weeknotes #35: piercings and powerlifting

Cool, so I somehow avoided the burnout train, my mood improved and there was lots to be grateful for, and then I more or less hit a slump again this week. I am feeling particularly lazy right now – daylight savings just pushed us an hour forward, and rather than feel like I lost an hour, I’m just trying to get some things done that I need to get done. I’m currently eating this apple crumble flavoured protein custard, and added pieces of chopped up apple in it. My friend Chris maintains that the custard looks like baby food, and I don’t blame him because honestly I agree. It tastes better than it looks (once you get used to eating processed protein powder and getting used to that inevitable aftertaste).

A white bowl on a table, filled with brown custard mixed with chopped up pieces of a red apple
Baby food? No. Protein custard? Yes.

A couple of weeks ago we went to watch a powerlifting competition, where one of our fellow gym-goers (who is also trained by my personal trainer) was competing. She came first place! The whole experience was somewhat exhilarating and I did want to watch because I want to get an idea of whether I will enjoy doing a comp myself. I wouldn’t care too much about winning, but the atmosphere was just really supportive and everyone was cheering everybody on. It was one held by a gym and for the community, so my PT pointed out that it was less serious than the previous one they went to, which was held by actual state officials or something like that.

I think I will do a powerlifting comp at some point in the future. As Nick said to my PT, “she has been talking about it for ages”. I want to do it so I know what it’s like. A new experience! It definitely sounds nerve-wracking and I don’t know how I’ll fare with lifting heavy weights in front of people, but I used to dance in front of people at concerts and competitions, and I’ve done public speaking and overcome those fears, so… it’s a similar concept, right?

Afterwards we went to have lunch with Nick’s sister since we were around the area! I laughed at this iced latte which came deconstructed… I definitely wasn’t expecting that, and certainly not from the likes of Western Sydney. Look, for as long as I live, I think I will be making jokes about Western Sydney… there is a weird pride that comes with having grown up there and understanding other Westies.

A brown tray served with a glass of milk, a shot of espresso, and an empty glass with ice cubes.
Since when was Western Sydney this bouje? Haha

We went for an adventure on the metro since Nick wanted to check it out since it had been three years since it opened, and we hadn’t had an opportunity yet. He’s a transport geek, we gotta humour him. 🤓 We went for a ride one stop to the end of the line, and then went back, and because it was quick and we exited at the same station, the fare was $0.00. 😛

An elevated metro station platform showing the elevated track beyond the high railings.
The metro station platform
A selfie of three people: a white man with short dark hair wearing a dark red shirt, an Asian woman with short dark hair wearing a sky blue blazer, and a white woman with long curly hair wearing a white top and black jacket. All three are smiling.
Nick, myself and Beck

I got my ear pierced again last week when we had a public holiday – and we have another one tomorrow, hah – my tenth and eleventh piercings. I’ve almost lost count, to be honest. And the fact that it’s an odd number trips me up as well. I had space on the upper part of my right ear, the helix, and got two interesting placements of piercings. One affectionately called a “cat flap” because there is a flap on the edge of my ear that is somewhat unique to my ear and that not everyone has, and a vertical helix, which means the piercing is performed vertically through the top of the ear and not from front to back.

A close-up of a woman’s ear showing a number of piercings with silver jewellery on the top of the ear and some on the lobes. The woman’s hand holds back her hair behind her ear and her nails have swirly blue nail art.
The piercing with the chain and the one with the gem next to it are my new piercings

Yesterday the cat flap piercing was swelling up so much, but calmed down overnight. It reminded me of when I got four lobe piercings at once and it just felt like my ear was on fire. These areas are fleshy and more blood goes to that area, so it was probably just like “what the fuck is this doing all up in my business, do I have to heal around it now?” Yes. Yes you do. Needless to say, I have been enjoying these helix piercings a lot because they are not as easy to roll on or accidentally sleep on, and I haven’t accidentally bumped them at all, nor have I gotten them accidentally stuck on my clothes as I get stressed, nor have I gotten my hair stuck around them. So they have been really easy to take care of so far. I hope I don’t jinx it.

I have an eyelash extension infill appointment today. A couple of months ago I decided to try eyelash extensions instead of lash lifts. I can see why people love them. I was pretty damn disciplined about them pretty much until the last two weeks, where I started to fidget and pick at them and pull some out (I know, I know). The extensions normally just fall out along with your natural eyelash when it sheds. But I was really probably harbouring some of my old habits when I used to have trichotillomania – a compulsive hair-pulling disorder – although I don’t pull from my head anymore and the condition is not that bad, I still obsessively tweeze and pull hairs from my body. 😱 Similar to waxing but far more tedious I guess? It must have just manifested in pulling eyelashes, but I opened up to a friend who also struggles with trichotillomania and she said that the ritual of cleaning the extensions every day made her not do it as much. We had a discussion that has prompted me to chat with my lash technician and see if there is something different we can try to make me less likely to pull at my lashes.

Last night Nick made Greek orange pie. It looks and tastes great! We spent such a long time shopping for ingredients because we don’t bake often, so we really had nothing in our pantry.

A stainless steel tray served with Greek orange pie. It’s slightly orange-brown in colour and is soaked in orange syrup
Almost ready to eat
A close-up of a corner piece of the pie from the previous photo, served on a small white plate
Yum. 🍊

It tasted great! Now we have almost too much. Haha.

A roast dinner with roast beef, potatoes, peas, and Yorkshire pudding, with a small pot of gravy.
Finally had a Sunday roast at the pub

I’m really focusing on listening to my body. My ankle and foot are sore from a lot of walking in the past couple of days. I’m on a de-load week for my workout program, and even though earlier this week I thought I could push through another week of heavy weights, I definitely think I need the rest now.

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