Monthly Review: September 2015

Usually there is a template for these but looks like there wasn’t one, so I’m using the same template I used for my last monthly recap. I blogged almost every day in September, and churned out a lot of posts! I don’t think I will be blogging as actively this month since that was quite a challenge, but you can expect the usual post every two to three days.

I spent a lot of money in September, buying my new camera and my iPhone 6s, so it looks like I will have to do a lot of saving from here on in. As part of living simply, I have decided that from now until next June, I will try not to buy more than eight new items of clothing (excluding things like underwear or anything that is replacing another item) and two pairs of shoes.

Nick, myself and family are heading over to Indonesia this week as well – my mum is already there visiting her family – so while I am not planning to buy anything material at all, there will definitely be a hole in my wallet from buying food and paying for other necessities. :P

I got a haircut and I got my hair coloured as well, some photos will probably pop up on my blog, but you will definitely see how it looks on my next Fashion Friday post. :D

The three things I’m most proud of from September are:

  • Completing Septemblog – blogging every day in September. I didn’t blog on the first day but I did on the first of October. xD
  • At work, I made a lot of substantial and important changes, so I feel like I did really well in that department. I left a good impression, welcoming a new person and making sure I left a lot of good words about the company. I am thankful to them for the experience I had.
  • I reached out to a friend on R U OK day and made sure she was doing alright. We don’t talk all the time, but I sent her a message to let her know I had her in my thoughts and hoped she was doing well.

The three things I’m most grateful for from September are:

  • My colleagues. I sadly left them last Wednesday to move on, but they expressed how grateful they were for my time and everything I had done, even though I had not been there long. I wanted to cry reading all the messages on their farewell card. :(
  • My new colleagues welcoming me. I visited my new office on Friday, and they were all excited to have me on board. I could almost say too excited! But that is hardly a bad thing. :)
  • My family. We have been coping well even though my mother has been away. I enjoy our chats over dinner, and my cousin Tasya is fitting in well.

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from September is:

Keep people in your life if they bring value to your life. It’s important to keep in touch, be on good terms with people, and nurture your relatipnships. If you have doubts, sometimes you have to let some people go if they bring no value to your life or bring nothing but negativity.

My intention for October is:

To make the most of my time in Indonesia. I was always so bitter about going there because I hated the way people gave me looks there, because I looked different. But my family is from there, and I should make a better effort to socialise with them now that I am not a teenager. I should behave like an adult and care more about my family and try to enjoy their company, even if I hated the lifestyle and culture as a kid. I shouldn’t be so closed-minded.

Because I am brave, here are two things I have been avoiding that I will do in October:

  1. Get some driving lessons and consider booking a practical test. Time to wet myself in fear… :( Haha.
  2. Write one of my planned posts about web development… I have been putting a certain topic off for a while.

Just for fun, I will:

Paint my nails more!

Comments on this post

I commend you for blogging every day for a month. Heck, I am impressed when people blog every few days. I’ve been doing it once every week, and I can barely keep up. I’m hoping to blog more often soon.

I am sure you will have a good time in Indonesia. Have fun. :)

It’s great that you were able to do a post every day for September. It really would be a big challenge and the posts you made were also really interesting. :)

Even though you spend a lot of money, they are things that will last a long time (especially the camera) and the phone will last several years and probably be a hand me down, so it has value there too. :D

I hope you have a great time in Indonesia! :D

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your hair. :D

Driving lessons would be great. It’s something I have thought about, but been scared of as well. Would it be one where they also have their own safety ‘controls’?

Ah, I blogged everyday in Februrary last year and whilst it was A LOT of fun it does take a lot out of you and I ended up taking such a breather the following month. I hope you had fun with it, though!

I’m going to read your iPhone 6S post in a bit, because I’ve been reading people’s reviews of different phones so I can make a decision about which one I want. I’m thinking of getting the Samsung S6 Edge, but as a certified iPhone chick it’s a scary move to Android. Lol. Rose gold is a beaut colour <3

Hope you have fun in Indonesia!

Oh, I totally get it – when I went to the Philippines when I was younger they used to stare and stare at me. It made me so uncomfortable. But the couple of times I've been there in the past few years have been much better, because I don't care if they do look at me. I'll just wave and smile and ask if they want a picture :P

I've been avoiding driving lessons/test for ages XD

I’m still too scared to drive, myself. My therapist has been bugging me to get a driver’s yellow book and study for a temporary license., but I don’t think I can do it. Have fun in Indonesia! ^^