Fashion Friday: Amethyst

I sort of hate handbags, with the exception of the big white clutch that I have been featuring in recent editions of Fashion Friday. So it’s really rather new that I have featured a handbag in this one.

Gucci handbag

The reason I don’t like handbags is because I am a bigger fan of pockets, larger bags like messenger bags or big tote bags. I also tend to steer towards carrying very little (thus the pockets) or a lot (putting my iPad, water bottle, a book, headphones, etc. in my bag). I am exceptionally picky with the style of the bags I have, and haven’t been completely happy with them. Another big reason I don’t want to spend too much on a bag is because of the amount of abuse it would go through – I carried an old leather shoulder bag for a while and kicked it around, put it on the floor and abused it a good lot because I often took it to gigs with large crowds and it got whacked around quite a bit.

The top in this post is one that I got from JacquiE a while ago. It’s pretty sheer and tightly fitting. I used to like it quite a lot but I haven’t been wearing it as much recently.

Hand in pocket of skirt

The skirt is of a non-stretchy jacquard material with vinyl edging. I am not really a fan of the fact that it doesn’t stretch. I do like the pockets, which are a nice touch. The skirt zips up at the back and hits just above the hip. It doesn’t fit in a flattering way, but it’s still a nice skirt.

The shoes are made of a cheap, synthetic material. I bought them for $30 at a shoe sale in a small store near my workplace. At first I didn’t like the string bows because they look a bit tacky, but I changed my mind and returned to the store later. I like the glittery texture of the shoes, which is similar to the glittery brown shoes from Fashion Friday: Limeade.

Flat glittery black shoes

I actually got a haircut before these photos were taken. It was a pretty simple cut; I moved my parting to be more on an angle towards the centre of my head from the left. I also got my hair layered and thinned, but I got the ends to run more straight than in a rounded shape.


I didn’t accessorise much for this outfit. I am just wearing some of my regular jewellery that I wear daily and have featured in other outfit posts. The silver bangle is from The Peach Box.

Wearing some of my regular jewellery

Just modelling my sunglasses that I got from H&M a while back.

Sunglasses from H&M
Deep in thought.

Onto the star of the show, the handbag. It’s a Gucci bag that I owned a very long time ago and remember taking with me to my second job interview. It has a flat bottom and two side panels on the front and back that you can put stuff in. I lost interest in it but recently picked it up again because it’s a nice size and good for everyday use.


Comments on this post

So cute. I love the colour of your hair and the style of the cut it really suits you!

I am much the same with handbags. I love cute tote bags or messenger bags. It was kind of dangerous when JayJays kept releasing so many cute totes for a while… I try and avoid them because I want them all. xD

I really love the shoes as well. :D

Totes are the best! I was addicted to them for a while too, but some of them shrunk in the wash and got all crumply. I love the ones with cute prints, I think Typo does a few of them too. I might get a nice leather one if I find a really good one. But the cheaper ones are so good for carrying my laptop, books, gym clothes, everything!

I love this outfit! It’s very Young Professional Chic. I saw a couple skirts at the mall last week that would be perfect for a work outfit, except that if I wore a nice skirt to work, people would probably ask why I was so dressed up. xD I’ve been trying to wear more “adult” outfits, but at my work that usually means jeans, a nice top, and a blazer or sweater. And of course since it’s Friday today, I went with the classic t-shirt, jeans, and running shoes. :P

At work, most of the guys just wear jeans and a t-shirt. If anyone dresses up, they’ll get the question, “Who are you having an interview with?” :P Most of the time I am dressed up for work but there are days I dress down a bit. I’ve actually stopped wearing t-shirts to work, I feel more comfortable and confident wearing something neater and more “professional”, but I do have clothes that I guess I could range from less professional to more professional. Haha.

Awww! You look really pretty in this Fashion Friday :) I love how you coordinated everything (like you always do!), and that handbag is cute.

Like you I’m not fond of . . . purses and handbags. I’d rather stick to my pockets or use larger bags that will be able to live up to my own abuse LOL. But the one you’re carrying here is cute! :D

Your hair looks great! I love the colour! I also like how the reflection looked in your glasses.

I have a Community TV satchel right now, it’s getting a bit battered up though, I usually wear mine until the strap breaks.. it happened one day when I had a new Macbook Pro in my bag! Fortunately, it was ok.

your photos are super cute and I loved that outfit!

I prefer a backpack or a sling bag when i have to carry books and all… I don’t really like a purse or handbag! :(

You look really smart in this outfit. The reflections in your sunglasses in the last photo looks pretty cool. :P

I’m not really a big handbag fan, mainly because if it’s in my hand then I will probably leave it somewhere. I like little cross body bags because they’re always around my body and I’m less likely to abandon them somewhere accidentally.