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Hi, I’m Georgina. A long time ago, I used to dress like a punk.

People don’t seem to believe me, or think it’s strange. The other day, Lilian and I were talking about cleaning out our wardrobe and attempting to wear clothing of a more mature nature. These coloured t-shirts and other dorky shit I’ve been wearing sort of has to pass at some stage – also because I’m getting bored of it. @_@ I’m sick of being treated like a kid. I’m short; it doesn’t help. People still think I’m in high school or make fun of my height. Please, it gets old.

As does dressing like a punk. I used to do the whole black fingernails thing, have a lot of accessories and whatnot – that is something I want to change. I got my hair chopped so I could shake that image back to life, but now I realise I don’t like it as much anymore. Maybe I don’t always look like a kid, but I sure as hell feel like one.

I feel like I should wear nicer clothes. I know my hyperactive personality is complemented by the gear I used to wear, but I guess I’m over it. I’m sick of people thinking I’m immature or honestly treating me like a kid. I don’t know, I guess it’s time to kind of “grow up”. People think I’m weird when I wear funny clothes or quirky things. Is that sad…? I don’t even know.

I want to wear high heels and tower over people. Here’s to cocktail dresses and stilettos…

Okay, maybe not to that extreme.

Yes, it’s true that most people will judge you on how you look. I’ve learned not to give a damn. I don’t usually care what people think of me. Even so, I do still want to change my style of clothes, regardless of whether or not it changes the way people treat me. I’m still proud of myself and how I’ve changed. Yet I’m still annoyed at the way people judge my character. Change is an inevitable and progressive thing. I can’t suddenly change my style overnight. There are still days when I want to wear my dorky shirts. To illustrate the fact that people don’t believe me, a girl was extremely shocked that I liked band shirts. She said I seemed more the “boho” type.

Um what? And this was quite a while ago.

Today I cleaned out my dresser. I have a lot of jewellery and today I threw nearly half of it away. It all got old or I was too old for the cheap jelly bracelets that were a craze ages ago, or the beaded kiddish bracelets I had when I was 12 (and still had until today!). I also happened to find a watch that I got a few years ago, that I never wore.

I was on the lookout for a new watch since my old one died. I could have replaced the battery but my mum suggested getting a better watch. I searched far and wide, online and offline for a watch. I’m picky with something that I intend on wearing daily, so it was hard to find anything. I’m glad I found this old-new watch though, it’s pretty decent and saves me from getting a completely new one. (Y)

I also found yet another watch that my mum gave me a very long time ago, with interchangeable wrist bands. My mum tried to put in a new battery but after trying three different ones, it refused to work. That was a shame. I was looking forward to wearing it too and changing the strap colour every day as needed. :(

Have you ever felt like you needed a new wardrobe?

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Hi Georgina! My name’s Lilian, and I’m an alcoholic. I mean I used to dress like a dork. Which of course, I still do XD. Sadly. BUT I totally do remember your punk days! You looked like a cute punk :).

I totally started cleaning my wardrobe today! And we DO need to look more mature. I guess it doesn’t really matter how people we don’t like think of us, but at the same time, first impressions are important, especially when we want jobs and stuff. And what if we meet someone in the street who could totally decide whether or not we get promoted? D: Okay, maybe I’m thinking way too far ahead, but whatever. First impressions (even if they’re wrong most of the time XD) are still important!

And we’re almost 20! We can’t go around wearing dorky shirts forever! :P Though I’m not letting go of my Transformers shirts. And we can still wear them sometimes :).

It’s not weird when you wear funky and quirky clothing :D. It’s unique :). And you can pull off anything XD. Hahaha. However, if I wore punk-like clothes, I think I’d look either fashion-disabled or like a try-had. *sigh*.


EEEP! I need to clean my dresser out D:. But I don’t think I have as much jewelry as you to throw out XD. But it’s good you got rid of heaps, cos it’s not cool to accumulate stuff you don’t need. Like me. I tend to do that. It’s bad, so I’m trying to stop *nods*.

