The funniest shit happened today. I was washing the dishes. I usually hate doing the chore, but in actuality I don’t mind standing there scrubbing and washing plates down. It feels quite relaxing and I usually empty my thoughts while I’m at it. I was washing a blender, thinking about how sincere it was for my ex-boyfriend Danny to apologise for what happened in the past. :) Then all of a sudden, breaking my thoughts, I hear the yells of my brother.

“DAD! What the hell is this?”

I could hear him screaming from the bathroom. I was shouting, “What is it?” and being ignored, while I had these flimsy rubber gloves on my hands. I heard my dad groan and mutter something about it being my job to clean up. I swear, my brother was shouting as if there was a dead body in our bathroom.

After I finished washing the processor I walked into the bathroom and all over the tiled floor, there was dirt. Yes. Huge brown clumps of dirt. All over the bathroom floor. O_O I was so shocked and confused. Some of it had landed in the bathtub. Landed from wherever it had come from, I guess.

It then occurred to us that the dirt and dust had come from the ceiling. A few minutes prior to my brother entering the bathroom, we had a huge downpour of rain. It poured so hard, my dad walked out for a few seconds to check the plants and he got soaked. The rain was so loud and you could barely see anything as it poured. It was like buckets falling from the sky; we might as well have been in aquarium. Our skylight and roof over the bathroom had been hit SO hard, all the dust and dirt was shaken off the ceiling. It was absolutely hilarious. XD

The rain only lasted ten minutes at most. After that, it was super-sunny again, and I opened the windows for the cool breeze, only to have the absolute heat of the sun come upon us! Crazy.

Our washing was in the shade and barely got any protection from the rain but all the clothes were miraculously dry.

Today I gave my laptop a good clean; vacuumed his vents and wiped down the screen and vacuumed the keys. He does keep overheating pretty badly though, but what I’ve noticed is that I’ve been spending a little less time on the computer. :D

It’s the holidays for me! I have an assignment left but I hope to complete that soon. Yesterday I handed in an assignment in the morning, and I arrived early just to drop it off. However, I couldn’t find my tutor’s pigeon hole and I was really close to exploding. 💥 I dislike that tutor because she’s so stuck up and very unfair. One of my friends has a child and she was struggling with an assignment, to which the tutor replied, “too bad”.

I thought that was rude and nasty; I really hope I don’t get her as a tutor next semester. /hmph

Also, I noticed I’ve been neglecting the website a fair bit. So starting Monday, every day for two weeks I’m going to add a page or edit a part of the site. I’ll see how I go!

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Funny weather. Over at my place, it was sunny for most of the day. It got cloudy for a bit, but then it went back to being hot and sunny. Even now it feels hot… Damn weather. -_-

Although it was raining very heavily on Thursday. I waited at the bus stop for a bit, but it didn’t seem to stop anytime soon, so I just went home. My shoes and socks got completely soaked though. At least I didn’t get sick. /um

I think it’s fun to watch rain heavily, especially when you’re inside the house. When I was younger and had just arrived to Australia, I would even go out (with a raincoat) because it never rained so heavily back in Peru. A family friend would call me ‘insane’ for liking the rain haha. A friend of mine loves the rain – because she finds it relaxing to sleep while it rains.

Good heavens, that’s a serious downpour to cause clumps of dirt to fall through the ceiling! Yikes. Glad to hear it didn’t cause any serious damage though!

Actually, I sort-of understand what you mean about dishes being relaxing – when I was a teenager I quite liked that being my chore, because I’d put on music and sing along to it while I washed them. :P It was certainly better than vacuuming anyway – you can’t listen to music over the sound of that! Lol.

That tutor sounds really awful though – there’s no need to be so rude, really. I’ve noticed there really tend to be two basic varieties of university tutors (and lecturers, for that matter too): the enthusiastic ones who actually like their jobs, and the bitter, disgruntled ones who just flaunt their authority and make the students miserable. I really don’t recall meeting many that fall in that midway, though I suppose they do exist!

LOL they didn’t fall through, but they shook the roof so that it fell from the ceiling. (It’s always been too high to clean, ahaha.)

I didn’t do many chores when I was a younger teen; it wasn’t until 17 that I probably actively took part in cleaning and doing chores. I don’t mind dishes and doing the washing; those are definitely relaxing. I absolutely hate hoovering, but what is worse than that is cleaning up tables full of crap, and you don’t know where they belong. I said to Lilian, “One day I swear I’ll invent a noiseless vacuum cleaner. And… and maybe I’ll make a noiseless vacuum cleaner that plays music.”
She said, “Then it wouldn’t be noiseless!”

