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SOOO. I didn’t get to add anything to the site. See, I want to get a new desktop computer. My current one, appropriately named The Machine, is a busted piece of ass. She’s got a huge CRT monitor. She got infected with 500 viruses a few years ago.

The reason for that was because I did not have an anti-virus program. My mum continually blames my dad about that.

When I use The Machine, she tolerates a few programs before having a seizure. When I say a few… I mean… about three. Say, MSN, a music player and Microsoft Word. Maybe another Microsoft Office program. After that, she’ll freeze, and the ol’ Ctrl+Alt+Delete does nothing anymore. Neither does the restart button. I have to yank her out of the power socket by the plug, before she starts beeping like a nutter.

I wanted to get a new desktop PC, because I can’t use my laptop (Fin) all the time as a permanent replacement. He’s going to die from overheating if I keep using him all the time. I think the weather makes it worse, especially when it’s summer.

My mum totally wasn’t keen on this idea of buying a new PC. /angry When I say “totally wasn’t keen”, I mean a three-hour-lecture about why not. Her reasons, just to sum it up, are: saving money; Fin’s not dying; and “you can fix ‘er up [the Machine]”. Problem is, I think it would inherently cost more to fix her up than to buy a new buddy.

Anyway, moving on. Another thing that has been irking me to the point of extreme anger is people! I know, I tend to hate people in general. But I’m talking about this client of mine who wanted me to create a website. He takes years to reply to my emails.

Now I don’t know about you… but sometimes flagging an email with IMPORTANT! doesn’t get anyone’s attention. I tried it a couple of years ago with a not-so-important email and only 20% of people replied. Perhaps because I fooled them. But do you guys even bother using all the extra email features that you get? When I used Hotmail more often, I liked the fact that I could link accounts. But now, I know for a fact that I like using Gmail for many reasons. It has labels, to easily organise my emails between university, website stuff, newsletter subscriptions, personal emails and work emails.

I also like the Gmail chat. Now this is where my anger comes in. 🤬 I’m awaiting a reply from this guy. I just need a simple yes/no answer. He asked me to give my bank account details online. I’m not comfortable with doing this over email. (Obviously, James has told me about how unlikely it is that I could have my money taken, but I’ve still become overly paranoid.)

I’ve been waiting for five days… nearly six now… and the one thing that irks me is that I can see him online on Gmail chat, yet he doesn’t reply to my emails. I’ve seen him online on multiple occasions, too. And he owes me money! :( And FYI, I have met this guy in real life before I started working for him.

Sometimes I’m much too busy to reply to an email, or it’s too long to. Heck, I love reading emails, but sometimes… replying, and using all that effort to type, is just way too much.

Anyway… mindless ramble over. I haven’t been spending much time online but I’m still going to keep up that challenge of adding something to my site every day for two weeks. I missed yesterday; I could try and add two pages today or something. :3

Tell me how you guys are going! :D I wanna know if you’ve bought anything for Christmas yet or what you want… seeing as it’s nearly holiday season.

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It’s really not worth fixing the Machine D:
Even if you do get it squeaky-clean and virus-free it’s just too slow to handle the things you want it to handle; Photoshop, multitasking, basic games etc. Any ‘upgrade’ will end up also replacing all ‘er guts in their entirety. /sweat

Yeah, what a bum. Call him tomorrow, and raij him until he pays. This is honestly ridiculous! /bash

Haha, paranoid Wuggs. *hugg*
Just the number means nothing, you. :B It’s not unlikely; it’s pretty much impossible. /um

I want Fable 3 for Christmas 🤬 /bounce
I hope it comes out soon


I still find it so very weird that you guys have Christmas in the summertime.

Anywhom, The Machine sounds just like my desktop. Since I’ve gotten my laptop I don’t even bother to use it unless I’m trying to watch a movie since my laptop doesn’t have a CD-ROM and I don’t know what has gone wrong but each and every time you turn it on it has this horrible beeping sound and won’t actually turn on anymore. I’m not really worried because I don’t use to anyway but I find it’s sooo annoying how my mom comes in here every single morning turning it on knowing got damn well it’s going to do the same thing. She’s probably the reason it’s the way it is now and never once has she thought of using her money to buy a new one. SMH at people.

I remember back when I actually checked my emails, let alone sent them -_-
It really is true, things change. I use to check my email probably 5 times a day, replying to every last one but I guess I grew up. It’s a shame when it gets to the point someone has to remind you to check it. I know what you mean though. In my opinion, that man seen that email, but why don’t you just chat him instead?

