Fashion Friday: Botanical

We did a quick Fashion Friday in the Singapore Botanic Gardens when we were there last week. The gardens are big, and some areas require a small fee to enter. We only really browsed the Orchid Garden, as Singapore is famous for its orchids. It was worth the small fee and I bought some fancy exclusive tea there – which you can only get in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Medium shot of me standing on a path with some garden arches
Some nice garden arches

These photos were, like my Fashion Friday in Paris, shot on my iPhone. The outfit has clothing that I wore time and time again on our trip. Since we packed light, I had very little variety of clothing – but that’s OK! Actually, if I’m honest, I didn’t wear this shirt as much as other shirts I brought with me. I preferred to wear sleeveless shirts rather than this one with sleeves, especially since the weather was hot.

Although we were in the orchid garden, these photos don’t really show any orchids. It was still nice inside, though.

Low angle shot of me sitting in front of some giraffe sculptures
Sitting tall like those giraffes

You might recall the shirt making an appearance in Piña Colada, where it suited the tropical weather in Hamilton Island. Singapore is also very hot so I suppose the pineapple print suited the weather too. It’s a thin shirt so it works well for hot weather. Also dries quickly when you wash it!

I am wearing the same skirt that I wore in my previous Fashion Friday. I really like it! It’s quite comfortable and doesn’t ride up as much as other tube skirts I have had. I suppose this one is not really a tube skirt but as with snug-fitting skirts, they tend to ride up.

Me leaning in the corner of a wooden walkway above ground
Leaning against a railing that was on a high wooden walkway

I do love the shoes I am wearing but they are worn out so much – I only wore them in Europe, but the worst part is that some rain has really killed them and left the toes almost black. I am hoping to return them to the store I bought them from, and at least get some store credit. I would consider an exchange, but since these shoes didn’t hold up, I am afraid of having the same experience again. It just should not happen with leather shoes. Shame, because the shoes are otherwise really comfortable. :| And they looked so nice in my Winterlong outfit… :(

I wore my hair in a side braid that went across the back of my head, from the left side to the right. I have tried braiding it from the right to the left, but because of the difference in volume of hair on both sides, I prefer to do it this way. I have been wearing my hair loose for a long time, and it was so hot that I felt like tying it back somehow.

My hair in a French braid from the left side of my head to the right
Braid across the back of my head
Back view of me reaching for some dangling wispy tree leaves
Reaching for drooping tree leaves

Photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

Standing under drooping tree leaves with my hand on my hip
Posing under the tree

Comments on this post

Pretty FF as always, Georgie.
The Botanical garden is so beautiful. Great location for a FF!

Love love the shirt :) And the gardens are gorgeous! I’m planning to go to one this weekend….so I can catch Pokemon XD

Ahhh I really like your hair in the cute little braid! Right now I’m also digging those little patterned shirts for the summer. :) I like that you could mix and match your clothes for your vacation – I always like to have more outfits than the number of days. :P

You hair is just too gorgeous. I love how the mix of colour on your braid makes it pop even more.
Your outfit looks so comfortable too, I think it’s your top! I got that same light feeling from your shots on Pina Colada.

Thank you so much! I usually hate when my roots start growing back but my hair looks really nice in the photo where I’m reaching up… xD I’m a bit lost for what I’ll do with my hair next – I feel it’ll always be a similar style of colouring because I very much prefer to do it myself (and I love red!), but Nick and I were thinking of having it my natural dark colour for our wedding. I’m not sure!

I can’t believe these photos were only taken on an iPhone?! Seriously, they are so beautiful and such great quality – I can’t achieve the same quality on my Samsung S6! D: Anyway, love this FF post as usual :D I love your hair too, I can never do pretty neat braids by myself – I always have to have my mom or sister do it for me!

I’ve been looking at, and inspired by, some really complex braids lately that would require me to have eight arms to do properly… I am glad I can do some braids on my own but I wish I could do more complex ones without anyone’s help. I hate bothering people haha.

It’s rather unfortunate that there were no orchids in bloom while you were there, nevertheless it’s an absolutely gorgeous location. I love how you were able to use various clothing items to get different looks…time to go see if I can do the same.