Still, I hate the sound of vacuums.

Tutors at university tend to be like that! I have rarely had mean ones; a lot of the ones I’ve had have been friendly, enthusiastic and helpful! Last year I had one who might have fit in the middle, but then again I don’t remember her being particularly mean – she just wasn’t as enthusiastic as others.

There’s this huge gaping hole in our bathroom ceiling which hasn’t been fixed in ages because my dad hasn’t been feeling well enough to attend to repairs, and we’re too cautious about letting other people into our house. Whenever it rains, dirt always pours into the toilet and other surrounding bathroom fixtures causing it to appear as if someone had secretly tossed mud over it. It also happens that directly above the roof of our bathroom, which projects outward from the main part of our house, there is a palm tree that constantly drops ripe coconuts unto it. Every time a ripe coconut would fall onto the roof, we’d hear a thud and expect our bathroom to be all messy again.

That’s so sad about your tutor; she really should’ve responded to your friend like that. People could at least show some sympathy. :O

Good luck with the website work, and hopefully all your plans do work out! :D

I hate doing the dished; mostly because we have a dish washer, so all I have to do is the things over people were too lazy to do. :( Wish they would be their own dang dishes away, honestly. It takes two seconds. Of course, then I have to run it… which just involves me squirting special cleaning soap inside a tube. And then unloading… which isn’t too bad, I guess. I don’t like the smell of my hands when I finish putting them away though. Old pasta sauce and coffee.

That is some VERY funky weather, Georgie @_@ That’s like… torrential downpour xD I would hate it if clumps of dirt fell through MY ceiling. All we get is extreme cold; except for last year, when there was, like, 2 feet of snow. Joy. Why do you think all that rain happened? Some kind of storm or something?

Oooh. I your tutor sounds mean.I’m glad I don’t have her. Or any tutor, actually xD I’m usually quite fine on my own.

We have to have tutors. They teach us. I mean… it’s not like we can do the entire degree on our own. :P

We have a dishwasher but it doesn’t work very well. If you’re smelling sauce and coffee then that isn’t exactly a good thing… my dishes smell like lemon (the detergent) when I finish washing them.

I think it was just a cool change from all the heat; it was quite strange. It only lasted for a bit. I think in some places there was rain, and in others it was very sunny.

In America, a tutor is someone you hire to work with you one-on-one when you need extra help in a class. That’s why she’s confused. ;)

I think random and sometimes deep thoughts too while washing the dishes. Sometimes I play scenes in my head or just reminisce things. XD There are times when people around the house would wonder why I’d suddenly laugh all by myself. Haha. Even when I’m on the computer and found something funny, I can’t help but laugh.

I find it quite touching for your ex-boyfriend to apologize for the past. Hehehe. And LOL at the mess in the bathroom. I hate seeing mud around the house as well. Our pet cat always leaves nasty paw prints especially when there’s rain and even when I’m mopping the floor, he walks around and messes up my clean job. Haha. I do hope you guys managed to clean the bathroom.

We experienced that here as well. Going very sunny after raining badly as if the heavens were crying their heart out, that is if they have a heart. Hahaha. I’m not making any sense here. Anyway, the crazy part that I’ve observed here is that when there is sun and rain at the same time. O_o I don’t know the explanation behind that. I find it weird. Maybe I’ll Google it one day. Haha.

I don’t like stuck up teachers too. There are some who are tactless and very unapproachable. We have a teacher here was is very friendly but don’t really give us a high grade. LOL.

I’m sorry I gave you a scare. XD It’s the makeup that’s scary. Oops. I had another picture where I played dead. It’s not scary but kinda ‘gross’ or gives you an ‘Eww’ reaction. LOL.

If I’m not too familiar with the topic, I’ll get confused with my own guides. So like you, I print the whole thing too for references and to be sure. ^-^

BTW, can I ask you for an advice, Georgie? I can’t think of anyone else and it’s kind of private/personal. Can I email you? :S

Haha, what a strange thing to happen! Rain is always so unpredictable! It’s so typical that it would drown the world one minute then disappear and let sun come out the next. :P

I hope you didn’t have too big a clean up job.

