The Rule of the Customer

My mum’s worked in retail for a while. Currently she is a YSL counter manager, and I’m pretty proud of her because of that. She knows what she’s doing and she has had previous jobs in the past. She knows that there is always an important rule when dealing with customers: they are always right.

When a customer isn’t satisfied, it’s the duty of the sales staff to make sure that they are satisfied, perhaps after giving them a refund or an exchange or helping them out with the problem. Obviously the company doesn’t want a bad reputation so they have to deal with all customers in a similar manner.

I have worked in a cafe before and thankfully never encountered any people who were rude or hard to deal with. I also didn’t have any upset or disappointed customers. It’s the job of the employees to make the customer happy. I know it might get annoying when I walk into a shop and I’m immediately welcomed and asked if I need help. However, when this happens, I am secretly annoyed because it happens so frequently, but I’m still grateful that I’m welcomed and my presence is acknowledged.

However – and James knows I have this problem – following the ‘customer is always right’ principle, I am still extremely afraid of approaching staff when I have a problem. I am still scared of saying ‘err no thanks’ when I realise that the price of a product is more than I expected, or when I change my mind about something at the last minute, or when I need to exchange something because it’s broken. I know that I have the right to pay what I want to pay and I have the right to say no, but I’m still afraid that I’ll be judged or laughed at… Does anyone else have that problem? /um

Next point – those shop owners who actually do treat you like dirt. The “is it what I’m wearing?” question. I know they’ve done it countless times on current affairs shows or the news, getting people to dress up in a fat suit or dress inappropriately, and noticing the difference between the way they are treated in a disguise, to the way they are treated normally. The results are true and real; most of the time if your wardrobe is unacceptable, you get ignored. Sad truth. At the same time I want to yell, “Don’t you want me to fucking buy something from your shop?”

Turn off. I’ll admit, if I get treated badly when I visit a shop, or simply stared at (it’s happened), I will be inclined to leave.

Which brings me to my next point – shipping. When you shop online, don’t these people want you to buy from them? Then why the hell is shipping so expensive? It’s almost a turn off for me. I spend hours looking for the right pieces to buy online, the right clothes or jewellery, and I end up emptying my cart and exiting the shop at the end, because to have the item/s shipped to my house costs three times as much.

You just lost a customer. Yes, I know I live in Australia where not many online shops are based, but it still bothers me that shipping can be ridiculously expensive.

The other day I went to the post office with James to send Tiffany a package. We put a few bags of lollies and two small jars of Vegemite. It wasn’t all that heavy, and the lot only cost us $20.

But guess how much the shipping cost us? $52.

The earth is falling out of orbit. @_@

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Hello! :)

Funny that your Mum works for YSL, because today I just found out it stands for Yve Saint Laurent XD. Coincidence. But it IS pretty cool she works in customer service. I always thought that you’d have to be super patient to work in customer service because some customers can be so difficult and unreasonable. I know I could never do it, because I am NOT a people’s person D:. So power to your Mum :P.

Don’t worry, I have that same problem too! It annoys the crap out of my Dad. I don’t like approaching staff and being all “I’m sorry, but you’ve made a mistake”. Sometimes it’s because they’re so nice, I don’t want to cause extra trouble for them. Other times it’s because they look so pissed off, they might bite my head off. Or they just appear too stuck up to care. We shouldn’t be like this though D:. The customer IS always right. Ugh. Maybe it’s just in our nature?

Shop people who treat customers like dirt. I HATE them. It goes for customer service as well. No offence, but you don’t need that many qualifications to work in customer service. If you hate people, WHY ARE YOU WORKING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE? Take your retarded attitude elsewhere please! /angry

I hate shop assistants who are just plain rude. I go out of my way NOT to buy stuff from stores with rude sales assistants. Though fortunately, I’ve rarely had that occurrence :).

SHIPPING is TERRIBLE for Australians. That shipping was TWICE the amount of the package. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT THERE. It’s RIDICULOUS! D:

Glad you found out what it stands for now though! So long as you know it’s a top brand… perhaps that’s all that really matters? :P My mum definitely considers herself a people-person. I don’t think I am, though. I don’t work very well with people or communicate so well. We all have jobs that fit us and jobs that don’t!

I know some people have a bad day, so I’m fine if they don’t seem so welcoming. I would hate being spoken to rudely if I needed assistance, though. If I worked in retail or customer service and was having a bad day, I’d just apologise and say so if I had to serve a customer. Maybe not a great way to introduce yourself but it’s a fair warning so the customer isn’t totally turned off.

