Favourite Worst Nightmare

It’s the friends you can call up at 4am that matter.

I sent James a text message this morning at about 6:00am. It’s Sunday, so usually I wake up late – the earliest probably being 9:00am. The reason I sent him a text message was because I had a really horrible nightmare. It wasn’t the kind of nightmare that woke me in shock, screaming. It wasn’t the kind of nightmare that made me wake up shaking. It wasn’t the kind of nightmare after which I woke up crying.

I guess my definition of “nightmare” varies greatly from what it was as a kid. For starters, I have rarely had a nightmare that has technically made me wake up. Most of the “nightmares” I’ve had have been night visions that sequentially end, before I wake up and then, thinking over the dream I had, shake in fright.

Delayed reaction? Yeah, I’ve been known to be like that. I have delayed reactions to a lot of things. When someone surprises me, my yelp of shock is usually delayed – but by a millisecond – though still noticeable.

The nightmare I had this morning before waking up was extremely disturbing. I’ve had dark dreams like this before, but this was horrific. I was witnessing a man, dressed in a large black coat, brutally stabbing a woman, mainly targeting her nether regions. Blood was splashing everywhere and he’d pretty much cut her body in half vertically. I was in some kind of underground carpark, and it was half flooded with water. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t raining, but the pipes on the ceiling had burst and we were being showered down with this revolting sewerage water.

The man then stripped the woman of her clothing and proceeded to rape her; at this point perhaps she was dead and he was engaging in some form of necrophilia. Fuck. It made me shudder, and I don’t even remember how I got away, or if that cloaked man came after me…

Some of my fears, apart from being murdered (ugh…), is being alone, getting lost, and the dark. Yes, I’m 19 years old and still very much afraid of the dark. Before I woke up, I dreamt that I got lost in an unknown country. Whenever I asked anyone where I could catch a bus, they would recite the number “714” like a mantra – “seven one four, seven one four…”. They refused to say anything else. I woke up from the dream, hiding under my blanket; the sun was up but I was extremely scared, recalling the man in black.

My earliest nightmare happened when I was five years old. When I was five, everything scared me. And as I said, my idea of nightmare now differs from back then.

I had dreamed that I was sitting on some lilypads in a pond, and it was a little dark. A bit like twilight, though it could have been later. I could not detect what the light source was. I thought I was safe until these giants and monsters came into view – at least, their feet and lower body parts did, amongst the plants and weeds that surrounded the pond. I was small. I was tiny.

They were playing some game of ball with a huge red ball. It was probably not huge for them, of course. I managed to move out of the way of one, until many came bounding in my direction. They seemed like light airy balls which could bounce easily and would not be hard – but I was still terrified.

I remember standing up and running in the dream, running and jumping across lilypads. I could feel myself screaming, but no sound came out. I woke up and my room was partially dark – I only had my nightlight on (as usual, and I still have one now). I looked around, obviously I was alone, then I started crying. I could have gotten up and ran to my mum’s room but I was scared to get out. I was too scared. I called for her instead, and she came. ♥

Nightmares are peculiar things.

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I’m glad you didn’t blog about MY nightmare D:
Although I did remember feeling particularly apathetic in that dream. D:
oh god

This reminds me of the dream I had about that mosquito/zombie hybrid outbreak. Especially the bit where I flop down on a bed in a dead family’s house, and I open my eyes shortly after to find two on the ceiling, preparing to jump me 3=

I’d hate to be lost in another country where people chant irrelevant things. That’d creep me out very badly /um
My first nightmare was about wrestling with a giant octopus underwater. It combined two of my worst fears; drowning and being eaten alive. /Sweat!


Your nightmare was worth mentioning but you can blog about it yourself another day. :B

OMG! I had a dream like that when I was young. It wasn’t that scary. I dreamed that my living room was filled with water and that I could swim in it and still be able to see and breathe. There was a huge octopus in the middle of the room, but he was like… a cartoon, or a drawing from a colouring book, but uncoloured. He had a bold black outline and was bright white with a big creepy face. He looked a bit like an angry Henry the Octopus from the Wiggles. @_@


Wow, that sounds like a terribly graphic, disturbing dream. Poor you D:. If I dreamed something like that and could recall that in the morning, I’d probably need epic counselling or psychiatric help, I’d be THAT disturbed. ARGH. That man stabbed and RAPED a woman in your dream. God @_@. Yep. Definitely poor you *HUGS*. Must hug you for that dream when I next see you!

