Monthly Review: March 2015

I’m posting this review a little bit delayed, but one can look forward to the remaining 21 days in the month, am I right? Right? :D I think March was a bit uneventful and the latter half mostly uninspired… but let’s make sure April hits the roof.

Thinking back over the month of March, I am…

most proud of:

Being a little more punctual than the previous month

deeply grateful for:

the people who go out of their way to make things better for me

fully satisfied with:

how my kokedamas turned out when Nick and I went to a kokedama workshop

forgiving myself for:

being temperamental; though let’s face it – I don’t think I’ve forgiven myself completely just yet

delightfully surprised by:

just how much I actually warmed to the MacBook Pro

Looking ahead to April, I am…

super excited about:

I’m writing this after it happened, but – our Hunter Valley trip!

going to experiment with:

the Apple Watch – muahaha

fully committed to:

being less of a fussy, short-tempered person

consciously prioritising:

the important people in my life

planning to read:

this Scalable CSS Reading List, as well as other links I have saved related to web development

obsessed with learning more about:

Ghost as an alternative to WordPress (not saying I am ready to go that way – yet)

keeping this quote in mind:

“There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.” –Unknown

Monthly review template from Nicole.

Comments on this post

I hope April will be a great month.

I hope you enjoy playing with the Apple Watch. I looked at a video the other day and thought it looked pretty, but I have never been a watch person. I was however, surprised at the price. The last I had heard I thought they were going to be like 20k plus. But thankfully they do have the cheaper versions. I am sure many celebs will have the more expensive ones. /wave

Oh, I like these! I think I might start doing this, if only to sort of track progress/events/emotions/etc. throughout the months.

I’ve tried Ghost, but there isn’t much support for it for those who are self-hosted and using cPanel, or at least there wasn’t last year, when it was seemingly a new-ish release. I love it, but I’m a bit too into my WordPress plugins to completely switch.

April sounds like an interesting and jam packed month. I hope this would be a great month for you!

xo ♥

I love these monthly reviews! It really makes you look forward to the future, especially when you try to think so positively.

I’ve never heard of Ghost but it looks really interesting. I’m pretty committed to WordPress right now but it looks really clean cut and I’m very much a fan of clean and simple designs!

You have an Apple Watch! How cool!

I have so much reading to do too in the field of web designing and especially get a proper hands on on WordPress, but currently I am stuck with all my Masters computer subjects :(

I don’t have an Apple Watch, I am planning to get one. :)