Timeless Thoughts: The day I said “yes”

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We kinda forgot about last month’s Timeless Thoughts (did anyone notice?), but we’re back. :) It’s been some time since I have written my own post as well, because I’ve been really busy with wedding planning.

Speaking of wedding planning, with two weeks to go I thought I’d bring back an obviously fond memory of mine and that is the day Nick proposed to me a little bit over a year ago. It’s crazy to think that a whole year has passed since then. It’s gone by so fast! And we even booked in our wedding venue soon after we got engaged.

I remember that everything happened so perfectly. It wasn’t a complete surprise as I expected Nick would pop the question very soon, but I played along with what was happening even though I picked up a few things that seemed out of place. We went to Villa Monastero on Lake Como in Varenna, Italy, and it just so happened that other people visiting and sightseeing the villa finished exploring that particular spot just before Nick proposed. There was even a man and his son who snuck near the lake to go fishing just after we had our special moment.

Nick proposing to me
Nick proposed to me a little over a year ago

There was no hesitation in my answer to Nick, of course… I didn’t think I’d cry since it wasn’t a complete surprise but I was very overwhelmed with emotion that I did. 😭😍

Most of our wedding planning is done and I didn’t blog about a lot of it for privacy reasons (and not just me being busy), but I’ll be writing about it in the days to come and shortly after. ☺️

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OMG just two weeks left for the big day! All the best to you both for your upcoming journey together and I am waiting to read more about the wedding day now!

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I can’t believe it’s two weeks until the big day! Time really has gone by so fast. I’m so glad that his proposal was perfect for you and honestly, id prefer it if my future partner proposed to me without anyone around so no one except him can see blubber like a little baby, haha!

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Love this picture!!! Such sweet moment, congrats again!!! Can’t wait to see wedding pics and read all about it after the honey moon!!!!

Wish nothing but happiness to you and Nick!!!! So exciting the wedding date is near!

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Your engagement photo is the cutest! You both look so happy, and location is just amazing. Awwwww!

I remember when you posted about this for the first time and how lovely it was to read about. I know I’ve said this a thousand times but I’m so happy for both of you!

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