The Domino Effect

In a nutshell, I feel much better.

Last week I felt very ill but this week I felt a lot better and a lot more refreshed, and managed to go to work. After receiving my results for the CT scan and visiting my GP, I was referred to a surgeon. He creeped me out. When he pressed on my stomach I tensed up and I felt pain everywhere. I know he was just checking, doing his job, but he said, “Relax, you don’t need to be afraid of me” in a creepy voice with a creepy smile.

He said that since I did not have appendicitis and all my scans and tests showed I was otherwise healthy and there was nothing serious, it was quite possible that I was just constipated or had trouble digesting. That is the explanation I hate the most… he said that I might have to go to hospital or get a gastroscopy, and I thought, well, okay, maybe this is what I need? Maybe then you can find out why I can’t digest half the crap I eat? I don’t want tubes in my mouth and bottom, though. :( Haha.

The CT scan did reveal that I had a lot of matter in my colon and bowels, and from this, the surgeon deduced that it was simply putting a lot of pressure on my pelvis, as well as my ovaries, thus causing the pelvic congestion syndrome and the hemorrhage in my ovary. Just to make sure there was nothing more serious happening, I had my blood taken — four freakin’ vials of it — and a urine sample, taken for testing. I did not like the surgeon simply because of his stupid creepy attitude; in fact I was so mortified that I cried as soon as I sat back in the car.

I went to the pharmacy and asked one of the pharmacists there if she could suggest some laxatives to aid my digestion. It is no surprise to me really, I have had a full colon before and I have seemingly endless digestive issues. Thankfully, the laxatives did help and I started to feel a lot less pain, even if my trips to the toilet didn’t seem to change. By Friday I actually felt quite a lot better, and good enough to get up out of a constant sleeping state. Went for a walk with Tristan, then had dinner with him, Kevin and Matthew, and I had this fettuccine without the chicken. It was nice, but my appetite tends to change quite often, and it has been pretty small as of late.

Anyway, I am much better now, and nothing much has been happening. I applied for special consideration from university since I have been very ill. I have had to pick up where I left off with my group work. We are very near finished, and I just sincerely hope that I can get through it without getting too stressed again. I have a feeling that the stress also contributed to the pain.

It was a pretty nasty domino effect, that just because I wasn’t eating so well, my digestive system failed, and put pressure on the lower half of my body, and was so bad that it caused pelvic congestion syndrome and a hemorrhage in my ovary and made it impossible to walk without feeling so much pain. I am just glad I am recovering and that it was nothing serious, and something that can be solved. I was recommended to see a dietician, hopefully I will go to one soon. I am not sure if I want to see one regularly, but if I get started and know my body well, then it may help me. I just need some guidance and some steps in the right direction.

University finishes so soon.

I cannot wait.

Just have to trudge through the stuff.

I only got one hour of sleep last night because of that. In fact, it was more like this morning. I could ramble on about how I did not like the way the project turned out even though it was going very well in the beginning… but that will use up so much energy that I currently do not have. Falling asleep at about 6:00am at my desk was unpleasant, waking a short time later and crawling into bed and dropping all the stuff from my bed to the floor and putting my camera in a basket of clothes was the last thing I remembered before I completely crashed, only to wake up to my alarm less than an hour later to drag my poor soul to university to tie the loose ends on some web development stuff for our project.

I’ll be going to Sculpture by the Sea with James in the morning, as we did last year. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful artworks and post some photos.

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What are we going to do with you? You poor thing. You’ve been in the wars health wise of late :(
Here’s hoping this all improves sooner then later.
We all know an hours sleep isn’t good … For anyone xx

I just read this post and your previous post, and I’m glad that I read them one after the other. If I hadn’t, I would have been worried about you all week! It’s too bad that you have to keep a strict diet in order to avoid digestive issues, but life’s not fair.

And, while I don’t blame you for your cruddy mood (who can be in that much pain and not be in a bad mood?), it was great of your mom to take you to the doctor so many times! I actually have a friend who is working on hospital efficiency in Ohio so that you don’t have to get so many referrals and appointments and can get all the tests done in one day – reading your post made me think of her, and I hope that you won’t be in so much pain for so long again!

I am really glad that you are starting to feel better, that would have been absolutely horrible to go through. The creepy surgeon sounds eew. 😢

Oh, Georgie, thank fuck. ♥ After reading your other post I was so so so so worried I couldn’t write a coherent comment. /oh

I’m just thankful it’s nothing too serious. And, as you say, that it was treatable! Medicine may have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, but there is still so much to solve and discover.

Oh har de har yes Creeper Surgeon of course smiling creepily and asking you not be afraid is totally reassuring, not.

I’m so jealous that uni is nearly over for you… I’ve been back at school two months already and just want to 😴

Take care! xx

I’m glad you are much better. So glad that it’s nothing serious and that after a while you should be fine :D

Hopefully the rest of university will work out for you. Doesn’t sound like you’re enjoying it much.

I felt the last year of university was a bit of a drag. I may have mentioned it to you before but working life can sometimes be great…it’s regular which is actually really important. Time outside of the office is your time which you can use it to do whatever you want. Things will be great for you soon but do enjoy the freedom of university. I do miss university hours…8-9hrs of full time working everyday…yeah it can sometimes be very long.

I hope you recover fully soon. And eat regularly. Okay? ;)

Btw, new reader here. I hope you can visit and comment on my blog as well.