Oh speaking of watches, I must remember to change my watch battery :P. Haha. Too bad your mum’s watch doesn’t work. It’d be cool to have interchangeable bands :D. I had a watch like that, remember? Except my dad broke it trying to change the batteries. HAHAHAHAHAHA! *sigh*.


Ugh they are, especially in jobs. They go on about employers looking you up on Facebook before choosing you. If you’re dressed like a punk in your profile picture, I doubt that’s going to give a good impression. When I got that graphic designer job last year, my mum was stressing that I look mature and give a good impression!

Twenty must be “the age”. I don’t know, but it’s definitely not teenage anymore, and I don’t want to keep wearing the same dorky/kiddish stuff. We have to look 20, for starters…

I have too many photo frames! I didn’t throw any of those away, though. I actually just had the idea to get a digital photo frame to replace at least a few of them. It would clear up space, to say the least. ;) I’m starting to hoard a lot of random junk so I’m going to start getting rid of a lot of trinkets and bric-a-brac. :P I’ve got random toys and broken keyrings that need to go!

Heels start to hurt my feet too, but I love wedges.
/ehe haha. I used to dress kinda punk I guess. Its kinda more of a girly touch now. (H) I still always get asked for id, I’m 21 and people think I’m just 18 (Im 154cm tall)
At school some people thought I was becoming emo because of my black hair /oh but it wasn’t the case at all, but it started me trying different hair styles / colours.
:D I always feel like I need a new wardrobe ;) Not a new style, just new clothes, lol. I love dressing up, not typically ‘dressing-up’ but feeling good in what I wear.
(Y) (Y) Goodluck finding some nice new clothes :)

I’m not 100% sure why, but I had to comment, even though I should be going to bed.

I’m the tallest one out of all my friends, I love being the tallest, but sometimes I wish I was taler. I used to dress punk when I was 17-20. I would go all out and wear the black nail polish too, along with the black toe nails. I would wear bands around my wrists with huge metal spikes coming through them, so much eye liner that I would look like a raccoon, and wear Slipknot, Disturbed and Marilyn Manson shirts with black pants. I wasn’t full goth, I was more ‘Emo,’ although I didn’t want to be, I wanted to be Goth, I was just too scared to go as far as some of the goth girls you might have seen. I did once buy white contact lenses for my eyes.

I think you should keep wearing your band shirts, don’t feel silly in them at all, because it shows your character, you’re comfortable in them, and they make you look like you’re probably a fun chick to hang out with.

I remember the jelly bracelets. I had a whole bunch of them, I loved the glittery ones. My younger sister still wears so many around her wrist.

You don’t see many people wearing watches any more, now that practically everyone carries their mobile phones. But I like wrist watches, I wear them most times.

Have you ever felt like you needed a new wardrobe? I don’t need a new wardrobe, I just want to add more things to it. I’m kind of like a hoarder when it comes to clothes.

it was very cool getting to know the elephants in more detail. i finally got my photos onto my pc, i did it the way u said that what came into my mind when i fiished typing that blog lol.

i want to change my wardrobe everyday, i feel im to normal not pretty enough i feel my wardrobe is to plain so with my money i got for my 3 months of working i went shopping and bought a few clothes that i felt were better looking and suited me as well. next year im getting rid of clothes that i dont wear, wish me luck lol.

I used to not care about the way I dress either. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago when I started to select clothes that don’t make me look like a Grandma. I don’t care much for the the latest trend, but I still want to dress in a fashionable matter. I’ve cleaned out the clothes in my closet once every few years. All the old clothese that I don’t wear anymore goes to the back and clothes I still wear stay at the front.

Oh gosh LOL I just bought some jelly bracelets not long ago ahah.
Getting rid of stuff is good, cleansing, mentally and physically. Dab into the wild side, maybe you’ll like it???????????????????? (H)


I don’t really feel like I need a new wardrobe but more … I need to stick to one style. I have too many clothes and I consider myself a chameleon because my style keeps changing on a daily basis. One day I am very dressed up, then the next I am very punkish, then next, I have that whole asian look. It’s a bit confusing and conflicting.

