed Metals, Peach & Pearl.

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Today’s post is written by Nick. 🙂 It is really new for me to have someone guest post on my blog like this – apart from interviews, no one else has had a chance to feature on my blog, so it’s pretty special.

I am not too sure how I came up with the name, but we decided that it was perfect. We would have found it difficult to make this a monthly thing, so we went along with a seasonal-based, quarterly segment. It’s nice to have something different from the usual girly things on my blog, especially since I love fashion – so I hope you like it.

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It’s been a pretty hazy past week-and-a-half.

I used to think very much in days, hours even – before thinking of my time in weekly blocks and noticing changes every week. Recently it has been a blur and all the days just seem to run into one another. I find myself forgetting what day it is or simply forgetting what I ate for dinner last night, or even forgetting what I ate this morning. The smallest things have become smaller, so much so that it doesn’t seem like they exist.

Recently I feared that I may have been in a dark place again. Things that used to cheer me up instantly now require more effort, and I am in a perpetual state of not really feeling like doing anything.

The good thing is, I found a handful of things that have happened in the past week that have made me laugh.

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I have been friends with Emmie, from the UK, for quite some time now. She goes in and out of web design and blogging but we still keep in touch. I consider her a strong and fearless but gentle and kind natured girl, who is really into art and cute stuff!

I’m a 25 soon to be 26 in July summer baby, making me a Cancer in the starsigns. I’m self taught in web and graphic design and I’m learning to make fluid WordPress themes. Stars, photography and art impact on my everyday life and keep me partly going due to the horrible curve ball I call ill health.

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I wore mostly black for this outfit, and a long sleeved top, because it was a fairly chilly day. My favourite part of the outfit is the skirt, which I have been meaning to include in a post for a while. I got it from Cue, and it might be a size up from what I normally wear, but it fits nicely. I prefer skirts that nip in at the waist, or that sit on the hips, but this one seems to be somewhere in between.

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I’m posting this review a little bit delayed, but one can look forward to the remaining 21 days in the month, am I right? Right? 😄 I think March was a bit uneventful and the latter half mostly uninspired… but let’s make sure April hits the roof.

Thinking back over the month of March, I am…

most proud of:

Being a little more punctual than the previous month

deeply grateful for:

the people who go out of their way to make things better for me

fully satisfied with:

how my kokedamas turned out when Nick and I went to a kokedama workshop

forgiving myself for:

being temperamental; though let’s face it – I don’t think I’ve forgiven myself completely just yet

delightfully surprised by:

just how much I actually warmed to the MacBook Pro

Looking ahead to April, I am…

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Nick and I spent the Easter long weekend in the Hunter Valley, a region up north of Sydney. We stayed at a lovely place called Leaves and Fishes, which has accommodation and a restaurant. We bought a package for two nights called the Food Lovers package, which included a two-course meal for each night that we were there. The accommodation was lovely, in a little romantic-looking boathouse on the water.

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I have known Erin online for quite a while, and what I liked most about her before I started reading her blog was one thing we have in common: a love of poetry! I loved her poems, and I loved her passion for science as well. When she contacted me for an interview, I didn’t hesitate to have her on board. Erin posts her poetry at Tralfamadorable.

I am a 25-year-old PhD student of physical chemistry, a mediocre poet, an expert procrastinator, a pasta enthusiast, a peppermint mocha addict, an unapologetic potty-mouth, and a lover of monkeys and apes of the plush and live varieties. My hometown is in New Jersey, but I did a brief stint in Upstate New York for my Bachelor’s degree before moving out to Wisconsin for my doctorate. My career goals lie in science publishing or teaching, and I hope that leads me to a location with more than two seasons: Winter and Construction.

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