Georgie × Tobi collaboration

Tobi is an online fashion retailer based in LA, California. I did a collaboration with them last year in my Alice in Wonderland and Parallels outfits, and they approached me again for another collaboration.

Tobi sent me three dresses, two black and one red. They all have varying styles, and I’ll go through all of them in this post. I had picked out all three dresses but all of them were not quite what I expected so styling them was a bit of a fun challenge. To be honest I did try something different to what I usually go for, so I have to admit that all these dresses are a little daring to some extent.

So Much Sass bodycon dress

I haven’t owned a red dress in a while. I used to have a lot of red pieces in my wardrobe, including a red halter neck dress very similar to this one. This saucy number is great for wearing to the club or for a fun party. I actually love the way it looks! It doesn’t work very well with my bust, though. You can definitely use fashion tape to help it stay up.

A woman wearing a red dress which has a cross-over front strap above the bust, her dark hair worn in a bun. She is wearing silver high heels and standing on a path with short brick walls and plants and grass outside of the walls.

This dress really didn’t need any dressing up as it spoke for itself with the open back and the cross-over front. But I couldn’t resist adding some pizazz to the outfit with sparkly platform heels. A hundred percent a party look! I wore my hair up in a “relaxed” bun to add just that hint of seriousness to the fun look.

The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes and in the same setting. She is turned slightly to the side but facing the camera with a subtle smile.
A party dress, for sure.

Fun fact – these platform heels are the ones I wore to my wedding! They weren’t super visible under my dress because I had a ballgown, though. 😉

A woman’s feet in a pair of sparkling silver platform heels.

This dress is a unique style that will turn heads! However, the style might not work with all body types. Personally I found that this would have suited my very slim body type in my early twenties, but now I’ve grown in the shoulders and hips so this dress might not be comfortable if you have a “woman’s” body, and definitely a bit too revealing for some!

The same woman in the other photos on this webpage, facing away from the camera. She is wearing a red halter dress that shows her upper back. Her right hand is on her hip and her hair is up in a bun.
Unfortunately one of the hooks for the buttons at the back broke easily – because it was a thin elastic hook, it wasn’t an easy fix.
Slight side view of the woman with her hair in a bun.
The bun added some seriousness to the look.

I think it’s possible to alter the straps and wear it as a regular halter neck without the cross-over. Another thing to note is that the straps are done up with buttons hooked into loops. Unfortunately one of the loops broke when I was first trying it on, (you can see it in one of the photos taken from the back) so that’s something to keep in mind. The material of the dress is pretty good quality and feels comfortable against the skin.

Outfit details

All My Love halter shift dress

This dress was the one I actually hoped would work out most. I like the neck as it shows off my shoulders, however I chose to wear this dress more casually because it was showing a bit too much side-boob than I liked. It actually works well with tops underneath. I wore this with a cashmere sweater because it suited the cold weather in Sydney. I kind of like how it makes it look like I’m wearing a baseball tee.

A woman with short dark hair wearing a blue-grey sweater with a black dress over it, sitting on grass with a short brick wall and flowers in the background. The woman has her knees bent to one side, is wearing matching blue socks and black loafers, and is resting with her palms back. She is looking in the distance.
A dress dressed down for play – good for a picnic?
The same woman from the previous picture, in the same clothes and same setting. She is smiling wide and has her hands resting on her thighs and knees.
A bit of a deep pinky-purple lipstick gives this a slightly gothic vibe.

I styled this dress in a super casual, youthful way, although it’s definitely more of a party dress. I tried to add a mature and cool edge by wearing ankle socks that matched with my sweater, and loafers. I also added some deep plum lipstick. Overall, this dress didn’t suit me as much as I hoped, and I found that the material creased very easily even after ironing it, but it would be perfect for a teenager.

I found that this dress also worked pretty well with sneakers (Vans) and a skull printed scarf, but that look was not for me. For someone else maybe? :)

The same woman from other photos on this webpage, sitting on a concrete cube with a wooden top. She has the ankle of leg propped up on her opposite thigh and is leaning forward using her arm on her lap as balance. Other concrete cubes surround the one she is sitting on.
This look can be worn with some attitude.
The same woman in the previous photo, with her right leg propped up on a concrete cube. She is leaning on her hand that is propped up on the leg that is raised.
This dress is long enough that you can sit cross-legged and take large strides with it still covering the better part of your legs!

The dress is a shift dress but there is a lot of fabric to it that makes it more of a “swing” dress. It doesn’t accentuate your shape, if you are looking to draw attention away from your midsection. As I mentioned, without wearing a top underneath, it does show the underarms quite a lot, which is not to everyone’s taste.

Outfit details

Heroes draped midi dress

This dress is my favourite out of the three I received. I wanted to try the plunging neckline as I hadn’t tried it before, and I was under the impression that it might suit me. I think it worked out well!

A woman in a black dress with a plunging neckline. She is wearing black pumps (heels) and standing on yellowed concrete. Her left hand is on her hip and her body is angled slightly towards the camera.
A pretty classy look.
The same woman in the previous photo, wearing the same clothing and in the same setting. This is a closer shot, showing her from the waist up, smiling.

I chose to wear a layered necklace layered with a choker, to accentuate the otherwise bare décolletage. The necklaces I am wearing are from By Invite Only (one of my favourite jewellery stores), and the two-layered necklace has a labradorite stone. I am wearing a bracelet that also has a labradorite pendant.

