All You Can Eat!

Whenever I see a sign saying ‘All you can eat’, I want to look at it and stare at it, at least until it’s out of my view – whether or not I’m walking, or travelling in a car, bus or train. Something about them intrigues me. I think, “Wow. I must only have to pay a little compared to all the food I could possibly eat!”

However, I have a small stomach. I can’t store a lot of food. I actually really like all-you-can-eat buffets because of the variety of food you can eat. I hate being spoiled for choice; it’s a bad combination with my indecisiveness. But at the same time, a variety is always enticing. As they say, variety is the spice of life. I like having a range of things to choose from and pick.

A few years ago, as a family, we always went to Sizzler, which is described as a ‘casual dining’ restaurant. They have a salad bar, fruit bar, pasta bar, and you can even order grilled munchies from the menu. I loved this restaurant but after going there many times I found myself eating the same things – because I liked them. I loved their flat spaghetti and I absolutely adored the choices that were available for dessert toppings. Oh, and I stacked my spaghetti with a lot of cheese.

My mum actually was bothered by this, because she didn’t see a good reason to go to the restaurant anymore. She found that the foods were very common. My mum’s a great cook – makes lovely salads and totally undeniably awesome spaghetti – I guess she thought it was a waste of money when the food wasn’t ‘out of the ordinary’ or ‘special’. Of course, this makes sense to me, but I still want to eat what I enjoy!

Not only was Sizzler a little far, but I guess we weren’t too keen on the price for food that wasn’t ‘special’. I’m cool with that.

Today a family friend had a birthday and invited us to dinner at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It was madly amazing. I don’t think I’d ever been to the buffet though I had been to the same place where they had a function room – back in 2002 for my sixth grade farewell celebration. (My brother also had his there.) It was a little packed, and the waiters honestly couldn’t keep left. In Australia you keep left when driving, and I guess it’s common courtesy to do so when you are walking down a narrow space and someone is coming from the opposite direction. But the waiters seemed to just walk straight in front of me…?

Doesn’t that annoy you when you sort of ‘bump’ into someone in a narrow space and it gets kind of awkward as you both dodge in the same direction multiple times? Ooops.

Anyway, I thought I’d be eating a lot, which is why I didn’t get too much for lunch today. But as I said earlier, I can’t stomach much. I got a plate with some pork, seafood and rice, and after that, I did want to try more food so I grabbed some other things – this time some fish and spaghetti.

I was sort of looking forward to trying some of the salads, but by the time I was finished with my second small plate, I was full. :( I did like the pork though… and managed to get some more.

Needless to say, I am always disappointed when it comes to parties and occasions with food, since I usually don’t get to try everything before I feel very full. It’s quite a shame.

My brother was concerned about his weight today, but he’s honestly stick-thin. 🙄 I usually am not worried about my weight since I don’t gain weight easily, but I always have to steer clear of desserts and things because of my high cholesterol. :(

At least I ate enough pork not to want any dessert at the buffet today. :B

What do you like to eat at buffets? :D

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Unfortunately, I don’t have the same problem. I’m the sort of person that buffet restaurants hate because I have a tendency to clear them out /hehe My appetite is never-ending and so far I’m been lucky with my high metabolism, I don’t tend to gain weight very easily, but I can see a future 30+ me either grotesquely overweight or exercising some extreme resistance which I definitely don’t have now.

My favourite buffet place to eat is . I go there with my family a lot because I’m a sucker for chinese food. I’m terrible at making decisions too and I frustrate myself with menus, I can never make up my mind /hmph

*high five* we’re the same georgie! hahaha /bounce i like seeing “eat all you can” signs but when I finally had the chance to try it… i feel like my money was not worth it because i wasn’t able to eat everything i want. hahaha /hehe

and now im missing my parents. we used to eat a lot outside since mom did not have time to cook because of work. :P

I’m not a very big fan of buffets, in the context that, i always feel obliged to stuff myself until bursting point! And i agree with your mother (probably from my mum’s upbringing, also), that it’s not really worth going to a restaurant ESPECIALLY, if the food isnt something you cant make at home. That said, nothing beats dining out for a social experience, or if people just want a night off from cooking, haha.

hey hun.. i love buffets /love so many choices, i normally just look around and see what i eat and what i dont like then i go back to my table and grab a medium size plate and just do little portions of what i like. i love their meat section the most and then the salad and lastly the desert.

my new layouts up.

have a happy new year and a blessed christmas if i dont get to chat to u. thx for an awesome year of commenting back and forth.