I get really annoyed at tutors/teachers/bosses who make no exceptions for events in someone’s personal life. I can only assume they have none themselves.

Wow! I know exactly how you feel. Concerts are always sooooooo exciting. Everytime I see “two weeks ’till Biffy” written in my planner I have to tell everyone in the immediate area about upcoming concerts. It really annoys everyone but I don’t care, I get so excited.

I’ve never listened to Ben Jorgensen but you’ve mentioned him a lot and Armor For Sleep so I’m guessing you like him a lot. :P You’ll have an amazing time. XD

I have a love/hate relationship with blindfold games. It’s always funny to laugh at my friends stumbling around blindly but I also hate being the one stumbling around blindly. :P Pinata is great though because there’s chocolate to be won.

Twister can be great fun, but it can get awkward when you don’t know people well and you have your foot or your bum in their face. :P

To be honest, I consider most social networking pointless including Twitter. I can’t slag it off though because I love Twitter. I’ve met new people and had mentions from some of the people I look up to which is always amazing.

Good luck with your updating :) I would do that if I could, but I find it hard to come up with things to add :/ Usually when I add stuff, I just have a massive update of 100 icon textures, haha.

I would be so confused if that happened :O I would have loved to be out in that rain pour though <3 I love thunder storms and such, and being outside in them. Running through them is the best <3

That tutor sounds terribly mean :/ I would hate to have her. Usually teachers are lenient, especially to students with children, when someone goes to them and says they're having problems getting it completed. She should be happy that the girl with a child is still in school, and working so much harder to complete her goals, all while raising a kid too.

People are really mean sometimes :/ IDK, generally.. my friend's aren't bad people. I guess it was just so overwhelming, everything I've been dealing with from David to my grandma, and so them having other things to do instead of celebrating my 18th birthday, just kinda made everything fall crashing down.

Oy. I’ve heard of water falling from the ceiling, but not other dirt. But yeah, that’s going to need to be fixed and it’s going to really suck. That must have been one super-intense summer shower, if that’s something you guys get in Australia.

At my university, just in case professors are tough and unreasonable, we have a couple people called the “deans” and they will override anything a professor says if necessary. Usually, talking to the professors is enough, but yeah. I’ve never heard one get that bad before.

You clean your laptop? How do you vacuum the keys?

I regret that you could not see the textures at that time. It was due to a problem that has already been fiexed.

Thanks so much Georgina! ;) *Hugs* My mother always tend to have that kind of detail with me. I’m glad to have celebrated my birthday with my parents.

I will. Me too I love chocolate. Haha. I will do. I’m eating slowly chocolates to me last.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. My grandfather is better. A few days ago that left the hospital, but he must have medical checkups every so often, because his health is delicate. I try to be positive, although I know it can happen anytime the worst. But hey must stop thinking negative and think only positive things. We must keep hope alive /um .

The exam went well. Thanks! :)

Sounds like a good idea that you have asked to fill a sheet and write about people in your group. Because that way, University make sure you are all participating. I understand.
In my university, they do surveys about our opinion on the teachers and the subjects they teach.

Thanks so much! I appreciate that I’d given the five stars 👏. Thanks Georgina! It means a lot to say me that my photos are wonderful, when you’re a good photographer.

We always learn from experience. I agree with you.

Your mom is right to plan your trip. Perhaps that is still missing more than a year for you to go to Indonesia, so you’re not excited.

I understand. I’m glad you were able to choose among the subjects you wanted.

I do not like washing dishes, but I have to do it on the weekends.

Due to rain accumulated piles of dirt that fell through the roof. I’m glad it did not cause serious damage.

In my city has been raining almost all week, and has caused flooding in some parts of the city. And one day there was an attempt to blackout as a result of thunder and lightning that fell.

That tutor sounds really horrible , I hope you do not have as tutor the next semester.

You’re lucky to you’re on holidays. Enjoy them /eee . I still have a month and a half for the Christmas holidays.

I must say I’ve never experienced anything like that before. It sounds pretty crazy though xD It sounds kind of cool at the same time though :P

Wow it’s hot over there? It’s freeeeeeezing here. It rains all the time as well, but it doesn’t get nice and sunny after it just gets really windy and rains again later ‘_’

That inspired me to clean up my computer and keyboard. There so much dust and shiz wedged inside my keys it’s kind of disgusting D: I will vacuum it up tomorrow Dx

Wow I absolutely HATE rude teachers. I’d be really pissed off with that teacher. I show everyone respect, unless they give me a reason not to. I honestly can’t stand it when a teacher is rude to me for doing nothing, or when they’re rude to others o_o. Hopefully you don’t get that tutor.

