The ‘pink iPhone’ (it’s rose gold, thanks)

Side shot of the phone on its box
Side shot of the phone on its box

I pre-ordered the rose gold iPhone 6s when it became available, and it arrived at my work desk on Friday. I was very excited to receive it, I was waiting impatiently until about 4pm for it to arrive. I was chatting with a friend downstairs in the lobby when I saw a postman with a huge container of similar-sized, small boxes.

Yeah, there was no mistaking it – it was likely a box of packed iPhones. When I returned to my desk, there it was!

I had the 5c, and Brandon was dying for it since his iPhone 4s (actually, I don’t remember, perhaps it was even an iPhone 4) got smashed to pieces. He used it until he absolutely couldn’t anymore. Each accidental drop or fall brought it closer to its demise. I kept telling him that he had to wait until September. He was probably more excited about inheriting my 5c than I was about getting this damn pink phone.

I was sort of reluctant to choose the pink colour since I hate the colour pink. I do, however, like rose gold, and I have warmed to the colour since buying quite a few pieces of jewellery in that shade. The bad thing is, a lot of rose gold items have varying shades of red or pink. I love red, but hate pink, and some shades of pink I think are absolutely gross.

The first hint of rose gold is shown on the box...
The first hint of rose gold is shown on the box…

I wasn’t really a fan of the space grey iPhone, because my first iPhone was black. My iPhone 4s was white, so I didn’t feel like getting that either. It was ‘OK’. I thought the gold colour was yuck, so it made natural sense for me to get the new colour if I was going to get the new phone.

It was in my mind that I would just slap a case on the phone if I didn’t like the colour, but I actually really quite like it. In bright light it looks quite pink, but a bit of a muted kind of musk pink. In dim light it looks like a warm sort of brown, almost like a warm copper.

The back of the rose gold phone
The back of the rose gold phone

Nice things about the iPhone 6s

  • The 3D touch is a nice curious feature. Not all apps have made use of it yet. You can peek at Instagram photos in grid view to show a panel with a larger version of the image, you can peek at URLs in your messages, you can peek at emails quickly without actually opening them. You can pick the sensitivity of the 3D touch too.
  • The phone is so fast. Sooooooooo fast. I actually want to press the home button to see the time, but it unlocks my phone instead (as it has my fingerprint recorded).
  • Siri only responds to your voice, once you’ve recorded it. You can now say ‘Hey Siri’ to activate, and you don’t need your iPhone to be plugged in. This is really useful.
  • The live photos feature is great. When you take a photo it also captures a second or two of action before and after the photo was taken. Then you can look back on all your moments in a really nice way.

Some cons and bugs

  • For some reason the Health app looks like it’s magnified. Not sure what is up with that. None of my settings suggest that the app should look like that.
  • Nick tried to copy my voice to say ‘Hey Siri’ and she responded, so… I guess if you can copy people’s voices then you can activate Siri on their phone. Also, I re-recorded my voice and she was a bit crappy at recognising it compared to the first time.
  • Some of the ways of using 3D touch seem a bit useless. You can peek at emails with it, and then swipe (while still holding your thumb down) to delete or move the message, but you can do this just by swiping the message and without using the 3D touch at all. I guess if you want to peek, it is useful, but the gesture seems a little unnatural.
  • The same applies for activating the app switcher (normally pressing the home button twice) using 3D touch. You do it on the edge of the screen but it feels awkward.
  • It is a big phone, so if you have small hands, like me, you may need to get used to typing with one hand on a bigger device.
  • Same goes for trying to fit such a large phone in a pocket that isn’t big enough.
  • Because of the camera lens sticking out of the back of the phone, you can’t use your phone on a flat surface without having one side of the phone tap the table a bit. If you have a case on your phone you may not have this problem.
The front face with visible rose gold edge
The front face with visible rose gold edge


I like the phone, and I’m happy with it. It’s a step up from what I had before. It’ll take some time for me to get used to, but overall I’m happy with the look, feel, and function. If you have any questions about the phone feel free to ask them! :)

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Love your phone! I actually plan on buying (requesting) an Iphone 6 as a graduation gift. A friend of mine has the Iphone 6s and I just thought that the size was to big for me. But still it has its perks on selfies, reading e-book and watching youtube videos. Haha I hope you enjoy your new phone! :> Love the color btw ♥

I was really interested to hear what you thought about the new phone. I have a 4s at the moment and plan to get the new iPhone next week. From your photos I like the colour of the pink/rose gold. xD

Hopefully the bugs will get fixed soon. I was kind of worried about pre-ordering one because I wanted to make sure there wasn’t some kind of major issue. xD I don’t think that happens often now though.

Now I will go and stalk your Instagram. Hehe.

