Not too long ago Marina had a “Drop a Goodie” contest, which was sort of for fun. The goodie I had to give was a handwritten shoutout to Mei. Here it is (I tried to be as creative as possible; and hello Mei! /wave):

shoutout to Mei

Anyway… I’ve been having a dumb week. Let’s see – a few days ago, probably Thursday (my brain’s too fried to think…), I was doing my assignment. Yes, James was harsh with me afterwards and told me, “You should have started earlier”.

Yes, I should have. But I’m not saying this is a mistake I’ve repeated. I haven’t been in such a situation before. I have been up late, but not up to the point where I’ve gotta hand the stupid thing in superdamnquickly. You see, the thing I hate, hate, hate, hate the most about an assignment is – the references. The reference list, bibliography, source list, whatever you want to call it. I hate it so much. I usually leave it for last, because I leave all my sources open on the screen in my browser and I just collect all the information. But honestly, I died trying to do that on Thursday. Thank goodness James gave me the site EasyBib – you type in a URL of a webpage or even the title of a journal article to search for, and you can have your sources referenced for you! :D

At least that damn shit is out of the way. I ended up being late for work because I was struggling, close to tears, trying to get my bloody reference list in alphabetical order and all neat and shit. /angry 😢 I don’t really care whether I get paid or not for the 20 minutes I wasn’t there for… bleh.

I seriously don’t even want to think about university for the rest of the year. My brain has intensified into this seaweed-smelling pile of sludge. University was so intense. I know… I keep talking about it, as much as I want to just let it go! But I feel like I’ve come so far, so it’s worth mentioning that I have only one year left to go of my Bachelor’s degree. /bounce

These days I’ve been sort of looking for things to do. I haven’t been returning my comments because I just really need to rest my head. Instead I’ve been trying to clean out my websites – starting with my fanlistings. I have over 100 at the moment and my goal is to have less than 90 by the end of the year.

And when I mean “things to do”, don’t just give me more website stuff! I’m consolidating, as Haley calls it. I’m going to go through all my websites and give them a deep clean, as well as shuffling some things around. Call it a bit of spring cleaning, I guess, since it is still spring here.

Thankfully the weather has calmed down (no dirt falling from the roof hahaha). It’s been quite cold actually, which is strange. Part of my plans for the holidays include going to the zoo with James. We’re hoping it’s not going to be too hot, because you can barely enjoy yourself in the heat.

I haven’t been in the mood to watch all the DVDs I borrowed from friends, but that’s on my list.

My mum wants me to get (yet another!) job. It’s totally the last thing on my mind (apart from university). My web designing job is on hold at the moment because there’s nothing set for me, and I got an interview for something else. However, that job looks like it might fall through because transport is a problem for me. :(

Anyway… enough ramble from me. Let me know what you’d like to see on the website, anything, how your day was, what kind of phone you have… I’m bored. :P

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References suck. Argh how much I hate them! Seriously, I could finish assignment much faster if I didn’t have to in-text reference sources. A bibliography at the end doesn’t bother me too much, but in-text references… ARGH!

I don’t want to think about it either. I seriously don’t want to know my grades until I finish university, either. I hate how my mum wants to know what I get. >_>
For now, I’m just trying to chill and recover haha.

I hope tomorrow isn’t hot. I’m going to the city and will be doing a bit of walking, so hopefully it isn’t too hot that I can’t wear a jacket (I’ve been wearing for so long I feel weird not wearing one). Hopefully karaoke is fun. :3

I’m guessing it won’t be hot tomorrow… well, you know what the weather forecast is for, even though it could be totally wrong at times. :P

I don’t like thinking about grades but I want to know how well I’d done. Nothing worse than sitting in anticipation wondering if you’ve failed a subject or not. I know it seems unlikely, but it’s still possible! And there is some relief that comes with knowing that you’ve passed.

