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FRDGrdfglj. Recently (and I’m certainly not going to detail here) I had a health-related problem that had something to do with going to the toilet. I’m sort of okay from it now, but it was rather painful. I drank lots of water which really did help. Water is exceptionally good for you! :)

Right moving on… toilets. I honestly despise public toilets. They’re public, so I guess that gives them a credential of being disgusting and foul and “unhygienic”. Still, it’s disgusting, and I hate to think that the reason most public toilets are undeniably disgusting is because of the habits of the people who use them.

If I were to use the toilet at my friend’s house, I would leave it essentially the way I found it – clean. However, I think that when I walk into a public toilet, most of the time it is in a really terrible condition that I leave it that way. But there are some things that I find terribly annoying about public toilets.

Toilet paper. No one wants to wipe themselves with toilet paper that feels like crumpled printing paper on their butt, or like they really are rubbing their butt against a tree. I cannot stand the toilet paper that is in public toilets. It’s rough, let me put it bluntly.

Doors. Girls often want to hang their bags on a hook inside the cubicle. When there isn’t one, we clearly don’t trust the state of the floor, nor the top of the toilet next to the flush (where this applies). It is annoying when you’re carrying a nice handbag and you’re not going to want to put it on the floor, and holding it is quite a hassle.

What also bugs me about doors is when the locks don’t work. Imagine yourself feeling the need to go to the toilet, and the bother that is associated with having to exit the cubicle and find another one.

I’m pretty sure that the above two points only applies to girls, but guys, hear me out. I’m sure you have your own little annoyances with public toilets yourselves. So I’ve heard that it’s awkward when someone you know uses the urinal next to you? And perhaps some creepy people sort of watch you doing your business? I’d actually like to hear from a few males. :P

Broken toilets. Honestly. The other day I went into a cubicle only to realise that the hinges of the toilet seat were broken, so I had to get out and use a toilet that didn’t have a broken seat.

What is worse than exiting a cubicle without flushing, knowing that people may have seen you go out without hearing the sound of the flush? And the aftermath – someone going into that cubicle as you rush hurriedly out of the toilet block so you don’t see their disgusted face…! Okay. Honestly, I think the standards of public toilets are nasty, and that’s just a few things I’m complaining about. I’m sure you have more in your creative minds, especially girls, who I am sure can relate to some of the things I’ve mentioned. O_O

Today our class went for “ice cream” to the harbour. I was not pleased because I was carrying around my heavy laptop and I honestly planned to complete my assignment today so that I could hand it in. Our tutor suggested we go for ice cream since it’s a hot day – but to me the purpose of cooling down was completely defeated by the fact that we had to walk in the heat for half an hour. It’s ugly, I tell you.

Rachel was the one who responded when the teacher made that suggestion, and since no one shared their opinion when my tutor said “so does everyone want to go for a walk and get ice cream?”… we went anyway. /hmph

Ezio came late, and Ryan had talked to him on the phone to let him know where the class went. Let me just say I was totally not in the mood for ice cream, so I got none.

What made me laugh was what Ezio said, “When I was walking here [the harbour], I was like… fffuu–aaar out, whose stupid idea was this?”

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Aww, ♥ Yes, if you don’t drink enough water you may get infections. I drink ten-twelve litters per day.

Public toilets, eww. I do use them though, when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. /ehe
I hate it when people don’t flush and then you’re left with the sight of something nasty looking. 🤮

Haha, I don’t see the point of having ice cream ‘because it’s hot,’ when you have to walk to get it, in the heat.

10-12 litres of water a day? woah! how is that possible?

Oh my god, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a public toilet that uses non-scarring toilet paper. D: Especially beachside ones; avoid at all costs. What I do is take a bunch of napkins from the last restaurant I eat from, in case the next toilet I visit intends on filing your buttocks down with every wipe.

