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Hi, I’m Georgina. A long time ago, I used to dress like a punk.

People don’t seem to believe me, or think it’s strange. The other day, Lilian and I were talking about cleaning out our wardrobe and attempting to wear clothing of a more mature nature. These coloured t-shirts and other dorky shit I’ve been wearing sort of has to pass at some stage – also because I’m getting bored of it. ๐Ÿ˜• I’m sick of being treated like a kid. I’m short; it doesn’t help. People still think I’m in high school or make fun of my height. Please, it gets old.

As does dressing like a punk. I used to do the whole black fingernails thing, have a lot of accessories and whatnot – that is something I want to change. I got my hair chopped so I could shake that image back to life, but now I realise I don’t like it as much anymore. Maybe I don’t always look like a kid, but I sure as hell feel like one.

I feel like I should wear nicer clothes. I know my hyperactive personality is complemented by the gear I used to wear, but I guess I’m over it. I’m sick of people thinking I’m immature or honestly treating me like a kid. I don’t know, I guess it’s time to kind of “grow up”. People think I’m weird when I wear funny clothes or quirky things. Is that sad…? I don’t even know.

I want to wear high heels and tower over people. Here’s to cocktail dresses and stilettos…

Okay, maybe not to that extreme.

Yes, it’s true that most people will judge you on how you look. I’ve learned not to give a damn. I don’t usually care what people think of me. Even so, I do still want to change my style of clothes, regardless of whether or not it changes the way people treat me. I’m still proud of myself and how I’ve changed. Yet I’m still annoyed at the way people judge my character. Change is an inevitable and progressive thing. I can’t suddenly change my style overnight. There are still days when I want to wear my dorky shirts. To illustrate the fact that people don’t believe me, a girl was extremely shocked that I liked band shirts. She said I seemed more the “boho” type.

Um what? And this was quite a while ago.

Today I cleaned out my dresser. I have a lot of jewellery and today I threw nearly half of it away. It all got old or I was too old for the cheap jelly bracelets that were a craze ages ago, or the beaded kiddish bracelets I had when I was 12 (and still had until today!). I also happened to find a watch that I got a few years ago, that I never wore.

I was on the lookout for a new watch since my old one died. I could have replaced the battery but my mum suggested getting a better watch. I searched far and wide, online and offline for a watch. I’m picky with something that I intend on wearing daily, so it was hard to find anything. I’m glad I found this old-new watch though, it’s pretty decent and saves me from getting a completely new one. ๐Ÿ‘

I also found yet another watch that my mum gave me a very long time ago, with interchangeable wrist bands. My mum tried to put in a new battery but after trying three different ones, it refused to work. That was a shame. I was looking forward to wearing it too and changing the strap colour every day as needed. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Have you ever felt like you needed a new wardrobe?

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