I used to play Quake. It was the best game ever. Please note that I do have a lot of games that I call the “best game ever”… It is so hard to decide when they have the same effect on me. The effect of blowing me over with more than amazing graphics, but a wild, out-there objective and… whatever it is that tickles my fancy. I’m easily amused, and easily entertained, I guess, which is why I’ll play anything from Dungeon Siege to Jungle Book. Aahaha.

Like I was saying, I played Quake and as far as I remember, there was a level called Vertigo. It amused me because you were in a state of zero gravity. I had heaps of trouble trying to avoid the lava pools, so I was amazed when I jumped and pretty much went flying. Of course, that had its disadvantages, but I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

People often experience this feeling of vertigo in real life, and I have to admit, I’m getting that a little now. Feeling dizziness, I was going to head off to bed, but I wanted to type up a blog because I didn’t detail this problem a couple of weeks ago (gee, it sounds like I’m getting ill lately).

I was coughing up tonsil stones. I’ll save you the images, obviously, but they are quite common and are these yellow-white, often smelly soft balls of “stuff” that you might cough up from time to time. It is not a serious disease; they are common, and in adults more so than children. Causes (according to Wikipedia, not the most reliable source but fair for general knowledge) include allergies to dairy products, large tonsil crevasses, overactive salivary glands and oral bacteria. I went to the doctor because it was pissing me off, and hurt my throat severely. She suggested some special strong mouthwash for throat problems. /yes

Now I think it’s had a shitty effect on me because I’m starting to get earache from it. I feel pain deep in my throat and I think I’m just going to have to give myself a rest now. I’ve been trying to sleep early, get more exercise (since I don’t want to gain weight over the holidays due to lack of exercise and laziness!), and cut down the time I spend on the internet. Yeah, it’s difficult to do all at once. December is nearly here and I know people are already thinking of New Year’s resolutions! @_@

Also, I’ve learned not to care.

What do I mean by that? Well… I am caring less about my websites; it sucks that I have so many and I’m trying to slowly cut down that number. My idea of thinking is this: the more websites I have, the less time I spend on them. The less time I spend on each of them, the more I neglect some. The more I neglect some, the less I seem to love them.

Ergo, if I have less websites, then I can give them more love, and spend more time on them. :)

I like interacting with people who comment on my blog. So tell me if you’ve ever had experience with tonsil stones, vertigo, or if you’ve played Quake. If not, what are your favourite games?

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I don’t think I’ve had tonsil stones, like ever. Then again, maybe I had, but I doubt they ever bothered me. ^^; Hope it gets better for you though.

I haven’t played Quake, although it seems interesting. I almost bought the fourth game once, too. xD Though I’m more familiar with Halo, Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead as far as FPS go.

As for Vertigo… I don’t know if I experienced it. I probably have before, but didn’t know it was called ‘vertigo’. Other than that, my other two experiences with the word are the UTS magazine and the film (which I didn’t like.) D:

Lucky you. :P Some people usually swallow them, so they don’t know that they ever have them. :)

I don’t think I got Quake 4; maybe I did but never played it. I loved Quake 3! I think I’m definitely into less modern stuff.

LOL. Do you know the U2 song Vertigo? :)

Very recently that my class adviser had to be absent for a very long time – about 2 months. At first we all thought he had just sprained his ankle, but, eventually, we began suspecting it was Vertigo, and that’s why he had to suddenly leave like that. I don’t know if he actually had Vertigo, but all that matters is that he’s okay now. :)

I don’t think I’ve ever had tonsil stones, but that must be annoying. I understand the feeling of ears aching from coughing too much though.

I’ve always wondered how you could keep all of your sites so updated despite how many you have. I think it is better that you close a few of them. It would only add to the stress if you didn’t, and you deserve to relax. :)

That’s pretty sickening. Things like that make me lose my appetite d:

I’ve actually never played Quake. I just might after I get everything done today. What a nice way to spend a Sunday (: Tonsil stones are probably the most annoying thing. They’re disgusting when you accidentally swallow them again & they leave the worst taste in your mouth plus a sore throat if it happens enough. I hope you start feeling better though & enjoy your holidays (: I really should start thinking of new year resolutions. It’d probably be the perfect time in my life to just take a step back & start over a bit.

i have a few games that are ‘best game ever’. my few are, the sims, harry potter, csi, tomb raider, sacred etc. i like strategy games the best like roleplaying.
i hope u get rid of that coughing soon, doesnt sound pleasant. i havent had that and i never knew it existed.
u must keep this website, u are a good friend i met online and dont want to lose u.

