Cherry Flavoured Antacids

Ughhhhh. For the past three days or so, I have felt extremely bloated. It’s not cool. And now I think I need antacids because it’s just getting hard to pass anything (as gross as that sounds, sorry) because I feel epically bloated. My stomach is huge. It looks like I’m pregnant – that’s how huge it is. :(

I don’t really care how my stomach looks. I’ve been doing 100 sit-ups every day for the past week, and recently upping that to 150. I could do more, but I do the sit-ups in the morning before I’ve eaten anything so I don’t throw up. I’m not worried about how my stomach looks; it’s just obvious with this bloat. Urgh. 🙄

I’ve actually tried a lot of things to get rid of the bloat. I ate an entire bag of prunes. I drank lots of water of course, sometimes with lemon juice and even vinegar. I even ate nearly a whole tub of salad, as well as apples. It really didn’t help.

I suddenly remembered something my biology teacher said nearly three years ago in high school: corn passes right through you. I love corn! Corn apparently passes right through you starting with the fact that the kernels are so small so when you chew them, some parts remain only partially chewed. The outer ‘skin’ of corn, if you will, contains cellulose which we cannot digest. Because of this, it passes right through our system. The body essentially lacks the enzymes to break down cellulose fully.

I could go more into depth, but my biology brain has sort of died. I studied four sciences in high school (though I dropped chemistry because it was hell as soon as the balanced equations came in), but I don’t recall much of what I’ve learned. It’s funny to think that I was actually very interested in science back then, and now things have changed.

It’s also a bit sad. I remember that when I was ten years old, I showed a very, very unique interest in rocks and gemstones. From that moment, I wanted to be a geologist. I wanted to look at rocks. It isn’t until now that I realise how much I loved science as a kid.

I was always watching those science shows. Later on I was still interested in gemstones and rocks, thoroughly enjoying a day at the museum and spending most of my time on the gemstones level, but I had shown a new interest in chemistry… LOL.

I loved mixing things and I attended a fun course when I was ten years old to learn more about chemicals.

I remember still considering geology when I was in high school, and still wanting to be that girl who looked at rocks. Part of me also loved the terms and names for all the rocks. And when I thought about chemistry, you have no idea how much the names of chemicals amused me. I promise you, I was reading ingredients on body lotion bottles out loud: sodium hyaluronate, bran glycoside, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin…

Sadly, there is more to it than meets the eye. In life we are forever learning and I suppose that is why our childhood dreams always change. I know we all probably had some weird childhood dreams… but looking more into what such dreams would bring probably scared us. Reality hit us, we learned more, and perhaps there was something better.

Or perhaps, deep down, we knew that in the great scope of life, our interests would get us nowhere. Perhaps we were secretly hurt that our parents told us that being a ballerina or a soccer player or a jewellery maker or artist weren’t going to get us enough money to live. Perhaps we just took the safe road. /faw

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Poor you. Bloating sounds TERRIBLY uncomfortable D:. I mean, I already hate it when I eat too much and end up way too full. Feeling like that for THREE DAYS would totally screw up my sanity O_O . I hope it goes away soon! Otherwise you might REALLY have to invest in some antacids!

WAAAARGH! 150 SIT UPS A DAY? I get tired after TEN. LOL. I don’t even do them properly. Mine are more like crunches, cos I can’t bring myself to sit ALL THE WAY up. Too PAINFUL D:. BUT AT LEAST YOU’RE EXERCISING :D. Good work! XD

OMG! If I ever need to epically diet (more than I am dieting now), I’m so investing in lots of CORN! Hahahahaha. That is SO COOL. Awww, I wish I had done biology, but I chose to do 3u English and Maths instead :(. I LOVE biology! Especially the human body stuff :P. And pathogens and antigens and all that stuff! Oh well, I can always read about it XD.

HAHAHA! I remember you getting all excited about rocks in year 9 science! I love how the chem teachers made artificial malachite, which ended up GREEN. That was awesome! Chem names are always so long and complicated though D:. So hard to remember. And chem really DID end up being hell-like /bash .

It’s so strange sometimes how what we end up choosing for a career is so different to what we wanted to do when we were children. But hey, like you said, things change. Let’s just hope we make the right decisions in the end and end up happy :).

I hate bloat. :( Oh yes… I think I forgot to mention in my blog that I also tried exercising. Not just sit-ups but dancing and moving around. That didn’t seem to help.