My university’s dining options are buffet-style, and since I’m functionally vegetarian, I eat .. kidney beans and cake. Sorry you cannot indulge your desserts for cholesterol reasons!

My parents are looking for some place but everywhere we’ve called the first appointment is months from now & that really just isn’t going to help anyone. I’m pretty peeved with her at the moment now because I had an appointment today. We got there twenty minutes early, but then an hour later the receptionist said that she wouldn’t be in for another hour or so & we could wait or skip today & come in next week. I was pretty annoyed.

There’s always something different about eating the same foods in a restaurant than there is eating it at home. I’m not sure what it is though. The atmosphere I suppose d: There are those occasions where it’s cooked better or something in the restaurant. I think some of my most awkward moments when I run into someone & we just can’t seem to get my each other because we keep moving in the same direction for the other person. Then the awkward laugh & smile when you finally move in a different direction, I hate that. When I go to an all you eat buffet, I end up getting a ton of fruit, I don’t know why. It tastes so much better than the fruit my mom buys from the grocery store. I’m really picky so I don’t really eat much of what they have.

Hehe, this reminds me of the time when me and about nine of my friends took a trip through to a city about an hour away for us and got hungry and went to Pizza Hut.. We looked at the menu and since there was so many of us we figured it would be easier for us to all just order the Buffet. I think the people who worked there musta thought we were a bunch of 14/15-year-old idiots.. One of us shouted “WE WOULD LIKE TO ORDER TEN BUFFETS!” ..but he pronounced buffet as “buff-fet”. :’)

It seemed like a good idea at the time, we all piled our plates with pizza but we weren’t actually all that hungry and only ended up eating a few slices each so it was kind of a bad idea.. Sometimes I can eat alot, it depends on how hungry I am, but since I had fizzy juice to drink (which I don’t usually have) it made me full up and not eat alot, bit of a waste of money.. That was a completely pointless story, I do apologise :L

Hey :) I live in Northern Ireland, but when I visited America for summer holidays, I used to go to sizzler alll the time /eee me and my family loved it there! but I am sure we would have got tired eating out of it all the time 💀

We don’t have much buffet places here, the only one I know is China China. It is a Chinese Restaurant (in case you haven’t realised) and it is all you can eat, so if my friends are going out for their birthday, they would go there. But id have to miss that part because I don’t eat Chinese Food /poo i used to like them though, then I was really sick one night because of it and haven’t eat one since! this was about 6 years ago LOL!

Talk Later- Paul!

I enjoy buffets, but since I gain weight easily, I don’t go often. However, nothing wrong with stuffing my face when I do go. I always make sure to try something new every time I go to a new restaurant. If I’ve been somewhere many times, I get the same things over and over again.

What happens to you and buffets reminds me of Asian weddings. I have one small portion of everything and then I’m full. Gar… Food is wonderful!

I cannot always eat at buffets. Sure, they have a nice variety, but the buffet sometimes makes me want more, and I tend to eat more than needed, thus making my tummy over-filled. D;

I enjoy Chinese food buffets. :) Ooh! And Garmolian grills? NO! That is NOT what it is called! I just … I can’t remember. D: Gumbolian… Genghis Grill! That’s it!! :D MONGolian… I was way off! There is a Chinese food buffet that has a Mongolian section, and that is my favorite – the food is made fresh! :D

Really? Thanks. :) You don’t have to make a lot… I’m just. My laptop…has PhotoFiltre… My laptop…is dead… Because…Yeah. >.< I'll credit you, I promise. <3 Should I e-mail you with the pictures? Or just comment you with them? :3

I actually fixed 6birds how I wanted it. :D Ahahh. I moved all of my content to BITS!, bits and pieces of my visitor content. Yeah… I’m happy with it.

thx for your comment on both my blogs.

with regards to the elephant sanctuary one, i was having trouble coding javascript to have my images go big because i didnt want two different pictures to do for one photo (small and large). thx i love my hair too, its way better than when i had long hair down to my butt, its also easier to manage. i had an awesome time with the elephants i was so gobsmacked during the whole thing lol.

with regards to the no christmas layout one, thanks for your suggestion that would look very cool XD.

i hope the weather is good by the sea, im taking one of my good friends with, she hasnt been to the sea for 8 years so im very excited for her. we going to have so much fun.

what are u doing for christmas and new year?

love u

Hey! I haven’t commented in a while. :P Or worked on my site at all. I feel like I’m wasting your domain. :(

When I see those “All you can eat” signs I think the same thing as you. I also love buffets because of the variety of food. :D I mostly stick to ordering the same things when we go to restaurants but if it’s a buffet I walk around the whole restaurant taking bits of different stuff.

