Stylesheet 009: Night angel 💫 • Juxtaposing edgy and feminine

One of my favourite things to do in outfits is create juxtaposition. If you have been following my blog and some of my outfit posts for a while, then I don’t think this will surprise you. 😊 In this outfit I’m wearing two pieces that have a slim and cropped silhouette, but are in different style aesthetics.

image 1: An Asian woman with long dark hair standing with a hand on her hip, on a pavement in front of some planted shrubs. She is wearing a black studded crop top and a light coloured floral skirt with white sneakers. She is wearing a face mask with a leaf print.
I love contrast in an outfit

I wore this skirt in Sun angel and raved about the wonderful fit. It’s just rare that I come across skirts that fit my waist and hips (and thicker thighs) at the same time without the need for altering. Bonus: This skirt has pockets! They aren’t petty little pockets that only fit a few pennies and have a risk of stuff falling out of them, either. 😛 They properly fit my phone and keys.

Since my top is so easy to wear, and matches with so many bottoms, I find myself choosing to wear it and then revolving my whole outfit around the top. I also choose to wear it as a basic. It doesn’t always have to be the star of the show and not everything has to match it completely.

image 2: Same woman in the same outfit as image 1. She has her sunglasses on top of her head, is standing with her hands in her pockets, and looking away from the camera.
One of my favourite tops at the moment

The hairstyle is one that I used to use quite frequently, especially when I didn’t always want all my hair to be up in a bun. It’s a bit of a take on the half-up-do but with the hair in a rather high and obnoxious little bun on top of my head. I liked this hairstyle at first, but the longer my hair has become over this lockdown, the less I like it. I sort of mentioned this in my last weeknote. I have rather thin hair, so it makes the loose part of my hair look really thin and scraggy. I prefer when my hair looks voluminous and has some texture to it, even though it isn’t like that in real life. 😉 It’s why I used to braid my hair when I went to bed, so that it would be wavy in the morning. I haven’t done that recently because, well, ugh, lockdown… and I haven’t been bothered. 😪

image 3: Same woman in the same outfit as image 1, sitting on a wooden bench. She is looking down and to her right, and half of her hair is in a small bun on top of her head. Her eyes seem to be partially shut and her toes are pointed downwards. One of her arms rests on the arm rest on the bench, and the other is outstretched on the bench.
A more interesting hairstyle

I think these blue diamond-shaped earrings are one of my favourite. I like the pop of colour they bring, as well as the diamond shape. I find that I often wear these earrings with this particular crop top, and just with black and dark tops in general, because it adds some bright contrast.

Green and leaves

Another detail in this outfit is the mask. I don’t own a lot of green in my wardrobe, so I like this mask for a point of contrast, especially in outfits that have a lot of dark colours or a lot of black. It also relates to my love for nature.

image 4: Same woman in the same outfit as image 1, but a close shot of her sitting on a wooden bench. She appears to be smiling under her mask.
I love nature 🌴

I have been thinking about adding green to my wardrobe again, but I’ve tried a couple of different ways that haven’t worked. I had a lighter green which I loved to wear with navy, and it was in a pair of pants in the same style as the one from Mother Nature, but I ended up selling it because the fabric felt kind of odd, and the very light shade of green just didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I have also tried emerald green in outfits like Hey Georgie! and Starry starry night, but I just don’t think I really love the emerald green pieces I have owned. Emerald green has a tendency to be warm-toned and I think cooler colours look better on me. I have tried pairing emerald green with bright colours and with black, but every time I try to make colour combinations, they never do look quite right, or look like too much. 🥴

I used to own a Kelly green coloured dress, which is about as “secondary colour green” as you can get – as in, the bog standard green colour you get when you mix primary yellow and primary blue – but perhaps because it was in a dress, and the dress was long, I didn’t like it too much. I don’t love to wear one colour from top to bottom because wearing different horizontal blocks of colour seems to flatter me more. I also look better in shorter dresses.

I’ve tried khaki and olive green with pretty limited success. I often found that those colours didn’t create the striking combinations that I feel my best in. I think trying a dark green could be worth it, but I haven’t found quite the right shade to work with. The crappy thing about being into a certain colour or looking for a certain shade is that you can struggle to find that exact colour in stores, since most brands go by what is trendy or in season (even smaller brands), so the best place I’ve found is second hand markets. Or wait until that colour is in season, haha. I mean, I love royal blue and electric blue, but I frigging hardly see them in stores these days.

Editing photos on my iPhone

I pay for an Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom subscription, of which I only use the latter. Now that iPhones have features that allow you to edit your photos easily on your phone, I do wonder if I can use the ecosystem I’m already in (Apple) to edit my photos for my blog posts.

image 5: Same woman in the same outfit as image 1. She is sitting on a bench and her legs are crossed. She is holding a pair of sunglasses in her hands. In the background is a lot of greenery and some residential buildings.
All these photos were edited on my iPhone 😊

I don’t do a tonne of editing of the photos on my blog. I usually just straighten the image, maybe do a crop, and then set the white balance to automatic.

So this post is the first outfit post where I have actually edited the photos straight on my iPhone. Hopefully I didn’t fuck up the colours in the process. 🙃 I had a bit of trouble with image compression making the greens less bright, so I had to tweak it a bit and could not compress the photos that much. I guess I will see how I go in future Stylesheet posts!

Outfit details


📸 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. (on my iPhone 12 mini)

I named this outfit Night angel as a complement to Sun angel and because the studded crop top is sort of reminiscent of a starry night (kind of the reason I named Starry starry night where I wore the matching shorts!).

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