Yeah, once this guy insisted on standing right next to me at the urinal
and that other time, that ugly old guy who kept staring at my wang until I peed on his shoes. I really didn’t want to, but yeah. D: But to be honest I felt like I was avenging justice. /frog

Wow, you guys should just have gotten EasyWay or Chatime or something. It was super steamy today! /sweat

Ezio rocks


Except the ABC centre! They have nice toilet paper. I forgot that last time my parents went to the tissue factory, I asked them to buy me pocket tissues. Now I carry a packet around, just in case, for anything! Sometimes I need to blow my nose and I’ve got nothing – that gets on my nerves. :P

Wahhh I didn’t want to spend money and I had my water – it was much too early in the morning for ice cream (or alcohol for that matter; these guys in our class had to bring booze…). :3

I think you had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or something? Well atleast you’re fine now. And you are truly correct re: drinking lots of water everyday. I always have a glassful of water anywhere.

Amen to your pet peeves about public toilets. Feminine wipes and ordinary (or wet) tissue is a must-have in every girl’s beauty kit. I totally loathe the toilets without flush in them. I mean hello? Some people may poop in it and knowing the toilet doesn’t have flush? Now that’s gross.

I wouldn’t even dare to walk in the heat (unless I have an umbrella with me) and get myself pissed over an ice cream (though I admit ice creams are love!). :D

Ugh. I despise using public toilets. I only do it unless I reallyyyyy have to go. I know you’re not supposed to hold your pee, but I do so I don’t have to pee in public sometimes. It just disgusts me beyond belief. You would think girls would be clean and wouldn’t leave behind messes in public bathrooms, but that isn’t true at all.

Yea, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t have wanted to go get ice cream either. ]= Sorry you had to walk for so long in the heat, for some stupid reason.

I despise public toilets. Every time I go in one I have to fully clean the seat before sitting down, or else I’d feel like sitting in pee and that’s just disgusting. I espeically hate the toilets on campus, they are dark, cramped, dirty, old, and most of the hooks are broken. It was a nightmare, especially when you gotta go. :/

I hate public toilets too. ugh, especially the ones in China. No offense to those living in China. I am a pure Chinese as well but I am just stating a fact that the public toilets in China are horrible.

There are no toilet papers. Some doors don’t have locks,

Don’t get me STARTED on public toilets. Nasty. Buuut, there’s nothing worse then a BEACH public bathroom. Those are completely disgusting. 😒

XD I agree with all the conditions above that apply to public toilets. They are like that at my school and I try to prevent using them as much as possible but since I have a fast metabolism, I end up using the school bathroom once or twice depending on how much water I drink. My school facilities NEVER have toilet paper but when there is toilet paper, they’ve already dropped on the floor and have dried from touching some flooded water from a broken toilet 🤮 Also, some girls neglect to throw away their feminine products and just leave it somewhere in the stall (on the floor, near the pipe of the toilet, etc.)… 😢

Flushing? All the toilets on the 8th floor CAN’T stop flushing… /sweat

Oh I drink a lot, so I go to the toilet a lot! I hate the condition of some toilets though, and I often look into a number of cubicles to find a good toilet. D: It’s also disgusting when girls don’t properly dispose of their products… don’t get me started on that! 🤬

I hate public restrooms, period. They aren’t always taken care of, especially places that are popular and have a lot of people that may use them. It’s like you have to go to a fancy restaurant JUST to use a nice toilet/restroom.

Sorry it was so hot :(

Thanks. :) We’re trying to find homes for Rascal and Lucy now. :)

I think that “complaining” is a part of being sick. It’s something you can’t help? I don’t know. o.o

I started writing it. I think I’m going to make it a list, though. I do better with lists. (Y)

I get a lot of stomach aches that get better after drinking some water. :) Glad you’re feeling better.

Ahg, I hate public toilets. Some places attempt to take care of the bathrooms and keep them clean, but most of them are disgusting. O_O I agree, the toilet paper is terrible. Around here, it’s usually just extremely thin and doesn’t work at all. The door issue annoys me as well, though I usually have the problem of the door’s lock getting stuck and I spend almost ten minutes trying to get out. :P

A lot of bathrooms around here are now totally automated- the sinks turn on automatically, the soap and paper towels dispense automatically, and the toilets flush on their own. The automated flushing as actually kind of scary; it makes me jump almost every time. XD Better than an unflushed toilet, though.

Ugh, that sound terrible. :( Walking so far in the heat for ice cream. My friend made me walk over a mile when it was sweltering hot outside just for ice cream a few months ago. I will never forget that.