We don’t go to buffets much though. Most of them are quite expensive and my parents refuse to take us there because they think we always eat much less than what we pay for. :P

My favourite part is always the dessert. 🤤

I really needed to comment on your last entry, haha. Once upon a time I dressed like an American – tank top, shorts, flip flops, ehhh. And my hair was … normal back then. I don’t know when it started but suddenly I just completely got a new wardrobe. In high school for a while I looked kind of emo – black nail polish, you got it – but now I look … like a fob. :P

Oh man whenever someone posts entries about food I get so hungry! Probably because I am really lacking. I barely have much to eat nowadays during the week because I’m always on my own. I usually just buy a Starbucks cookie for lunch. I can’t wait till the holidays, I wanna go to a buffet with my friends!

Haha, I always do that multiple-dodge thing with random strangers. It usually happens over 3 times before one of us just stops. That’s cool you walk on left in Australia. I knew you drove on left but I never thought that far. You know when you climb stairs, are they expecting you to hold the handrail with your left hand? (Though I never touch those icky things.)

I do have those hobbies! Yes, drawing and reading. I always check out a bunch of books in the library to read during the week because I don’t have internet. I also like running, but it’s not like I can really run in the weather these days. Too cold. In the summer I’d often get up at like 6AM and go for a run … not in running clothes, ha.

I highly doubt my mom would EVER listen to me. AND she’s supposed to be a psychologist. But I have only concluded that she needs a refund from the universities that gave her PH D and Master’s Degree. Everything she has told me, like trying to explain my behavior, is complete bullshit. And yes, enough on mothers alike. >.<

Well, my mom isn't talking to me, but I can hear her talking to my dad about my brother coming blah blah blah. Right now her attention span is all on that. I suppose that's a good thing. My brother never had problems with her so I guess he wouldn't mind taking over the position of mom-nagging-receiver for a few weeks. Probably because he's so "perfect," more like he's too nice. Unlike me.

*hugs* That's actually the first time I wrote about it. It wasn't nothing, I had um well I won't describe it, but I couldn't do much for a month. When I was in hospital my mom was really worried from what Jason told me – she's seriously too prideful to admit it. She was a lot more caring while I stayed home, she'd actually bring me food every day and ask what I want. But it seems like now I'm completely well she's mean to me again.

Haha that made me laugh, I'm completely immature. "It’s not like you can take clothes off in summer when it gets hot" lol. Or can you? I really hate it when girls walk around in spaghetti strap tops and mini shorts and flip flops. I really wanna live in a place where it's maybe long sleeves + shorts + sandals weather year long. I'd say about 25 degrees? Yup I downloaded a converter on my iPod touch. =D

It definitely rains more in spring here too, but overall the summer is pretty humid – which actually makes it feel hotter. Maybe you're just getting a delayed summer. A few summers ago we had a lot more rain than average in the beginning then it got hot. We're getting an early winter right now though. So cold compared to usual Decembers.

My mom really doesn't like it when I hang out with guys. I have a really good guy friend and she doesn't really like him at all. Though she's not the type who forbids boyfriends. She knows and is proud that I have no interest because I'm "not old enough." But my guy friend taught me how to defend myself … haha. The proper way to kick a guy. :P

Oh, that's right, I remember doing that at a farm I went to when I was younger. They just hung some corn and stuff in one of those containers near the pens, and I got to feed the goats. Hehe.

But maybe that's a good thing. A lot of accidents happen when a bunch of teens are in a car with an inexperienced driver. Oh man I can't believe I'm defending our mothers. Well my mom approves of Jason's driving anywhere around here, not all the way back to his school though. And he's only had a license for 2 years. My friends have barely had theirs, something to do with 18 for full license.

I didn't apply to any schools near where I work, so I most likely would have to quit. My mom isn't so keen on me working like yours though. OMG we found their twinship difference! Lol. But then again that side of her is turned towards my brother. His work & school & home aren't near each other from what I've heard. And you know in cities like Seoul it takes forever to get anywhere … argh evil mom.

