Review: Jisoncase leather iPhone slim fit case

This post is a review of the genuine leather slim fit case from Jisoncase. After they approached me and asked what devices I have, they decided to send me a leather case for my iPhone 7. I have never had a case on my phone, and I don’t think I’ve ever tried one to see how it looks like. I used to really like phone cases and had them for my older iPhones in the past, but since I got a 6S, and now a 7, I’ve never used a case with either of them, so this is my first time using one.

An iPhone with a black leather case, screen-up on a wooden surface

The case took about a week to get to me (Australia) from China. It’s not bad for an international parcel. Although it came in a standard mailing bag, the case was packaged well and was nicely presented. It was in a sturdy brown box and wrapped in translucent plastic, so it was adequately protected.

I chose the colour black. I had wanted the navy, but the shade of navy on their site looks a bit like a dark blue-grey, and I didn’t like that. Black seemed like a standard and safe option.

A small brown box packed in translucent plastic
The case packaging straight out of the mailer bag it came in
Top view of a small rectangular brown box with the label “Jisoncase” in the top left
The case arrived in a brown cardboard box.
An open brown box and its lid, side by side. In the brown box is a phone case in transcluent plastic.
Inside the box, the case was placed in transluent plastic
A black leather phone case, its back visible, on a piece of translucent plastic
The case taken out of the packaging

The case is genuine leather. In some countries, a small certificate of guarantee is provided with bags, belts and leather phone cases which gives you some sort of proof that the leather is genuine. Jisoncase is based in China, and the case didn’t ship with any of this information, so I assume that in China this is different. The leather of the case is quite tough, the surface is rough. Since using the case, I’ve had my phone in my bag, pockets, and also dropped it a few times, and it has gotten a few scratches, but the leather surface is holding up. I think that the surface doesn’t scratch as easily as some other leathers (which are too soft), which is good for a phone case as a phone is something you use almost daily.

The back of the case has “Jisoncase®” embossed on it towards the bottom. As it’s embossed it’s pretty subtle, which I think is a plus. Not everyone likes big branding on the products they buy (and I am not just talking about phone cases).

An iPhone with a black leather case, screen-down on a wooden surface
The back of the case has subtle embossing of the company logo.

The inside back of the case is lined with felt. I’m not sure what the purpose of this is, but I assume it’s to somewhat protect the back of the phone from any blemishes or bumps the leather might have.

Putting the case on my phone was easy. It simply snapped on. It is also quite easy to remove as the case is quite flexible. I have seen slimmer cases than Jisoncase’s – usually ones not made from leather – but this one is still not too bad and doesn’t add a lot of weight or bulk to my phone. Other than the silence switch on the side of the phone, all buttons are completely covered. I think this is a pretty good job of keeping those parts of the phone clean, but when you look really closely, the raised areas for the buttons look just a little bit cheap and not polished.

I used the phone for a couple of weeks. It protects the phone well. I’ve dropped the phone a couple of times with the case on, but it’s clear that the phone is well protected and the case is a secure fit.

An iPhone with a black leather case, screen-up on a wooden surface, showing a man and woman in traditional wedding clothing on the screen
The case on my phone, with the screen lit up. There is a phot of me and Nick on the screen.

The leather of the case does pick up scratches a bit easily, like when I put it in my handbag and it bumps against whatever else is in my handbag, but this is to be expected of the leather. Other than that, the case doesn’t damage easily even after some bumps and drops.

The iPhone 7 is slippery without a case, and this case makes the phone easy to grip. The raised edges of the phone case don’t get in the way, and it allows you to put your phone face down on a flat surface quite safely. Charging the phone isn’t a problem either, as the charging port is still accessible.

A view of the base of a pink iPhone with a black case with the speaker holes and charging port visible
Speaker and port still accessible

I’ve made a few phone calls on the phone and travelled my usual route to work with the phone, and the case doesn’t interfere with network signals. When physically holding the phone to my ear, the phone is comfortable to hold when the case is on.

I also removed the case for the first time about two weeks after putting it on my phone, and the phone was as clean as it was when I put the case on. I know some cases tend to collect and trap dirt under their surfaces, but this one doesn’t. It also doesn’t warp or change shape.

Although I mentioned that the case around the buttons doesn’t look very polished, I have to admit that I like the smooth feel. It means the case on the phone feels smooth all the way around, which is nice.

I’m going to continue using this case as I see no major issues with it, and it definitely doesn’t get in the way. It’s still easy to put in my pocket and bag, the grip is great, it’s comfortable to hold. It doesn’t add a great deal of bulk to this phone, either.

If you’re interested in this case, they are quite affordable considering they are real leather. Jisoncase also sells cases via Amazon and AliExpress.

Disclaimer: I was given a free sample of this product by Jisoncase in return for a review.

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When I first got my iPhone SE in silver, I had considered picking up an Apple iPhone SE Leather Case in Saddle Brown to go with it because I loved the colour and was intrigued by the idea of having genuine leather show wear over time. Of course, being Apple-branded, these were prohibitively expensive so I ended up not getting one (or any case at all for that matter as I simply couldn’t find any I liked).

Jisoncase looks like a promising alternative and their cases appear to be pretty similar to Apple’s (not necessarily a bad thing!) for a somewhat affordable price, however it seems that the only cases they carry for iPhone SE now are folio cases, ones with a flip cover, which I’m not big on.

If that felt lining is anything like the microfibre lining in the Apple case, then it is indeed there to protect the iPhone and prevent the bumps against the outside of the case from transferring onto it.

Great review! I always enjoy your neutral (not just impartial but calm rather than excitable) yet not completely formal approach to reviews as they tend to make for a relaxing read.

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Hmmm, I’ll definitely have to look into this case for later in the year. I’ve never left any of my iPhones caseless because I drop them so much! Luckily, due to the cases, I’ve never broken my iPhones, but the cases all have seen better days by the time I upgrade to a new phone.

I’m currently using the Lumeecase on my iPhone 7 and I love it! It has front and back LED lights for selfies and better lighting in pics. However, their releases are around 3 months behind…their cases for the iPhone X weren’t available until January! I plan to upgrade my iPhone in September, and I’ve been wondering what to do for a case until a Lumee is available for the X2 (or whatever they decide to call it). I might grab one of these until then because it looks like a nice little case.

Also, I know that I’ve squealed over your pics on Instagram already, but that wedding photo on your lock screen is GORGEOUS!!! :D

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You are so brave for having your phone out of a case. I hardly ever drop mine (almost never), but I’m so paranoid about dropping it and cracking the screen that I don’t dare take it out of the case when I’m out and about. I’ll take it out when I’m home, but never when I’m out.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of leather cases, though. I love really slim, feminine cases with beautiful designs on them. Also, since I’m in Japan and am always using an IC card here, I like cases that also let me use it easily. I think if you find the case makes your phone less slippery though then it’s 100% worth it. I hate how slippery iPhones can be.

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I don’t think I have ever had my phone without a cover. After my last phone, Xiaomi Mi Max, was ruined because of a fall it had and it had no screen guard or cover on, I have been super protective of my phones. I currently own 4 covers for my One Plus 5T!

Good review, Georgie. I really liked the cover!

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