Gar. Tell your mom that the new software that’s coming out today requires more than that the Machine has, and that you can’t put new parts into it because the new parts likely won’t work with the Machine’s motherboard. Fixing things up is hard… really really hard. And um… doesn’t anyone else in the house use the Machine? I think that they’d appreciate a new PC too!

You should just find that guy offline and bother him. Or call him if you have his phone number. People really just suck sometimes. And after this, be sure to refuse every offer he makes you. It’s too bad that people are so dumb and unreliable sometimes.

I’m the only one who uses it – well, used. I haven’t touched it in quite a while because it’s just that bad. My mum said “we’ll see”… sigh. She doesn’t really understand and she’s always trying to save money. I’m just hoping that when/if we take it down, the guys will check it out and realise it’s too ruined for repair and will suggest a new one. @_@

My old computer went through the same things as the Machine. When we got it, I was the one who knew most about computers than anyone else in the house. It also was my first computer, so I didn’t know much about taking care of one. So after the first week of getting Internet, we had like a hundred viruses. Why? We didn’t turn on the anti-virus. *facepalm*

And like your mum, my mum also thinks it’ll be alright as long as we take care of it or we upgrade it. I didn’t get into the “it’s worth more getting a new computer” argument since there’s already three laptops in the house. Hopefully your mum comes around and understand it’s cheaper to get a new one, and even cheaper to build it yourself.

Also, Adrian’s an idiot. Someone needs to hit him in the head.

I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, and I don’t even know what I want. I mean, an xBox 360 would be nice, but there’s no way my mum would get me that now. xD And everything else that I want I would be getting it myself anyway. We’ll see, I guess haha. But I should focused on what to get my family first… @_@

Ahaha ditto! It wasn’t my first computer (my first was sort of one my dad built up on and set up for me, so it was a bit like a hand-me-down), though. But I did know more than everyone else and obviously chose the best I thought at the time – now, the best is clearly outdated.

My mum’s had a computer for 20 years, but the thing is, machines aren’t like that nowadays. Back then programs were minimal and games didn’t need a huge amount of memory. I believe her that computers lasted a while but after having The Machine for five years, I thought that was pretty much enough.

Laptops don’t last as long as desktops, and I don’t plan on getting a new one of those soon. My mum said I shouldn’t have used Fin so much. Ugh, I guess I’ll just have to wait it out.

You probably know this but our family isn’t so big on presents, haha. Christmas is so commercial these days; in my opinion quality time is probably what would be the loveliest, better than any material present. :)


I remember your virus infestation! I’m still amazed The Machine lasted so long before the virus infestation started having negative effects. I can’t believe it lasted so long without an anti-virus! Hahahaha.

Man, if you can only use three programs before The Machine dies, you DEFINITELY need a new computer. And it will DEFINITELY cost more to fix her than to get a new one. And besides, you’re totally building a new computer, which means you’re replacing everything that makes The Machine slow. It’s practically the same thing!

THREE HOUR LECTURE! Oh my GOD. I hate when parents go on and ON about things they don’t understand! The Machine is so old, that they probably don’t even make parts for it anymore D:.

That guy. Has issues. You better get your money, or else I am going to go on a threatening letter writing campaign and by the end of it, he will hopefully be convinced he’s about to get sued for millions of dollars or criminally prosecuted. That ASS. God, he should know better than to ignore IMPORTANT emails. They’re important for a reason! /angry Jerk!

Don’t worry, I’m a little paranoid about giving out stuff online too D:. I’ll only do it if 100% necessary. Even though I know nothing will happen. HAHAHAHA. We’re BOTH paranoid :P.

OMG, IT IS NEARLY CHRISTMAS! The shops have decorations up already, and they play Christmas music, and it’s making me ALL EXCITED! I haven’t started christmas shopping yet, but I better start soon, cos LOTS of little kids to buy presents for this year (my extending family = D:).

I want BOOKS for Christmas! Lots and LOTS of books :P. As usual. What else do I ever want? XD

That was crazy. I wish she didn’t get infected like that, because maybe she would have lasted a little bit longer. She wasn’t that bad of a computer, either. I hope we get told that she’s too worn out for repairs because then that means I would have no choice but to get a new one. :D

Oh well, if I’m over a secure connection or my data is encrypted then I trust that, but I won’t send my details through email. Someone said you should treat an email like a postcard.