I’ve been to a public toilet with nice toilet paper. I’ve gotten into the habit of before getting ready to sit down, making sure that there’s toilet paper and that the place isn’t disgusting after embarrassing myself several times in public. The good thing is that you’re never going to see any of those people again, and if you do, they probably won’t recognize you at all. This whole concept of the toilet is something I don’t want to think about, just another one of those necessary evils.

Oh, I have too – but it’s just so, so rare. All the time, I expect public toilets to have terrible toilet paper. Public toilets have bothered me to no end, I felt like voicing my thoughts, even though the topic is a bit off-putting. /um

Public toilets are on my long list of things I hate. If people are paid to clean them, why are they never clean?

The way you described public toilets sounds like the toilets in my school. We have 10 blocks, and in 5 of the blocks we have toilets, and in only 2 blocks, the toilets are actually clean. It’s so annoying because I hate using toilets in public, but I suppose when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

I remember once I stood trying to flush a toilet in a shopping mall for about 15 minutes. There was a big queue but I didn’t want to leave the toilet…unflushed?

That sucks that you had to walk around in the heat, especially when you didn’t have any ice cream in the end. ¬_¬ It does sound a bit of a stupid idea to make you all walk in the heat though!

Sorry to hear about your problem :( hope your back to being healthy now. My cousin got a kidney infection from a public toilet – i always carry tonnes of tissue packets with me so i cover the seat and the water – so i don’t make any contact ewwwwwww 🤮 unf i got a super fast metabolism so whenever i’m out i always need to use toilets – it’s only very rarely don’t use them :(

Mmm icecream =) – i think it always tastes heavenly when it’s hot out there =D

– shudders – ew public toilets are the worst!!! Luckily once in a while you find a good one within a good building, I always note those and try to *only* go to those


HAYYYYY :) dropping by also!
gah i hate public toilets too… actually, i hate all toilets except the one at home. i dont feel comfortable in other bathrooms. the only one i feel comfortable with is the one thats right next to my room, not even the one in my basement haha. i wonder how its gunna be like when i have to move out…

I think I had the same problem about a week ago.. Haha! I’m fine now though – and I’m glad you are too.

I do too! My school toilets, for example, are absolutely disgusting. I honestly don’t understand how people actually go to the toilet. The locks on the cubical doors don’t work, the taps don’t turn off, and the urinals are full of chewing gum, blocking the drain, so the urinals are more like a toilet, because there’s always some sort of fluid in them..

You should be glad that it’s hot over where you live! Haha, there’s been torrential rain, and wind that’s been knocking bins onto cars! I was out walking my dog about an hour ago, and I nearly got blown over! I had to carrie my dog, CoCo, because she was literally flying. Luckily, my dog’s a pomeranian, so she’s really easy to carrie. She’s tiny!

Water is one of the best thing ever given by God. Hahaha. Until now I’m wondering how it is made… (well of course we all know it is composed of 2 hydrogen molecule/atom and 1 oxygen) lol but yeah.. it amazes me. /hehe Glad you’re okay now… :P
about the public toilets…. man i also hate it and i agree on everything you have mentioned above. but most of the time if i have no choice, then i just have to cover my nose and try not to vommit;. it’s really disgusting! /hmph
… you have the coolest class! your tutor suggested that you guys go for an ice cream since it’s hot? wow! lol. i wish my professors would do the same thing. hahaha 🤤

—off topic—
you’re mentioned in my blog. you have an award!!! /kiss

WOW! I actually always hate going to public toilets, ;) I am always trying to make sure i can wait until I get to some form of healthy looking wash room. But yes sometimes you are out all day and cant help but use those dirty smelly public toilets that still reside and many places. Not because the place you are at is dirty, just because like you said, noone cares about them, and the cleaners that are there are not the most qualified cleaners around.

I need to work on drinking more water myself.
The only apprehension I have about public bathrooms is the current presence germs. I’ve never been to a bathroom with ‘paper towel’ for toilet paper.
I really don’t like it when the doors don’t lock on the stalls. That isn’t a courtesy it is a necessary!
I would never put my purse on the floor of a bathroom. Like you said it is not trustworthy.
I’ve always felt bad for the people who found out the toilet wasn’t working. I walk in, and see the out of order sign and wonder how it happened.