The dress can be dressed up with earrings but I chose to keep it relatively simple as I already had a bracelet and necklaces that stood out.

A close view of the right side of the woman’s face, with her earlobes in focus. She has three earrings, two are studs and the bottommost one is a ring shape.
Some of these are my regular earrings but the bottom one is from a pair I bought in Korea.

This dress also required a bit of fashion tape to hold it in place, as any plunging neckline usually does. The dress has a draped fit, as the name of it suggests. As it’s a midi length, it reaches past my knees. I am only 5 foot 2, so it might hit just under the knee for taller women.

I thought it was only fitting that I wore black heels to go with the dress! These black heels are a staple but they are great with any outfit.

Close shot of a woman’s chest, wearing layered silver necklaces. A labradorite pendant is on one of the layers.
Layering necklaces done right!
Close shot of a woman’s wrist wearing a silver bracelet with two chains. From one chain hangs a labradorite pendant.
A matching bracelet!

The dress is made of a similar material to the halter dress I received, but it does drape over the body a bit better. I really like it and can see myself wearing it again. Although it’s also a more formal dress, I think it can be dressed down with a sheer camisole or a sleeveless top worn under the dress as well.

Outfit details

📷 Many thanks to my wonderful husband Nicholas Cooke for taking these photos for me.

What do you think of the way I styled these dresses? Would you style them differently? Of course this is only my take on the dresses, I’d be interested to hear how you might style them.

Disclaimer: The dresses in this post were provided courtesy of Tobi for the purpose of styling and and featuring them on my blog. All opinions are my own honest opinions.

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Ow ow @ the first one: you look like Sexy Businesswoman Stock Photo. (‘Cause, you know, that’s the industry’s perspective in stock photos. Or it’s the complete opposite, re: All Business/Secretly Sexy Businesswoman Stock Photo. So annoying.)

I kid. Please excuse me.

Anyway, I get what you mean about #noboobs now. 🤣

The youthful dress/style is definitely…eh, it reminds me of the old Georgina and less like something Adult Georgie would wear, for sure. The way you styled it is nice—I think it’s great to give people options and to express creativity with it, but it feels a bit like the style you had before your curves, and before you worked to develop those curves and your individual style.

I like the earring combination in the last style.

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The red one is really nice. Not something I could wear, though when I was younger I did have a red halter top.

I think my favorite is the last. Its quite nice on you! Though I never could pull it off. XD Bit too much bust on me!

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These are such beautiful pieces! I love these dresses! I haven’t ordered from tobi in agesss thank you so much for the recommendation – I will have to check them out again xx

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I’m in LOVE with that red dress. It’s absolutely something that I would wear. The price isn’t bad either ($31 now), which is a plus. I just recently bought new clothes/dresses though, so it’ll have to wait. ;) Plus no occasion to wear it, and it might be a little scandalous for Japan.

I like the way you styled the second dress. It’s not my type of dress, but I think the styling you did was really fun and casual. Probably a good picnic look!

The 3rd dress is gorgeous. So simple and black, but sleek and professional, even with the steep neckline. I really love that one, too!

Great job with the styling as always, Georgie!

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Wow! Those dresses look amazing on you. I don’t know I would style them for I am not much of a dress wearer, if that is even a word, but you look amazing in them. I think the red one would be amazing to use for dates or even fancy parties. The second one reminds me of something of a private school or college. These were pretty amazing though. Such unique styles.

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Oh wow, that red dress is striking! I agree that the color and style is a head-turner. I also really like how you wore the halter shift dress. When I first saw the photo, I actually thought the sweater was part of the dress. That’s such a nifty idea. I wouldn’t have thought of doing that! I like how you dressed it down, especially since I would feel the same way about the amount of side-boob from that type of dress shape.

You look great in all three dresses, but the draped midi dress is my favorite on you! I like the necklace you chose to go with it. It goes really well with the plunging neckline in the front!

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I’ve never heard of Tobi until now but they have some trendy clothes that’s a good alternative to H&M/etc. The red dress looks perfect for those cocktail events. It’s great that it felt comfortable and not itchy. The shift dress looks good for casual wear. I haven’t seen dresses being styled with a long sleeve underneath but it works. Wow so much clearance on the bottom – makes me want to go away from those restricting pencil skirts, haha.

The midi dress looks nice as well. Another good option for those cocktail events! It’s great that you found some styling that fits your taste! :).

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These dresses look amazing. You look fantastic in all three and they’re all so different. It must have been so nice to get sent them!

The red one is such a beautiful colour and I definitely would have wanted something like that when I used to go out when I was 18/19. I don’t know if I could do something so fitted now though. I still have some of the clothes I used to wear from around then and they’re all mega tight and so short, I can’t believe I ever had the confidence to wear them.

As for the second one, I love how you’ve styled it. It looks great as a casual dress and I never would have known it had a T-shirt underneath if you hadn’t said. It looks like it’s supposed to be like that. Great way of fixing it!

The last one is definitely the nicest of all of them, and you look lovely in it! I love the necklace too – they look great together!

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WOOOW that red dress looks stunning on you! Even more so since you have a great backdrop to make it pop.

I always love vibrant colors like that and am glad that you finally got to review something you really like. and your accessories are always on point.

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