Hahha I should get you a book! I don’t know what I want (I never do)… but I’m happy with most things. :P

HI ~ Look who is here commenting a week before her examination. :D /bash

Ugh, I understand that feeling of wanting a new (and better) computer. My computer was (and might still is) affected by countless viruses. It was partly my fault because I used to visit websites with a lot of those pop-ups. I think there was a website which allows the owners to “earn” money by placing the pop-ups.. I couldn’t remember the name. D: Anyway, I didn’t know that was how the viruses spread! Besides, my sisters used to use the computer to read novels and usually, those “free” novels websites are also filled with free viruses too.

It was really frustrating. Whenever the computer is spoilt, I was the one to blame. The reason: You are the one who uses the computer the most. /argh Yes, I admit that I am the one who uses the computer all the time but that doesn’t mean that I am the one who “destroys” it. I love the computer more than anyone else. (H)

I tried asking my mum to buy a new computer, but you know the prices… and since I do not come from a rich family, all I could do was to send it to the shop. I know the feeling of owning a (almost) useless computer, which freezes as soon as there is too much programs being ran. But I think you are quite lucky (if compared to me) since you have Fin. I did not have my own laptop, so whenever the computer was sent to the shop, I would be left with nothing but to wait. /wah

Anyway, my computer is still the old one. And I still do not own a laptop. /wah After years of combating with those viruses, I think I did learn something. However, I think you are a better computer user.. so I don’t think that suggesting you to do what I think is right (which might be wrong) is appropriate. /type (I wanted to share what I did, but I guess you should have already done those otherwise you wouldn’t be here ranting.)

*Hugs* I wish you could get a new computer. /wah (Let me share your sorrows ~~~~ -__- right, what am I saying.)

As for your laptop being overheated, maybe you could switch on the air conditioner and place your laptop below it? Just like what my senior did. I hope this could help. :3

I really would like to continue commenting about the email thing but my mum just nags about me being online (FOR JUST A FEW MINUTES T__T) … so, bye bye ~ ):

p/s: I wanted to comment on your blog using my phone the other day, but accidentally pressed the quit all button……. /argh and ended up not commenting. 🤫

Oh that is very unlucky! :( I hope you get a new computer for Christmas or something, because to keep using that same computer must be a pain. At least it was able to be fixed – you wouldn’t be able to use it at all if it was completely dead. Still, using a rusty old computer is no fun. :(

I only have an air conditioner in the family room, so I’d be in everyone’s way if I tried to sit near the air conditioner. My room only has a fan, which doesn’t help much in the heat.

Ahh! I hate using my phone to comment; sometimes I accidentally press something and my whole comment is gone. It sometimes happens when I’m typing on my laptop and somehow click the screen and type ‘backspace’ which makes it go back a page… Ah, it is so annoying. I’m sorry about that! But don’t worry too much about leaving me comments. :)

Unfortunately, we do not celebrate Christmas Day here. ): No matter how much I wanted to.. Yeah, it really sucks to use that same old computer, especially with its slow speed. -_- I can’t play most of the Facebook games with it because most of them are flash (and complex) – it will jam. /hmph

Aww, that’s too bad. ): Well, I don’t have an air conditioner in my room too. But I don’t have a laptop either. :D (what’s there to be happy about -_-) What about buying the … fan thingy … (sorry, lack of words, I don’t know what it’s called). My elder sister owns it, but I’m not sure whether it helps or not. It should. I think I saw it somewhere, besides the fan thingy, there is the … cushion thingy … (OMG, side effect from studying history.. -_-) It somehow helps to cool down the laptop too. I can’t remember where I saw it online. I will let you know if I found it. :)

Heh, I just realised how much my English grammar “rots” when I did not blog or write comments for just a few weeks. D: Hence, I’m trying to write a comment whenever I can. /bash If I were to comment using my computer, I will constantly press “Ctrl + A” then “Ctrl + C” to prevent myself from losing the comment I wrote. :) But I guess it can’t be helped if I use my phone. It is not an iPhone, and it does not have the copy and paste function. /argh

You probably should read my comment when you are not in a bad mood…. /ho (because of the bad grammar – I know how much you dislike that. ~_~)

yeah at the moment my hair starts a rad, and fades to a red brown, but I want a more constant red.
My laptop is my permanent pc. But thats because I am always moving it around and on it in different parts of my house or the city really cause I take it to mums too (H)
Its kinda slack and dodgy I think, that he wont pay you. /argh
my family and my boyfriends family both do secret santa among each side. and so Josh and I will be participating in both of those. As for what I want, more clothes /love art supplies, one of those like rug sorta things you can put on your bedroom door. I dunno. money, lol. /hehe

i love the simplicity of your layout! the rounded corners!!! <33333

i think YOU NEED A MAC ;]