I know how you feel about the watch! I have a couple of watches that I LOVE LOVE but they don’t work even when you put new batteries in. My mom said that apparently if you let a watch die out without changing the battery right away, they won’t work anymore. If that’s true, then I guess it’s my fault for leaving the watches dead for a good month or two before deciding to change the batter /bash

Damn… That’s my fault too. :( I left that watch for too long without changing the battery after it died. It’s sad that it’s kind of permanently damaged right now.

I thought I could stick with a distinct style but it’s pretty difficult! I usually just wear what feels comfortable but now I do want to dress more maturely. XD

I always want a new wardrobe, but it’s tough to do. It’s so expensive to replace all the clothes you own. I’ve wanted to give myself a complete makeover since the beginning of high school, but I still have to hold on to a lot of my staples. In a way, I guess that’s a good thing. It’s not like I’m just going to look completely different one day. My wardrobe has to evolve slowly just like I do.

…Meh, too deep?

I went through my punky days as well. I look back and wonder what I was thinking, but I don’t necessarily regret it. People misunderstand others who dress that way. It doesn’t mean that person is this rebel who hates the world and kills bunnies for sport or whatever the hell they seem to think. A person’s style can say a lot about him or her, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that person fits a stereotype exactly. I like dark, morbid art and the way punky and goth dressing looks, but I’m generally a chipper gal that likes puppies and the color pink.

There’s always a way to keep your quirkiness in your clothes while still looking mature. That’s one of my goals for when I’m older…I never want to wear black pants and a white button-up shirt every day. If I have to, I’ll at least find a way to throw in a funky necklace or earrings.

I still get offered the kids’ menu, which is pretty insane since they’re usually 10 and under. I’m 16; I shouldn’t be mistaken for an elementary schooler O_O
My style has changed a lot, and I feel pretty much the same right now. I used to dress “emo-ish” and grew out of that style rather quickly. I spent a majority of my money on clothes because I thought that they’d make me look cool, and now I’m stuck broke and have a whole new list of clothes I’d prefer. =_= It’s tedious.

I’m pretty happy that I’m not the only one with bad relationships; people at my school didn’t understand me /sweat

I wore a uniform all through school and when I went to university I had absolutely no idea what my style was. I did have to go shopping and get a whole new wardrobe, haha!

Oh, same here! I used to just throw on the uniform every day and not having to think about what to wear was great – now that I have to think about it, it kind of annoys me. XD

I’ve gone through a lot of “style” changes, I guess. I used to not give a damn what I wore. Money was scarce, and I wore whatever my mom bought for me, regardless of how BLEGH her style was/is. And then starting in 5th grade, I suddenly wanted to change my style. Everyone was wearing all these super cute, girly outfits from Justice’s or Limited Too, and I was going through that phase where I desperately wanted to fit in and be like everybody else.

And then in 6th grade, I got tired of Justice clothes. They suddenly looked very kiddish, unattractive, and just old to me. (I went through a very, very short scene phase, o.e.) I found Tilly’s through this random shopping bag I found in the streets, and I looked it up online, and the clothes there were adorable, xDD. So I began shopping there and at Hollister. And then very recently, I think at the beginning of summer, I got tired of the same old Hollister T-shirts. They seem so “routine”. I didn’t want to pay $30 for an t-shirt with a word “Hollister Co.” slapped across the front. So now I’m mostly just shopping at Forever 21, xD. Cute clothes for a low price! I enjoy wearing hoodies with skirts. Which is what I’ll be wearing to school starting in January, or whenever it’s less cold, :D.

Elementary and middle school is like prison, over here, :b. And high school just seems a lot more fun and exciting. There are less rules, and teachers don’t make a big deal over something like, someone got purple highlights. “OMG, such a HUGE distraction from others’ education!” I mean, sure, purple hair is kind of flashy, but in a few days, people will be over it. Nothing too big of a deal to make someone redye their hair (it’s not even healthy to dye it in the first place, but to remove the dye out immediately? Waste of money) and to suspend them for.

I sure wish I had my 5th grade teacher too years in a row. I’ve only one teacher two years in a row, and that was my English teacher last year and this year. I had her for a total of 3 classes. Which is kind of blegh, because she’s sort of annoying and her ideas are very stupid and boring. My 6th grade English teacher was the best!

