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Here’s an issue: I’m not always on the internet. Well it isn’t really an issue. But it is something that other people should note for… well, most people.

I’m not always “connected”. For me, that is not a problem at all. Not being on my computer 24/7, turning wifi or mobile data off on my phone, is normal.

Since I got a mobile phone I have never been on a monthly plan. I have […]

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English resident, web developer and entrepreneur Andrew Cooper is the founder of Huffier, an e-book subscription service that will give you unlimited access to an extensive and on-demand digital library for a monthly fee. Having just turned 23 this week (happy birthday, Andy!), I decided to ask him a handful of questions, 2 minutes and 40 seconds style, to see what else he’s into besides books and technology.

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It’s nothing new that I have been trying to simplify my life for the past year or so. Ditching projects, changing my diet, cleaning out a lot of unnecessary physical items and digital data – just keeping everything minimal.

Sometimes, we just need to be succinct and let go of some stuff.

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I got my learner driver licence yesterday. It was about time. It’s a bit surprising that I last drove in 2007, clocking in about thirty hours, and let my licence expire before buying a photo card so I had some form of identification to get into over-18 places. Because I still look pretty young.

During the time I had no licence, I have watched my friends progress through provisional licences, through to full licences; […]

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I just read Rob Mason’s article Demeaning titles, with the tagline “Ninja, Rockstar or Jedi — please don’t”. His article discusses the use of such titles by web designers, web developers and the like; how it is simply bragging, and that there is no need to label yourself with such titles.

Ideally, your work should speak for itself.

Yes, it should.

For about half a year, I have written on my portfolio that “I’m pretty ninja at HTML5, CSS and WordPress”.

Well, I am pretty ninja. I’m not saying I am a ninja. I’m just saying I’m good at what I do.

I further that point, and write “and I’m kind of awesome with RWD and IA”.

I say kind of because

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I’m awake. I feel like my clock alarm went off and I turned it off — otherwise it would still be beeping right now. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes between turning it off and right now, or I am only just realising I am actually awake. I unplug my phone from its charger and see a few messages. Groggily, I read them, though as I am writing part of this blog post on my morning train ride, I realise I don’t particularly remember what they said.

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Although there isn’t really a dress code at work and we are allowed to wear whatever we like, I still like to keep it formal on some days. There are some days I will feel like wearing something completely casual, and other days I feel like being formal or more dressed up and elegant, or “smart”.

What I’m wearing in this post is my general work attire. These photos were taken in Sydney Harbour by the lovely Seb.

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Today I interview someone who I have known for a few years, who I think has a variety of interests including cooking, gaming and music – Tara!

I am a Korean-American adoptee who grew up in her country of birth, but lived in a US military environment in the middle of a huge metropolitan city, so I got to experience the Korean lifestyle, the American lifestyle, and the US military lifestyle. Because of this diverse environment, I also have a lot of different hobbies and interests. I love to read books and comic books/mangas, watch films/animes, play video games on both handheld and consoles, bake and cook dishes that doesn’t require too much chopping, and so on! I’m also a self-declared Japanophile and Anglophile despite being Korean-American, and I am further convinced I was reincarnated from either a Japanese or a British person!

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