If you keep doing sit-ups though, you’ll be able to do more at once. I’ve noticed! You can also start with many small ones (not going all the way up) then lift higher as you go. Everything in baby steps of course.

I raided my mum’s cabinet and ate a whole can of corn. :X I told her though, and surprisingly she did not mind. :D

I’m glad I dropped chemistry. I just started falling behind after the mole and equation stuff. It was quite upsetting, and I don’t think I bothered trying to pick everything up so I kept falling behind and in the end I ended up dropping it. Calculations were never really my thing – physics was intense enough! But I felt like it made more sense than chemistry… /ho

I was always told to do what makes me happy, no matter what it was. happiness was more important to my family then a status.
A laxative works, but if it doesn’t improve, you need to see a doctor. They’ll give you an enema (sorry everyone reading this), or even a colon cleanse would work as it removes the waste in your body. Just a few suggestions. Bloating is painful :(

Tomorrow we’ll get you some cranberry juice. I heard it’s good for that kinda thing; so are dried cranberries :)

Your interests can still get you far; it’s just that we are taught that the conventional way is safer. For an example of interests and success…heck. Look at Altiyan Childs.
I just think that the fact our interests are rarely encouraged in favour of education in wave after wave after wave, that they are pushed aside and shown to be dangerous; pastimes at best. People who have the dedication and the inspiration to follow their interests to their full potential are somehow seen as risk takers, when it should be normal for each person to be their own. I know it sounds hypocritical (i..AM in uni /um) but I picked a course that complements my personal interests nicely; which means a lot more to me than those suckers whose Asian parents made them pick aerospace medical law.


Yay! :)

Altiyan had that dedication and inspiration, I think. I feel that I have been dedicated to many things but not enough in the fields I used to have interest in. I’m glad my parents had no impact on what I chose for my course, though. They stopped trying to influence my decisions since I scoffed after their suggestion of commerce for year nine. D: I suppose that is a good thing, as they sort of support what I like to do now.

Though my mum doesn’t think that self-employed is good, and some web designing jobs involve that. My gosh I don’t even know what I want to do exactly… certainly not aerospace medical law. /bounce

Aww! Poor Georgina! I hope you get well soon and uh.. pass y’know… ~ Huhu.

I love Biology! It’s my favourite out of the three I do at school which are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Biology is just epicly intresting! Chemistry sucks. And so does Physics. 😢

The chemical name chlorine amuses me, just because it sounds like my name… Pauline. :P :L

Yeah, it’s weird how easily we all change and forget! :P And yep, I guess that is a reason. I told my mum once I wanted to be an artist and she just said I won’t get anywhere in life with art… /wah

I hate bloats. Just had one a couple weeks ago. Bloats are probably due to gases in your digestive system if I believe, and sometimes pain can come from a chemical imbalance (usually too acidic) in your stomach. Antacids are bases. Fruits contain a lot of acids. Eating a lot of fruit will probably make things worse. I’d recommend a few Tums and saltine crackers if possible. Also, burp and fart as much as possible. Sounds something a 10 year old boy would do, but it helps.

I used to do lots of sit-ups. I think that I got up to 200 once, until I found out that doing sit-ups doesn’t actually make your belly flatter. :(

When I was very young, I thought that if I could mix two chemicals together, a frog could jump out. So I wanted to be a chemist. I was also interested in being a geologist for a while because gemstones were so pretty! But the reality is that if you’re a chemist, you’re going to be a lab rat somewhere for the rest of your life. And if you’re a geologist, you’re either a professor or you’ve sold your soul to an oil company. Partly because of that, and partly because my interests changed, even while at university, I’m glad that I’m trying to be an engineer instead. (But science is so cool!)

Aww, I am sorry you are bloated. I’m sure you will not be bloated for long. What are you going to school for right now? What are Antacids?

I used love science when I was a kid, I wanted to be veterinarian.

That is a lot of sit ups. Doesn’t that hurt?

I also never knew that about corn, I should buy loads of corn and do a thousand of situps to like get skinnier. I am sorry for the delay and short comment.

