On Finger tools

I managed to sort out the money problem in my last blog post. At least, I had things cleared up, even though I haven’t gotten paid yet. :) I just wanted to make sure I could get my message across.

Also, I haven’t been doing too well with my challenge; in three days I’ve only added an icon tutorial. I might add something before I go to bed.

I know this might sound weird to say, but I like to clean my ears. I like to use appropriate instruments to clean out my ears. Some people like to use their fingers, as opposed to a cotton bud, pair of tweezers or an ear cleaner. Some people also find it disgusting when they spot someone flicking their darned earwax across the room. Some people also like to eat their earwax.

I remember an occasion in grade six when my friend was picking his ear with his finger, with a baffled look on his face, obviously focusing on trying to get out whatever happened to be in his ear. I don’t know what it was, but my friend claimed to have seen him flick red earwax across the room. According to me, it was a small yellow particle that just fell onto the oddly-coloured green carpet.

Yes, people have dirty habits. Yes, there was the kid who picked his nose and wiped his booger on a cupboard back in primary school. Yes, there were boys who didn’t wash their hands after going to the toilet. Yes, there were kids in preschool who sucked their thumbs.

But, back onto the topic of picking ears. I had a friend who liked to keep the fingernail of his little finger a bit long, because he could clean his ear with it. It is debatable as to whether or not it is right or wrong to clean ears with fingers, and WikiHow and numerous other websites mention an ear syringe; however I believe that some of us do it nonetheless!

Now obviously there’s nothing wrong with having earwax; it is a natural that helps to clean your ears. But it is also a good idea to clean your ears regularly because excessive earwax is unsightly. Of course, you wonder why I said ‘unsightly’. I could have said “can make you deaf” or “might be hard to clean later on”. But I said unsightly…

Recently I had the unfortunate opportunity of getting a glimpse of someone’s ear, and the earwax scattered across their pinna and outer ear was honestly disgusting to see. Earwax is usually in the ear canal. When it gets the hell out of there, you should get rid of it. Not leave it all over your damn ears. In other words, please shower properly and wipe your outer ears down a bit from time to time. Earwax often makes its way out there and even just using a cotton bud on the outer parts of your ear can help move dead skin cells and any… you know… earwax.

Now I don’t claim to be a doctor but I’m a rather observant person. If you want to eat your earwax, that’s fine, but please clean your ears. Especially if you have bling. Because bling + earwax = 🤮.

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Oh man, a whole blog about earwax?? lol I didn’t think it was possible! haha

I totally agree though, I’ve seen people with the earwax all over their outer ears and it’s totally disgusting. and cleaning them with a long pinky-nail is kinda bad… that could be damaging! Also could a q-tip (which is what I like using) but it is just a chance you have to take, right? Hygiene is a good thing to have.

Georgie, I really do have to commend you on your amazing ability to write interesting blogs about such…well, odd things. XD Anyway…

I’m in complete agreement about the earwax – it’s disgusting to see if people don’t clean it out properly, or if they pick it out and flick it in front of you. *shudders* I can’t say I like the idea of anyone cleaning out with their fingers either (what’s wrong with using a cotton bud? Gah), but I suppose each to their own… =/

Good to hear you’ve got the money thing with your client sorted out now though. Fingers crossed you actually get paid soon! :)

ehw, eating earwax? thats just… disgusting. haha i mean, gross but people are weird, im sure some people find it weird to clean their ears, leading to that problem blech.
I got my laptop for christmas last year, but the battery sucks ahha, how can someone be that busy to not reply to emails, it kind of like comments, i dont understand how people go ìm too lazy to return them`i mean i LOVE returning comments haha almost as much as i love getting them lol.
I tried sushi tonight for dinner, i cant remember what kind, it had something to do with california but it was alrigght, the smell was pretty bad but i looked at your comment before i ate it so i forced myself to try it, and surprised myself, it actually tastes kind of good XD
so how are you other than your weird ear obsession?

sorry i forgot to add, no offense haha it was in a joking way not being mean or rude lol

I find it absolutely hilarious that you had enough to say about earwax and ear cleanliness that you were able to post a whole blog about it! lol… Although, I won’t deny that cleaning my ears with a Q-Tip after getting out of the shower is so therapeutic to me! So, you’re not alone. :}

Ewww!!! that IS an unslightly sight. I shiver just thinking about the image. I’m so obsessed with keeping clean, I wash my hands like 10 times a day. I think that’s normal. I love googling up health advice even though most of the things that come up on the internet is junk lol Glad you got your money problem solved. Hopefully you can get a decent computer not riddles with viruses lol my very first computer had so many viruses on it now I’ve been extremely paranoid about sites I visit.

