A Day in the Life: January 2015

This was a while coming and I apologise for the delay in organising this, but I am taking over the A Day in the Life linkup that Manda started last year. I’m excited to be taking over this linkup. While real life has gotten in the way, I have finally set this up!

The linkup dates can be found on this page, along with a banner to link to the linkup. I know today’s one is a bit late in the month, but if you decide to participate, I hope you find time this week to do so. The linkup will be open until the end of the first week of February, though.

Today I stayed at home. It’s currently the Australia Day weekend (a bit like the Fourth of July in the States), so we get Monday off as well. I love long weekends. Since working full-time I have really come to appreciate the weekends and having a good relax. I slept in this morning, and spent some time on my phone messaging Nicholas, who returned today from a short trip to Melbourne. I’m spending time with him tomorrow, which is the first time in five days… which is a bit strange when you are used to seeing someone almost every day.

I got up eventually, and talked to my parents and Brandon about what groceries to buy at Costco. I refused their offer to buy pizza – while I love the cheese pizza at Costco, it’s practically drenched with fat. Sooooooo good though. Not something I want to have every day, or even every week. Dad and Brandon went, and my mum stayed at home with me to help me re-colour my hair. I coloured it about a month ago, red, but it came out a bit uneven. Sometimes there just isn’t enough hair dye, especially if you have long hair. My hair usually looks super red on top and the body of my hair doesn’t get much. At least my roots were touched up though. While she did that, I filed my nails to give them a more rounded shape. They are really long right now.

Our shower was giving us a bit of hell today. Actually, it has this past week. The cold water isn’t coming out in very large amounts, making having a shower in this summer weather quite uncomfortable. I had a warm shower, washing the hair dye out of my hair. Mmmm my hair is so soft and smells nice right now. :P

I have been having nasty migraines this weekend, which I think are from the heat and changes in temperature from the air-conditioned room to the non-air-conditioned rooms in our house. I tend to get “sun headaches”, which hurt quite a lot. I took painkillers and had a rather long nap in the afternoon, not before I used our new foot and calf massager my mum bought yesterday, and before doing some freelance work.

I have to admit, the massager is really good, though it probably made my headache worse. I also have ticklish feet, so it always tickles a bit when the massager vibrates. You can turn off the vibrations and only activate the kneading motion, though. It’s getting pretty addictive to use because it feels so good. Hahaha.

I’m glad I got some freelance work done, though I still haven’t finished the project I am currently working on. It bothers me a bit because I am taking so long as I have so little time, but my client is really understanding and I appreciate that. I will definitely get it done super soon! I have no plans of giving it up at all. I really want to finish it.

After my long nap I watched a documentary titled George Harrison: Living in the Material World on television. We recently got paid television – or something like that, I don’t watch television enough to know haha – so I think there are probably more interesting things to watch. Not that it will make me watch more, since I am not really a television person anyway…

I spent most of the night watching that and chatting to Nick, in a pretty tired, can’t-be-bothered state. When I woke up in the evening though, my headache had disappeared and I felt much better. Here’s to lazy Sundays.

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You can make your own pizza’s. Tristan and I used to make our own pita pizza’s and they came out so good and healthy! Not kidding! (except the cheese, that’s not really healthy).

That is a great idea. I haven’t made a pizza for at least a year, and last time I put a much smaller amount of cheese. Cheese can be good for you but only in moderate amounts.

I prefer homemade pizza to bought pizza! I acquired a really delicious dough recipe from my best friend’s mom, and it’s awesome. Pita pizzas are also great, but I’m a sucker for the dough. I even made a gluten-free one for my sister using flour from a national bulk food brand. That one turned out surprisingly well.

We celebrate our Republic Day on 26th Jan, and so even we have a long weekend! :D

Haha that’s awesome! I had no idea you guys also have a holiday on the same day.

Last weekend (not the one that just passed, but the one before that) was a long weekend for students because Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (aka MLK Day), but I still had work because, although I work in a University building and there were no classes that day, the buildings stayed open. Oh well! I’m glad you got to have a long weekend this weekend. :D

I usually have to get two bottles of hair dye. My hair isn’t long, but really thick, so I like to make sure I can get it all covered without running out. xD

That is horrible about the headaches. I hope that you will get some relief from them. Summer should start winding down soonish, so that is something.