Thanks. I’ve thought about getting a Mac but it doesn’t fit my needs; I’m a bit of a gamer.

ugh what jerk!! you should gmail chat him and be like .. gimme moneys. grr.
I totally know how it is to be sad about your computer. I’m actually giving in a buying one this christmas for me and my bf. (so expensive, blah) but it’s really hard just using your laptop for everything. :(

It is! But I do hope you get a good computer that suits both of your needs. :D

Haha , i try to avoid making an ass of myself in situations like that haha im not big on the whole offending people in avoidable ways but im too scared to try it ,i mean to be honest im not a huge seafood person in general but the thought has crossed my mind more than once so i think i will try it tonight, georgina you have inspired me to be brave XD
Wow thats terrible, if i owe someone money i try to talk to them about it – ASAP, and i hate hotmail fetures, i mean its just so… pointless, most spam e-mails nowadays are high priority which makes me want to read it LESS.
Now for the holidays, im super excited, i dont want but need a new blowdryer and laptop, mine also has a heat problem jeeeeeebus. haha

Lately I’ve really wanted to get a desktop computer. We’ve not had one in our house for about 3 or 4 years, but I think it would look so much better in my room. It would probably improve all this back ache I’ve had recently, from slouching on my bed- it’d give me an excuse to actually sit at the computer table!

It sucks that you’re having all these problems with your computer though. Sometimes it’s just easier to get to work on a computer because you’re in a place where you can concentrate, but obviously not if it’s having a fit! My laptop does that beeping thing after a while too. :|

Could you not buy new parts for the computer? I don’t know the technical name for it, but the bit you use to switch the power on? I think we had a new one when we had the desktop PC. I think they’re quite expensive though, so it probably would be cheaper to get a new one!

I hope he replies to your email soon! Why don’t you ask him on Gmail chat to check his inbox?

Sorry I’ve been taking ages to reply recently! I’m terribly failing at being a blogger!

Your mom cracks me up. I know my mom would go on the exact same rant (and has in the past!)

Luckily my dad is way into computer and able to circumvent that rant occasionally. Now that I don’t live at home it’s a non-issue.

I haven’t started shopping for Christmas, but I have lots of gifts in mind. Only about 6 people will be receiving the big gifts; the rest of my friends and family get cards. Starving student!

I don’t really want anything though. Maybe a new camera body…

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

I think it would be better to get a new desktop computer. It’s kind of like my stepdad’s (Tony’s) theory with my laptop: It’s going to take about $40 to $140/$160 to fix, and he thinks I should just buy a new one (the cheapest one here is about $399, and it’s not what I want. I might as well fix Lanny and save up either a new laptop or just a desktop. I’m most likely going to go with a new laptop. ^^

First Lanny will be repaired, then the saving up for a new lappy will begin. :P

I love Gmail, and I love the Google Chrome plugins! :)

Is it better having your laptop plugged in? or on high performance? I want to know what is better lol. Mhm anyway to go along with your blog (that questioned reminded me), I hope you get a new computer! mhm awww my old desktop use to have like 500 virus too. But then again it was my whole families and idk why it got some. I think maybe my dad downloaded stuff (he use to always click yes) lol I want a mac haha. They don’t get virus as much. Right now I nhave an HP laptop, which i am content with (until college). I got this in 9th grade so it is 2 years old, but it has Windows vista (eww) lol Good luck with the guy responding. mhm I would be careful when it involves money. I hate giving money online, cause you never know, but as long as you are careful it should be good. Also i never used gmail chat. haha

Yea online friends you talk to everyday, they should be worth meeting! lol Mhm it just has to be the right people (i wouldn’t meet everyone). Although I would like too, I know there is one more i NEED to meet before I die. lol But everyone else would be nice.

haha the toilets did not disgust me. you do not need to fear haha I feel your pain. mhm I don’t take that long, because I am not obsessed with how i look, so i don’t spend much time looking at the mirror (but of course i have the days when i do) lol But i don’t really like going in groups either. haha I am like not an average girl, with going to the bathroom in a group lol. i rather go and get out haha. And i line the seats for sanitary reasons.

mhm i would ask for ur MSn but it won’t download on my computer o____0 uggg but i only used it to talk to 2 of my friends?! haha I just use facebook or webcam or e-mail. haha e-mail works amazing, even if it is old fashion. are we friends on twitter? I think we are. Most of the people i follow are celebrities or online people. haha But i on it once a month.. not even lol. And with webcam it is reassuring. I like hearing voices. I have a voice fetish i think lol. i love voices! haha So i like the phone and webcam a lot better.

