I haven’t had a birthday party since I was seven years old. That was my biggest birthday party and I remember it quite well. My mum had bought me some new clothes and I wore them on the day. They were a tartan pair of pants with a matching vest, and it came with a yellow long sleeved shirt too. Unfortunately it was hot so some time during the day I had to change out of the long shirt.

Near our house we have a toy library, connected to the normal local library. The toy library has a lot of different kinds of toys which you can borrow, and then return after two weeks – in their original condition, of course. When my brother and I got too old for these toys, they included a fee to join the toy library. It was free when we borrowed the toys; all you had to do was fill out a form and use your library card.

Some of these toys were small, like really small doll houses or puzzles and things. Some were freakin’ huge. When I say huge, I mean size-of-your-living-room huge. Sometimes we had a hard time fitting the pieces into the car. Once we borrowed a rocket/spaceship, that only required a bit of assembly, but it was still fun to play in! Another time we got a castle.

On my seventh birthday, we had borrowed these toys for the occasion and it was heaps of fun. Free, too – unlike people who go and pay hundreds to hire a clown or a jumping castle. πŸ˜„ I think we had a friend who dressed up as a clown, though I don’t quite remember. πŸ™

Since then, I haven’t celebrated my birthday with a party. My mum invited over fifty people that day, and our house was so packed. To celebrate my birthday! I felt pretty special, of course. These days that doesn’t happen, no one visits our house very much since we don’t like visitors, and I don’t go and hire out a place and pay to have a party.

Things have changed. Celebrations aren’t ‘parties’ anymore. You invite people out but you don’t even pay for their meals or their movie tickets. 😞 In high school when my friend celebrated her sixteenth birthday, she paid for all our movie tickets and the food we bought at the theatre. People are so cheap these days, aren’t they…?

They want people to come celebrate their birthdays but aren’t even keen on paying for everyone. Just… collect everyone’s money, I guess.

Maybe it’s because you get older and I suppose it’s kind of a given; it’s not an official party. It’s just like a celebration.

My parents once paid for me to have a birthday party at a place called Hide and Seek, which was just this massive kids’ playground with ball pits, obstacles, tunnels – it was so fun, and back in… oh, kindergarten… it was the place to have your party. I sort of miss being a kid. I remember my best friend (a guy at the time, funnily enough his name was James, too) dipping his chicken nuggets into Coca Cola… that was the life and no one cared.

Yesterday at work we had a little party. It was the last day of work for the year and there was a presentation for the kids who had done well or excelled in some way with their work. I chose to take photos, because I like any good opportunity to take one. 😁 As my workmates and I were setting up the food, we couldn’t help but eat some of the chips and lollies.

Maybe it’s not my party, and I don’t feel special, and I’m not having fun at my own party, but it’s really nice to help, be a part of the preparation, and see it from the outside. πŸ™‚

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