The Best Friend Lunch #7

It’s been a good month since the last Best Friend Lunch, and this is the first of 2015, too. There are lots I didn’t quite cover in this post, since we talked about a lot… but let’s roll.

The Place

We went to Sushi Roll in World Square, which is close to both our workplaces. We went to Sushi Roll together one other time, and I thought it was alright. I think most sushi places have their pros and cons. Lilian was scrounging for teriyaki chicken sushi but there was hardly any. I ate a lot of kingfish and salmon, which was yummy, and opted for a plate of salmon sashimi (my favourite).

The Chat

Conversation primarily revolved around what we have been up to for the past month. I actually bumped into Lilian at the shopping centre a few weeks ago before she went on her holiday cruise (mmm I need to go on one of those), but we only spoke briefly. Today I went through all her photos, mostly of food… she said she was craving some Asian food because she had eaten mostly Western food on the cruise.

She talked about her bad luck in bumping into an old not-really-friend from high school, an arrogant high-and-mighty guy who only cares about bragging about his achievements. Unfortunately, after bumping into him myself a couple of years ago and being able to brag that I was nearly done with my Masters degree and working a nine to five – I am far from impressed. Even now. I feel all too bad that Lilian had to deal with him for the majority of a train ride.

After arguing about Lord of the Rings (I am afraid I will never be a true die-hard fan… also, I haven’t seen The Hobbit films though I really love the book) and laughing about Lilian’s goals which she insisted were not life goals but goals specifically related to fitness and exercise, we called it a day. You know, to let Lilian go to the gym and achieve those goals.

Not to mention we had a laugh that she had finally updated her blog, which has been erratically updated for the past decade (exaggeration). She had also completely forgotten the URL despite having posted an entry, because she relied on the blog being bookmarked on her computer.

The Selfie

Landscape from Lilian’s phone.

The Best Friend Lunch #7

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It’s really a fulfilling “feeling” when you get to rub elbows with your bestfriend again. The last time I met mine was 2 weeks ago and I terribly miss her. We actually catch up with food and talk about the same things you talk about with your bestfriend.

Isn’t it funny how time doesn’t seem to pass at all when you see one of your best friends again? I’m glad you’re in good company and spirits, Georgie. It’s just weird how life can be so hectic that someone you’re used to seeing almost everyday can very quickly turn into someone you only see a couple times a year. I haven’t seen my own best friend in over a year, and I miss her dearly. But I’m sure once we see each other again, it will be just like old times. :)