Stylesheet 023: Double denim, in bright blue & acid washed black

As I’m writing this, I’m actually thinking about the blue shacket/jacket I am wearing in this outfit (and the one I shared previously), and how I wouldn’t mind one that is double-breasted and not so symmetrical or busy in terms of the pockets and detailing. Don’t get me wrong, I love this utility jacket because of the utility factor, but maybe I should have known that at some point down the track, the symmetrical style might be something I favour less and less. It’s over the past four or five years that I’ve learned that I don’t love super symmetrical styles of clothing, especially when they are very straight and boxy like this jacket. I am partial to double-breasted jackets and coats, and even though I don’t love the bulk of double-breasted jackets and coats when they are zipped or buttoned shut, I prefer the shape and I like to wear them open. That said, I don’t see myself getting rid of this jacket at all – it’s just a thought that I am going to put towards my considerations in looking for another jacket.

image 1: Me, Georgie, an Asian woman with short dark hair, standing on the footpath in a park with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. I am wearing a bright blue denim jacket over a grey cropped t-shirt and a dark wash mini skirt. I have light pink metallic shoes and sunglasses on, with a hand on my hip.
Cool and casual

I also noticed that the trucker style jacket is not really my jam – looking back on my tight-fitting, stretchy, cropped trucker jacket I wore back in my Fashion Friday titled Everything Now in 2020, I have grown out of that jacket (hello muscles) and the fit almost seems a bit childish. So I’m on the lookout for a blue denim or black denim jacket that I can also pin pins all over. There is a similar jacket from Sezane called the Will Jacket that comes in black, and it’s similar to this bright blue one but without the top pockets. I think it’s also about ten centimetres longer. It could be an option, also considering that I barely wear my trucker jacket these days. I think the fit is too tight that it doesn’t look super great unless I am wearing a tight top, and I suppose I just don’t really like it that much anymore.

There are some familiar pieces in this outfit including my top (you saw that in 90s kid) and the pink shoes (in bubblegum plum). The new addition is the skirt, which I purchased on Sheike. I felt like adding a tight-fitting mini skirt to my wardrobe, and from experience, I just really didn’t see myself having any luck with second-hand items on eBay. A long, long time ago – in 2016 to be exact – I wrote a blog post farewelling tube skirts and endeavoured not to try them again because they became impractical and kept riding up in a way I didn’t like. I still like the appearance of short tube skirts, but have kept away from them.

image 2: Me, Georgie, in the same outfit as image 1 but with my sunglasses hanging from my shirt. I have my hands in my jacket pockets.
Looking and feeling cool 🪴

This Sheike skirt comes close, but after spotting it on their website I decided to try it in person when I had an opportunity to visit a store. Sheike’s garments usually accomodate women’s curves a lot better than other brands, so to begin with, this skirt was a better fit than any other skirt I could have tried in my size from another store or brand.

I will admit, I still have to deal with it riding up after walking, but not to the extent that I am absolutely pissed off. 😂 I love the way this skirt hugs my curves but doesn’t squeeze them, and if there is anything I have learned from reading up on Kibbe body typing (even though I don’t always take the system incredibly seriously), it is that regardless of your shape and size, clothes should follow the lines and shape of your body and not restrict it or hide it. 👌🏻

The front pockets in this skirt are really convenient as well – they are actually quite roomy! For the design of a pretty tight-fitting skirt to consider and include pockets is a huge plus. The washed black colour is also a pretty good neutral colour amongst other clothes in my wardrobe. I really dig this skirt.

image 3: Me, Georgie, in the same outfit as image 1 but without the blue jacket. I am sitting on a very large rock in a park area with a man-made path behind, with my legs crossed and my arms relaxed, one palm on the rock, balancing myself.
Pink shoes as a deliberate standout

When the brief is to wear a short skirt and a band shirt, this shirt is just about the only graphic tee I have that comes pretty close to a band shirt, so that’s what I chose for this outfit. It’s been a long time since I have owned a band shirt, mostly because after I stopped photographing bands, my style changed, and some of the band shirts I had also became pretty worn out. I have to admit, t-shirts are one of those items of clothing that don’t last long unless you get an exceptionally good quality one. I used to wear mine a lot, too, so sadly some of my favourites became unsightly over time from wearing them so much.

The whole outfit feels pretty grey, even with the blue jacket, so I picked out the contrasting pink shoes on purpose. It makes the outfit less fun – I can never go wrong with my black boots, but I wasn’t really going for the dark and punk rock look, so pink shoes it was. 💕

image 4: Me, Georgie, in the same outfit and setting as the previous photo but with more of the high-rise buildings with glass windows visible in the background.
Enjoying the warmer weather.

I am not the greatest at curling my hair, so I need to announce that my hair doesn’t look its best here, and the wind always gets to it. 😒 It always looks pretty good once I’ve initially curled it, but then it’s a hot mess once the wind gets to it. Mainly the shape just gets all flat on top and then flares out at the ends in a way that I don’t think is flattering… I may just be too critical. But really think that at times, the curly hairstyle doesn’t suit me, or maybe I just haven’t quite done it right – it’s something I’m still working on and trying out and improving!

Looking back on this outfit, it is casual as heck, and I also realised that I have worn this tee with the jacket in many outfits I’ve shared on my blog. It’s just so comfortable and easy to wear. 😅 What makes me happy is knowing that the clothes I’m wearing are being worn often and that I’m enjoying them. 👌🏻 I like to think that this is one way to do double denim that isn’t jarring or “too much” – I feel like ideally the denim has to be of vastly different washes, and honestly maybe even colours. I don’t imagine a light wash blue denim working very well with a dark blue denim, even if the colours contrast and are different enough. I honestly feel like they have to be different colours like in this outfit. That said, some people do look good in a complete denim outfit. And at the end of the day, you should wear whatever you like and what you feel comfortable in.

Outfit details


📸 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. (on my iPhone 12 mini)

We took these photos around Barangaroo, Sydney. It’s a small area near the water that has some restaurants, cafes, ferry terminal and an event space called The Cutaway. There are some high-rise corporate business buildings in the area which make some of the food courts busy on weekdays, but they are often closed on the weekends and there are far fewer people because no one is working, so the area doesn’t often lend itself to being a terrific place to hang out on the weekend (at least in my opinion) – unless you have a picnic in the park or enjoy the views and being outdoors.

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