I don’t like long skirts normally either, but they have some great ones coming out at the moment (Y)
👏 I love all you can eat places :D But I can;t eat much /bash so it doesn’t really work in my favor either /pow
I agree, Sizzler is a waste of money for most people out there.
/angry ARGH! i know what you mean, the other day at the shops Josh and I were walking and passed these two young school girls, I moved behind Josh who had a trolley full of stuff, and they didn’t move at all so we then had to stop behind an elderly lady sitting on a bench to let these girls pass, if one moved over we both could have kept on moving.
At buffets I love the variety too, I like everything chicken, so I am always there first, not so much red meats /oh and I have a sweet tooth, which I guess is bad for me /ehh but I always like trying the desserts.


Oohhh…all you can eat buffet :P. Yummy! I’m like you. I LOVE all you can eat buffets cos there’s so much food to choose from! And like, you can SEE it all, instead of having to pick something random from a menu and hope it’s okay D:. But like you, I never have the stomach space to eat everything I want to /wah. It sucks. And I ALWAYS end up over-eating and therefore uncomfortably full.

I’ve never been to that restaurant! Haha, you must take me sometime :P. When I have lost some weight and/or after I have been dieting for like a month. F my PCOS /angry.

Haha, that’s funny! Your had a family dinner at your year 6 formal place :O. I had my year 6 formal at my PRIMARY SCHOOL HALL D:. Must have brought back memories! Hahaha.

Silly waiters. God, I hate when people walk directly in front of you, take up ALL the room, and walk SLOWLY, so you can’t even get through. It’s like: GET OUT OF MY WAY!.

Sometimes it’s funny when you have to dodge each other twice. But when I’m in the crappiest mood possible, I just lose my patience, and find it exceedingly lame ==.

Omg, all that mentioning of desert makes me want to eat cake. LOL.

Hehe, funnily enough, I LOVE eating the spaghetti at buffets too :P. And I guess I just like the honey chicken, when they have it. And seafood =D. Yum! Oh god, now I’m hungry D:.

Spoiled for choice! Haha, I love trying new foods but at buffets, I don’t always get the chance to try everything. Maybe because I stick with the food I like, but yeah… :P

James has been there because his cousin lives nearby. We’ll go some time!

It wasn’t in exactly the same place, but it’s pretty close to home so I guess I was pretty used to it.

The waiters seemed so lost… it was very weird. XD

Gosh I have the same issue with my small stomach. It’s really annoying because it means I have to plan ahead what I will eat because I know there is a limit to the amount my stomach can hold. So if we’re planning to have dessert I have to order a small meal with no side dishes. I rarely order main dishes when I’m going to have a dessert and stick to just a side dish which are often large enough for me!
All my friends are used to it and understand but when I go out with new people they sometimes find it wierd and probably think I’m trying to save money or something which is pretty embarrassing.
I’m not much of a salad person, I wish I was but I hate veggie. I usually stick to chicken and plain cheese and tomato pizza /bounce

I have never been to any all you can eat buffet. It sounds delicious. Although, My family would rather buy the food and make them here. The only place I’d eat at is — Kings on Guam. Some restaurants serve a big meal for $5.00 (USD) — just note I’m super hungry and the minute I get through 3 pieces of small cut chicken…I’m full. It’s weird. I don’t know if it’s the food or the fact that I get nervous eating in front of people I barely know. Haha.

I love the garlic bread, the seafood, the deserts AND the salads. I go in there and roll out literally. And then I am sick, but it’s so worth it. I miss Sizzler. Best all you can eat in my opinion.

I love all-you-can-eat restaurants too! Despite having to sacrifice my weight, the food i eat are so yummy and as long as I can! :D

I think I’ve tried almost all of the eat-all-you-can restaurants here in my place. Lol.

oh, it is the same here to. Keeping left. But then again, it is not really that much practiced except on stairs :D

I love Japanese buffets. The raw sashimis! OMG. i am so craving for it.

my stomach is bottomless. i have to will myself to stop eating if it is something really good. i raised in a home that didn’t like to waste, so i felt that throwing away perfectly good food that was left on your plate was never good. basically, if you set it in front of me, i will eat it. all of it. because i am a pig.
buffets are always tempting. especially all you can eat buffets. i discovered a restaurant when i traveled for my cousin’s wedding that was the largest buffet i had ever seen. they had a seafood buffet, a steak buffet, a pasta buffet, a bread buffet, a soup and salad buffet, a vegetarian buffet and a desert buffet. you paid one price when you walked in the door and then could eat anything and everything you wanted. and it was good stuff, too! i think i had soup, salad and steak, then went back for lasagna and garlic bread. then had desert and called it quits. if i were still a teenager i would have laid wast to that place. there would have been no food left.