Lollies. Bahah, xD.

My health teacher’s mom smokes — a lot, she says. And she has ever since she was a little girl. And from what my health teacher tells me, she became addicted immediately and has been trying to quit for over 30 years. Hasn’t worked once.

Oh yeah, I’ve noticed how much drama there is on a person’s formspring. Some people are too much of a coward to say something or ask someone something unannonymously, so they choose to do it over Formspring. Tsk, tsk. I know these 3 girls who say “Your mom” to pretty much everything. I always ask myself whenever I see their Formspring on FB: “Why do these girls even bother having a formspring if they can’t even answer a single question without saying “your mom” in it?” That’s literally their answer for every single question on Formspring. “Your mom.” It’s annoying, o: .

I think I’ll try out a Tumblr when I have time, xD. Since I kind of fail at social networking sites. I get behind and when I get back, everything’s changed. Like the Myspace. It’s SOO different now, o: . It’s just like Facebook, to be honest. Plus, I think Tumblr’s been having a lot of problems!

I usually just watch Ryan Higa’s videos without even looking at the titles. So I’m not really sure which one “Adjusting the Sails” is, :b. But I’ve probably watched it, ahah. Did you watch the one where he and two other guys were singing about crying? 0.o. I thought it was hilarious, but kind of stupid and cheesy, xD.

I used to wear ballet flats to school, since I didn’t like wearing socks. They blistered the backs of my feet at first, and then I got used to them. Then I switched to those high heel flats, and they were pretty cool at first. Made me 2 inches taller than I actually was, xDDD. But then got annoying, since I can’t run or walk quickly in them. They just slowed me down. So then I finally settled with Converse. No need to worry about tripping over my feet or my flats flying across the hallway.

3 months? Dx. That’s pooie. I wish movies don’t take so long to come out on DVD. But then again, 3 months can pass by soo quickly, sometimes!

Oh yes. The Internet not working drives me crazy. Especially if I’m in the middle of doing something that involves using the Internet. I click on a link, and then it leads to page since the Internet connection died. And I try going back, but that doesn’t work either.

Yeah, I guess “best” is pretty hard to put into just one person. ‘Cause sometimes you meet a person who’s even more amazing, dependable, and all of that shizz, than your “best” friend. And then you feel bad, or they feel replaced, 0.o.

My style has changed quite a bit from when I was in my earlier 20s, I went through a goth phase, but it fit my personality because I’ve always been kind of the loner type. I’m at an age now though where I want to appear more like a woman and be taken seriously because I feel like I’m not taken seriously as an adult. I’m waiting till I lose some more weight before I buy a new wardrobe, but I do want new clothes that fit my personality now as an adult. I won’t lie and say that I don’t still like the whole style that I had because I still like it, but I’m not sure it matches who I am now, if that makes sense. I’m at a point in my life now where I want to settle down and I’ve been thinking more about the future and what I want out of life.

I feel like I need a new wardrobe every day. No joke.

I’m a horder, so I don’t like throwing/giving away clothes (or anything for that matter). Although I would love to change my wardrobe next year.

A few years ago all I wore were tee shirts/singlet and skinny jeans, all year round. I don’t know how I done it but I’m so glad I’m out of that stage of my life. Mind you, 90% of those clothes were black too.

Last year and the year before that pretty much all I wore were dressed, again… All year round. I miss it but I need to get out of it as it reminds me of my ex too much. I wore them because that was what he liked and wanted me to wear.

Now that I go out with Currar I think I need to up my fashion sense. He has a great fashion sense and always helps me choose the clothes I wear. Especially when I buy them, but his tastes are ever so expensive. I think it’s worth it though.

If I clear out my wardrobe sometime in the next few months I will probably sell them online as they are in very good condition and some have hardly been worn.

Sometimes I have no idea why I bought something I did, and don’t see how I ever wore things.

I love growing up and growing apart from a person I used to be.

When I was young I went through a period where I wanted to change everything about myself. The way I look, way I act etc. Eventually as I grew up I just naturally changed. It’s not so bad to appear young, so many people in their late 20s would love people to think they’re early 20.

