Not too long ago Marina had a “Drop a Goodie” contest, which was sort of for fun. The goodie I had to give was a handwritten shoutout to Mei. Here it is (I tried to be as creative as possible; and hello Mei! /wave):

shoutout to Mei

Anyway… I’ve been having a dumb week. Let’s see – a few days ago, probably Thursday (my brain’s too fried to think…), I was doing my assignment. Yes, James was harsh with me afterwards and told me, “You should have started earlier”.

Yes, I should have. But I’m not saying this is a mistake I’ve repeated. I haven’t been in such a situation before. I have been up late, but not up to the point where I’ve gotta hand the stupid thing in superdamnquickly. You see, the thing I hate, hate, hate, hate the most about an assignment is – the references. The reference list, bibliography, source list, whatever you want to call it. I hate it so much. I usually leave it for last, because I leave all my sources open on the screen in my browser and I just collect all the information. But honestly, I died trying to do that on Thursday. Thank goodness James gave me the site EasyBib – you type in a URL of a webpage or even the title of a journal article to search for, and you can have your sources referenced for you! 😄

At least that damn shit is out of the way. I ended up being late for work because I was struggling, close to tears, trying to get my bloody reference list in alphabetical order and all neat and shit. 😡 😢 I don’t really care whether I get paid or not for the 20 minutes I wasn’t there for… bleh.

I seriously don’t even want to think about university for the rest of the year. My brain has intensified into this seaweed-smelling pile of sludge. University was so intense. I know… I keep talking about it, as much as I want to just let it go! But I feel like I’ve come so far, so it’s worth mentioning that I have only one year left to go of my Bachelor’s degree. 😁

These days I’ve been sort of looking for things to do. I haven’t been returning my comments because I just really need to rest my head. Instead I’ve been trying to clean out my websites – starting with my fanlistings. I have over 100 at the moment and my goal is to have less than 90 by the end of the year.

And when I mean “things to do”, don’t just give me more website stuff! I’m consolidating, as Haley calls it. I’m going to go through all my websites and give them a deep clean, as well as shuffling some things around. Call it a bit of spring cleaning, I guess, since it is still spring here.

Thankfully the weather has calmed down (no dirt falling from the roof hahaha). It’s been quite cold actually, which is strange. Part of my plans for the holidays include going to the zoo with James. We’re hoping it’s not going to be too hot, because you can barely enjoy yourself in the heat.

I haven’t been in the mood to watch all the DVDs I borrowed from friends, but that’s on my list.

My mum wants me to get (yet another!) job. It’s totally the last thing on my mind (apart from university). My web designing job is on hold at the moment because there’s nothing set for me, and I got an interview for something else. However, that job looks like it might fall through because transport is a problem for me. 😞

Anyway… enough ramble from me. Let me know what you’d like to see on the website, anything, how your day was, what kind of phone you have… I’m bored. 😛

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