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I sort of hate handbags, with the exception of the big white clutch that I have been featuring in recent editions of Fashion Friday. So it’s really rather new that I have featured a handbag in this one.

Gucci handbag

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This was a while coming and I apologise for the delay in organising this, but I am taking over the A Day in the Life linkup that Manda started last year. I’m excited to be taking over this linkup. While real life has gotten in the way, I have finally set this up!

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My dad and I share a love for The Beatles. I was brought up with them (and other older, well known classic bands) when I was young, even though I didn’t take a great interest in music until I was about nine years old. The Beatles, of course, no longer existed as a band when I was born, meaning that seeing them live would be practically impossible.

Unless, of course, you go for seeing a tribute band or watch someone play a handful of Beatles covers. This is unfortunately the closest you will get to hearing the “real thing”. To be honest, I have always thought tribute bands were silly simply because they were not the real thing. There are a couple of tribute bands for bands that currently still exist, which doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you want to see a fake band when you could see the real thing?

I think that part of my opinion was shaped after I found out about Beatallica, a mash-up band that plays music made from combinations of songs of The Beatles and Metallica. I was a bit mortified that someone would tarnish The Beatles in such a way – not saying that Metallica is a bad band (I like them too), but the mash-up, though mostly intended for fun, horrified me a little bit.

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They say it is every little girl’s dream to get married. But no one ever says it is every little girl’s dream to fall in love.

No one tells a little girl that love is difficult, not just to deal with, but to find, and to have. No one tells a little girl that reality will crush their dreams and tell them Prince Charming does not exist.

I don’t know when I gave up on being an idealist, a romanticist, but I know that I had mixed feelings about love, from the moment I was with my first boyfriend at the age of twelve (we lasted a good eighteen months), through having several other crushes during secondary school. I know that for the longest time I dreamed of having someone.

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It’s been a good month since the last Best Friend Lunch, and this is the first of 2015, too. There are lots I didn’t quite cover in this post, since we talked about a lot… but let’s roll.

The Place

We went to Sushi Roll in World Square, which is close to both our workplaces. We went to Sushi Roll together one other time, and I thought it was alright. I think most sushi places have their pros and cons. Lilian was scrounging for teriyaki chicken sushi but there was hardly any. I ate a lot of kingfish and salmon, which was yummy, and opted for a plate of salmon sashimi (my favourite).

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The wrong person will make you feel used, but the right person will make you feel loved. –Sonya Parker

We make fools of ourselves sometimes, we make mistakes, we make the wrong decision, and we fuck over in ways unimaginable. Liz’s post struck a chord with me. After reading it I felt compelled to write about something that ticked over in my mind as I read about her experience with a boy.

I’ll put it simply: I both hate and love boys. I’ve grown up through almost twenty-four years of my life hardly ever being friends with girls. I’ve always felt a bit like “one of the boys”, what with my interests in certain types of music, computer games and recreational activities in general. However, I’ve had experiences that have been distasteful and uncomfortable, and worst of all, left emotional scars. I don’t like to rip open old wounds

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Welcome to the first Fashion Friday for 2015! I have to admit, I have been a bit all over the place with my blog posts lately but I’ll soon catch up and have everything running smoothly.

It is currently summer where I live. Summer for me means bright and bold colours rather than light pastel shades. This whole outfit is pretty bright and bold and makes a statement, so there isn’t much to the accessorising. I guess one thing I had to do is be careful not to wear the same colour head to toe!

In Hyde Park

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Bullying is pretty common. Standing up for yourself is less common. I can say I’ve been bullied through primary school and high school for various different reasons. I was always quiet, I always let bullies have their way and say whatever they wanted to say. My mother always told me, “ignorance is your best weapon”. It is a good weapon, for good attack, but unfortunately very poor defence.

I am sure that I have written at least a blog post or two touching on bullying, for the issue is not new to me. Anyone can be bullied for whatever reason. For me, it was because I was intelligent, shy, short, liked to build websites, was skinny – basically, everything that made me who I was as a person.

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There are times I’ve thought, I know what I want, I’m just gonna go for it, maybe, yes, no. It might have been as simple as buying some food from a restaurant, ordering something online, or something as big as a career change.

There are times I realise I could have tried harder to get what I want, but didn’t. Sometimes I’m not a hundred percent sure why. There have been many difficult times in my life where I’ve made decisions that I probably shouldn’t have, or made decisions to settle with something less than what I wanted, or that simply wasn’t what I wanted at all. It’s obvious that those decisions got me, eventually, to where I am today, and any mistakes I made wouldn’t make me the person I am today. Had I not made mistakes, I would not have learned from them, and I would not have known the difference between right and wrong, hate and love, anger and joy, sadness and happiness.

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I don’t quite remember if this was a trend across the globe, but when I was in primary school, around 2001, I started at a new school and made some new friends. I was very close with a group of girls in my year group, and this thing called “profile books” went around.

Essentially, profile books were physical notebooks that contained your friends’ profiles, and I guess could be seen as a form of scrapbooking with your friends as different contributors. The idea was, you chose whatever notebook you liked, and you gave it to your friend at some point during the year and they would write their profile in it. They could include their photo, any “gifts”, draw something for you, but most importantly it was about sharing all their personal details like name, birthday, phone number and address. When I think about it, it’s a bit like an expanded address book or autograph book.

I really enjoyed writing my profile in my friends’ books. I loved handwriting, and I loved getting creative, and I loved to share things about myself (clearly that hasn’t changed, now that I have a blog). Every time someone in my year group got a profile book, I considered it an honour when they asked me to write in it.

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