The Road Not Taken

Yes, I know I have a photoblog post by the same title – no big deal!

Yesterday James and I went to a forest that had a few bush trails. It was a lovely day, not too hot and not too cold. It was even chilly in the forest. It’s right in the middle of the suburbs, which is quite unusual for a forest. At least it was close to where we live. The air in the forest was so fresh. You could breathe in and out so deeply without feeling the need to cough or without smelling pollution or even inhaling dust particles. It was magnificent.

In high school – early high school, which must have been year seven if I remember correctly (eight or so years ago…) – we had an interesting geography teacher who used to live in the country. He said that people in the country usually have pink lungs, and people who live in the city have black lungs. He explained that in the city, all the pollution in the air we breathe dirties our lungs. That was definitely the new thing I learned that day. Someone asked the teacher if living in the country for some time would make our lungs pink. He said that it would, though it would take some time.

Anyway, I wondered how awesome it would be to live in that forest. Breathing deeply and getting so much oxygen from the trees. I realised that this was the real fresh air. Not just going out in my damn garden. πŸ˜›

Where will the path lead?

The time really flew while we were there. I didn’t think we’d spent two whole hours there but we did. It was very refreshing. Unfortunately I had stepped in dog poop before we’d even started walking on the trails, and it was annoying to get off as I scraped my foot across wooden steps and in the grass. Even when we were heading back to James’s house I could still smell the stupid poop on the bottom of my shoe. Unlucky… πŸ˜†

Deep in the forest πŸ™‚

This is a photo of us with Keeks! β™₯️

James, me and Keeks πŸ™‚

We made pasta bake. It was delicious. We made a lot, using up two whole jars of pasta sauce and two whole bags of pasta. We had two different kinds of pasta sauce – carbonara (the white kind) and spicy pepper (not as spicy as I’d imagined). We layered it up with mushrooms and cheese so that the carbonara pasta was at the bottom of the bake and the spicy pepper on top.

We put lots of vegetables into the spicy sauce with the pasta, and we actually put a bit of plain tuna into the carbonara.

I know we always make unusual foods (salmon muffins!)… but fish is good for you – good fats and oils. And tuna is no harm to pasta, I tell you. You add tuna to pasta the same way you would add other meat to it. And dude, it was so delicious. The carbonara sauce and the pasta with the tuna dispersed throughout it was so tasty. It’s not like this cheese blob you usually taste. It was pretty epic. It never hurts to mix up your recipes a bit.

We didn’t even follow a recipe. πŸ˜„ πŸ‘


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