Spinach Feta Trout muffins

Yesterday James and I roughly followed this recipe to make spinach feta muffins. Since we had some trout as well, we added some of that. They were really nice.

I often get criticised for savoury muffins, or people who just say “ewwww that is so disgusting” simply because they have never heard of a savoury muffin and wouldn’t even consider trying one; in all honesty I find that narrow minded. There is a reason I dislike sweet muffins and it is because they are really unhealthy, and most of the time are too sweet.

So hopefully no one’s going to be scoffing at my muffins this time. Spinach is my favourite vegetable, yo.

Spinach Feta-1
Spinach Feta-2
Spinach Feta-3
Spinach Feta-4
Spinach Feta-5
Spinach Feta-6

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Yum! Your healthy muffins remind me a lot of quiche – spinach quiche in particular are delicious. But instead of a flakey pie base, these look even healthier than those… I kind of want some now.

I think this was one of the shortest blogs I’ve read on your blog in a long time. hahahaha.

I’m sorry I haven’t commented on your blog more I am just lazy. I can’t even say that I’m working hard anymore since I lost my job. X.X Plus, I’m not in school this semester. I wanted to take this semester off from work and school anyway so getting fired was a blessing in disguise. Hahahaha.

Those look interesting…I’m not a real fan of spinach but I’d have to try those to see how they taste. I’m getting out of my box more often now since I am wanting to be healthier and trying new things.
Not all of the time but as much as I can, at least. :P

It’s a post in the photoblog category, the main focus of the post is the pictures… :)

I don’t expect anyone to comment if they are busy with other things, I know I am the same. I lost my job last year but you’ll get through it! I definitely looked on the bright side with that one. ♥

Yeah, I remember reading that post. I’m definitely looking on the bright side now. ;) ♥ :P

& Oh, right. Hahaha. I guess I really do need to visit here more often. 😰 /pow

Oh, yum! This was my first thought when I read the title of this post…spinach is my absolute fave vegetable ever! Of course, I also like broccoli and cauliflower, which most people hate. I’m definitely going to have to try this recipe. :)

There’s totally nothing wrong with savoury muffins! Today my mom was talking about spinach, telling me to just go in the yard and eat grass because that’s all it is. haha. I need to find some feta so I can try these.