I don’t think I would want to walk an half hour in the sun to go get Ice Cream either. Ezio had the right attitude. :D

Haha, the funny thing is that I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 people dispise public toilets, it’s discusting.
I mean, yay. Lets go sit on someone elses bare ass, sure who knows what kind of ass-ne or std’s they have, lets just spread them through a public toilet. The worst place for the whole toilet paper issue is tim hortons, its like a piece of tissue paper and their cut into sepeeare little square ind of like napkins lol,
yeah the wordpress app for my phone is weird, it will let me see new comments but not accept them. Its slightly messed up haha,
Gooodluck with your Toilet Troubles.

I think you get the award for most original post idea. I do not know anyone who posted stuff about a toilet before lol I have to agree with you. A lot of them are dirty and disgusting. Well public toliets. I always go for the cleaner ones.. or if its the only one available i’ll either wait or i’ll put a LOT of paper on it. That health related problem must have sucked. Anyway i hate when the doors do not have hooks cause I like to hang my bags up and I HATE LOCKS THAT DON”T WORK… since we are girls, we obviously take longer so yea haha i have a fear or people looking. and that is what I hate about porter potty.

I think my friends are afraid to leave comments haha. They usually tell me they read my blog. or if something was bothering me and I am ranting about something. Then I tell them to read it haha. I don’t like twitter it is always broken for me :( Tumblr is so popular for teenagers here. haa I love the pictures that are there. I don’t think owning a site is geeky haha. I feel you guys are “realer” haha make sense?

Mhm if you were not comfortable meeting her, i wouldn’t have met her. People worry me. I had this one friends who i was suspicous of. I met him on myspace.. not a great start lol. But he only had like 3 pictures.. no friends besides other sites. So i was like uh okay. and no comments. I had his facebook and he had like no friends.. and he use to say he got kicked off lacrosse and basketball team because of fighting. He was really nice and sarcastic and I use to have his number. We use to talk… well text.. i never heard his voice. I actually liked him.. pathetic? yes… i know. well i was like 13 haha and he was like 14.. or i think he was. He doesn’t really know me anymore, so that is good. Because then i became friends with like Evan and Ben and forgot about him. haha Anyway your experience seems scary. I mean mhm not her real name.. fishy… have you ever talked to her on the phone or webcam? I have to do that before meeting someone. TO make sure they are kinda real haha…

I can’t believe her parents did that to you. I talk about my online friends spratically with my mom, so he knew about him. She just said be careful. She has came in multiple times when i was webcamming haha. So trust me. Maybe they were just overly protective parents? haha sorry i am not helpful. I don’t really know your whole story (even after reading your blog), like your friendship. My mom had ot meet evan first and then she let us go. we hung out for an 1 hour and 45 minutes. One of the most memorable moments of 2010. I am glad he was the first one i met. i really trusted him and he trusted me. And now he is not an online friend. hes my friend from mass. haha so people can’t judge. i have facebook picture proof! lol

I am glad i read your comment when i came back. haha i think it would have scared me about meeting Evan. haha but it was all good! I want to meet more. and most of my online friends are my age. or a year younger. the ones im closer to was in 2008, and 13 is the average so i was 13 then haha. but i am making more friends (as you may have known i blogged about how much i lost my friends multiple times). I hope you have a better experience soon! I know you are really good friends with Tiffany. maybe you guys could meet. And you are probably closer in age! haha I feel weird telling you guys to meet, but mhm i really hope you have a good experience.

I have pretty much the same issues with public toilets as you do. You know what else really sucks though that falls under the broken toilet category? When you use the bathroom and then you realize that it won’t flush… I’ve had that happen to me before and actually had to walk out without flushing due to me not being able to get it to flush even when I’d pull the handle. really awkward.

I also hate the rough toilet paper, it’s like they buy the cheapest stuff available and couldn’t care less about the customers or whatever in their store *shrugs* I hate it, I only use public bathrooms if I REALLY have to go and can’t hold it.

With all of that said, I also have a hard time using the bathroom if people are in the room with me, so I usually try to wait until everyone is gone, haha! I don’t know, I think I have a shy bladder or whatever.


I hope your problem is better now. Don’t forget: EAT MORE FIBRE! It’s good for digestion anyways :P. Water is definitely good for you :D. Except when you drink lots of water, you have to pee more, and then you have to use public toilets more, and it’s like *sigh*. CAN NEVER WIN!