Blogs say a lot about people. When people have boring blogs that are a chore to read or don’t give appropiate response back, it shows how much i think of you. lol like my two best friends online (who don’t have blogs now) we use to write blog comments the size of mine to you cause we had so much to talk about. Like those short little blog comments that have no meaning… yea… I wouldn’t care to meet them as much. lol

I bet he faked his life. he was always a little suspicious (the guy online that i liked). i mean he had a HSM website. he was like a 14 or 15 year old boy… lol Idk but it doesn’t really add up. and all his “online” friends were ghetto-ish (or wannabe ghetto-ish) people… so yea I should have took more a hint. But then I met REAL online friends like Evan, Ben, and Tiffany and everyone so it gave me a better outlook on who i would think is real lol. Although I still keep in touch with one girl i met from my myspace site. She actually lives in NJ too lol. mhm but my first online friend, i remember we were so simiular. I miss her. she was two years older than me. I don’t have her facebook. i don’t even know her last name. we were so young. wow this is making me missing the old days haha i can’t do this anymore.

I get a long with both genders, i would like to think. lol I have two BEST girl friends and two BESt guy friends. so its all good haha. but online i am better with the guys.. at least they are my
And mhm that is really cool. Tiffany is knowledgeable. it’s weird typing my name haha. But she was like graduating HS while I was graduating 8th grade. I was so naiive and young. mhm I am glad she is still here though, everyone else like left.

Oh boy, I feel your frustration about your laptop! Mine has been consistently getting more sluggish lately too, and I think you’re definitely on to something about the Australian summer weather – high external temperatures will cause the computer to overheat faster, I think, because the air around the vents is warm too and can’t effectively balance out the heat coming from the machine. It’s like how we regulate body temperatures via homeostasis or something! Lol.

That’s a pain about your client though. :( I can’t even understand why he’d just ignore your e-mails when he’s clearly online, especially when you’ve marked them as “important” and he surely realizes they’re about the project. What a knob. :P

As for Christmas shopping and wishlists, I haven’t given a moment’s thought to either yet! I’m taking the “bah humbug” approach, I’m afraid…the holiday season is just too stressful! /sweat

That said though, I wouldn’t complain if anyone bought me a new computer! Or a new television…or a new stereo…or a new house… ;)

Well if you save up, you should be able to get a new PC. Your mum will get over it. :)
Wouldn’t it be cool if they got you one for Christmas?

Gmail sounds better than hotmail. I should give it a go. As for the ‘IMPORTANT!’ I ignore them because everytime I get an email with the subject ‘IMPORTANT’ It’s always spam. Do you use Gmail for website related emails, affiliate applications, questions or such? Or do you use different emails for each subject? I have them all sent to my one hotmail account. I don’t get a lot of emails, so it’s not that bad.

I don’t give out my bank info unless it’s to paypal. You should set up an account with no holding rates for non use. Don’t use it unless things like that happen, then you know your money is safe. Make sure it’s a different bank to the one you use.

I haven’t bought anything for Christmas yet. Money is tight, and because I have a huge family, I have to be careful with who I can buy something for. I don’t want people to feel left out, and I can’t afford to buy something for everyone. For my self, I want a new car. :) I’ll put that out there to you, encase you win lotto before Christmas. 🤤

What are you going to get your family, James this year?

I believe you’re right about women and dancing. Women can dance in a manly or girly way and can still look good. Guys however can’t dance girlie! they’ll just look silly! I’ll never be able to video myself dancing because I feel like I’m really rubbish and just embarrassing.

PC these days aren’t expensive anymore. There’s some pretty good pcs around here for under £300. My parents are actually more willing to buy a new pc then try and fix an old one as we can pick one up so cheaply. Hopefully you mum will come to her senses and purchase a new PC for you soon.

People….I can go on about people for hours and hours. There are so many things that people that totally annoys me. I know that feeling about waiting for a reply to a simple email while you can see them online! You think “how hard is it to just reply with a simple yes or no!”

Bertha my laptop isn’t liking me much at the moment either. She is heating up all the time. I think I may need to start using the pc a bit more. Kick my mother off (Y)
I don’t think it would be worth your while to repair the computer. These days you can get decent systems which are not too expensive. ♥