I live out in the West too btw ;) so we’ve had the funky weather but I work in the city all week.

Eating your earwax? I might have tried once. It’s really bitter and disgusting and just…ICK!
And earwax all over their ears? I don’t clean my ears, but at least it doesn’t get all over the place. Ugh.
Red…red earwax? That’s like red snot, which normally means something up there is bleeding. Is “earbleed” a word?
That’s not bad…all I normally add to my websites is a few avatars every few days, or on the weekends. Maybe you might want to try that?

Oh that’s terrible! But our old Prime Minister was seen to be eating his; it caused an uproar but it was hilarious.

I don’t offer avatars on my website anymore; people kept on stealing them so I stopped. I’d rather offer tutorials now, than ready-made graphics that people can just grab. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t really feel like sharing the avatars/icons I make. Thanks for the suggestion though! Instead I’ve been adding icon tutorials. :P

I love the feeling of cleaning out my ears with a Q-tip. The idea of doing it with my finger is seriously gross. To me that’s the same as picking your nose. Just unhygienic. I know some people are afraid to clean out their ears, and that’s fine. You’re not actually supposed to put anything in your ear canal and ear wax inside your ear canal does serve a very important purpose. But that doesn’t mean it should be all over your ear. If you’re not going to Q-tip your ears you should definitely be washing your ears out while your in the tub!

haha, I love this post. I remember reading stories in elementary school about people who would make candles out of their earwax. I could never imagine eating earwax. I can remember times when I’ve wiped my ear before, and somehow got wax on it, and later when eating chips or something I could taste it. And it was nasty. I could never purposely eat my earwax. My ears get plugged alot after showers, so that’s usually when I clean out my ears xD

Meh, who cares if you don’t fufil your challenge! There were so many things I wanted to add to my site this week since I don’t have to work, but it’s so much nicer to just watch tv shows online that I’ve missed, or read. I read a whole book just this afternoon, and it was awesome. You deserve to have the free time to yourself to do whatever YOU want to do :D

And yeah, I only owe her around $200 now. But she has offered to buy my 6 month old camera off of me, so it will go down a bit cuz it’s a pretty good camera and not too old :D Plus, we’ll get $50 back for the camera when we go on Friday for a lesson because there’s a sale on the camera, and I haven’t had mine for 30 days yet so I can price match & get the money back for the difference. Pretty sweeeet :D So soon I’ll be out of debt, haha.

I couldn’t even finish this entry because you grossed me out so much with all your earwax picking and flicking talk :-P

I am so sorry. I have forgetter to upload my updated credits page which has all the credits for the new layout. I will do that soon as and have sent an email to myself. I’m on my iPhone right now but I promise I’ll do it first thing when I go on the computer. Gosh I feel so embarrassed about this 😳

Eating your own earwax?! Now that simply can’t be a good thing. That’s actually worse than picking and eating your nose ‘products’.

Eating Earwax … Ok, I am seriously grossed out by that thought. That’s just not right in my thought process hahaha. I am obsessive about clean ears, actually clean everything. I shower twice a day because I hate the thought I smell and I have deodorant in every bag I have. I just love to smell nice /love

I actually read this yesterday but the commenting wasn’t quite working. Now it is, though. :)

HAH! I’m so glad you said you like to clean your ears. I generally use a Q-tip and I am constantly cleaning my ears with it. Everyone makes fun of me for it. XD

When I see long fingernails on men/guys…it makes me want to cry. Haha I don’t why. There’s a boy in front of me in a class I’m taking it and his fingernails are about 2 inches long each. I almost threw up. :(

Earwax, though, that’s even worse for me. I HATE earwax lol. I’m glad you wrote this, someone needed to mention earwax in their blog at some point. So, kudos. XD

My mommy got me into the habit of picking out my own ears with one of those Asian things after showering. I honestly never noticed peoples ears in the first place. Maybe I should be glad.