Oh my, dirt…that must’ve been a hassle to clean.

We had those 5 min storms a few months ago…not fun. I was home alone and the lights started flashing. My grandfather freaked me out when he opened the door, soaking wet, and told me to go out with an extra umbrella to get my grandmother. By the time I found her standing under the scaffold to a shop, it had stopped raining.

I dust off my towers when I can…and when I do, my OCD brother takes apart the keyboard (taking out every single key) for rinsing and dusting.

Your tutor has a terrible personality but at least she doesn’t only not do anything, but expects the student to do the stuff and use it to show as an example to everyone else.

It’s so annoying when the rain suddenly stops! Just like bouts of rain… sometimes you see a rainbow, only if you’re lucky though. :(

It’s so hard to take laptop keys out. Once you do, you can easily clean underneath but you can easily damage the keys. There are some special vacuums for cleaning keyboards but I think they are rather expensive. It’s gross what gets under there though! D:

Still, I do not think it is fair. Other teachers have given me extensions when I have had personal problems, and she should do the same. She’s younger than my friend who is studying (the one who has a child), and I think she should be more respectful and considerate.

Yesterday it rained for about five minutes and then stopped. It was pouring but I think it was only bad because of the wind. The wind stopped after about five minutes, and then it was merely sprinkling.

The part that upset my mom (and maybe me?) the most is that he was Bipolar, and my brother is Bipolar. I guess you could say I appreciate Cody a little more now.

The kittens are cute, though, and getting dirty to save them was well worth it – it rained, as I said above. I think it started to rain right after the last kitten (Lucy) was caught, too. They’re so adorable, and oh, so funny! :P

LOL!!! Sorry, but that is pretty funny. Unless real damage was done then it would be horrible. Something similar happened to this Asian prep school I attended in the city. There was a huge accumulation of rain on the roof, so much that it collapsed. And there was a whole classroom of people under it. I feel bad for them. D:

In the summer we usually get heavy rain like that suddenly, it would last like less than 5 minutes and be all sunny again. The bad part is that the weather forecast doesn’t predict it, so I can be outside without an umbrella. O_O But yay to end of the school year for you! Happy summer vacation I’d say, haha. A few of my friends are coming back for Thanksgiving next week, so I’m happy for holiday season.

College/University = same thing for me. I really say the words interchangeably. Like my friends go to New York University, yet they say stuff like “I’m going to college this fall!” Maybe in Australia the word college is used differently? I’ve heard somewhere it means like high school. But that sounds so complicated for international students! Not that I would be one haha, probably an exchange if I wanted to but then I’d have to keep super grades in my first two years I believe.

I didn’t think kangaroos run on the streets. Stories/shows about Australia are always so exaggerated. I’d expect them to show up in deserted areas though, like here on the highways there are sometimes signs indicating deer roaming. But I’d really love to see Australian wildlife in their natural habitat. Kangaroos, wombats, emus, echidnas, wallabies, KOALAs. Lol. ;)

I remember your cousin! I think you wrote about him in a previous post … can’t remember his name though. I’m really bad with names. When I was younger I couldn’t even remember my cousins’ names because they’re all in Korean (I used to be HORRIBLE at the language). But with the online friend thing, one time I mentioned Taejin to some guy at school, and I said we only talked online, the guy was like “ONLINE BOYFRIEND??!!!” I was like seriously WTH, he’s my cousin who lives on the other side of the world! It’s like people jump to conclusions if you tell them you only talk to friends online or something. So annoying. /angry

Ooo dancing background? When people say that I get excited haha, but I’d expect just “normal” dancing? Not like the crazy Asian stuff. I wish I could dance though. I’m actually trying to learn one from a Korean music video but I fail. I have really bad coordination. /wah My mom said I’m probably the worst dancer she knows. Yeah, thanks.

In Indonesia and Singapore it wouldn’t be sunny + hot right? It would be cloudy + humid + hot? Sorry haha I’m just asking you because I think you mentioned you’ve been to Indonesia. I think I prefer the sunny + hot … that’s what we usually have in the summer. At least in the city, it’s pretty cool in the trees around where I am.