I love buffets. I tend to be a really picky eater so buffets almost always have the best foods. And salad bars. Ahhh, they’re like heaven! I tend to have the same problem as you though, after about two plates, I’m full. But I make room for dessert anyways. :P

I’m not sure I have a favorite buffet. We used to go to this one all the time, called Ryan’s, but they closed it down about 7 years ago… so. -shrug-

Georgie Pordge <3 I love you. The end.

…well not really the end, but yeah xP

I'm not really into buffets to be honest…to be more honest, I find them rather gross xP I've never been to a nice buffet though. I've only been to pretty mediocre ones which is why I totally understand your mom's point there. The best buffet I've ever been to is this Korean one in Philadelphia. They had awesome food…but Korea food is so much better than American food sometimes LOL!

Harry and I never go to buffets because we won't eat the value of our dollar. People at buffets I think tend to eat more because they want to get their money's worth or more, but that's so unhealthy! And I'm sure they sprinkle MSG on everything so you feel fuller faster. If you wanted to have a big dinner, you should've had small meals all throughout the day to widen your stomach! But some people's stomachs are just little <3 tehehehe ^__^

I adore Jen so much. She's my beauty idol. I love all her tutorials and videos…although I'm not a kpop fan AT ALL, lol. I never listen to Korean music, but I respect her so I still watch her kpop inspired tutorials xP I loved her bra fitting video! She's so stinkin' cute and goofy.

Stop being so nice to me! I think you're pretty too girlie! Question: you look like you have really straight hair…is that true? Do you ever straighten it? Do your curls stay curled? It's just a huge fail whenever I try to curl my hair so I like don't even bother anymore hahahaa

I like you boobs too.

My family don’t really go out for dinner, actually I don’t think we have for a few years now. I don’t mind though because I hate spending money on things we don’t actually need. My mum is the most amazing cook and I’d rather eat her food than go out for dinner. We also don’t have very amazing restaurants in my city, so not much to choose from any way.

I’m a very picky eater so I’m hard to please. Like you, I don’t eat much before I get full which in my opinion is a good thing as I’m always concerned about my weight.

You should have seen him, all sheepish and shit. He brought one of his mates with him because he is shit scared of my dad. Pathetic. My dad would only step in if he thought I was in danger or I was distressed. He doesn’t bother me and hasn’t for a long, long time. he kept trying to hold my hand and when I was talking to his mate who seemed normal enough, he came behind me and tried to hug me. Lucky for him Mum wasn’t home or he would have copped a spray. My mother doesn’t mince words and she would have told him exactly what she thought … it’s not my dad to be wary of, it is my mother haha.

I am very indecisive too, when it comes to eating. Until a couple of years ago, I was underweight because I am very picky about food. My mum gets tired of making something new and innovative everyday. I know I should learn cooking but there seems to be so little time. Plus, it is not really my cup of tea. Eating out is a treat, but it seems like that only when you do it once in a while.
When I regularly eat outside, I fall sick. >.<

Sorry for the late reply. I am trying to be more regularly but school just keeps killing it. Plus, my broken computer. :(

I hardly ever find books chilling. When I see a horror movie, the visuals, the sound…they does make me feel creepy. But you can imagine only to a certain extent with books. I usually hate such thrillers because they are such a waste of time. I'd rather pick up a decent mystery.

Hi, Georgina! It’s been a while! ♥

Anyway, I’ve been to a buffet just recently… courtesy of our project’s Christmas party. I wish I could eat a lot, the food was awesome especially the desserts. BUT — I was wearing a dress and I was kinda shy that my tummy would get so big already. /eee However, I just feasted on the desserts. Yummy, yummy treats. (H)

I guess it’s always like that in buffets. You’re totally aimed to eat a lot… but when you’re done on your very first plate… you tend to become full already. It sucks!!! It ruins the plan. Haha. I think it’s because the variety of food is just too much and your brain thinks that you already had too much? Rofl. I don’t know, seriously. Haha!

I remembered when our family ate in a fast food that offers unlimited rice. They ordered meals that had unlimited rice but … my parents didn’t consume another serving of rice. The hell?! It was only my siblings and I who consumed more servings, lol. /wave

Oh, yeah… I remembered reading before from your entries that you have high cholesterol. :/ Well, there’s still lots of healthy and yummy food out there to feast on. YAY! /huggles :3

If I see huge amounts of food, I’ll eat the next day because just the sight of food makes me full. I don’t like the buffet idea(I’ve only eaten at a buffet in Sweden) and I hate it, I’d rather have a menu than an onslaught of food and queues.