I used to play Quake. It was the best game ever. Please note that I do have a lot of games that I call the “best game ever”… It is so hard to decide when they have the same effect on me. The effect of blowing me over with more than amazing graphics, but a wild, out-there objective and… whatever it is that tickles my fancy. I’m easily amused, and easily entertained, I guess, which is why I’ll play anything from Dungeon Siege to Jungle Book. Aahaha.

Like I was saying, I played Quake and as far as I remember, there was a level called Vertigo. It amused me because you were in a state of zero gravity. I had heaps of trouble trying to avoid the lava pools, so I was amazed when I jumped and pretty much went flying. Of course, that had its disadvantages, but I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

People often experience this feeling of vertigo in real life, and I have to admit, I’m getting that a little now. Feeling dizziness, I was going to head off to bed, but I wanted to type up a blog because I didn’t detail this problem a couple of weeks ago (gee, it sounds like I’m getting ill lately).

I was coughing up tonsil stones. I’ll save you the images, obviously, but they are quite common and are these yellow-white, often smelly soft balls of “stuff” that you might cough up from time to time. It is not a serious disease; they are common, and in adults more so than children. Causes (according to Wikipedia, not the most reliable source but fair for general knowledge) include allergies to dairy products, large tonsil crevasses, overactive salivary glands and oral bacteria. I went to the doctor because it was pissing me off, and hurt my throat severely. She suggested some special strong mouthwash for throat problems. /yes

Now I think it’s had a shitty effect on me because I’m starting to get earache from it. I feel pain deep in my throat and I think I’m just going to have to give myself a rest now. I’ve been trying to sleep early, get more exercise (since I don’t want to gain weight over the holidays due to lack of exercise and laziness!), and cut down the time I spend on the internet. Yeah, it’s difficult to do all at once. December is nearly here and I know people are already thinking of New Year’s resolutions! πŸ˜•

Also, I’ve learned not to care.

What do I mean by that? Well… I am caring less about my websites; it sucks that I have so many and I’m trying to slowly cut down that number. My idea of thinking is this: the more websites I have, the less time I spend on them. The less time I spend on each of them, the more I neglect some. The more I neglect some, the less I seem to love them.

Ergo, if I have less websites, then I can give them more love, and spend more time on them. πŸ™‚

I like interacting with people who comment on my blog. So tell me if you’ve ever had experience with tonsil stones, vertigo, or if you’ve played Quake. If not, what are your favourite games?

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