Seven-hour long classes, a few times a week?! That would give you like 21 hours overall! Sounds horrible! What if you still will have to do double the amount of work?! I thought graduating high school meant freedom but it sounds like work never ends. Usually here it’s all four years unless you have enough credits to graduate early. I wish I could graduate early … three years of university sounds great compared to four, lol. The work won’t technically end even after those years though …I read a blog entry from Krystal at essencious.org that having a job isn’t much better. /wah

Parents think it’s their right to barge in or something because it’s “their house”. My dad doesn’t even knock on my door, so I’m always fearing he’d walk in when I’m like uhh changing clothes. >.< And then when I lock my door to change I get yelled at for locking it.

Hahaha you wouldnt guess it. but the only fear i have is chlosterphobia.
It was the scariest thing of my life, it wasnt exactly the fun type of thrill , i would never want to do it again!
Yeah, southern ontario is a blow, thats where i live and we always get those “rain quakes” lol, thats such a unique name for them (:
One time in the mix of all of it we had golfball sized hale to ad onto it, i wanted to go get my camera because i left it outside that day, that didnt turn out too well… After ten minutes of a brutal storm it was 30 celcius and clear as day.. Too bad my camera never lived to see today /sweat

At first, I thought you were going to say that your entire ceiling came down because of the rain. Good thing it didn’t. :)

I need to clean my computer too. But everytime I clean the screen, someone HAS to put their grubby fingerprints all over my screen. O_O The I have to clean it again. It’s rather annoying..

Woaah. That’s a pretty heavy rain. I’ve never experienced a downpour like that here in California. : @_@ and I think the idea of adding stuff every day for the next two weeks will be tough, but it’d be worth it in the end. :D

Well, the only good thing that happened because of that “rainquake” is that your ceiling is all nice and clean. LOL. I’m glad everyone’s okay though. Wouldn’t it have been funny if someone was in the bathtub whilst this was happening and got dirt all over them? XD

Tbh, stuff like that happen to me. :’)

That’s great you cleaned your good old laptop. That reminds me actually, that I need to clean my computer. There’s no doubt there’s junk lying about in my files. O_O

What a mean tutor. TOO BAD is not an answer. That’s just rude/mean/evil. >:(

Good luck with adding pages and things:)

Too bad about the rain. The funny thing is, while we were in school yesterday – yes, we had school on a saturday – it was break time and I was eating a strawberry ice cream when something wet fell on my head. And voila! It was raining. We were all ushered inside and the rain lasted for barely thirty minutes. But we sang slow, romantic songs and watched it from our classrooms. An hour later, the sun was out. But it was fun while it lasted.
I have vowed to spend less time on the computer too. Even though I am starting a renovation on thevault.snowblush.com, I am way too busy with school and studies to concentrate properly. Good luck with your website. :)

I can’t wait to finish the last chapter of a mystery novel. I often feel that writers draw out the mystery too long. Especially with Dan Brown. But Jeffrey Archer sure keeps me biting my nails.

I think geeky guys are cute too. And geeky guys who happen to have a nice body…mmmm. Lol.

Friday, we had 33 degrees, yesterday we had 20, today 20 and LOTS of rain … What’s up with our crazy weather these days? Your description of the roof is hilarious, I had a nice big giggle reading it …

YAY for holidays :-D I bet you’re VERY pleased (Y)

I’m not liking the weather here at the moment. Sounds a lot like Sydney. We aren’t far apart I guess. One minutes it’s raining, the next the heat is too much to handle. At the moment it’s a little cold, but not cold enough for the heater to be switched on.

Ah that sucks about that mean teacher. After all the stress you guys go through with assignments, who needs someone being nasty?

I look forward to some updates. :D

Heyyyyy. :D Wow i took forever to reply, 7 days to be exact. So much crap has been going on but now I finally get a break. So happy! :D

Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother with her. She usually does that a lot, sit there and judge people based on their beliefs. Just because it’s not what she like doesn’t me crap. I am so sick of little stereotypes.

I would do the same thing I was a man, It would be so awkward though because I will be thinking and acting like a woman.
I post PSDs rather than tutorials because tutorials take forever for me to write. I don’t like going into details and explaining things…too lazy for that.

That is the oddest thing I’ve ever heard. it would be really cool to witness that though. :D So who had to clean up all the dirt?
I need a new computer. I found a dell laptop but it’s $400. I’m trying to save some cash for it. I save like 30 bucks right now but i know that by next year it will be gone because i have to pay 50 for secretkiss. I was thinking of a doing a donation type thing but it seemed sort of selfish. Is it?