I generally hate people but I can tolerate them if they’re nice. My mum told me that she just stays calm if anyone ever complains. Maybe they don’t have the right to shout and get snappy, but she said it’s always a good idea to keep calm. :P

haha georgina you’re pretty luck that you havnt dealt with any rude customers while working as a waitress because i certainly have.. and even though my job is to please customers, theres only so much i can take. people have given me attitude and sprayed spit on my face while theyre talking to me and just.. ugh.. the most usual complaint is that food/coffee is too slow.. i then end up checking what time they ordered and comparing it to the current time and its only about 5 minutes wait.

if you want to have a full sit-down meal obviously it’s not going to pop out within 5 minutes when it is busy! if you wanted FAST FOOD, go to a FAST FOOD outlet, not a cafe =/
i have so many petpeeves to do with customers like you would not believe.. i think i even outlined some in a previous blog post of mine =/

i also agree with you about shipping and postage! omgosh it’s so expensive to send packages! i hate it when they’re more expensive than how much the package is worth :(

Thanks for the early happy birthday. ♥

Customers are always right. Argh! lol. I’ve worked in heaps of take away places, and the customers get so rude, taking advantage of the fact that it’s just a simple take away place, and people can get so fussy. I think the funniest thing that a customer has complained about was when I was working at Red Rooster, we ran out of chicken. This actually happened a lot. I would always get shouted at “but this is a chicken place, how can you run out of chicken?”. ‘Yes, well we’re obviously not going to run out of Turkey or beef, are we?”

I know what you mean. I don’t like the awkwardness of saying “Oh, $40? I think I’ll put this back.” And I don’t think I could ever give any one a hard time if something goes wrong like a take away order.

I didn’t know people dressed up in a fat suit to prove a point. But that’s horrible, people should not be judged for looking the way they do. I remember a thing on today tonight about fat woman being rejected from employment. This world has gone insane with image and ‘what people should look like.’ When I gained weight I would get teased in the supermarket all the time. One day I heard a young couple whisper ‘I wonder what isle she is going in, I bet it’s the chocolate isle.’ I was too embarrassed to go to a bakery or be near chocolate, even if I wanted to buy something from my boyfriend. People had nothing better to do than mock me. But I don’t think I ever got served different at a check out for being overweight, I think I smile at them too much for them to judge me on what I look like.

You spent that much on shipping, for two bags of lollies and Vegemite? I thought that America bought Vegemite from us? That was so nice of you to send her something from Aus though.

Being a cashier and working a lot with customers, as much as we have to abide by the ‘customer is always right’ there are times when the customer IS NOT RIGHT. At our store though, we have no policies like ‘if the price is wrong, you get it for free.’ like some bigger places have, but some people still read signs wrong, and then complain when it comes up wrong. They ARE wrong, and when they get cranky at us for them being wrong it’s just unfair to the cashiers. There was a lady one who got all mad at me because we were out of muffins, due to the fact that it was only a three day sale. At the very end of the third day, she came looking for muffins and wanted to get the wrong muffins for the same price, when we can’t do that. There are just some customers where it seems no matter what, they won’t be happy :/

I do agree about how people greet you. In some stores, it’s annoying to have three different employees coming up to you, asking if you need help. I get that it’s their job, and they have to but sometimes.. I just wanna shop. A lot of the time, I have no intention of spending any money but my sister is shopping around, so I’ll look instead of just standing there and they’ll come up to me. But, that is better when compared to some bigger stores like Wal Mart, where I’ll go and ask someone for help and they’ll stand there on their iPod (literally), look at the iPod, and then say ”nope, I guess we don’t have it” And when I ask if there’s any in the back, they say no.. without even looking. There are much better ways to deal with customers.

I’m also afraid that things will be more than I expected. And I feel like they’ll be judging me, thinking ‘oh, she’s too poor to get this at this price’ when really, I just don’t think it’s worth that much & I would rather only spend what I thought I was going to. Especially since it usually takes me a while to convince myself to buy something, because I hate spending money. Yet I love shopping, go figure. haha.

I talked to two of my friends today (who are also good friends with Brandon) and they said they heard all about the status war between us, and they think she’s being so stupid. Brandon still barely talks to me, and his gf never replied to the message either :/ But honestly, I have NO INTEREST in your boyfriend so have some faith in him & stfu. We’re friends, dwi.