We were lucky that the fire didn’t spread. :)

I think you need more DVDs. :D

I am being treated for Acid Reflux. Before this medicine I am currently taking, I coughed and threw up every time I finished eating something, but it was not the food; it was blood. I would also have these serious nosebleeds. It is all because a teen was texting whilst driving, and hit the bumper whilst my dad was driving – me in the backseat – two and a half years ago. I understand your pain. :( Even if it is not the bloatedness. It still hurts. o.o

Have you tried eating applesauce or something? Or drinking apple juice, grape juice… White Grape juice usually helps me when I am having problems with bloating. :) Lately I have felt like that because of Thanksgiving – my body is not used to eating so much junk, so my tummy has been upset. :( Could you have possibly eaten something that upset your stomach that was different from your regular diet?

You’re welcome. ^^ I didn’t know what to blog about that day, and I wanted to answer them all before 2011. I also was not sure whether I would be blogging during the next two weeks or not; I still don’t know, LOL.

Yesterday I looked up the song on YouTube, and the beat sounded cool, but the lyrics and whatnot annoyed me, therefore ruining my thoughts on the beat. o.o

I love science. I just wish that when I was going through college, the professors weren’t such A-holes. That made me dislike it, but if I had the option to take anything, I would pick sciences over other subjects.

You should fart. Sorry. LOL! When I’m bloated and gasy, I just have to fart it all out and it goes away.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m getting a comment plugger error on your website when I try to leave a comment. Hope you get it fixed. :)

Usually teachers make me dislike the subject they’re teaching if I don’t like them. It sucks, it’s like they scar you… :P

I hate running with a passion, so I only run like 3 times a week, I do situps every day and generally do around 100-120. It’s a good idea to do it before food though, indeed ^__^

I have been far too busy replaying my favorite video game, just to see the oh so sexy main character /faw

As for your digestive issue, I would try taking a tablespoon of mineral oil, it’s a surefire laxative. My grandmother used to give it to my brother when he was an infant because he had digestive issues. I’m sorry you’re not doing well internally. *hugs*

I always wanted to be a military doctor =/ Though I decided against medical school, I am still getting a degree in psychology, so I can be a military doctor…sort of. I’m joining the US Navy after college.

I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling so bloated! I hope you feel better soon! Have you tried Activia yoghurt? I’m not sure if they have it in Australia, but they have it in America so maybe they sell it there. It’s supposed to be really good for bloating, I’ve never tried it but my mum has and she said it works!

I wish I had the motivation to do up to 150 sit ups! I could really do with it right now because of all the food I’ve ate and will be eating around Christmas. :P

A geologist sounds like a cool job to have if it’s something you’re interested in. It’s rare to find a child who says “I want to be a geologist when I grow up”, they usually say the typical ballerina or football player!

Ever since I was little I’ve had no idea what job I want to go into when I’m older. I need to start thinking about it soon, as in a few years I will have to get a proper job! I guess I’ll just go into retail whilst I’m in sixthform and if I go to university, I want a career though, not just a job!

Yeah, One Direction didn’t win haha. :( They came third and apparently have a recording contract though! :D

Thank you. :)

Hey /eee
I know what you mean with the bloat thing, I went through it a couple months ago. In my desperation I listened to my grandmother and drank mineral oil. It was absoulutely disgusting, but it did the trick! So depending on how far into desperation you are, you could try that? Definitely google how much you should have though, my grandmother is very old fashioned and believes that more is better. I had to down a cup of it in 5 minutes! It definitely wanted to exit the way it entered, but I wouldn’t let it because I knew that it was a good thing.
Anyways I, too, had a serious interest in the sciences but I was more into anatomy and biology rather than chemistry and geology. I wish I was still into it, but life just doesn’t allow time to follow all of your interests!
Well I hope your problems become cleared up soon, I know it’s not a pleasant thing to go through.
Have a nice day! /eee

Well good for you for doing all those situps! I was thinking of doing a situps challenge at some point in the near future. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt! I remember hearing that about corn, too. I used to love science class but I don’t think I could ever make a career out of it. I do enjoy learning about facts and how the world works.

Ugrh I hate getting bloat stomach. I hope you can get it settled soon because I know it is such an uncomfortable feeling!

