Fashion Friday: Alice in Wonderland

Me with an elbow on a railing and looking over the edge of an overpass

A white dress? Don’t mind if I do. :)

A white dress with pockets!

Striking a pose with a hand in my pocket
Pocket demo.

This outfit was named because it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, mostly because of the hairband (often called an “Alice band”) and the flare of the dress. I doubt Alice would have worn a dress with an open back, but hey, you’re also talking to the girl who did a “sultry” Wednesday Addams one Halloween. So I guess this is my take on Alice.

Me ruffling my hair
*hair flick*
Me walking down the side of a highway with Circular Quay down one side
View of the dress’s open back

I had also forgotten that this dress, from Tobi, was called the “Just Like Alice” skater dress, but looks like I’m doing it right, haha. The last time I had a white dress, it was an extremely sheer bodycon style that didn’t look great on me, and it had long detached sleeves that didn’t work well either. So when I chose this dress I loved that it was something super simple and flattering. It has a really formal look to it, and I thought I’d be able to dress it down, but I decided to dress it up instead. ;)

Me with my back to the camera and looking to the side
A peek at the back of the dress

I wish I had better shoes to go with the white, perhaps some nude pumps. But black heels are not a bad option either. I’ve had these shoes for over two years and had the heels replaced too. They are still holding up. I think the frills on the back – reminiscent of Minnie Mouse (actually, the shoe style is named “Minnie”) – contrast nicely with the structure of the dress.

The hairband is one I got from a fukubukuro (surprise bag) in Japan many years ago. I didn’t like it at first, the colour particularly. It doesn’t go as well with the white as I’d like. It’s a handy headband to have lying around though. It’s comfortable, since a lot of headbands hurt my head because they are too tight behind the ears. It can be hard to find one that fits comfortably!

Me looking out over the railing into the quay
Good evening, Sydney.
Close up shot of me looking over the railing with the harbour bridge in the background
More deep in thought.

I usually go through phases of liking hairbands and then getting bored of them! I should definitely invest in some nicer ones. I used to have some thin wire ones with pearls or rhinestones but I think some of the plainer ones are better suited for me.

I am wearing a gold solar necklace from By Invite Only; I bought it before it came out in silver and I actually like silver jewellery better than gold… but it doesn’t matter, this works perfectly well against the plain white dress.

Close up of gold solar necklace
Just a bit of a pop for this outfit

I was going to wear my nice grey coat with this outfit but I had tried on this black cape first and the look really won me over. It looked cute, and I was going to have to sacrifice warmth by wearing a cape that doesn’t keep me super warm – but I dealt with it fine. 😆

Me with my black cape over my white dress and clutching onto the neck of the cape
Keeping warm in my cape

I like how the dress peeks out a little from beneath the cape when I’m wearing it. Monica actually gave me the cape last year and I really, really liked it. It’s not a high-class cape but it does the job. It also has pockets big enough for my phone and wallet; I remember going to see a band once while wearing this and it was nice not to have to carry a bag. 😜

Me walking with my hands inside my cape
Like a badass with my hands hidden in my cape.

After getting the cape I realised I had something else that went pretty well with the dress alone…

Medium shot of me with long white gloves and the Opera House in the background
The gloves make this outfit probably a little more in line with “Minnie”…!

The gloves were something I fetched from my drawer when I thought of making the white dress look more interesting. I actually wore them to my year 12 prom and possibly a wedding… if I remember correctly. They’re really old and definitely don’t get a lot of wear. In fact there are some little stains on the fingers and I’m not sure how they got there!

The gloves are also not exactly the same white as the dress. Still, it makes for an interesting look. I guess Minnie Mouse wears gloves, right? Gloves sort of feel a bit old-fashioned, not necessarily in a bad way. Combining the gloves and cape looked a little too odd though. 😅 So I’d say there were a couple of different looks in this post!

📷 Thanks Pat for taking all these amazing photos! 💖

Outfit details

Me leaning over and looking across the quay
Gazing into the distance as the sun sets

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Omg omg omg!

Okay first of all, YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS OMAIGAAAH and and these photo are insane!

Second, WHITE LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU UGH. Then again, i love white so i might be biased hehe. But come on, who doesn’t love that clean, minimalist look? :P i also love how you styled it with a cape omg i never thought those two would make such a cool combo. I love semiformal looks because they make me feel sophisticated like a blue blood but i never found any confidence to rock sleeveless dress. I’m so insecure about my arms ^^;;
Anyway, i love how the dress ends like that. I’m a flare skirt kind of gal so i really love that. Also, the back is so chic!! I never wore any dress with such open back, afraid i might catch a cold -my mom says Hahahaha

Speaking of, you like wednesday addams too!? Omg. I’d love to see you rock out a black dress, goes dark and grim and all wednesday addams in a future FF post haha that’d be so cool!!

You look like a princess in these photos! 😍

This dress looks stunning on you! I keep finding beautiful dresses that have a cut out section at the back like this one has, but I don’t end up buying them because I don’t know what to do about wearing a bra! I need to be brave and buy some of those stick on nipple covers! TMI!

I haven’t worn a headband in years. I used to wear them a lot when I was younger and had a full fringe as it kept my hair out of my eyes. But I miss wearing them as they’re a simple way to add some variety to your hair styles.

Hahaha HOLLY I have to tell you about this time one of my nipple covers fell off. FELL OFF. 🙄 I was wearing a looser top (not such a great idea) and one minute I knew it was there, next minute, NOPE. But yeah, those are definitely the option for dresses like these. It was a daring pick for me too as I always worry about what sort of bra to wear (or if I should wear one at all). There are also stick-on bras, which, if you’re not feeling like trying nipple covers yet, those are more supportive haha!


I love the white dress, it looks gorgeous! I love the fit of the dress on you too, it is indeed very magical – sorta like, idk, Alice in Wonderland ;) Especially with the gloves! Thanks for sharing the link to the dress, I was curious and actually tempted to buy one myself (#sistas) but they’ve run out of smalls :(

I AM TOTALLY LOVING THAT OPEN BACK DAMN. Open back dresses have been a favourite for me recently because of my significant loss of back fat and building of muscles! I wish I could rock headbands, they never work for me and either just slide off my head or give me a headache xD Looking super cute though! You should definitely try out different looks with different headbands, they look great on you!

I love it when dresses have pockets! I really like the look of this dress. It looks straight up classy and I love the thickness of the material. The gloves go with the dress perfectly! It gives that Cinderella kind of vibe without looking too flashy. I love the shot you walking across the bridge! Definitely feels like a catwalk runway XD.

That dress with those gloves are magical. I am thinking you look like Audrey Hepburn. Wows. I am amazed.

Wow Georgie, I love the dress on you! My friend juuust got me into Tobi so I was so pleasantly surprised to see your dress is also from Tobi! Such cute and affordable stuff from there :) I haven’t seen too many people wear capes around here, but it’s a great look. You look so elegant in it. I really like the sunset photo too!