Don’t worry, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be 19 and afraid of the dark :). I mostly like the dark, but sometimes I get a little scared and terrified when it’s PITCH BLACK, and I hear something move D:. But when I think about it, it’s not really the dark I’m afraid of, it’s the UNKNOWN. Like, not knowing what is in the room because it’s too dark to see. If I had night vision, I’m sure I’d not be terrified at ALL XD.

Omg, a dream where you’re totally lost. Wow, you had one hell of a bad night O_O. Let’s hope you have better dreams tonight. I must wish you ‘Sweet Dreams’.

Haha, I can’t believe you remember your very first nightmare! :P. But that does sound pretty terrifying to a five-year old. Being attacked by Monsters throwing giant red balls into your path D:. I used to be pretty terrified of being in water like that, cos I was always pretty terrible at swimming. I think sitting on the lilypads alone would have been enough to terrify me!

I can’t remember any of my childhood nightmares, but I know I used to have quite a few, because my mum said I screamed for her quite a lot when I was little because of nightmares. Haha I suppose it’s a good thing I can’t remember any :P.

Don’t worry, I’m okay now! It was incredibly frightening and revolting though, if I saw that in real life I’d probably be screaming and getting help. In the dream I was just gaping in horror. D:

James wished me sweet dreams and I actually had no nightmares or bad dreams that night! :)

I remember it because it was terrifying! I don’t usually have nightmares so I guess it made it easier to remember. Some just really stick with you.

I’m sorry you had such a graphically horrible nightmare. :( *hugs* Nightmares are the worst things in the world and one sounding as awful as that must’ve been terrifying.

The dark scares me also. Not so much in my own house or in an environment I’m comfortable in, but if I’m in someone else’s house or I’m walking home in the dark, then I worry. I’m perfectly fine in my own house when it’s dark though.

I know not everyone believes in that sort of thing, but 714 could be a significant number to you, whether it be unlucky or lucky.

I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I have a nightmare or a weird dream I don’t stop thinking about it for a while. I can remember one from when I was about 5 also, all that happened was that some men kidnapped me and a friend and a boy in my class tried to save me. I hardly knew the boy in real life though which I found strange, but that dream has stuck with me since for some reason.

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment! Year 11 is really taking it’s toll on me and I’m becoming worse and worse each week with commenting back. :|

I haven’t got a nightmare since I think beginning last year. It was about being completly lonely with no friends and no one to talk to. I was literally crying when I woke up. I think my biggest fear is that everyone will leave me behind and I will have no one to talk to. but thing change, and I haven’t got a nightmare since. *I hope*

That sounds like a horrible and very scary dream :(

First of all I must apologize you for having taken so long to reply your comment, but now my life is a mess. Sorry :(.
Yes, it’s horrible, but I must face that reality like is. My grandfather is not alone, he has us to we who are most important to him now. These days off I’ve had, I’ve tried to enjoy more time with him, and has been great. Thank you for your understanding! :)

I know. You’re totally right. The things he taught me will always be in my memory.

I regret that you were not close to your grandparents. Yes, I know I’m lucky. I understand what you mean. Sometimes that happens.

It is good to have an open mind, especially for life in which we live. Haha I agree with you. I also I have an open mind.

Glad you could see your favorite teacher, my favorite teacher from school was many years retired. It is normal to visit your school is odd.

That sounds like a terribly and disturbing dream :(.
Don’t worry, I think it’s acceptable to be afraid of the dark, I have it, and I’m not ashamed to say it :)
My worst nightmares go through falling from a roof or drown in the sea.
I can not believe you remember your very first nightmare. I do not remember the nightmares that used to have in my childhood.

That is really a horrific vision. I think I would’ve woken up screaming. I’m kind of afraid of the dark as well and I’m almost 19. I don’t think it’s a big deal though. Honestly, you can’t see in the dark, simple as that. You are allowed to be afraid if you can’t see.

I’ve had nightmares of myself dying a lot. One I remember clearly is that I was climbing a mountain with my friend, and I grabbed this ledge then screamed her name, but before she could get to me I fell off. So I was falling how many thousand feet. It felt so real, felt like I was falling, and then I woke up.