I actually really like in-text referencing. It’s the big list at the end that pisses me off. I don’t find in-text referencing difficult or annoying. It’s subtle, easy, and not so time-consuming, at least in comparison to a huge list that has to follow guidelines. @_@

The referencing bit is the most hated part when doing assignments. Because there are so many referencing styles and the lecturers have their own preferences as to which one they want the students to use, we have to jump from one style to another and this can cause confusion and you can end up using the wrong one. :( If I only I knew about Easybib long ago, that would have saved my life. Really. I know some lecturers penalise students’ marks for lousy referencing.
And to arrange them in alphabetical orders can be really annoying because I really have to look at the first letter and if there are other references that start with the same letter, I have to look at the letters following the first one. It’s insane. Luckily Microsoft Word 2007 has that referencing system that can help to keep the details in proper structure. Otherwise I might just explode. Come to think of it, how did people survive before the invention of computers? I mean, all they had was the typewriter. Can you imagine if they made just ONE tiny mistake in any part of the essay and they had to re-do the whole thing? D: 😰

Leon said the same thing as James did: “You know Kitty, you should’ve done this essay earlier and not on the night before it is due!” Two weeks later I said to him: “You know Leon, you should’ve done your assignment earlier on and not ON THE DAY it is due!”
We’re a crazy duo.

I don’t like hot days. The heat makes it difficult to get anything done. I hear in Saudi Arabia, the shops are closed during the day and only open at night because it’s just too hot during daytime. Then again I’m not too sure about this, you might want to check out the fact.

Another job? Goodness Georgina, what are you, a superwoman? With the number of websites+fanlistings you own and the jobs you already have, if you can pull this one off I’d salute you!

Ugh jobs… don’t get me started! I’ll be out of Grad school the end of this year and I have yet to find one 😰

I like the idea of doing something handwritten, even if it’s not for a contest – or a video. It seems a little more personal, like I can see through this screen of typed words and learn something more about the person on the other side. It’s a different dimension – it reveals more without having to reveal too much, unless you want too.

Also I was going to say I thought referencing was the easiest part of a paper, until I realized you don’t use a website to help with that! I actually use which is probably just like EasyBib (NoodleTools actually used to be called NoodleBib). Without that, referencing takes a much longer time.

How hot does it get in your summers? In NYC it’s usually 80-90 degrees Farenheit. Maybe once in a while it’ll get to 100, and yes it does get pretty uncomfortable, but I can’t imagine it being it so bad that you can’t do anything – maybe I just don’t remember since it’s changing to winter soon now.

Haha, enough with your rambling? Let’s see, it’s 9:49am now so my day hasn’t really started… I snuck a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup before breakfast (shaped like a Christmas Tree!), haha. I’ll probably be going to Dewey’s work today and hanging out with him (it’s his family’s owned business so it’s O.K. if I tag-a-long once in a while). And I have a Para EnV3 phone from Verizon! I hope you have/are having a good day yourself :)

oh god. i loathe referencing. it’s like there’s no ending to the misery of writing an essay. thanks for the easybib link! i’m bookmarking it.

i love your handwriting, georgina!

Over the summer, I spent a lot of time figuring how to get references to work in LaTeX. And yeah… is great when you’re allowed to use it.

You do have a lot of websites. Even if I owned all the fanlistings that you do, I wouldn’t have that many different collectives for them. Certainly would be easier to manage.

Only one more year! Can you believe it? I know that you can do it. Summer break is coming soon for you, and after that, you’ll be all ready and raring to go again! That’s why breaks exist. :D

That’s a cute little shoutout!! Ah yes, I remember doing reference work in High School and did not enjoy it, hah. Yeah, school can be frustrating but you’re right It’ll be worth it in the end!!

It’s been cold here too and I DO NOT LIKE IT. Oh the zooooooooo!!! Last time I went was 2008 and would love to go again. My day has been pretty boring too but I’m trying to get back into webdesign and such!!!

I did the Drop a Goodie thing, too. :P I didn’t understand what the handwriting thing was, though, or else I would have done it. :D Instead, I plugged Hajera. xD

EasyBib looks like an interesting and useful website; if only I had learned out it sooner.

/hmph There is an etiquette? /um 😳 D: O_O

I’m cautious of where I step, now. Especially since Ruby (the calf; not my baby sister) left a present on our front porch Tuesday night. -.-

I’m going to make one, because some of my friends have nicknames and I sometimes call them by said nickname without realizing it. :(

I have a sucky phone. OH! And I went to Wal-Mart today with my mom. We went to the electronics section, and there was a Compaq laptop for $288. Unfortunately, I don’t know how great Compaq laptops are(n’t), and it did not have a description for it.

I don’t know anything about computer/laptop shopping, and I just learned that my laptop is … guess what? OUT OF MEMORY. >.> That’s what it told me. It said, “This action cannot be done. Click ‘OK’ to run [insert whatever that clean program thingy was here] to clean out old files.”