There are COSTCOS in AUSTRALIA?! How come my relatives always want to go to Costco when they’re here, then?!

Try making your own pizzas. They always turn out less greasy and more delicious. My boyfriend learned how to make pizza when we were living in China (after we “inherited” a friend’s oven; we only had two hot plates) and it was so, so good. Nothing can compare to his pizza now :3

Haha yeah, the Costco that is fifteen minutes from my house is quite new. We haven’t always had them!

It’s been quite a while since I have made my own pizza, but yeah, it’s fun and you can make it healthy. :D

He handmade the crust himself; first try was awful but he tweaked it and they came out like thin crusts which was great and crunchy! We found a really simple recipe that doesn’t require time to sit, so it was quick too. We used pasta sauce and then toppings varied, although we usually had chicken breast on it and some other vegetables.

Clean up was horrendous, though, mostly because we agreed that if one person cooked the other would clean–only I did most of the cleaning in the kitchen because he could never get the pots and plates and forks clean enough and he was NOT careful with where flour went. /wah

I forgot to mention (sorry /ehh ) that in the USA (at least where I live in California anyways) it’s sort of a running joke to talk about how awesome Costco is (which it is, for the record, it’s phenomenal not just as a warehouse store but also as a company). I can turn to any of my friends or students and say, “Costco is great, isn’t it,” and off we go on a magical 15-minute discussion about what a wonderland Costco is.

Ours just started serving fresh ahi tuna and I just. I feel so spoiled. /love
(I freakin’ love ahi tuna, it’s obscene.)

Halu /eee
It’s been ages since I last visited your site. Glad your okay based on what I read. :) I hope I can finally find a freelance job since I decided to just stay at home. Will be visiting more often now. /mwah

Wow, you started your own little category for Nick, very cute, hah!

You know how those bottles you buy in the store for red dye are really small? When my hair was really long, I too wondered how the hell that bottle would cover my entire head. It did though, mostly because I haven’t much hair, but in your case in which your hair is long, luscious, & thick, you’d probably need two packages. No before/after pictures of your new locks?

Your linkup picture is so pretty! I have to say…it’s like 100x times prettier than the original, hah. Not trying to throw shade, just trying to give you a compliment here, the new linkup under you has a nice new aesthetic. I’m still iffy on whether I should take this up…because I already have Ma Belle Vie, which is the exact same thing as A Day in the Life, except it’s not on any specific dates.

Hmm maybe I will, but I’ll still call it MBV, but still join ya. February 20th is when I’ll be in New Orleans, so that’ll be interesting!

Speaking of documentaries, you should really check out:

-Jiro Dreams of Sushi
-The Global Catch
-Secret State of North Korea (it made me cry, Georgina, CRY within 5 minutes. It was so sad, so moving, so touching…)
-The Cove
-Food, Inc. (well this isn’t that bad for you because you live in Australia, so your food industry isn’t as terrible as America’s, but it’s still interesting.)

Alsoooo Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or Parts Unknown = great series for fellow foodies. You learn about the country & region he visits & you get to see him eat some delicious food. Talk about igniting that travel bug!

Also, I love Costco. Their food is delicious & really cheap (those potstickers from ling lings…I wonder if you have them, but they’re sooo good). They also compensate their employees pretty well, good benefits, working hours & conditions, etc. But you’re right, that pizza…full of grease.

Oh yaa, clarifying, joining your little linkupadoodle.

I make categories for friends I mention often! I made the category a while ago, then I wrote this post, so that was the suggestive reveal, I guess.

I don’t think there is much difference with the hair, and I am not really one to do before/after pictures. The colour is the same though! If you look at this post and this post, I guess the difference in the hair isn’t really huge.

Thank you! I did actually remember your Ma Belle Vie when I was picking out the dates, I had a thought of renaming it, but I didn’t want to copy, and that’s your special thing too. I guess the whole point is about connecting with people so keeping the specific dates gives people a bit of an opportunity to interact? Haha, anyway, I think it’s fun to do something like that on my blog every month, so I’m not too fussed.