Hehe thank you :) London is such a great place, completely different to where I live.

Wicked was just amazing. The singing was incredible.

Daylight savings makes it lighter in the morning for us which is good when I’m walking to the bus.

I try to clean out my ears as much as possible. I don’t want to have to go to the doctors to get them syringed!

Ugh, I hate it when people go to the toilet and don’t wash their hands. It makes me feel sick!

I also hate to see earwax in a person’s ear. It looks horrible!

heey your site layout is immense. i have just changed mine, decided to go professional haha, instead of a graphcs layout, even though i still use them. im whatcthing ima celeb atm, wbu? muchlove, im gonna take a look at the visitor content now. :] :) the smilies are so cuuute

Thank you. Using graphics in a layout can look professional if you do it right.

I’ve never heard of that show, or whatever it is.

I suppose your right, everyone needs help at some point whether they’re willing to admit it or not. It’d put me in such a terrible mood if that sort of things happened to me, something about having to rewash clothes doesn’t sound too appealing. But I don’t really have that issue cause we don’t hang our clothes outside.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a true motivation to do something even though you know you want to do it. I hate when I want to do something but I can’t find it in me to actually go & do it. That’s probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard, eating earwax? I couldn’t even imaging that tasting even slightly appealing. I clean my ears every morning. I think it’s so disgusting when I have any earwax, but I know I do. It’s also very, uhm disgusting, when you use your fingernails. Then it gets all stuck up in there. Oh my, then people eat. Oh jeeze, I just lost my appetite d:

Oh I love your icon tutorial (: It’s clear and easy to follow! I’m sure lots of people will appreciate it. Now on a grosser side, EATING EARWAX? Have we run out of food or something? 🤮

Anyways, as a participant of Drop-A-Goodie at my site, not only you will receive a goodie from another blogger (in your e-mail), you receive a gift from me too on my site post, do check it out and I hope you like it!

Ew, just ew. I had a vaguely disgusted expression on my face whilst I was reading this.

I don’t honestly think I’ve ever devoted so much thinking time to something like earwax. :P I guess when you get a build up it’s easy just to get your finger in there. /bounce I always got told that it’s bad to shove fingers and cotton buds and whatnot down your ear and you should use a drop of olive oil to break apart excess wax. I don’t particularly care though, I care more about greasy hair or eyebrows that need plucked. That said, I’ve seen some people with a build up of earwax and it’s just disgusting. 😝

I don’t honestly think I’d lose the motivation to study. I’ve always been one of those people who just enjoys learning new things, that’s why I always have trouble narrowing down subject choices and such. But I do have trouble getting my head down and working if I haven’t picked something up properly.

I brought the subject up with my parents again last night and they really aren’t keen on me leaving for my last year of school, even if I’m enrolled in an American High School and the experiences I gain are more valuable than grades. I’m just going to see how it plays out. I might have to wait until I’ve finished uni before I do anything like this. :/

Haha, counting down just makes everything more exciting. Eight days ’till I see Biffy Clyro. :P And I highly doubt you’ll lose any excitement on the day. Just don’t get too. excited. I sometimes find excitement can make me feel a little sick. When I went to see 30stm I was already feeling rubbish and that added feeling didn’t help. I had to miss them and go home. :( Never again. /argh

I’ve never heard of murder in the dark. But getting a finger trapped in a door. Ouch! One of my earliest memories is when my brother shut my pinky in the sliding door when I was two. I only remember it because it hurt so much.

I hate being the last to find out things because I don’t go on Facebook. One of my not-so-close friends changed her status to engaged recently. I can hardly take it seriously though because if it was for real I reckon she would’ve phoned her friends rather than changing her relationship status.

Do you remember where you got the textures in your princess icon tutorial from? I used the multi-coloured one and the orange one in a tutorial a while ago and I never credited properly because I couldn’t remember.