Hey Geronimo’s time to shine

After the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, James and I went to see Hey Geronimo play at Upstairs Beresford. I was not going to miss another opportunity to see them. I was thrilled to hear a handful of new songs as well as all the classics. Dreamboat Jack made a return to the setlist, as did their signature cover of Burning Down The House.

I keep telling Daniel this: I honestly believe that I am blessed every time I photograph Hey Geronimo. The lighting is always beautiful and the colours are magnificent. Even at the little dark danceteria that GoodGod Small Club is.

I bought a new camera lens last week that allows me to zoom and works great in low light conditions. I have been using prime lenses since I started photographing concerts, so this zoom was truly a gem. I took it to three concerts last week and it has been treating me well. But on Saturday, I think I have to bow down to the glorious lighting that graced the stage.

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Those photos are glorious. I love it when the lighting is just in the perfect condition, so that I feel no need to even edit any of the photos I take. I’ve never photographed a concert before (merely because I am too busy dancing and singing to actually focus on photography XD ) But you did a great job! I’m truly impressed.

I would buy more lenses, but they can get so expensive. I don’t have the money to support my little side hobby for the time being. :(

Ah these photos are stunning! GoodGod isn’t always the easiest place to take decent photos in, so nice work!

Thanks! I didn’t actually take them at GoodGod, they were taken at the Beresford. I was just mentioning that although it is hard to take photos there, I managed to take some decent ones last time. :)