Public toilets. I hate them too! /wah I even hate the ones at uni, cos they’re SO GROSS sometimes. It’s like a perpetual cycle of dirtiness. It looks dirty, people keep it dirty, people continue to dirty it because it’s already dirty so what’s the point trying to be clean, people refuse to clean it….cycle continues. YUCK!

The toilet paper is always so frail looking in public toilets as well. And so dirty-looking. And it always gets all over the floors D:. They need to invest in that soft kind of toilet paper. Kleenex? HAHAHA I forgot the name D:.

AAAAAAH! I hate that problem today, with the toilet doors. I was holding two textbooks and a laptop and I had a big bag, and THERE WAS NO HOOK ON THE BACK OF THE DOOR. Stupid uni toilets!!!

But hey, we’ve been to Asian countries. OH MY GOD. THE HORROR OF SQUAT-DOWN TOILETS T_T. I’ll miss my nice, clean home toilet when I’m in Malaysia /wah!

God, walking half an hour in the heat for ice-cream to cool you down is…silly. Your tutor took the WHOLE CLASS THERE? I agree with Ezio. If I were there, I’d be complaining the whole way. Thank GOD Mq Centre is near uni. HAHAHAHA, I can’t handle walking half an hour for ice-cream D: .

Haha I feel much better now. :) I think the water and apples helped. That’s the thing I don’t like about drinking so much water though. I used to drink heaps in high school but now not so much anymore; we don’t change classes as often and I don’t want to go to the toilet so many times during a tutorial. :P

It’s a bit sad! I wish public toilets weren’t in such a condition. I’m sure the good toilet paper is Kleenex! :)

People make such a mess in public toilets; I feel sorry for the cleaners who have to clean everything up.

OH NO. Do not get me started on squat toilets. That will encompass three separate blog posts! D: I can’t believe I forgot to talk about those. Then again, they aren’t too common in Western countries, and I think most people reading my blog would know the kinds of toilets I’m talking about. Squat toilets… nightmare. Once I walked into a shopping centre in Singapore and there was a line in the toilet block; I went to the free one that no one was going to and found out why people weren’t going there – it was a squat toilet and there were a few of those, and a few normal ones. D:

I wouldn’t say the harbour is all that far, but the heat just totally got to me!

All those points are very true! I can totally agree with you on all those points, especially the hang bag one. The worse type of public toilets are just a box in the middle of some street.

I never go to public toilets because they are just horrible. I usually find some fast food place or a pub/bar that I can just walk in and those their toilet without having to buy anything from them. Those toilets aren’t that great either but it’s better than those random toilets outside. At least ones in restaurants are looked after by the workers there.

I use to be a big anime fan. I really do like watching anime but haven’t go round to watching any for some time. I have too many other tv shows to watch. Ebay is pretty good if you get use to it. After a while you’ll learn to look out for untrustworthy sellers buy carefully reading their feedbacks. Usually power sellers (the ones with the blue stars) are all pretty good because they sell a lot of Ebay so would be very truthworthy.

I don’t touch anything with my hands in public bathrooms. I just kick open doors and bring alcogel to wash my hands with. A lot of them are just really gross.

I hate toilets that don’t flush. It’s like I pee, I flush, I realize it doesn’t work and exit as quickly as I can so no one’ll think that I just didn’t flush it.

There are so many times that all the cubicles in the bathrooms are so gross that I just end up going to another bathroom. Such a hassle.

hey hun thx a million for the advice i need all the advice i can get to get over my ex, the good thing is that i dont talk to him hes just constantly on my mind like the memories and i dont want to remember those memories because it makes me sad.

i hate public toilets as well, especially the wheelchair toilet at some places.
here are my reasons:
the lock on the door is sometimes to small for me to grip with my hands then i go with the door unlocked, people then come in without knocking.
the sink is normally blocked with rubbish :(
the cleaners put their cleaning equipment in the bathroom then theres no room for me and my wheechair.
the toilets filthy and sometimes doesnt flush.
people who aren’t in a wheelchair use the toilet and forget to flush or foreget their babys diaper in the bathroom and it smells so bad.

i wouldve spent the time finishing my assignment rather than going out for an ice cream.