Thank you :3 I am going to stay this time, :)

Poor you! 😢 There is nothing worse than a bad dream :( I have being having the same dream over and over again, since I was about 5. I am really scared of water, especially if it is near my chin. My dream has been that I am on a boat, one with thousands of people on it – children and adults. I always know what is going to happen in the dream, but it still makes me panic and scared. The boat eventually sinks, and everyone starts screaming. The water rises on the boat, and I am stuck. I cant move, I don’t know if I am jammed or so scared that I cant move… have you watched titanic? do you ever see the part where Jack is at the bottom on the boat chained, and the water is rising? ahhh. that is what it is like, it is terrible.

I hate dreams like that. They make me feel lost and disorganized. I couldn’t imagine seeing somebody brutally murdered. Gore = ugh… + shudder

It’s times like this where I tell myself, “reality is beautiful” and keep on going with my own life.

That nightmare scared me just reading it. It sounds more like a horror movie.

I’ve had a large share of nightmare’s, but they have never been as scary as that. Dx

The only time I ever woke up and cried was when I dreamt my Mum had cancer :( Usually I just wake up, slowly realise that I’ve had a scary dream, and then just feel so glad that I’m awake.

I can’t remember when my first nightmare was, but I remember when I was young I’d have nightmares and go to my parents room, tell them and they’d let me sleep in their bed.

Gahh I hate nightmares. I never watch scary movies are night, I don’t like to watch scary things full stop just because of nightmares. Dx

It’s nice that you have someone that you can just text at that time who will make you feel better. I hope I can find someone like that one day. :)

Oh that sounds like a terrible nightmare! My worst ones are usually what they call ‘social nightmares’ ahha. I became obsessed with dream dictionaries, maybe you should search your dream!
Thanks for the comment

Of course I still remember everyone. <3 I posted a new blog, and it felt really nice to do so again, so I may have just decided to come back… I'm not sure, though. For some reason, returning comments really stresses me out sometimes, and I feel bad for putting them off forever even though everybody says it's okay. ;_;

I have nightmares fairly often, mainly because I have them when I get low blood sugars in the night. That's my telltale sign: if I wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, I need to check my blood sugar, because that's likely the problem.

One of the oddest nightmares I've ever had involved me getting shot in the head and dying. I actually died in the dream, and I didn't wake up after I died. I was just nothing for a while, and THEN I woke up. It was so strange….

Definitely creepy. I hardly ever have nightmares as well, but when I do they’re very creepy. I usually don’t believe in that kind of stuff but I’m always afraid some how my nightmares are actually just “visions” of things that are currently happening.

I really miss the simple nightmares I had as a child, and the simple comfort of mommy’s arms. ♥

Ugh I hate nightmares. :(
I have them non stop when I get really stressed out.
It’s good to have someone who will be there in times like that.

Aww thank you. <3 I heard it looks really bad on Mac though, something to do with the colors. Not that I can do anything about it, I use a Vista. D:

Naw I love .me domains … I think they're cute. I'm not huge on hyphenated domains either but it's the word molla-ing that did it. It looks awful as mollaing, makes me wanna say "molay ing" instead of "molla ing". I only had it like that on Tumblr because someone had already taken molla-ing.

That's not what I heard from my friend … she has a roommate who would blast loud music in the SHOWER so guess how many times louder that would have to be. And doesn't turn it much down when asked. Heard a lot of complaints about her. Maybe I ought to back to high school and find someone who might go to same school at me and get to know them … I do know some 12th graders though.

They do allow co-ed dorming here and there, but I don't understand it. They say they're trying to not be "sexist" but it's so wrong. And I think it would be annoying to share a room with a guy. Been there done that. D:

I don't mind work that much. I work full day then volunteer at night but I still have a few hours to kill before bed since I have no internet. I'm more happy I have time to see everyone who's coming back for Christmas etc.

Really a left handed mouse? Woww. My boss's house computer has one … and none of them are left handed! I just don't get it lol. If they were left handed it would be easier to understand.

She is a psychologist, Dr title and everything. She says everything she says to me is from psychology theories but screw it. And I used to really like the subject until she ruined it for me. I wish she would admit to caring like you said. I think the only time she admits that is when she says 'Happy birthday I love you' to me.

