The funniest shit happened today. I was washing the dishes. I usually hate doing the chore, but in actuality I don’t mind standing there scrubbing and washing plates down. It feels quite relaxing and I usually empty my thoughts while I’m at it. I was washing a blender, thinking about how sincere it was for my ex-boyfriend Danny to apologise for what happened in the past. πŸ™‚ Then all of a sudden, breaking my thoughts, I hear the yells of my brother.

“DAD! What the hell is this?”

I could hear him screaming from the bathroom. I was shouting, “What is it?” and being ignored, while I had these flimsy rubber gloves on my hands. I heard my dad groan and mutter something about it being my job to clean up. I swear, my brother was shouting as if there was a dead body in our bathroom.

After I finished washing the processor I walked into the bathroom and all over the tiled floor, there was dirt. Yes. Huge brown clumps of dirt. All over the bathroom floor. O_O I was so shocked and confused. Some of it had landed in the bathtub. Landed from wherever it had come from, I guess.

It then occurred to us that the dirt and dust had come from the ceiling. A few minutes prior to my brother entering the bathroom, we had a huge downpour of rain. It poured so hard, my dad walked out for a few seconds to check the plants and he got soaked. The rain was so loud and you could barely see anything as it poured. It was like buckets falling from the sky; we might as well have been in aquarium. Our skylight and roof over the bathroom had been hit SO hard, all the dust and dirt was shaken off the ceiling. It was absolutely hilarious. πŸ˜†

The rain only lasted ten minutes at most. After that, it was super-sunny again, and I opened the windows for the cool breeze, only to have the absolute heat of the sun come upon us! Crazy.

Our washing was in the shade and barely got any protection from the rain but all the clothes were miraculously dry.

Today I gave my laptop a good clean; vacuumed his vents and wiped down the screen and vacuumed the keys. He does keep overheating pretty badly though, but what I’ve noticed is that I’ve been spending a little less time on the computer. πŸ˜„

It’s the holidays for me! I have an assignment left but I hope to complete that soon. Yesterday I handed in an assignment in the morning, and I arrived early just to drop it off. However, I couldn’t find my tutor’s pigeon hole and I was really close to exploding. πŸ’£ I dislike that tutor because she’s so stuck up and very unfair. One of my friends has a child and she was struggling with an assignment, to which the tutor replied, “too bad”.

I thought that was rude and nasty; I really hope I don’t get her as a tutor next semester. 😐

Also, I noticed I’ve been neglecting the website a fair bit. So starting Monday, every day for two weeks I’m going to add a page or edit a part of the site. I’ll see how I go!

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