I think the disgustingness of public toilets unites most of humanity. Also I kind of don’t see the point of ice cream to cool one down when you have to walk into the hot weather… /hmph

(con’t. from your comment) I know, it’s good to hear from you again. And I know July was so long ago (birthdays are long gone haha, I really have to do a nice big update), I miss the summer weather, now we’re going into winter soon – so I guess that means summer for you soon? -Also what show are you going to soon?

I thought this was a pretty funny post, I mean no humor in your pain but no one I know writes like this! (Also glad to know you’ve recovered!) Public bathrooms creep me out big time. I try to avoid at all costs, but sometimes there’s no avoiding them. On my campus, in the older buildings, the bathrooms are always the worst. And -not sure this is true- I feel that if budgets get cut on campus, regular bathroom cleaning always gets cut first!

Also, nice change to the topic of ‘ice cream’ haha.

Yeah, most public toilets are horrible. I totally understand where you are coming from with this.

I mean, ewwwwww. I’m not totally disgusted by them & I don’t mind putting my purse on the floor but still, broken or disgusting looking ones, are just. UGH!
<3 Love you Georgie! (:
Yeah, at least you can see him a bit.

Yeah, & when you REALLY REALLY want to take a class but it clashes with a required class you have to take and you have to drop it for that reason. ERGH! I hate that.

Awh. I'm glad that you decided to quit then. I guess for my "review" that I was gonna apply for I'll look through your old reviews, because you'd probably say the same thing. All I really need in this review is just someone to take a look at how my website is set up and the layout and critique those. I'll find someone to help me though. I've got like 15 hostees or more, they will help me. :)

Oh, we will. I remember when you reviewed my website "foreverangel.info" hahahahaa. That was when I first met you, when my graphic skills SUCKED.

Okay. :) Yeah, it's easier that way.

Totally. I'm sure he will come clean eventually. Or maybe never if there is nothing to come clean about. XD

Totally. :) Do you ever get any urges like those with James though? I don't know how you can't…Well, I guess if you both were on the same page you couldn't but other than that…idk.
You don't have to answer that question, if it is too personal. :)

Eww public toilets! =.= Too bad that using them in unavoidable sometimes… It’s disgusting, and it’s humiliating that I have to clean the toilet myself before using it, when all I should clean is what is needed after *I* am done with it. People just won’t care about others; if everyone cleaned out their ‘remaining’, public toilets would be always clean.

I hope you’re feeling better now, with your problem. :) I had some of that kind when I was a child, because I used to drink little amounts of water a day. I never did that again.

Uhm… it’s too cold here for ice-cream. >.&l; November is a winter month here in Europe. I miss ice-cream though, that’s probably the only summer treat I look forward too on May/June 2011. ^^

~ Luana S.

Gaaaah! No flushing: don’t remind me O_O

I do like the toilets in our mall. They’re always squeaky clean… then again, as far as I can see, they seem to have some cleaning staff there 24/7 👏

It’s OK. Yeah, I don’t even remember meeting him, although it really was awful watching everyone break down into tears. I hate it when my Mum cries, so I really struggled to hold back the tears. I did, though!

That’s awful! If you don’t mind me asking, how did she die? She was so young! I’m glad you coped/are coping.

Yeah, I am! Haha. It’s not a nice feeling. Sometimes, I seriously don’t have the energy to go – I go to gym 5 times a week you see, so by the end of the week, I feel pretty much dead. So going to school’s a battle for me on a Friday, haha.

I was pleasantly surprised! Haha. Something I really want to do in my lifetime, is learn how to play an instrument. I’m on the waiting list at my school to get piano lessons, but my school’s big, so it’s going to take a while.

I’d love to be known for something, just a little thing that I could to surprisingly well, or something that I was extremely good at. Haha.

Yeah, I hate feeling awkward! My Mum knew practically everyone, so she was OK, speaking to everyone. While me on the other hand – I sat on a chair and waited for someone to come and talk to me, haha.

It was a massive disruption, because we were stuck on that motorway for hours, all because a stupid, reckless man.

I wish all videos were in HD, or at least had the option to be. It’s really irritating when videos are in a really bad quality! So much so, that it’s almost impossible to see.

Wow, I’m so jealous. Haha. I want the Christmas holidays to hurry up! I’m done with school, haha.

