Stuck in a Kaleidoscope

SOOO. I didn’t get to add anything to the site. See, I want to get a new desktop computer. My current one, appropriately named The Machine, is a busted piece of ass. She’s got a huge CRT monitor. She got infected with 500 viruses a few years ago.

The reason for that was because I did not have an anti-virus program. My mum continually blames my dad about that.

When I use The Machine, she tolerates a few programs before having a seizure. When I say a few… I mean… about three. Say, MSN, a music player and Microsoft Word. Maybe another Microsoft Office program. After that, she’ll freeze, and the ol’ Ctrl+Alt+Delete does nothing anymore. Neither does the restart button. I have to yank her out of the power socket by the plug, before she starts beeping like a nutter.

I wanted to get a new desktop PC, because I can’t use my laptop (Fin) all the time as a permanent replacement. He’s going to die from overheating if I keep using him all the time. I think the weather makes it worse, especially when it’s summer.

My mum totally wasn’t keen on this idea of buying a new PC. 😑 When I say “totally wasn’t keen”, I mean a three-hour-lecture about why not. Her reasons, just to sum it up, are: saving money; Fin’s not dying; and “you can fix ‘er up [the Machine]”. Problem is, I think it would inherently cost more to fix her up than to buy a new buddy.

Anyway, moving on. Another thing that has been irking me to the point of extreme anger is people! I know, I tend to hate people in general. But I’m talking about this client of mine who wanted me to create a website. He takes years to reply to my emails.

Now I don’t know about you… but sometimes flagging an email with IMPORTANT! doesn’t get anyone’s attention. I tried it a couple of years ago with a not-so-important email and only 20% of people replied. Perhaps because I fooled them. But do you guys even bother using all the extra email features that you get? When I used Hotmail more often, I liked the fact that I could link accounts. But now, I know for a fact that I like using Gmail for many reasons. It has labels, to easily organise my emails between university, website stuff, newsletter subscriptions, personal emails and work emails.

I also like the Gmail chat. Now this is where my anger comes in. 😀 I’m awaiting a reply from this guy. I just need a simple yes/no answer. He asked me to give my bank account details online. I’m not comfortable with doing this over email. (Obviously, James has told me about how unlikely it is that I could have my money taken, but I’ve still become overly paranoid.)

I’ve been waiting for five days… nearly six now… and the one thing that irks me is that I can see him online on Gmail chat, yet he doesn’t reply to my emails. I’ve seen him online on multiple occasions, too. And he owes me money! 😞 And FYI, I have met this guy in real life before I started working for him.

Sometimes I’m much too busy to reply to an email, or it’s too long to. Heck, I love reading emails, but sometimes… replying, and using all that effort to type, is just way too much.

Anyway… mindless ramble over. I haven’t been spending much time online but I’m still going to keep up that challenge of adding something to my site every day for two weeks. I missed yesterday; I could try and add two pages today or something. :3

Tell me how you guys are going! πŸ˜„ I wanna know if you’ve bought anything for Christmas yet or what you want… seeing as it’s nearly holiday season.

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