It’s always a good thing to feel young. I’m still a big kid at heart and my friends learnt to accept that and like me for that part of me.

I’ve always followed your photoblog. Thanks for linking me! I’ll set up a link exchange area and link you back <3

I never felt like I needed a new wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, I always depend it on my mood or whatever that makes me comfortable. Sometimes, I dress up like a rocker, then sometimes I dress up in a classy way, etc. If only fashion is a crime, I plead guilty. LOL. XD

I like to experiment with clothes. I used to dress like my mum back when I was 15. Yup, I was wearing these button up silk blouses, that looks way to old for my age back then. Then I tried to dress up according to the music the I listen to. I wore thick eyeliner, trying to style my hair like those scene queens where they had their hair teased, coloured, etc. Sigh. Those were the days.

Right now I basically dress in things that I feel comfortable in and (hopefully) is stylish (for me). I like pairing oversized shirts with leggings, especially my favourite jeggings. I don’t really like wearing outfits that are too body-hugging. I don’t know what my style is, but I try to wear things that I’m comfortable in. A normal tank top and jeans works fine for me too! Simplicity is the key when dressing up. :)

Do I need a new wardrobe right now? I don’t necessarily need one, but I WANT one. I want to get rid of my old clothes that I’ve grown out of and get some more new stuffs. I don’t buy too many jeans, I actually have two pairs. And when they’re worn out, I’ll get new ones. I want more tops, though. And maybe shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes, hehe.

Well, it was the other way around for me. When I was a bit younger, I love wearing mature clothes. Flowery dresses that is so feminist. But then now i like wearing all those black shirts that look cool. Slowly, I can feel my fashion sense change into something more vintage. What a transformation. :))

Yeah, sometimes my mum will be like “what are you wearing?” But I don’t care anymore (H) Its something I am starting to have even more fun with now every day (Y) so just buy things you think you’ll love and go from there, start with something you can wear with different things. Mine atm would have to be the Double Chiffon Skirt from american apparel. I have it in black, and currently getting shipped to me in colbalt :D The black one goes with anything and everything so far, so try and get something like this that you know you could pull off with many different things in many different places /bounce

I always find whenever I’m wearing band t-shirts or “dorky” ones (“dinosaurs rock” much?) that I look younger. I get a child’s ticket on the bus too when I’m wearing an old t-shirt. Otherwise I never pass for a child.

I know what you mean about wanting to change. I’ve never been much of a shopping person but I’ve lately bought a few things, more expensive than I normally would, that are a bit more mature. I think I’m in transition – I like to mix band t-shirts with a nice skirt and such. I’ve always been such a jeans and tshirt girl, I want to change.

Haha, I’d love to wear heels. I’d rather be small that tall. Being small means you can wear heels which make your legs look longer. Also, trying not to be shallow, you’re less likely to end up dating someone smaller than you. :P

Oh, I remember watches like that! I had this really cool one. You could unscrew the cover and put a new one on with a different colour tint to the glass cover, it was really nice. Sadly it broke, as most of my watches do. I never need one now, I always have my phone or my iPod.

20°C is pretty warm for here. In summer people are raving if it gets anywhere near thirty.

That’s good, it’s nice to experience snow. I’m always so shocked when I meet people that have never seen snow before. I can’t imagine not knowing the joys of snowball fights or sledging. :P

I’ve had a few days where I’ve felt like I just needed a new wardrobe. I don’t really have a ”style” per say- I buy clothes that I like, and that I find cute & comfy and if people don’t like it, fuck them. They’re not the ones wearing it, so what does it matter? I don’t find I was ever judged by my wardrobe, in highschool I was judged by my FRIEND’S wardrobes, as messed up as that sounds. They all dressed like ’emo sketchbags’ as some people at our school put it, and because they were my friends, I was associated in that group even though I wore bright, happy clothes. Whatever.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your style though. I find that a lot of people do after long holidays from school, like my best friend dressed preppy in grade 10 and then summer came, and by the time grade 11 rolled around she was dressing in darker clothes that weren’t very preppy at all.