Haha! :P Yeah, I’m sure they are. It’s just no one likes to talk about them publicly, especially on a blog, which can be seen by thousands of people! Haha, you’ve got guts!

I’m pretty sure most high school toilets are horrible. There’s writing all over the walls, in the cubicles, and that disgusting, grungy smell of smoke.

They’re so cute! Haha, I love being able to pick her up.

In someways I do, although I’m actually quite a fan of rain, and wind, haha. Yeah, I’m weird like that. :P

My boyfriend says the same thing. He’s always telling me how that he knows he can rely on me sometimes because he knows how strong I am & how much stronger I am than he is (which I totally disagree with because I go to him crying constantly) but what doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger.

I’m not really a germaphobe (great spelling, right?) when it comes to public toilets but sometimes it’s straight up disgusting. Most of the time it’s because of custodial workers in the building not fixing things when they’re broken, but then there are those nasty people who don’t bother to flush & don’t bother to clean up after themselves. I’m sure they don’t enjoy going into a nasty bathroom stall.

I agree whole-heartedly about the toilet paper in public restrooms. I’ve had to scout out the few good restrooms in my uni with the type of toilet paper that doesn’t, well you all know what it’s like, I’ll let your imagination remind you what it’s like =)

and I’ve found the BEST place! The toilets at the university gym have 2-PLY TOILET PAPER, 2-PLY! That’s like double the norm! IT IS double the norm!

Okay so maybe it’s nothing too big, but I was pretty happy with the find lol. Anyone else feel the same..?

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Oh my god! Okay. I don’t have as much of an issue with public toilets in America ever since I’ve had to use the hole-in-the-ground that is Chinese public restrooms, but I do agree that they are disgusting. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a clogged toilet, even if it’s just clogged with toilet seat covers and toilet paper (for some reason) and a wet floor. A wet floor is disgusting, and if you step in it, you track it out with you. That’s just gross. Why is it so far to get ice cream? Every school in Reno has a gas station very close by. If your teacher was going to do that, he definitely should have just dismissed class so that those who wanted to go could and those who didn’t wouldn’t have to.

I forgot to mention this when I commented on your blog… but those hole toilets! I hate them! My parents, having come from Indonesia, take my brother and me to Indonesia every four years or so, and I dread those toilets more than anything. D: They are also rather disgusting and smell so bad; I once went to one that wasn’t used very much and the dryness made it smell TERRIBLE.

Glad you’re feeling better now. :) I can completely relate to your dislike of public toilets though – I absolutely detest the blasted things; they just make me feel ill, and to be honest, rather anxious. I’m still constantly repulsed too by the poor hygiene of so many people using public toilets – you shudder to think of what they’d be like at home, where the facilities are presumably considered cleaner and less “risky”. *cringe*

You have my sympathy about the walk to get the ice-cream though. There are very few things I’d consider to be worth moving around in the Australian summer heat like that for! :P

I hate public restrooms. One, for all the reasons you listed and two, the damn garbage can in the toilets. In almost every foreign public toilets they have this big sign telling you to not flush your toilet papers but throw them in the can instead. It’s so disgusting, used toiletpaper in a garbage can ewwww @_____@

They say it’s to avoid clogging the pipes, but the ones responsible for the toilets should at least use water/clorine-soluble papers then @_@

Even though I love my home country Thailand, I HATE the floor-toilets with a passion. I can’t use those things! They don’t even have ‘normal’ flushing T_T

In Australia our pipe system is really good so there’s no risk of it all getting clogged. But I do think it’s disgusting when you have to put your papers in a bin. I’ve seen floor toilets in Indonesia and I just honestly found it disgusting, not only was it a floor toilet, but we also had to put toilet paper in the bin! It’s just not what I’m used to back home. T_T

I know exactly what you are talking about … I had the same “health problem” too a while ago. Sooo irritating when you have to go to school/work/university O_O

Public toilets are disgusting … when you actually find some that aren’t, you don’t trust it at all o_o” It’s like most people think that just because it is a public toilet, they don’t have to bother thinking about hygiene and leaving things clean …

I completely agree with your doors – bags statement … so freakin’ annoying when you’re alone -w- /hmph

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I’m happy you have a photoblog!! Otherwise I would’ve never heard of it XD
Cutting down time online is hard .. it shouldn’t be, but it is :P If you try it, good luck (H)