I suppose when you get older you tend to do something you like. My parents wanted me to do something Science related — I even got a scholarship to do Nursing. But I thought, why do something I hate, something I’m not good at? Even if I succeed I don’t want to be miserable when I start working. So now I’m doing Media. :) It’s not always that we choose something that is regarded as “safe”, sometimes the things that we choose to do happens to be our passion. :)

bloated? i haven’t experienced that yet… but i hope you’ll get better georgie. was that the “eat all you can” thing why you are/were bloated….? :X

geologist… that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy cool! i never found someone interested in rocks like you did… and also chemicals. i loved my chemistry subject back in high school. i was even planning to take up Chemical Engineering for college but the university i am currently enrolled does not offer chem. eng. Boo! so I ended up taking up Psychology as a course. no regrets though. /love

Your site has been down for me for a while, I hope you can fix it!

Nah, I don’t think that is why I’m bloated. I know I haven’t been eating a lot of fruit lately so that could be a reason why.

I used to be interested in fashion design and interior design and had them as choices, but I didn’t make it in. I’m not disappointed though because I absolutely do love my Communication course now. :D

yeaahhhhh it is down for almost a week now. /faw it’s because of NoLimitsHost’s server. My host said that they are not replying and being irresponsible for just ignoring our concerns. :( hopefully my site will be back before christmas… :( i really hope.

so you’re taking communication course now huh? that’s cool. though i’m a camera whore… other fields of com. do not suit me especially hosting, acting etc. hahaha 👏

That is a serious take on life. We do that from time to time, I suppose. The case was different with me. Whenever I read a book with a strong main character, I wanted to be him/her. At eleven, I wanted to be a wizard. I would have killed for a wand, seriously. Then there was the time I wanted to be a lawyer, a historian, archeologist, company secretary, flower-seller, engineer, actor…now I have settled for an author. For the past couple of years, my aim in life has been pretty steady. If not an author, then a writer, I suppose. Journalism or stuff.
I liked science and I scored good, but it was not something I wanted to do for my entire life, so I dropped that subject and picked another.
As cruel as it sounds, our parents have our best interests in mind. An artist or ballerina wouldn’t give us enough money to survive. Life is tough, girl.
But it does not really depend on us. Just let it flow. It will take you where it will. *Hugs* You just got to enjoy the ride. :)

Good luck with the bloat. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Thanks. I did impress the crowd. My hair grows really fast. I am proud of it. Thats why I uploaded it.

It’s probably better to do situps in the morning, but I like doing them right before I go to bed because there’s no way I’d have the energy in the morning :P I usually do 20 each of regular crunches, crunches with legs straight up in the air, bicycle situps, leg lifts, and side-to-side twists. And then sometimes I do pushups, planks, and stretches as well. I love exercising on my bed (uh, that was not meant to sound dirty!).

Ahh, you just reminded me of the wide variety of hobbies I had as a kid. I, too, loved rocks and gemstones, and my career aspirations included: geologist, artist, perfumer, jewelry maker, gymnast, gardener, circus performer, and princess. Now, I’m still trying to find the balance between pursuing something that I really like and something practical, but none of those careers are an option in my mind anymore!

Agh that’s really awful! Seems this post was a few days ago, I hope you’re feeling better! I’m no expert on biology though so I can’t give you any pointers. I’m sure you don’t look pregnant though! Haha. I can’t even do sit ups! They really kill my back for some reason. When it comes to exercise I run … a LOT! That’s really great for your ab muscles though, haha. I have none. =(

I totally failed at biology in high school, we had to dissect stuff, gross! You’re lucky you’re allowed to drop subjects, we had to take all state requirements! Though I loved chemistry, was probably my favorite. I absolutely hated physics! I consider it the dude science, haha.

I think we just take the safe road. Being an artist or a photographer won’t make me rich, but I think it’s a nice and easy life with enough money if I do well. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion model, what the hell? I’m so short it’s not even funny, how can I even be a model? Lmao. Of course I’ve joked about joining the Korean music industry, but I consider that sort of suicide. Though my friend Euna who is young (13) is serious about being a Korean celebrity, but like you said, childhood dreams get us nowhere. Really. Her parents are against it, and to be un-joking I’m against it too.

Haha, the way you put it, if needing guidance was the case then my mom would be … ugh there’s no word bad enough, and honestly I don’t think she’d go that far. My brother knows how to get home from the airport, he’s not a kid lol, he lives by himself in a big foreign city. If it was my cousin then that would be a different story. It’s just that my mom was the one who made him come back and doesn’t bother going to pick him up … it’s rude, that’s why I was and still am mad at her. I actually emailed my brother that day, he hasn’t replied yet. What has exam time done to everyone?