Aside from that, school starts in January, and I need a reliable laptop.

Ugh. That’s how my day was, etc. :)

Day was pretty decent, thank you for asking!

I know what you mean about the referencing. It’s difficult to distinguish what’s being said in your words and what’s paraphrased enough to reference too. I also HATE doing the bibliography. Ugh.

One year left though, congratulations! It will fly by (trust me!) and you’ll soon be wondering who stuck you in a time warp and shoved a degree in your hand :)

Keep it up!

Oh man, I HATE bibliographies! I hate citing them in the weird formats! I’m not sure if you guys do it the same way as us, but I’m sure it can’t be much less tedious! I was so glad I didn’t have many research papers in my last year of high school but I have the next four years to look forward to. Joy. I’m still so jealous you only have to be in college – no wait UNIVERSITY ;) for 3 years. Haha if you prefer university over college I have no problem typing that instead. Just in America people say college in every day language.

I think I’m starting to have too many fanlistings already, and none seem to be on subjects people are fans of. I dunno if I should just let them go or something, but isn’t the point of a fanlisting to join? And kinda useless if no one joins. I’m like doing spring cleaning to my websites as well, except it would be autumn cleaning … aha.

Ummm let you know … well I hope it’s not too cold this winter. I’m looking forward to spending time with everyone who’s coming back from university, and when it’s cold weather we’ll end up stuck inside playing video games or talking, haha. And my phone is total crap, that’s all I should say. XD

Aw that’s really nice of you … I would probably do the same. Even if family sucks they’re still family. Maybe that’s why it sucks. My mom is so annoying but I don’t have the heart to hate her.

Oh man, when my American friends hear stuff like that they think it’s hurtful, but Asian friends tell me about being called bitch all the time … just never the F word. I think that is really horrible but we’re used to it by now. O_O My mom shouts at me too when I bother her, but when she bothers me she shouts at me for not paying attention. And when I say it’s unfair, she says it’s under her roof so I have to live with it or move out.

Next time I’ll try saying that then. My mom’s English isn’t that bad since she studied here, but they say once you turn 10 your language is your language and there’s no changing. The way my mom points stuff out like that though makes me feel my English isn’t really good. /angry And it’s technically my only language.

Well people do think that about Australia. In American cartoons whenever they mention Australia some cartoon kid is always in a kangaroo’s pouch … ridiculous. I’ve never heard of the water system … but why water restriction in the morning? Sorry for sounding like an idiot haha.

They just think people who have online friends have no life … probably because of those stories you hear about some guy flirting with a “girl” and turns out to be a 50 year old guy. But it’s not true, I don’t see what’s so bad about online friends unless you’re dating … then that’s weird.

Yeah when I hear Australia I think sunny, haha. In the tropics it would be cloudy half the time I believe. I used to think places like Hong Kong and Singapore have A LOT of sunshine but I actually found out we have a lot more sunshine a year. It’s mostly sunny here actually. Never got sunburned though, I don’t need sunscreen when I got out in the summer.

Work 9 to 5 ouch … I actually just changed my hours Monday – Thursday from 10-4 to 10-7. But it’s not like I have anything to do after except sleep. But I’d hate to work in the summer like that … giving up perfect break.

University sounds like fun (haha). So does having a job. Yay…. It’s spring? Cool. Where I live the climate is (almost) always the same : dry and sunny. And we don’t have a zoo D: You have a web designing job? /type O: Cool! Is that fun? I like this smiley thingy 💥 Hehe. Ch ch ch ch ch cherry 💥 Sorry :P Well, my day started out great and then blew up in my face 💥 . I can’t think of anything I’d like to see on the website, that isn’t already here. My phone is 3 years old, simple and sucking ( I can’t message D: ) . How about you? Do have a blackberry or IPhone? Any of that fancy schmancy stuff? One time I saw a blackberry in the toilet at school :P

oh… that was the drop a doodle all about. i thought it was like her group from deviantart so i didn’t check it. :P your handwriting’s cute! love it! /eee

thank you for sharing that easybib site… that will be helpful for me i guess since i hate referencing too… plus our researches should ALWAYS be in APA format. i wish i have known that site last semester though… :( we had 3 researches and it almost killed me. loooooooooool

You’re so busy, I need a nap! XD Just reading all the things you needed to and wanted to do is making me tired, lol. Take a break girl. You need and deserve one. That trip to the zoo sounds like fun. I haven’t been to the zoo since like 5th grade. D:


Oh my god. That assignment for that bitch-tutor D:. Well I guess James is right, but I totally do NOT blame you for leaving it so late. Cos you know when you really do NOT like something, so you procrastinate and leave it to the last minute? It’s totally justified! Hahahaha! It’s like, I hated doing my crim law readings, so I always left them last. As a result I think I didn’t read 1 and a half weeks’ worth. Oh well, crim is over.