Haha, I always forget that not everyone on here lives in the U.S. I forget that ALL the time!! Haha any suggestions for anything in Australia? :D

Ahh good old Freewebs, I remember Freewebs in the good old days haha. I used to have the cheesiest website on there lol. I’ve had like 15 cheesy-ass websites though. XD It seems like that’s the age when everyone of this generation starting getting web-design happy. I was the same age haha.

Haha that’s okay, my site freaks out over a lot of things. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my website has done similar before and I had to change the title. I think it’s actually done it a few times to me. Grrr.

Nails on guys can be okay if they’re clean lol. If they’re not, oh boy we have a problem. So, I guess I can compromise and say that it is only really bad when they’re dirty and you can see gunk underneath lollll.

Ahhh that sounds like it hurts pretty bad. :( I hope you feel better soon. And LOL to the doctor who was oh so very helpful lmao.

You do have a lot of websites and no matter what you say, you’re really good at taking care of all of them. I’ve always been impressed with how dedicated you are to each and every one.

Can’t say I’ve ever played Quake. I’m not a huge gamer. I used to play more computer games when I was younger and there was only one Playstation. :P I always liked all those platform games like Mario, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot best. Loads of people say they’re not real games because its just jumping around and collecting stuff but I loved them. My favourite game was Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer. :P The disc broke ages ago though, I was really upset. :L I have a Wii now and I sometimes play Super Mario Galaxy or the Wii Fit.

Ugh, those tonsil stones sound really disgusting. I hope you’re okay, it sounds like it’s making you really quite ill. *get well soon wishes* ;)

You have loads of websites. I would never be able to keep up. I’m happy with one. If I want to put different stuff up I just add a new section.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can find the website. I always feel terrible if I forget to credit.

I hate greasy hair. My hair is all right, I can get away with washing it every second day. But I have a little bit that’s supposed to be a side fringe (the hairdresser mucked it up) and it always gets in my face but I can’t push it back because my hair gets greasy really quickly if I touch it a lot. It does my head in. XP

Studying can be a problem with me because I hate revising things I already know. Once I’ve learned something I don’t care anymore. I care about new things, whether I’m learning from something or deducing it myself. So it’s hard to make me study prior to exams.

I wouldn’t worry too much. I was already not feeling to great that day. (Tip, don’t eat any fast food the same day). I never realised just how hot and stuffy it is inside which is really bad when you’re not feeling well. You’ll be fine though. I made a pact with myself if I got sick again I would stay no matter what. I regretted going home so much.

Oh I hope you’re feeling better. Never heard of tonsil stones then again I might off had it and never known!

Quake! I used to love playing quake. Have to admit now I just usually play Pokemon games or Mario games. I haven’t bought a new game in ages, hmm might have to go and have a browse now.

I have a friend who suffers from vertigo. I suffer from dizziness due to sometimes having high blood pressure and it’s not nice when the room starts spinning. I nearly fainted once D:

Know what you mean about websites. So busy with work and stuff that its so hard to find time for blogging or doing website related stuff!

I’ve never even heard of Quake. D: *Googles!*

Oh, it’s a first-person shooter? Probably not my thing.

You amaze me sometimes, you know? How you can go from talking about an old video game to tonsil stones is beyond me. xD

Haha, nice little explanation of Wikipedia as a source. Made me think it might be a subtle jab at that thing you were telling me about last week. You know what I’m talking about, I think. :P

LOl, thanks for sparing me the images. xD I actually went to the Wikipedia page and looked at the close-up images. Weird much? Heh. I was curious!

New Year’s resolutions? Oh god, I haven’t even started thinking about the new year yet. D: There are still so many exciting things happening before the end of this year, like the A7X and MCR concerts, Thanksgiving, and Chanukah! Plus I really really don’t want it to be after 28 December of this year… because I feel like once it’s been more than a year since his death, it’ll feel like he’s even farther away and even more truly gone. D: Does that make sense?

Which reminds me… the fanlisting. Should I do it? D:

Anyway, I agree that you should definitely downsize on the number of websites you have. What will you get rid of though, besides fanlistings?

I haven’t played Quake in a long time, but I do have fond memories of it.

I’ve never had tonsil stones, but I have been diagnosed with benign positional vertigo – basically every so often I move in just the wrong way to trigger it and I end up with the room spinning so bad I can barely walk.


Long time no talk, o: . Man, I haven’t talked to you in like two motha’pawking months, lmao. Been so dead lately, =_=’.