It rains like that a lot here, but that has never happened to us, haha. Maybe houses are just made for the rain here already.

You guys had just experience Philippine weather – pouring one second and burning the next. The only weather we have here is wet and dry.

It’s great that it’s your break already! I wish it was mine. My batchmates and I could really use a break; school is hell right now.

Thank you <3 I guess life has to go on though, I can't spend all my life grieving, can I? Haha. I do, I'm usually alright with it, but it just hits me sometimes. I've also had a few comments on how people think that he didn't kill himself, he was murdered. I've no idea what to believe anymore! I don't really want to ask my Mum. I'm worrying know, that maybe he was murdered.

It did! We did everything together. He was a farmer, you see. That's how the whole depression thing started. He would always take me with him to the farm, on the tractors, and to see the little baby piglets. He would take me to these little cow auction things too, haha. I loved every minute of it, so when he passed away, I just didn't know what to do.

Yes, that's very true! People just assume that people with depression are just looking for attention. Although, sadly, there are people out there who do do that sort of thing. ('Do do', I'm not sure if that's correct, haha.)

That's awful! I'm so sorry for your loss! It mustn't of been nice, knowing that you were almost certainly going to die. I'd seriously hate that. It must of been horrible.

Well, by gym I mean gymnastics, haha. But yeah, I guess it is good that I go. I go 5 times a week though, so it can get pretty tiring. That's great! Every little helps, right?

Yeah, I think it's one of the easiest to learn, too. At the moment though, I can't get to a piano, because our piano is in the garage, on its side. Haha.

Yeah! Most people do have HD cameras/camcorders nowadays, so it's not a huge problem. Although the majority of videos have been there for a while, so there's hardly any that are in HD.

Ah, but did you know that it's impossible to catch a cold just by being cold outside? Just a quick fact for you there, haha.

I guess washing dishes can be quite.. Therapeutic. I like little things, like sitting in a car while it rains, or when I'm nice and cosy inside, and there's a storm outside, haha. I'm very strange.

That's so weird! Haha.

That's what the UK's like. It rains for a matter of minutes, and then it'll just stop, and the sun will come out. By sun, I mean this flimsy floating orange/yellow thing that doesn't give off any heat at all! Haha.

You are so lucky! I want the holidays to come now! So are you on your holidays until after Christmas now? I've still got a few more weeks until my next break, although I'm pretty sure it'll seem like months. Haha. Nasty women. I hate people who think they're better than you, when in fact, even by thinking that it makes them worse.

That sounds like a great idea! I'm doing a tutorial month in December, and I'm struggling with writing all of the tutorials. I've only written 10 out of the 31 tutorials I need!

Wow, that is quite a bit of rain, eh? I don’t understand why your brother would scream like that over a little dirt though, how old is he? I would have probably laughed and made fun of him for a while after that if it were my little sister that did the same thing. LOL.

Anyway, did your dad say that it’s your job to clean things up? Like, was he getting on to you for not having already cleaned that up or something? If so that’s pretty strict, eh? Man!

I also find doing dishes and any cleaning for that matter to be relaxing and helps clear my mind.

To be honest, at least your not underweight by choice. It’s what I want & it almost sounds insane but it’s the truth. I used to go to therapy but I just couldn’t take it anymore, I have a problem with confrontation, nonetheless, confrontation with myself. I don’t like people having to make me “better” I want that accomplished feeling knowing I did it by myself, but I guess a little help never hurts. I agree, crying does make me feel better, just getting it all out.

I absolutely hate the rain but I love when it down pours like that & then is all sun shiny again, it just gives that refreshing feel (: I’m glad your clothes were dry! I’d be so irritated if I washed clothes, hung them to dry & then they got all wet again. I hope you enjoy your break I don’t get off until the Wednesday after next.

That is really funny, the dust falling down from the ceiling. I remember when I was a kid, our roof would constantly leak during the heavy rainy season. Now THAT was fun, running around to find dishes and hearing the tinkling of water drops. It was soo annoying: every summer our roof would have to get fixed /pow

Gah! I had a few tutors like that. It was really annoying, especially since I would generally go there to ask to be able to attend her tutoring session with another group. You know, instead of just not showing up at all, and when asked she’s get so pissed off at my reason (used to pursue a double major – gave that up half way – and had a lot of timetable clashes). /ehh

Ahh you told me about this! That or you tweeted about it. Yeah, I think it was the latter. We haven’t been talking enough for you to have told me about it. :( Hopefully we can talk more now that you’re on holiday!! I MISS YOU DUDE.

