Indulgence of time

I had a really nice weekend. Along with this turning-over-a-new-leaf-self-discovery thing, I have felt really good.

I saw Violent Soho last week and had my photos posted on Tone Deaf. I was also invited to a Greta Mob gig on Thursday night, and my university friend Teresa was nice enough to accompany me. I never actually met her before, but I served as her mentor a couple of years ago when I was finishing up my bachelors degree. We bonded over hobbies of web design and music, and it was nice to finally meet. :) We had sushi for dinner and turned up early to the gig.

I don’t think the gig was that great; I was a little disappointed by the outcome. Teresa and I brought our cameras (we have the same model!) and took photos. I was expecting the lighting to be very bad because I have been to the venue before and it was always very dark inside. It was still very bad. They had also introduced a backdrop behind the stage, on which optical illusions and colourful swirly-whirly patterns were projected. It made photographing really hard — in terms of getting any subjects into the frame — everything was just a colourful patterned mess. We were amused because it was sort of fun, sort of a challenge, and our photos looked pretty bad but hilarious. I think it made for some interesting photos, to sum it up.

We left after Greta Mob and I was disappointed because they played some wicked experimental rock instrumentals, rather than the gritty blues rock I was expecting.

I was in a really strange contemplative mood on Friday morning.

I felt a bit overwhelmed with emotion. Ever since I came out of depression, I have been having these really strong emotions. When I was depressed, it was the same monotonous, dull sadness, that I would eventually numb myself to. Every single time, it was the same. I don’t quite remember when, but I am pretty sure that when I felt good enough to let the antidepressants go, I was feeling much happier. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed just how much good they had done me emotionally. I don’t feel that dull sadness, and certainly not for no reason – and being able to cry out of happiness was incredible.

Also, Hey Geronimo released a new song, which completely picked up my mood. /bounce

On Saturday, Tristan and I went running again. It was nice to get out again, although I didn’t realise there was trackwork and I had to catch a train into the city for a meeting at university. Luckily enough I was able to dial in on a Skype call and not miss any of the meeting. It was either that, or turn up embarrassingly late and miss half the meeting, haha.

Afterwards, Tristan sort of wanted to get away from his younger sister and we were both bored so we had a really late lunch at the local mall at this place called Thai in a Box. It was really nice! Though I probably need to order something different… I tend to get tom yum soup every time I get Thai. We walked around for a while. I had rarely been to the mall before it was renovated/refurbished a few years ago, so I thought it would be interesting to check out. It was better than the old mall, but nothing special.

I remember Jess telling me the first time she had pearl milk tea — she said the pearls tasted like “seal butts”, or something to that effect. Not everyone likes those things. Pearls are essentially chewy balls of tapioca (some kind of starch). Tristan said, “yeah I can kind of see what she means by seal butts”. I have to admit, the first time I had them, I thought they were weird as hell. Granted, I got pretty sick of them after a while, and nowadays I usually opt for jelly in my tea instead.

I was so tired on Saturday when I got home that I jumped into bed straight away. It was only 7:00pm and lunch left me pretty full. I was lying in bed for a few hours before I fell asleep. I ended up getting out of bed at 10am the next morning but it felt really liberating.

Yesterday (Sunday) I did a lot of housework. I felt really proud of it, actually. In the morning I did two loads of washing, I did a few days’ worth of dishes, cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom and the front door area, and folded the clothes I had washed. I felt really proud of it, and went and washed my hair in the afternoon. Tristan and I went for a walk down at the oval and I found about ten minutes to paint my nails a pretty light green colour. Hooray for fast-drying polish. :D

I usually hate housework and find it difficult to even get started. I was planning to clean my room but I didn’t get much further than folding a few clothes. Oh well, next time.

I slept really early last night too, at about 9:30pm. I woke up at 5:30am, without any help from an alarm, and that would explain why I am at work at 7:50am. Totally. XD

I have to say, recently I have been feeling amazing. I suddenly have… so much time. It may be because university work is really light at the moment, but I still managed to be on top of things last week. I suppose I’d better not question it, because I don’t want to question happiness. ♥️

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I hate it when gigs are disappointing. I went to one last year, where everyone just talked through it and the artist didn’t really interact with the audience. I always like gigs where you get to see the real person behind the music – it’s nice when they speak to the audience about their own life. Oh well, at least you got a fun photo-taking experience out of it.

My version of cleaning my room just involved me putting things into a reasonably neat pile last night. I still need to vaccuum and dust and find a place for everything you. Like you, I find it hard to get started on it. I’m okay once I get going though – until I get to the part where I’ve been tidying for hours, then I just leave the rest for another day. I dread to think what will happen when I have my own house.

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling happier. Enjoy the free time you have while you have it!

I hate doing housework myself, lol. But If I don’t do it, no one else will.

I’ve tried tapioca pudding a few months ago for the very first time and I have to say it was nasty. It basically tasted like vanilla pudding with those little balls in it. The pudding itself was good, but those little tapioca balls were nasty.

I checked out those pics you linked, and they look really good. :D Maybe you should have a career as professional photographer for concerts or something. :D

It’s a shame your gig was a no-go. I haven’t really been to that many, but I went to Download Festival in 2012 and Christ, Soundgarden were awful… I was this close to tearing my hair out in frustration. Or maybe just bursting my eardrums. It’s Reading this Friday and I really hope the bands I want to see blow me away. Then the time flies by.

I’m glad you’re (I just wrote “your”, oh dear) happier and feeling more accomplished. It’s lovely when you feel like you’re using your time wisely… I can’t say I am. 😰 I still have some work to do and books to read before school starts in September and I have no motivation whatsoever, eep.

I rarely get Thai food. There’s a nice Thai restaurant near where I live but I’ve never gone. When we go out we normally just go out to the pub (the one where I used to work). We used to go sometimes to the one in the next village but after they fired my sister by sending her her P45, or whatever you get when you’ve been fired, we stopped. /hmph

Take care! xx

I hear you on the housework lazinesss… project Clean My Apartment is sloooooow going, which is pathetic because I live in a studio. I am determined to finish this weekend though, because I will feel so much better once it’s 100% done.