Psht it’s just three weeks! I’m not working for about the same amount of time, my mom didn’t even complain! You deserve a break, somehow you need go penetrate that message through her head, haha. It’s not like you’re quitting or anything.

Aw I think that way is better! It’s sort of Asian isn’t it? My cousin told me that he doesn’t have to buy anyone Christmas presents, and his mom (my aunt) buys him stuff when he needs it. It’s the same with my friends. Their parents say it’s because they’re not making money yet. Honestly that’s what my mom is used to as well, but my dad … this is his contribution to life’s annoying-ness. So I just get him a tie every year.

The weather has been so cruel lately, I don’t have cold Decembers in memory! There’s only a small shopping center I can walk to from here, it has absolutely nothing. The only major mall around here requires a car to get to. But my mom agreed to take me Christmas shopping, thank god. Of course the card idea is still there, I’ve done that in the past when I had absolutely nothing to buy.

I guess it does look better, but has a meaning! ‘Molla’ means ‘know’, so it would be like ‘knowing me’. It’s one of those that kind of goes with the .me, I think like with your domain and how you write ‘indecisively, me’.

Haha I do that sometimes too, but with iPods it’s no big deal since you can probably put it with a towel or something, and it doesn’t get that loud. The person I was talking about, I think she blasts it from the stereo, shower with door open, so it’s REALLY loud. Plus most people don’t listen to the same music as I do, hmmph. I don’t fancy hearing Justin Bieber while I’m minding my own business.

Even if you were a gay or lesbian I still think it’s wrong. To me, boys and girls need to be separate. Why else are there separate public bathrooms? Though in Europe they have unisex bathrooms … Shiver time. argh.

Ouch! That must’ve been awful! Out of curiosity what happened to you wrist? Using a mouse must put a lot of strain on it! But then again wouldn’t writing? Not that you can really change what hand you write with I guess.

Argh, the image you just gave me! Grabbing instead of kicking? Yeah definitely more accuracy and pain for them guaranteed, but that’s just gross! D=

i used to want to draw for a living. but the more i actually found out about art as a career, the more scared of it i became. it’s highly competitive, doesn’t always pay well, etc. so i did something more practical and it turns out i’m loads good at it. i’m kind of glad i didn’t do art as a career because i am convinced now that doing my hobby as work would have made me enjoy it less. it would have been terrible to find that what once relaxed me was now my main source of stress, you know? plus i make good monies in my current line of work and i can still draw for fun, so yay!
if youre no longer into science, what are you doing now?

I’m currently studying Communication in Information/Media. It’s really versatile, I love it! I guess that was more my thing, especially since I am interested in music, the internet, computers, and have a bit of a creative side.

I was told by many teachers during high school not to choose a hobby as a career. I would hate to have a career in something I completely dislike, though! However, in the end, I don’t think I’ll be getting sick of web design which is why I do want to include at least some of it in my career. :P

I agree on what you say, that we’re moving forward in technology but that isn’t helping other problems that we have right now. Sigh, I don’t think it’s improving either :/

I’d like to do that what’s in my bag post because I rarely change the contents on my bag. Idk, it’s kinda fun, though haha. :P

I’ve just fallen in love with your site! I love your theme! The header and coding is gorgeous!

Anyway back to the blog! I hope you feel better soon! 150 PUSH UPS?! I used to go to gymnastics and we were FORCED to do 150 in a MINUTE!!! I died everytime, I swear, one of the reasons I left!!

That’s sit-ups, not push-ups. I can’t do as many push-ups as I can sit-ups. Then again, practice always makes perfect and I have noticed that I can do more sit-ups in a row, the more regularly I do them.

I meant to say sit ups hahaha

10 years?! woah! Thats ages! I’ve only been designing since 2008!
I wish I didn’t have to leave it, but I dont have the money, I’ll always be designing, just not always on the same domain :( Its a shame cos it seems like I’m giving up a baby!!

I think I’ve improved too, I used to be SO bad! When I first got a sub domain, it took me so long to figure out php and fanupdate and wordpress because I was so used to piczo! But now I love coding! I love experimenting with it, and trying to make up my own codes haha!

I used to have two blogs, one on my main site and one that nobody knew about and I just let all my feelings out there, thats what I hope to do with my main blog now! :D