I know what you mean about relaxing and thinking while you wash the dishes. Mowing the lawn is one of those chores for me. It’s far from physically relaxing, but it’s mentally wonderful. I can just blast my music over the noise of the mower, and then I get a whole hour all to myself and my thoughts, with no interruptions (unless the gas runs out :( ). :)

It’s hilariousu how utterly shocked your brother was by the dirt on the floor! No need to scream bloody murder, dear. xD

I myself am kind of shocked at what your dad said about how it’s your job to clean up though. Like I know he works and stuff, but I don’t understand why he can’t clean sometimes… In my house, we all help clean. My mom does most of it, but if my brother or I make a mess, we clean it up ourselves. I think if I had discovered all that dirt on the bathroom floor and told my mom about it, she would probably have told me to grab a vacuum and start cleaning!

Anyway, all families are different. Moving on. :P

You have a typo! “been in aquarium” should be “been in an aquarium.” ;)

I actually really love torrential downpours like that. I think they’re the most fun, especially when they’re accompanied with thunder and lightning! But even without the storm part, the downpour is still awesome. I think the best part is driving through it. Or… you know, sitting in the passenger seat while my mom drives through it. I don’t know how much I’d enjoy driving through it myself. xP

Yay holidays!! You’re so luckyyy. I have a four-day weekend coming up soon…? :P In less than two more weeks, yayyy. /bounce

Your tutor sucks. ‘Nough said.

That sounds like a good plan! I might try to do the same… but less intensely, since school is like ahhh. D: I might try to like, do SOME sort of website work every day for two weeks. Whether it’s comments, blogging, or fucking WORKING ON AWAKE FOREVER. THAT POOR THING. </3 IT NEEDS LOVE. I love it dearly, but you know… TIME!! D: I’ll try…

That’s ambitious!

Tutors like the one described are awful. I think we’ve all had at least one of those. I hope she doesn’t give you much flak for the rest of the year.

Omg! that’s so funny! hahaha Love how asian parents freak out over dirt lol like we’ve done a massive wrong. How hot was it this weekend?! I was boiling in the heat.

Lucky you’re on holidays! I miss uni and having holidays. Two days to yourself is not enough.

I live in QLD /bounce and finally today the sun is out :)
But wow, out rain wasn’t knocking dust off ceilings, XD just like constant over cast showers and little spitting spurts.
YAY for holidays ✌️ and maybe we work together one updating our sites :P cause I’m fairly bad, hoping to improve now /eee

I kind of like doing the dishes aswell, but I don’t use rubber gloves (cause I’m hardcore. Hehe, just kidding). That dirt sure got your brother screaming. Haha XD I’m so jealous that you get a holiday D: You’re not going to spend all of your holiday on the computer now, are you?

Whoot for rain! I live in an area that’s a temperate rainforest, so I’m used to really heavy rain (especially since it’s autumn where I am right now, so there’s a *lot* of rain). I always find it weird when people tell me that they never experience torrential downpours (or, even better, hail!) because I’m just so used to it. Although it kind of makes you wonder how often you clean your ceilings and such if there’s that much visible stuff coming down… :O

By tutor, do you mean like a TA (teaching assistant, someone who does the marking for the professor)? I’ve had good ones and bad ones, I always try to be as fair as possible when evaluating them at the end of the term (TA’s do not see their evaluations until after the marks are done, but they also never see the names of the students who gave them the evaluations).

Wow that explains a lot. I’m in Australia for the holidays; went to the store for 5 minutes, and when I went outside everything was wet yet it was very sunny. Made it feel like the world revolved around me in a global conspiracy – Truman Show. :X
When I was reading your post on your brother’s comment I thought something more dramatic happened.
E.g “If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down; woops looks like I forgot my own rule”.
or some mishap with the plumbing.

It just occurred to me that my though pattern appears to be centralized on faeces.

Wow, that’s intense. But I really love when the weather does that.

I hate washing the dishes as we always have LOADS of them, I prefer to do the washing instead.

I will definitely check out more of their music. My boyfriend and his best friend loved the video too. ♥

I love reading your blogs because they are so entertaining.

hey there
ive had that before but instead of the bathroom it was my bedroom with carpets. everytime it rained it would come through my air conditioning and buckets and ruin everything in its way, my cables, tv etc.


