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In a nutshell, I feel much better.

Last week I felt very ill but this week I felt a lot better and a lot more refreshed, and managed to go to work. After receiving my results for the CT scan and visiting my GP, I was referred to a surgeon. He creeped me out. When he pressed on my stomach I tensed up and I felt pain everywhere. I know he was just checking, doing his job, but he said, “Relax, you don’t need to be afraid of me” in a creepy voice with a creepy smile.

He said that since I did not have appendicitis and all my scans and tests showed I was otherwise healthy and there was nothing serious, it was quite possible that I was just constipated or had trouble digesting. That is the explanation I hate the most… he said that I might have to go to hospital or get a gastroscopy, and I thought, well, okay, maybe this is what I need? Maybe then you can find out why I can’t digest half the crap I eat? I don’t want tubes in my mouth and bottom, though. 😞 Haha.

The CT scan did reveal that

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Sometimes I wish I had achieved my childhood dreams of becoming a doctor, just so I could help people, the way people have helped me. I loved science, dearly, when I was in school, but as a career, I think I gave up on it. Which I suppose is kind of sad, I nearly did engineering, I nearly did biology, I nearly did nanotechnology — but in the end, I chose a communication degree, and I chose to study postgrad in multimedia.

Last week, on Thursday, I bought an iPhone 5c (it is a damn gorgeous phone!). I bought the white one, after convincing myself that my indecision would lead me to hate any of the other colours after a while, and promptly named it Moontrooper two days later, after deciding that Tristanator would only be the name of my future electric guitar and only if it is not pink, and that despite giving my iPod, iPad and iPhone 4S the names Gumdrop, Gumpop and Gumball, respectively, “Gumball II” wasn’t really going to cut it.

Walking towards the Apple store in inexplicably sweltering weather (it was 40°C), I realised that the pain around my abdomen — that I had been feeling at least one day prior — was still present.

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I actually took these photos last week before I coloured my hair black. I will be sure to post a photo of me with black hair soon. It doesn’t look that much different, to be honest, because my hair was pretty dark before. I am looking forward to colouring my hair purple haha.

Notably, it’s actually Saturday today, but seeing as I am in a wicked timezone, it is still Friday in some places. […]

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I just revived myself with a glorious three-day weekend, courtesy of Labour Day in Australia. It was cut an hour short by the wonderful state of mind and trickery known as daylight savings, but other than that, I had a well-deserved break, and jumped out of the break in quite good spirits.

Thursday night was not too eventful, I dyed my hair black to be Wednesday Addams for a dress-up party I ended up […]

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I wrote the following poem yesterday. To make it interesting, and because I think people would love to know how (some) poetry is read, you can click ‘continue reading’ to hear an audio recording of it.

for Honeydew

A hey goes a long way,
A heart goes much further,
And had I seen you before then I might have smiled before you,
  Though I could hardly hear you
  You placed your words in my veins,
  Your gaze in my reach,
  And your hand in mine.
There were fragments of sound
And in circles around,
For every last night and eventual grasp, every breath
And unwasted moment
On the days that dusk met dawn.

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Balloons are awesome.

It’s also really awesome to just go away for the weekend and forget stuff.

Friday nights have recently become a bit more awesome.

Last week picked up a bit, my main highlights being the end-of-week parties. If I remember correctly, I went to lunch a few times with my friends. Tristan, Lilian and I went to the sticker photo booths again. It was nice to see Lilian again and we found […]

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