And it's not even hot weather as an excuse! As most people know it's freezing in Korea yet the Korean entertainment girls are wearing … stuff that show their underwear! Just to show off legs for the guys you know. They don't show chests though, that's more American ish.

Well I've always started school in September, it's usually hotter than June. We seem to always have a delayed summer cept the last one which lasted from May – September. Though I wouldn't consider our summers boiling hot. I manage to wear long sleeves + shorts (it's fairly hot though) while everyone else barely wear anything.

Haha I'd go with the screaming too … though I was taught to properly kick a guy in the EXACT place or else it doesn't do any good. You can even be off like barely an inch and it's no good.

I hope you don't have a nightmare like that then. I had another one it was like I was in so much pain and could see less and less, though something tells me that's more like a memory.

I really don’t like nightmares :( I’ve had a few of them, though not so many lately. I usually just call anything that makes me wake up and be scared/sad a nightmare. I had some weird ones when I was little, like a mini dinosaur growing up right infront of my sister and I, and trapping us in a basement. And a crocodile eating my uncle’s head. In general, I just have really weird dreams when I remember them :P I often forget them though.

It’s alright that you commented on the previous post. I have a new post which describes most of what was in that post, I just went more indepth in the protected one, and it was more just to get it all out because it was while everything was happening. I’ll give you the password for it if you want, though I also posted about it on Skeletons and a little bit on the other blog (where I hadn’t posted in AGES).

Weekends off are REALLY nice. Even when I just get ONE day of the weekend off, I like it. Unlike this weekend, where I work Friday, Saturday & Sunday. It’s just nice to have those days off to yourself, even though I did just spend it watching cougar town, haha.

I know what you mean by wanting that change. I’ve been wanting to change my hair for awhile now, but I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to dye it because I’m trying to get it back to my natural colour.. I don’t want to cut it because I’m trying to keep long hair.. I might just ask my friend to cut my bangs into the straight across bangs, because I liked those ones :) I Just hate when they get to that awkward length where you can’t do anything with them.

I tend to have nightmares based on things that have happened to me, or that I’m stressing about. Like having very realistic dreams where I toil away at work for hours and hours, then when I wake up I’m exhausted from work and its, uh, time to go to work, lol.

But then again my fears are fairly mundane and domestic – lack of money, lack of sponges, forgot to take the garbage out, etc.

This post really inspired me, though, I may write about my dreams in the future. Hope you’re okay now, I wouldn’t wish that dream on anyone!

I’m glad it inspired you! I’m fine now, it was just extremely shocking. Most of the dreams I have don’t make any sense, or just have my friends and me in it mucking around. I remember having “happy” ones as a kid, full of adventure, some I wished that would even come true, like a certain one in which I found a whole box of diamonds. I wish! :P

I responded to this comment here because your website wasn’t working for me. :)

Yes, she’s having a bit of downtime – I sincerely need to move to a new host, lol.

My sister once had a dream that it was her birthday and she found pink cupcakes in a drawer – see, that’s the kind of dream *I* want, lol,

Wow, I hate having nightmares. Mine usually consist of being chased by zombies, which I could not kill even by shooting them in the head with a gun.

Yours sounded terrifying, I am totally scared of dreams like that too. So I can totally understand why you were scared.

If my mum doesn’t renew my domain I will definitely be coming to you, no questions about it. I’ve never done it through a website as I always like to get to know the person I’m going to be doing it through (as all my others were from people I had met on MBs). I’m thinking of maybe even starting a website up for Currar as I believe we will be together for ages and I would like to sort of have a scrapbook website about our relationship, or something. :)

I would love to add content onto my site but at the moment I don’t really have a graphic editor but my friend is hopefully going to help me get photoshop. :)

That sounds horrific. D: I’ve not had any nightmares for years. I don’t actually remember any, but Mum says that after my Granny died when I was 4(which was when I learned what death was) I woke up screaming a lot. I don’t remember a thing.