I was a liiiiittle bit worried about preordering but Nick has done it at least once or twice, so I trusted his judgment. I think the iPhone is a pretty solid product. I wouldn’t have preordered, say, the Apple Watch. Someone I know suggested not to buy first-generation products in case of issues. :P

I have an iPhone 4 at the moment and I planning on upgrading to the 6 once it drops in price. I like buying phones up front and then getting a cheap contract, rather than getting the phone with a contract.

I actually don’t want to get rid of my 4 because I think it’s the prettiest iPhone design, but unfortunately it’s so damn slow!

When I get a a 6 it will have to be black/grey to match my iPod and iPad, because I’m fussy like that. I think the rose gold is quite nice but I’d like to see it in person to get a real idea of the colour.

I do the same. I have never had a contract though – I just buy all my phones outright. I am on a cheap monthly contract so it isn’t really restrictive. I could have bought the phone with a plan but even the cheapest one would cost me more over a couple of years compared to what I am paying now.

I am not sure what my favourite design is but I think it’s the 5/5s. I had the 5c but it wasn’t that great. I liked the slim design of the 5. I had the 4s and I thought it was weird. It is actually strange to go back to it. My mum uses my old one and it is so strange to try and type on it again.

My iPad is grey haha. :P

I’m glad you love it! While not a fan of the Iphone or Apple in general, I think the color is beautiful and on point. I have a Sony Xperia Z at the moment. Like every new device and every piece of technology, it will have pros and cons, that’s just life, you know? But I quite love it. I can’t stop raving about the color. That’s exactly the kind of pink that I love. Now, don’t forget to get a case for it, so it doesn’t get damaged :D Don’t want anything happening to it, and that’s what I recommend highly. Cases. It saved my phone on many occasions.

Hahahah I don’t think I will get a case because I don’t want to cover the amazing colour and design with even a clear one!

Over the years I hated starting out with a case but I would buy one eventually later on. xD Let me enjoy this pink colour first haha.

I upgraded from the 4s to the 5s just recently only because I loved the size of the older iphones. I’m not quite sure if I’m sold on the 6s though, but the rose gold looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

I prefer the size of the older iPhones too. I struggle to fit the iPhone 6s into the pocket of my jeans. Why do they make girls’ jeans pockets so small?

Wow, the new Iphone looks gorgeous! I really love the colour but I recently upgraded my phone to an Altacel phone! ;D

It’s beautiful!!!!! I’m a fan of pink items (not clothes so much aha) and especially the rosier shades. I was thinking of getting one, but then I realized I would get a case for it, especially now that you’ve alerted me to the fact the camera sticks out and it would rub against the surface it’s on. I currently have the 5S and am looking forward to some of the new features, but I’m not sure if I wanna spend $200 on a phone again. I really do want the 6+ or this though, the size doesn’t bother me at all. I actually think it’s great, just use two hands! :)

Haha! I remember you mentioning the same thing in a Fashion Friday post of mine. I definitely don’t mind pinkish things. I’m reluctant to get a case because the phone is so pretty. I don’t use it on a surface that much, but it could get annoying. I think my main gripe is wanting to be able to fit the phone in my pocket. I can use two hands but because of the shape and size of the phone, it is still a tad awkward to use. Maybe my hands are just really small. :(

Oooh, I actually really like the color! When I first heard about the rose gold, my initial thought was “ew.” I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I actually really like variations of it, and this is a good hue. I still have the 5s, so I think it would take me a long time to get used to the bigger phone. I’m sure I’ll have my 5s until it conks out on me but this looks so pretty!

I’m the same! I hate the colour pink. :P I’ve grown to love this stupid thing, haha. I really liked the size of the 5. I’m used to the size of this phone already, however, I am totally not used to the fact that it sticks out of my pocket. I can’t use it too much with one hand, either. After some time my hand cramps up. It’s probably because most functions are quite a stretch for my small hand.

I’ll be upgrading from the 5C (a neon pink one ugh), too, and I can’t wait!!! I’ll be getting the Rose Gold one in November and I hope it’s everything I want it to be haha.

So exciting! :D I hope you love it as much as I do!

I love the excitement of receiving things in the post, especially when it’s something you have been waiting ages for! The colour is really nice – not too pink.

Ooh, I need to go to an Apple Store and test out the 3D touch. I’ve seen it being advertised and it’s a cool concept. That’s a bit worrying about the voice and Siri, but Siri is annoying anyway lol.

I’m glad you like your phone. I hope the bugs get fixed soon, but there will always be bugs when a phone first comes out anyway :)

I don’t use the 3D touch as much as… as they expect you to? Haha. I love the live photo feature but I watched a review on YouTube and the guy believes it is just a gimmick. If you send live photos to other people, only those with 3D touch on their phones can see the photo live. As for the other features, I could (for example) start a new email by using the 3D touch on the Mail app and going to New Email, but I keep forgetting it exists and I just open the app normally and do everything normally. xD So I have to get used to that, I suppose.