Whoooooaaa…you guys got EPIC weather. I didn’t get ANY torrential downpour, though I really needed it, cos my room was so stuffy and I was suffocating D:.

But how random! I can’t believe it rained so hard, that DUST came down in clumps. Awww I hope it wasn’t too hard to clean. Tell your dad it’s NOT your job to clean it up. HMPH! Guys can do housework too! Brandon discovered it, so HE should clean it up, by virtue of discovery! HA!

The weather has been retarded lately. It was so hot, the last few days and today, it was like torrential downpour NON-STOP D=. I got drenched, handing in torts, and that was WITH an umbrella. Although that may have something to do with the fact I was covering my bag with the umbrella more than me XD. Stupid me. :P

LUCKY YOU! Being on holidays! I’ve still got a week to go D:. Hope you get your assignment done too. If the tutor marks it too harshly, we shall both RAGE! :@ Cos you totally put in so much effort for that subject :(. It’d suck if you didn’t get D at least!

I hate arrogant people in general. If you’re a tutor, you definitely shouldn’t be arrogant, cos tutors are meant to be approachable!

LOL, as IF you’ve been neglecting your site! You still blog so frequently. :P

Hello Lilian! :)

That sucks! We got huge ass rain; so did Dylan… then again he lives near me. Sebastian and Ryan didn’t get any, so I guess it was just a totally temporary thing. It was so heavy, though.

Oh yeah, I was annoyed that they could clean it up… /hmph But it wasn’t all that much, I just swept it up. It was very amusing though.

I always cover my bag more than myself. I don’t want the bag to get wet, nor my belongings. I don’t know why we’re like that; I’m sure a lot of people are. I don’t mind getting wet in the rain; it’s always my belongings that I worry about.

I still need to update reviews and other things on my website… :P

Scary weather there. I’m slightly confused on the tutor part, isn’t a tutor someone you pay to help you in certain subjects? Also, she seems extremely rude, I mean seriously if she said that to me, I’d channel Chuck Norris and dropkick her. /eee

Oh no, in this case our tutors are our teachers who guide us throughout different university subjects.

I see, thanks for enlightning me. Still… I find it horrible that a person who chose to teach would have such an attitude towards a student.

Wel I don’t have a nasty tutor, but I do have a Tutor that rumbles from here to there and can’t stick to one subject very long. so you stop listening when he’s jumped to one or two subjects.

I hate that kind of rain. I much prefer a light shower even if it wants to go on for hours. Your tutor sounds pretty sucky and I hope you don’t get stuck with some one that disrespectful again.

OMG that’s crazy! At least the rain didn’t last too long. Wow, that’s a big update commitment. I wish I was as motivated as you!

Girlfriend, you are crazyyy. Get off the computer & go enjoy your break!! Don’t worry about the websiteeee. I mean, that’s what I should do, honestly, but I am far too busy these days. In fact, I’m in class right now writing you a comment because when I get home, it’s time for me to study.

But that was such a funny story. ahhaha ..rainquake!! So random that it rained so hard for 10 minutes & then it was just all done. I love your crazy weather.

Do you have a laptop fan for your laptop? That should help with it overheating & what not. I can’t actually vacuum anything on my laptop. I have no vents! :D haha ugh sorry for the crappy comment, my tummy hurts so much right now.

Glad you liked my drawings though. :D

That sounds a bit sad, but at the same time completely and utterly hilarious. I might fall over with laughter if I walked into my bathroom and saw dirt everywhere 👏

Ohh we get those intense storms too! It’s like the weather PMSing ahahah. That tutor sounds like a biatch


Wow. And I thought Reno weather was random! Since we’re in the desert, we never really get violent weather which is nice. We’re surrounded by mountains, so there’s no risk of hurricanes, we rarely ever get earthquakes (we never get big ones) and we’re always in a drought, so we couldn’t worry about a flood if we wanted to, although Reno has flooded a time or two in my life. I would have loved to run out in that rain with an umbrella and just stand in it. You know that scene from Totoro where he’s jumping just to hear the sound of water falling on his umbrella? I’ve always loved it. I don’t think I would like rain as much as I do if I didn’t grow up here though. And how insane! That the rain would fall so hard on your roof that dirt would drop in clumps from your ceiling! That’s just so hard to imagine.