Waste a moment…

FRDGrdfglj. Recently (and I’m certainly not going to detail here) I had a health-related problem that had something to do with going to the toilet. I’m sort of okay from it now, but it was rather painful. I drank lots of water which really did help. Water is exceptionally good for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Right moving on… toilets. I honestly despise public toilets. They’re public, so I guess that gives them a credential of being disgusting and foul and “unhygienic”. Still, it’s disgusting, and I hate to think that the reason most public toilets are undeniably disgusting is because of the habits of the people who use them.

If I were to use the toilet at my friend’s house, I would leave it essentially the way I found it – clean. However, I think that when I walk into a public toilet, most of the time it is in a really terrible condition that I leave it that way. But there are some things that I find terribly annoying about public toilets.

Toilet paper. No one wants to wipe themselves with toilet paper that feels like crumpled printing paper on their butt, or like they really are rubbing their butt against a tree. I cannot stand the toilet paper that is in public toilets. It’s rough, let me put it bluntly.

Doors. Girls often want to hang their bags on a hook inside the cubicle. When there isn’t one, we clearly don’t trust the state of the floor, nor the top of the toilet next to the flush (where this applies). It is annoying when you’re carrying a nice handbag and you’re not going to want to put it on the floor, and holding it is quite a hassle.

What also bugs me about doors is when the locks don’t work. Imagine yourself feeling the need to go to the toilet, and the bother that is associated with having to exit the cubicle and find another one.

I’m pretty sure that the above two points only applies to girls, but guys, hear me out. I’m sure you have your own little annoyances with public toilets yourselves. So I’ve heard that it’s awkward when someone you know uses the urinal next to you? And perhaps some creepy people sort of watch you doing your business? I’d actually like to hear from a few males. ๐Ÿ˜›

Broken toilets. Honestly. The other day I went into a cubicle only to realise that the hinges of the toilet seat were broken, so I had to get out and use a toilet that didn’t have a broken seat.

What is worse than exiting a cubicle without flushing, knowing that people may have seen you go out without hearing the sound of the flush? And the aftermath – someone going into that cubicle as you rush hurriedly out of the toilet block so you don’t see their disgusted face…! Okay. Honestly, I think the standards of public toilets are nasty, and that’s just a few things I’m complaining about. I’m sure you have more in your creative minds, especially girls, who I am sure can relate to some of the things I’ve mentioned. O_O

Today our class went for “ice cream” to the harbour. I was not pleased because I was carrying around my heavy laptop and I honestly planned to complete my assignment today so that I could hand it in. Our tutor suggested we go for ice cream since it’s a hot day – but to me the purpose of cooling down was completely defeated by the fact that we had to walk in the heat for half an hour. It’s ugly, I tell you.

Rachel was the one who responded when the teacher made that suggestion, and since no one shared their opinion when my tutor said “so does everyone want to go for a walk and get ice cream?”… we went anyway. ๐Ÿ˜

Ezio came late, and Ryan had talked to him on the phone to let him know where the class went. Let me just say I was totally not in the mood for ice cream, so I got none.

What made me laugh was what Ezio said, “When I was walking here [the harbour], I was like… fffuu–aaar out, whose stupid idea was this?”

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