But anyways.
Whoa, that sounds awful, Dx. Your being sick and all. The last time I was sick, I was coughing nonstop for about a week, always blowing my nose, and drinking like, forty million cups of water a day, haha. It was terrible. I had to miss school, and when I went to California for my grandfather’s funeral, I was still sick, and I accidentally caused all of my cousins as well as my brother to be sick, too, because we were all hugging each other and crying and stuff. So yeah, I got them all sick . . . Haha. And when I recovered, I got sick again three days later, 0.o. I don’t get how that happens, lol. But I hope you feel better!

I’ve never played or even heard of Quake before, xD. I grew up thinking video games, board games, computer games, or any games at all is stupid and pointless and a waste of time. Until the third grade, when I watched my brother play Pokemon on his Gameboy Advance, and I became like, so amused. I always asked him if I can play for him every now and then, since I wanted to play it so bad. It looked like so much fun. He let me but after awhile got annoyed because he wanted to do stuff on it, too. So then my mom bought me my own Pokemon game, and a few months later I got a Nintendo DS, and I got the Pokemon DS games, too. And I was hooked, xD. I introduced it to my best friend, Sydney, and she got hooked too, :b. It was so much fun playing Pokemon. We were obsessed, my cousins and I, and whenever we had a family gathering in California, we’d sleep over at Jason’s and stay up ’til really early in the morning playing and trading Pokemon, xD. I even made several Pokemon websites in fifth and sixth grade, ahaha. Good times, xD.

I used to play a few Nitendo/Gameboy/PS Games when I was younger :) Those were the days ;D I’ve neverrrr heard of Quake though.

I’ve definitely felt like that before though. Sometimes when I’m ill or just sleep badly, I wake up and feel completely dazed.

Ohh that sucks, I hope you get better soon :(

I’m a bit ill, not as ill as that, but there seems to be some bug going around. Most people in my classes have this sore throat and cold D: It sucks x(

I usually don’t make resolutions until it is actuallyy new years day xD I only have one website with two ‘branches’, and I find it hard enough to keep up xD Sooo well done for maintaining all of those websites :]

the only game I play is the sims 3. I have never heard off Quake, but it sounds interessting. I’m sorry that hyour not feeling well. I’m shure you’ll get well soon

I can’t imagine to have so many websites, I allready have problems to find things for my own website. You should probably scrap the ones you use almost not *probably bad english, sorry for that*.

I’ve coughed up yellow-white mucus things before, but I don’t think that they’re the same as tonsil stones. I hope that you get better soon! That feeling of light-headedness is not fun. Personally, I like knowing that I am completely solid and on the ground.

My favorite video games are those that are cute and/or fun with other people. I tend to be biased towards fantasy and cartoony games, like Final Fantasy and Super Smash Bros.

I find that by doing fewer things, the things I do are better. To me, one website with lots of love >> many websites with a little love.

I’m not really interested in online games. I would play Kingdom Hearts because I’ve heard of it so much and read the books.
Sorry to hear about tonsil stones. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe if you eased up on the dosage of the mouth wash it will help?
I need to get more exercise for the holidays too. Don’t want to get a bulge.
I think you have a good plan to spend more time on fewer sites. Anything that will ease stress.
As I said I don’t play online games. I love playing chess though.

Too bad for being sick :( or having a chain of sickness coming off one thing. My sister gets tonsil stones every so often, I’ve never had them, that I know of. And I’ve never heard of quake :(

I used to play Quake like a maniac, when I was like 7 or 8 I stayed up until 5 or 6 in the morning to beat it.
I cant say I have experienced tonsil stones :D, but it seems like it sucks. /bash
I enjoy reading your blog & I enjoy that you reply to comments.
Sorry for such a short comment, going to bed here. /wave

Woah, see, i’ve always wondered how you manage to run so many websites. AND now you say you also play a lot of games. Where do you get the time?!! It’s a good theory you’re going by though – to have less websites and love them more – i think it’ll work out for the better :) And i have no idea what tonsil stones and problems with them are like, but i have had a looot of sinus problems. So i hope you get better soon, cos it sucks to be sick, especially in summer.

Yuck I have tonsil stones. They stink too :/ Mine are from bacteria though, probably because my tonsils are so large.