I don’t enjoy angry customers. :( Especially at fast food places. When I worked at Sonic I had to work drive, and their food had to always be bagged a particular way. Debbie, the boss, put me in charge of drive everyday I came to work, and made sure I took my break before the crazy diet people came. Their ice cream sundae had to be in a bag, the salad had to be in a seperate bag, and the hamburger had to be OUT. I didn’t understand it then, and I still don’t. They came everyday. :(

Sorry… I ranted. /faw /um /wah

I haven’t had to pay any shipping fees yet; I don’t buy anything online. This mostly has to do with not having a freaking bank account anymore. D;

What is Double Rainbow Craze/Face Rage? I don’t like the everyday meme things. I prefer to go with the flow and blog from time to time what I want to blog. Blahh. :]

I think I am going to ask Alice to help with with my sidebar welcome message thing. :D She’s better at those things than I am.

My parents are divorced because they are too different. It’s like … one side is super Christian-like/strict, and the other is more laid-back. I don’t feel as uptight with my mom’s side of the family.

Your mum automatically gets my respect simply for working with customers. Most I’ve experienced seem to have a modicum of understanding of how the customer-employee relationship works, but some… some of them are just holy terrors. Your mother is awesome — if for no other reason than that she manages, on a daily basis, not to crack and murder the customers. ;)

I sympathise with the shipping woes. I’m in the US, as are most companies I buy from, so domestic shipping is usually pretty reasonable (when they use USPS, anyway; UPS and FedEx are sometimes a different story). However, I patronise several companies in the UK and Australia, and shipping from there to here is… well, not so reasonable. Unfortunately, a lot of the time — in my experience, anyway — it’s not something the retailer/seller can control. They *can* undercharge shipping, yes, but to do so, they’d take a loss, and many of the companies I buy from (mostly perfume, jewellery, craft supplies, and other small retailers) are already barely making it. The ones that specifically overcharge shipping so as to pad their profits, though? I have less patience with them. eBay sellers are notorious and horrible for that — they’ll charge $0.99 for an item with $10 for First Class USPS shipping (which can’t, by the weight limits, run more than $4-5). I think it comes down to the carriers themselves — UPS, FedEx, and country-specific carriers like USPS, Royal Mail, etc. I’m not sure about other countries, but every time they raise shipping here in the states, they cite “rising fuel costs” and “rising cost of operations.” The latter I understand, but the former annoys me; the fuel-related raises usually come just before a dip in fuel charges. So… you raise prices because fuel got more expensive. Well, it just got LESS expensive, so can we expect you to lower the prices again? No, of course not. Ugh.

…Wow, I’m babbling. Sorry about that. ;)

It is a long way, I’m going to go to her until we can find a more local one, one who I can go to specifically for what I’m going through. I liked her, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like opening up to strangers neither. But I’ve spent so much time bottling things up, if I don’t get things out & tell her everything, I’m not going to be getting all the help I need. I told my dad I’m a teenager & I know a lot of other kids that drink way, way more than I do & way more than they should. They’re the ones abusing the alcohol & I don’t want to drink anymore. It’s not something I want to do. It doesn’t make me feel better & I can have just as good of a time without alcohol.

I feel awkward when I’ve asked for the price or something then find out what it is & just say no. I almost feel like I’m being rude. I don’t like approaching the staff of places & asking for help, it’s just not my forte to walk up to complete strangers, even if it is their job. Shipping prices are ridiculous. I just ordered my mom’s Christmas gift, pretty much five minutes ago, The shipping was $6.41, after they took twenty five percent off ! It would had been like ten dollars. I think pricing is just outrageous these days.

Well in terms of shipping, there’s so many airplane tax and all that BS that .. yeah shipping and buying the packaging can be expensive.
I hate it too though when they just ignore you and omg so many times I buy stuff cause I can’t say no.. sigh. we need to fix this, georgie!

I worked in retail for years. In New York.
Let me tell you something… the customer IS NOT always right.
But you have to let them believe that they are.
That’s where the magic happens.

I am always nice to people as a customer because I have been on the other side before. Even when I am frustrated, disgruntled, or even just plain angry… I don’t take it out on them. Sure, I’m angry or upset or frustrated but I let that person know that I am not angry at THEM, I’m just frustrated with the situation and I am as courteous as possible when dealing with them because I know that the problem will be solved faster. When I worked in retail, I just tried to tell myself that not everyone had this unique ability and not to take it too personally.