And now you know better for next time :). At least the assignment/unit is FINISHED! No more bitch-tutor! :D.

Ew. I don’t think ANYONE likes referencing D:. It’s like the most, tedious thing EVER. So ridiculous. In my torts assignment, I swear my footnotes took up half the pages. It looked RETARDED. And I hate how universities are so pedantic with their references and all. Alphabetical order? URGH. As if you’re actually going to check our sources anyways.

In any case, I’m glad you got it done in the end :) :). *HUGS*.

Also, you’re not EVER late to work. That was a one-off, so I’m sure it’ll be fine :).

University WAS hectic this semester. Like, WAY hectic. My brain is currently seaweed slush and I still have one exam to battle through. And it’s finance :(. I need to get 80% to get a HD! MUST STUDY! Tomorrow, cos I can’t concentrate today :(. But it’s your BREAK! :D. WOOOT! You can get some rest.

I can’t believe next year is your final year! I can’t believe I still have 3 more years to go D:. LOL. You could practically get your Master’s before I even get my Bachelor’s! That’s HILARIOUS.

Things for you to do…You could read Finnikin of the Rock? Hahaha, or spring clean, like me! I totally have to overhaul my wardrobe D:. Oh god. That’s not cool. Good luck getting rid of fanlistings. YOU CAN DO IT! :D

ZOOOOO! Aw man, I’ve not been to the zoo in AGES. I really want to go. I’m hoping my cousins bring my nieces down to Australia some time, so I can take them. I think I’ll be more excited that they’ll be. HAHAHAA, I am such a kid XD. Have fun with James when you go. Say “Hi” to the baby elephants for me! And TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS :D.

I can’t believe your mum wants you to get YET another job D:. You already have TWO! Three will be EPIC D:. Poor you! *hugs* :(. That place literally IS in the middle of nowhere! Seriously, have the company never heard of “good location”? It’s like a basic concept you learn in year 9 commerce! Grrr! /angry

You’ve seen my phone! It’s a slide phone. Sony Ericsson. I think I knocked the slide thing out of alignment when I dropped it though. Oops. Hahaha. And you totally already know about my day :P. Cos I talked to you on MSN :D.

Other subject, haha! ;) It was my fault, but at that point in time I needed some consolation. Obviously I’m not going to do the same thing again, I’ll learn my lesson. /um And sometimes I don’t do my readings, but I still use them when I have to, of course.

Ugh I’m glad the whole year is over for me! I will try to be more organised next year, I swear! And maybe I’ll do my references earlier. I just hate them so much; tedious is definitely the right word. Once I lost marks because my reference list wasn’t in alphabetical order! That ticked me off so bad…

I hope so! I sometimes am about five minutes late to work, but I sent my boss a text message. I hope she wasn’t too mad about me being late, but she didn’t seem like it. I think I made it too obvious that I wasn’t in a good mood though. D:

Oh that sucks! But I’ll be doing a Masters degree most likely, so I’ll be finishing about the same time as you (read: STILL half a year earlier). Then again our courses are really different, so I don’t blame you! ♥

Ahaha I’ll take heaps of pictures to share and show off to you. :P

LOL yeah, I forgot that you commented after we talked about that place. I don’t like that it’s in the middle of nowhere. Of course I don’t mind if there is public transport nearby, but there isn’t. It’s totally crazy. :( I know when I worked at Cambridge that was in the middle of a lonely road, but there was a shopping centre nearby, and a main road with a bus stop!

It’s that cool that you’re a Disney fan too. I still remember seeing The Fox and the Hound, but it was a movie that I never liked. Perhaps because of how sad it was.
Glad you like Beauty and the Beast, and you agree that the story is beautiful :)

True, there are so many Disney films, it is sometimes difficult to choose which is better. Oh The Lady and the Tramp is lovely ♥

You’re totally right, cartoons and animations are associated with children. I understand.