I agree with your logic about domains. I have a lot too but being a senior in high school with paddling and a job I don’t have the time I want to spend on them :( But I still get on, read fine blogs (like yours) and learn a thing or two about something like CSS or PHP :D

Awesome mobile theme btw. I saw your tutorial and thought it was interesting, I will try it one day :)

I suffer Vertigo daily. Some days worse then others … That’s what happens when you have low blood pressure, vertigo is one of the many things you get. Severe enough to fall backwards after getting up in the morning … I have fainted a few times and that is when it’s dangerous. That’s also why I am not allowed to drive a car anymore. :(

Tonsil stones, wow never heard of them. They sound horrible and very painful …

I am not a gamer, so no Quake for me. The only game I have played and will play is Guitar Hero …

Im pretty happy to say ive never coughed up tonsil stones, it sounds BRUTAL. and icky haha, something i definitely dont want to ‘appear’ in my mouth, however, vertigo is almost an everyday thing for me, im constantly lightheaded, whenever i feel heat i get lightheaded and it sucks, and i dont just mean light headed lol i get dizzy and my visions a blur and my body falls asleep, its pretty harsh, and scary haha. Its happened so often its insane.
Ive never played quake however my mother was obsessive over it a couple years ago, i always wanted to play but couldnt get the hang of it, i dont tend to play video games too often but when i do its probably some mario game or sims, i love sims haha but it becomes a pain in the butt afterawhile xD
Yeah, science isnt my forte but being nice isn’t his. I missed his class once because i overslept and he hasnt let it go since, one day when i was sick he took the microscope and make the focus dodgy and he was like ‘this is tanara waking up’ i mean, its alright to be playful, but to act like that to my face and tell my parents that im an insufficient worker through my midterm is just brutal.

I’m not quite sure what tonsil stones are but hope you get better!
I have never played Quake but I’ve heard of it.. for sure.
For me I get bored of games easily but I love arcade fighting games hahah
I tried RPGS though… lol all fruit-less

I’ve had tonsil stones, just over night and they drop off in the morning, they’re pretty gross! I’ve never been into video games before but I did have a slight obsession with angry birds

Thanks for the comment

OMG Georgina I’m so glad I read your blog!!!! lol I’ve been coughing up tonsil stones for years now and I never knew what they were!!! lmao I think mine have to deal with the tonsil crevesses you mentioned because it’s only on the one side of my mouth and I can feel with my finger where they are forming (a few times I’ve dug them out with my nails) okay and that was disgusting, so sorry about that!!! haha

I’ve never played Quake but I’ve heard a lot of people really enjoyed it :D Hope you can figure something out with your websites so you can find a place where you’re happy with them

I want to know what Quake is. Your story seems like it is fun… do you experience adrenaline rush when playing that? Sorry, I really have no idea what Quake is.

Tonsil stones? naahhh.. i seldom get sick and when I get sick… it’s worst. 😰

i’m not into games pertaining to board ones. though yeah i play scrabble and the like but i don’t have a specific favorite. maybe i’ll just go to monopoly. :p


Like the non-gamer I am (hahahaha) I have not heard of that game. As per usual XD. Go me :P. But it reminds me of that carnival game in Grease. The one that shakes. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta were singing that song at the end and dancing on it!

Oh god. Games with odd gravity. I can NEVER cope with those D:. I get so confused, and I like have…NO FINESSE so I always end up jumping too high or not high enough. Ugh! I just suck at games in general, though I’m sure you know that already :P.

Vertigo does not sound like a good feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever exactly experienced vertigo, but if I stay up really late, I get really dizzy and nauseous and I get tension headaches. And if I lie down for too long, I get epic headrushes. Those are NOT COOL. Poor you! If you’re getting vertigo you REALLY gotta sleep earlier! Take care of yourself Georgie! I don’t want you falling ill :(.

YUCK! Tonsil stones. I hate those. Really, REALLY hate those. They’re DISGUSTING. And SO hard to cough up. Cos they STICK like it’s nobody’s business. I haven’t had them in a while though D:. I hope you stop getting them soon. Especially if they’re hurting your throat. That can NOT be good D:. Tonsils are a pain in the arse. /angry

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! Oh god. I better start thinking of those soon. Eep. I am determined to make ones I can keep this year. Hahaha you sound like you’ve already made not-new-year resolutions with the whole exercise-more, less-internet thing :P. Good! You can get healthy with ME :D.

I’ve never played quake.
But I like the idea of cutting down the number of your websites. I get really impressed how you manage them. God knows, I could never manage one, let alone the 20 you manage.

Urgh, the human furballs XD .
I believe a there was a similar blog so I’ll refrain from repeating my list of games and reasons. As for vertigo, I tend to find that happens when I overdrink (which may be too little to make a consideration since that was my first and hopefully last experience with alcohol). Maybe thats just the proprioreceptors acting up… either way, it feels like vertigo.

I like your process of eliminating websites. It makes sense in a way.

I’ve only played Mario when I was 7 or 8. And sometimes I play Solitaire, I’m lame like that.