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Disco ball

I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday I went running for a bit (I ran to Tristan’s for fun, then we walked ten kilometres or thereabouts). Did the regular household chores then Tristan picked me up as we were seeing Hey Geronimo that night. It was really nice of Pete to put us on the door list!

Because trackwork was ridiculous then, it took us two hours to get […]

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I got to see Lilian today after not seeing her for a looooong time. When I introduce her to people or tell people about her (because she is amazing aaaaand my best friend), they always wonder why we don’t see each other more often. I always have to explain that both of us are busy as hell — me with my full-time work, concert photography and finishing up university, and Lil with her double degree, […]

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I had a really nice weekend. Along with this turning-over-a-new-leaf-self-discovery thing, I have felt really good.

I saw Violent Soho last week and had my photos posted on Tone Deaf. I was also invited to a Greta Mob gig on Thursday night, and my university friend Teresa was nice enough to accompany me. I never actually met her before, but I served as her mentor a couple of years ago when I was finishing […]

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I think I am being honest when I say I don’t have many friends. In actuality, the really close friends I could trust to hide a body (I am genuinely kidding about this) would be able to fit into a phone booth with me.

Quite some time ago Liv mentioned that she didn’t think I was into the social part of going to gigs. I mostly went alone, and I didn’t often socialise; […]

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A couple of days ago I went to the doctor to get my sinuses checked out. I had a runny nose last week, and my nose was leaking clear fluid all the time. It was ridiculous. I wouldn’t have tissues on me and I would be sniffing on the train because I had no control over my nose; the fluid would just literally drip out. I also generally have this problem in winter with nosebleeds. […]

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to review a product by The Snugg.

I got to choose from a selection, but I only have an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4, so my options were limited. They do have products for some of the Samsung Galaxy devices, though.

Snugg iPad case, flat

Since I had recently bought some iPhone cases and I wasn’t too fond of the […]

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