I got over my fear of the dark a few months ago. I still have a little lamp by my bed, and I sleep with it on sometimes, but usually just because I’ll have been reading and I can’t be bothered turning it off. :’) There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the dark, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

While I’m here: do you remember ages ago you told me to let you know how Bullet went in December?
You probably don’t, I have a ridiculously long memory for pointless things. :L
Anyway, it was awesome. :3 I just blogged about it just now, if you’re interested. I’ll probably leave it up for a few days, because I’m dead lazy…I mean, busy. ¬.¬

GEORGIE!! I had a similar dream the other day! CRAZYYY!!! O_O Except mine didn’t have the whole stab thing and I don’t remember much. See I can never remember my dreams. 🙄 I guess it is a good thing, but I do wake up scared. Never knowing what actually happened. @_@ Sometimes I wish I could remember though, because I don’t want to forget the good dreams.

I can’t believe your remember your first dream. The first nightmare I remember is very complex, and have dream’t it many times, just I wake up forgetting I ever did.

I hope you don’t dream like that again. /faw thats a horrible thing to wake up with :(

The trip was awesome! I blogged about it. :D Thanks for the help with my questions. It has kept my size down a lot, which is needed since I don’t want to get over the half point. Just a personal thing of mine. ;)

That’s nice to know right before I’m about to go to sleep. :(

Kidding, I don’t usually have nightmares, I guess my life is enough of a daymare that whatever happens at night isn’t really so bad. Well that’s only partly true. Part, exaggeration really.

I find mantras and eerie repetition are the scariest things. They’re just threatening and you don’t really know why even.

Whoa that was scary. I experienced having dreams that made me wake up crying, too. I’ve had a lot of weird dreams. Sometimes I think they’re cool, except when they get too scary D: Like once I had this dream that there was a missing woman in the neighborhood, then I found her hanging upside down in our kitchen. So weird.
It’s nice that there’s someone you could talk to when you get nightmares :3 (Y)

Good grief Georgie! Maybe you watch too many crime dramas! That’s a really vivid nightmare. I mean,..sometimes I have bad dreams but later in the day I’m like “how can that even be considered a bad dream?” It’s just…in the dream you’re SO scared and when you wake up, you’re so afraid of falling back asleep and just so frightened. I’m so sorry that you even had to dream that :(( I hope it’s not in any form a depiction of your future!

By the way, before I forget, this is an extremely well written blog. It has a nice flow and everything is described with necessary detail. Although horrible images, I could distinctly vision what you were describing with my mind’s eye. You’re an inspiration! Your almost daily blogs probably help you be a better writer for future blogs and for school work. You’re an awesome writer Georgie! Never think different. (Side note, but still relevant: you have such a knack for coming up with attention-grabbing titles.)

My initial reaction after a nightmare is to tell Harry. I have a bad dream almost every night. I wake up at least 2-3 times a night, sometimes up to 5-6. I am so stinkin’ glad that you have James to turn to. You two are so adorable. Gives me hope for young love, you know? How many people actually meet such great loves at such a young age? We’re so blessed Georgie Porge!!

I used to think Gordon from Power Rangers controlled my dreams. I thought that I had to be good or he’d give me bad dreams. Of course I was like 5 at the time…but yeah. I still to this day am convinced that certain physical things I do during sleep will determine whether or not I will have a bad dream. I go to bed with the convers completely covering my body up to my neck, my head on a pillow, and no other objects touching me. Every time I wake up from a bad dream, at least one of those things is happening. When I wake up fine, I’m completely doing all those things. It’s weird. It’s not even like a mental thing I think…because how can I control what I’m physically doing in real life if I’m dreaming? I don’t know xP

Nightmares suck. I’ve never had something scary and vivid like you had but I had a dream about someone murdering people. And oh! Getting chased by dogs -.- I just hate those dreams that includes my family, because then I’ll wake up feeling terrified!

But sometimes I wonder why we can’t really remember how a dream started. *shrugs*

*shudders* nightmares are just … I don’t even know the word to describe it. I used to have really really really bad reoccurring nightmares about the grim reaper chasing me and cornering me in a freshly dug grave … that wasn’t too fun for a few consecutive months. Luckily I haven’t been remembering my dreams for quite a while now but it sucks how only the bad nightmares are the only dreams that seem to really stick to you while you forget everything else with a blink of an eye no matter how hard you try to remember. >.<

At least I stopped sleepwalking! That's scary too!! Nightmares and sleeping at the same time … I hope that NEVER ever happens!!

Thank you for the sweet compliment by the way!!! And yes … people should always get help when they need it and not be too stubborn enough to think that they can’t reach out for it.