Weekends are good to work for people, usually because if they’re in school it’s the only time they can do a full days work and not have half the day at school, the rest working & need time to worry about homework and such. Since I don’t get a lot of homework, I’d RATHER work week nights so that I have my weekends free. I got that this week, working three shifts during the week, a shift ending at five on friday night in exchange for not working saturday + only working 6 hours sunday. I love getting the full saturday off, because then I have the WHOLE DAY to myself, I don’t have to go to co-op or school, I can just plan to do whatever I feel like doing. I would MUCH RATHER have a job where I work full time during the week, set hours, and then have weekends off.

I feel the same way. I wear a lot of boyish clothes that my Mom always seems to have a fit about. I mean it is seriously crazy. I personally prefer comfortable over style ya know? It is kind of the way I am. But I still try to wear “girl” clothes that are still my style.

Best of luck with the wardrobe change. You just got to remember that clothes just express who we are on the inside. I even wrote an article about it if you would like to check it out. :)

Ever so true! I wrote an article on it myself – it’s a bit outdated, but I titled it It’s Hip to be Square. I like yours because it’s lengthy and in depth; mine seems to be in need of an update.

I definitely prefer comfort over style, of course! I just feel like I need a style change, obviously still making sure I don’t go out in something totally uncomfortable. :D

I was talking to some people in my class and everyone is struggling to find a job, no matter if you like in a town or city.

The presentation evening ended up getting cancelled because of the snow. Ah well, itade no difference to me.

I use to live in jeans, hoodies and tshirt. That was it. I had nothing else in my wardrobe. But I got fed up and over the years I’ve tried to change and wear a variety of clothes. I now love dresses and pretty tops :)

I think people should wear what they like. We shouldn’t all go round wearing the same thing. We have to be unique. I love buying clothes and accessories from other countries because I know people back home won’t have it!

I need to sort out my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes in there that don’t fit me anymore. I can take these down to the charity shops.

I have lots of band shirts that are mens and oversized on me. The best ones are only available for men but I quite like the baggy casual style :)

I have so many watches that don’t work anymore. Sometimes it works out cheaper to buy a whole new watch than get the battery replaced.

I can understand you wanting to change your wardrobe to something more mature, but personally I think that unless you really feel uncomfortable wearing what you currently do because of other people’s attitudes towards it, you should stick with it! Don’t be pressured into wearing things you don’t like or don’t suit you just to please other people. *hug*

I occasionally get the odd glance because of my wardrobe – not so much the actual clothes, because for the most part they’re completely normal (read: boring) – but I wear a lot of very childish accessories sometimes. Things like Pac-man earrings, Lego brick bracelets, necklaces with microcassettes hanging off a chain… /hehe But, often shopkeepers and people like that will actually comment on them with remarks like, ‘oooh, that’s cute, where did you get it?’, so I don’t ever feel embarrassed wearing them.

Yay for finding a new (sort-of, lol) watch though! What type is it? I’ve always had problems with watches too – not because of discerning taste, but because I have a bit of an allergy to nickel, which a lot of metal watch bands contain. :( I actually had my current watch made to order, hehe…I daresay you’ve seen a picture of it (it’s the Morrissey one that says ‘How soon is now?’, lol). Pity about the one with the interchangeable straps though! That would have been spiffy.

LOL, same here! I once wore jeans with paint splats, and a girl from Hungry Jacks asked where I got them. I also wore a shirt from Threadless, and over at a Converse store, I was asked where I got my shirt because it was cool. (Y) I think I am highly influenced by my mum; some of the clothes I wear certainly aren’t feminine but I get quite a few compliments on them, and I just want to tell her. XD

I can really relate to this post. I feel the same way. I am short & petite. Nobody thinks I am 22 years old. I often get mistaken for 15 or 16. One time, someone even thought I was 12. My mom used to come in my room (filled with pink, stuffed animals, and other bright colors), and ask me when I was going to grow up. So now my room is black, red, and white to look a little more sophisticated. I’ve thought about buying new clothes that give me a more sophisticated look as well, but at the same time I love my jeans and graphic tees. It’s just who I am. It’s weird because it’s like I want to be more sophisticated, but I still want to be like a teenager too, even though I’m not.