Not that I do not like the new Disney movies but I do not feel as great as the classics.

Thanks Georgina! I also hope that nothing serious happens so quickly. At certain ages the routine checks are necessary, especially if one has been hospitalized several times.
Eating a little chocolate does not hurt. I’ve finished yet tdo box of chocolates that I got.

I can not agree more with you, we must keep hope alive. As the saying goes: “Hope is the last thing you lose.” The time of death might come soon, but I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with him.

Haha I agree with you.

I’m glad that finally there was no damage of any kind :)

Okay. Christmas is just around the corner. In my city have begun to decorate the stores with Christmas motifs.

Your handwriting is neat and legible.

Sorry you had a week silly.
A I do not like the references in the assignment. Seriously, I Could finish assignment much faster if I didn’t have to in-text reference sources.
In contrast, bibliography does not bother me make it. Thanks EasyBib site, I am sure I will be useful.

You just have a year to get your Bachelor’s degree? Really? I know you can do it, holidays are there, and after that, you’ll be ready to start again.

Sometimes it’s good break from all this. I’m sure you will reduce your fanlistings under 90 before the end of the year.

My day is not being very interesting so little. In the street outside is raining, and we are back on alert for rain and wind gusts.

I would love to see some more articles. I think your writing is so amazing. My jaw would drop the day I see a creative fiction story on here. If that ever happens.

I have a touch phone called a HTC. It’s pretty neat, and I think it’s better than an iPhone. At least that’s my opinion. I was almost tempted to swap it for an iPhone 4, until I played around with my friends one. I was not so impressed, but I wouldn’t complain if I had one. I have an iPod touch, and the only difference between the two is that an iPod can’t make phone calls.

It’s been cold here too. But next week the temperature will rise to around 30-40. I’m not looking forward to that at all. And the zoo sounds fun. I’ve been pestering my boyfriend about taking me there, but he says his too old to enjoy it. Pfft!

I’m thinking about doing a TAFE course next year in veterinary nursing. It’s a 12 month course and the job pay is shit, but better than what I’m getting now. (Added it in because you said you were bored). It’s about time I do something with life. I will be twenty three in three weeks. And I think I’m kidding my self about the possibilities of becoming a Pathologist. But who knows? Maybe I will get there one day!

You know I’ve gone this far (in the comment) without using spell checker. Haven’t I come a long way? If you remember. Hehe, I remember you once told me that you wouldn’t review me unless I fixed my spelling.

Your mum won’t approve of you buying a new laptop, but she wants you to get another job? Do you know why? She sounds very unreasonable. But I suppose she wants what’s best for you, maybe wanting you to apply your self to a new limit, challenge your self and know what’s really too much for you to handle. Your mum would hate me as a daughter. I don’t even have one job. :O Even my mum who is completely laid back, is more than pissed off at me about it.

You’ve seemed different lately. I hope the stress hasn’t gotten to you too much. Don’t reply to this comment, I don’t want you to. One less thing to do. until next time, take care. xoxox

Projects aren’t too fun. I don’t enjoy researching much, especially when sources can be so hard to come by, bias, etc…my school taught me about EasyBib, so I’ve always used it. I’m sorry that you had so much trouble, though; it’s a real pain to follow so many requirements :(

I have so much I’d like to do, but school takes up so much time! At least you’re really close to finishing :P I just cleaned up my website, so now I have to add more & better stuff XD I used to like spring, but now, it means exams /wah I hope that you can find a good job. Maybe you’ll get something really fun and not time-consuming lol.

Hmm I like a lot of your writing & tutorials ^__^. My day was a bit depressing and boring. I don’t know what kind of phone I have, but it’s old! lol. & I really want a good campus, but it takes elbow grease to get my parents to take me to see them e_e.

This is totally not blog related..but I felt the need to tell you: dude wtf I really feel like I should make a mental blacklist or actually…a physical handwritten blacklist of people we shouldn’t bother with (commenting wise that is). They can earn their place on the list by the following reasons:

-Disregard yer blog
-Got all huffy & puffy for no reason
-Misunderstood the point of your blog because their Engrish ain’t too g00d.
-Leave 1 sentence as a comment & the paragraph below is about their blog.
-Talk about themselves in your comments
-Advertise their new contests or grand opening in your comments

WANNA HELP ME COMPOSE ONE? e-mail me. hahaha.

Aw you have such cute handwriting, but that I already knew. :D What do you want for Christmasssssssss?! I’ve still left up my last blog (even though I know what I want to write for my next one) because I want it to read the top of my “most popular” list. Ahh quick, get Sebby & James to click on the blog for meee. I don’t know how many more views it needs to make it up there…but sheesh….it needs to get up there. hahaaha.

Lucky you! Uni is done for you for now until you start the school year over next year. :D Isn’t it exciting that you’re almost done & that you’ll finally get that Bachelors of yours?! Wooot woot. Although here…getting a BA or BS doesn’t really mean much since it hardly employs you for a job unless you’re an engineer…hahaa. It’s grad school or getting paid nuffin’. :(

OH SNAPS EASYBIB. TY FOR INFORMING US. THAT’LL MAKE MY LIFE EASIER. WOOOOOT. Totally using that today since I have to write a research paper myself. How did your assignment go after all? You think you did okay on it?

Ahh spring cleaning it is for you. Really does sound like you’re sweeping away all the unnecessary things with your fanlistings. That’s good though! It means you’ll have less stress & more fun. I mean, the last thing anyone really wants is for you to feel like maintaining all of these sites = a chore & not something you do for fun. I like having a website, but I feel like the forum has become more of a chore sometimes. I guess it’s because not that many people participate in the contests that it makes me sad. :(

OO OO I kind of want to send you a DVD now..or somethinggg. haha. Woman! Don’t you already have 2 jobs..? Your mom wants you to get another?! Ahh why can’t she let you enjoy your breakkk? I suppose taking on another job will bring you in some more money so you can sleep a little more comfortably knowing you’re making the big $$$.

Miss talking to you dearrrrr.

Well I think your blog is completely incorrect. I can’t believe you would say it’s a mistake you haven’t repeated. Huff! Puff! Your blog is weird.

My blog is about me and things I like to do. I was born in 1991, and my blog was born in 2009.
I have a new contest coming up; Who can punch me in the face over the Internet first!
Also check out my upcoming grand opening: McJonalds!


haha yeah, the vow of silence thing would have been vcompleetly impossible since i worked that day and im a cashier so.. ahha it wouldnt of workedout very well since i thrive off of human contact!
it sucks to hear how stressful unviversity is :( i hope it ends up getting better?

How was your day?
so far my day was good i mean, i did some christmas baking and managed not t eat it all, but now im stuck brat sitting :(

WHat phone do you have?
I have the blackberry curve hbu? (:

I love your handwriting, it is so very cute.

I am so envious of you being at uni. I have applied to do two courses to get me into uni in 2012. I really hope I get accepted and then I have to work my ass off like you are.

I don’t mind if it takes you ages to reply to my comments or even comment my blog because at the moment I’m not having much luck being interested with the internet. My doctor upped my anti depressants and it’s changed me so much. I’ll probably write a blog about it (so I don’t bomb your comment with the info). :)

Oh dear god, I feel exactly the same way!
University is slowly kiling me. I did absolutly no work this weekend I know it will come back to bite me – hard – soon. I feel so stressed about it I often want to cry /argh
What course are you doing?
As for your boredom I can’t recommend anything. My life is so boring right now. All I do is eat and sleep, with a little bit of going out inbetween and tons of work in between all that.
But what phone I have, I have two, Sony Ericson W995 and Iphone :D

Aww you write pretty. :D I especially love the “hellooo” part. :D

Aww *hugs* one of my teachers actually made us do that. She said she was getting us ready for college,I really hated that assignment because it’s not fun, it’s bad bad enough I have to write the essay.
I’m going to throw you a graduation party online once you’re done, it will be over soon and you’ll have that degree. No more school and sitting in class for hours just listening to blah blah blah.

It’s been getting cold here too, the only reason I like it right now is because next month is Christmas. Next year I’m going to complain about the weather. XD

I only took 3 days this time, that’s a record lol.
Lucky! I have school till tuesday, then i got back the week after tuesday. I cannot wait for Christmas break. :D
I cannot wait to find that one person who would complete me. I dream of the future a lot. :D

My sis said she’ll get me a computer for Christmas!!! I am soo happy right now, if she does get me a computer it will be the best Christmas ever. I wonder what will happen to my current one.
Okay that’s selfish, if you’re not going to save it up for something important then don’t bother.