I used to hate going back or speaking up the employees, but I guess I’ve worked out that if I need something changed that I’ve paid for, then I’ve gotta do it.
Wow, there are a lot of bad shipping places, but 52$ from the post office 😒

I admire your mom for staying in the service industry for that long. I know that I definitely couldn’t do it, since I was a cashier in high school. There were many customers that are clearly wrong, sometimes knowing that they were wrong and just trying to get more stuff. Usually, I tell them that they are not right because I’d have gotten in trouble if my manager sees something weird in my history. So I usually called my manager over, and she’d just shut the customer down every single time.

It takes good customers and a good business to run a business, and there are many bad customers around. I can’t stand them. Computer databases are not wrong. Expired coupons are not supposed to work. Sheesh.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

Haha yeah that’s what my problem is, too, when I shop online. :( I put some stuff in the shopping cart and try to calculate the shipping fee, but most of the time the shipping costs way more than the actual item that I want to buy. :/ Once, it happened to me while browsing this site. I closed the tab and got an email from them saying that they’ll give me a discount coupon because they found out that I was browsing and that I even put something in my cart. I wanted to try the coupon, but even if I use it, it’s still too expensive for me :s

About the other shops, I also appreciate how the people from shops approach me and ask me if I need something. But sometimes the others are too friendly. Once, I had someone follow me around to ask if I needed anything. She keeps asking for like every 2 minutes. I would just say “Yes, but I’m still deciding which one to buy.” And of course I need something >_> It’s just that I already told her that I’m fine and that I would just approach her if I needed anything else. XD I mean, it’s nice that she’s very helpful, but it was just too much for me~

Thanks for your comment Georgina ♥ I appreciate it ^^ I won’t leave :D And yes the crayon cologne is really unusual. It makes me cough so much XD

I was actually thinking about doing a giveaway but now i’m having 2nd thoughts on it. I mean what’s the point? The winner might not even appreciate it and i don’t feel like wasting money.

Lockerz probably won’t send that giftcard till next year because they just now approved the paypal so the gift card might take a while lol. THAT’S THE WORD!! That video still makes me laugh, did you see Children’s Bop?

Over here that shipping will not reach $30. That’s too much to be paying for shipping. I’m an impatient person, I don’t believe in “the customers is always right,” sometimes they are wrong and they argue back and forth with you. Although treating customers like dirt for no reason is stupid and mean, that’s whn you pull out the big guns and ask for their manager. XD

I used to work as a saleslady before and yeah, the principle ‘the customer is always right’ applies everywhere and all the time.

I have bought things as a customer and was very dissatisfied with it. I mean, the thing i bought got a stain on it for Pete’s sake. I went to return it and asked a refund since I know I was right. I guess sometimes we just need courage to stand up for what we know is right. And well, if you are a bit embarrassed to do so, you can always ask someone else to go with you. Going with someone is better than going alone. :)

I hate it when saleslady frowns at me or stares at me from head to toe. Most of the time, I just leave, or if I’m really in a bad mood, I act bitchy, trying clothes on and leaving them anywhere. Afterall, it is their job to fix the clothes regardless if the customer bought something or not. If they talk to me rudely, I talk to them rudely as well. But sometimes e do have to understand their situation and put ourselves into their shoes. What if we were the saleslady? Standing their all day, possibly hungry, surely tired and stressed. It is inevitable that we act bitchy, mean or rude unknowingly. Well, that is just one perspective.

As for the shipping, shipping locally here in Philippines isn’t that expensive, just a dollar or two. Shipping internationally would cost only around $5-6.

It’s so riduclous that shipping costs that much. Luckily I live in the UK so shipping is usually a lot cheaper unless I order unique things from non-western places. But I can’t believe your package cost that much. Yikes indeed.
My boyfriend has taught me not to be shy about fighting for your rights in shops. I used to be really shy and to be honest, if I’m all alone then I usually don’t bother. I guess it’s scary letting the staff have a chance to laugh at you and call you cheap.

It’s true what you said about just caring more about people you care about do. It’s understandable but often painful. I don’t really like the mainstream music. A lot of it is very club and pop right now. I like songs with more meaning and have good lyrics as well as good music.

Ah I am the same. I hate speaking to employees and am really bad when trying to get a refund. In the end I just don’t bother tbh. Also, I hate it when shop assistance stare at you, particular in the big department stores or perfume counters. I always feel weird but then I think to myself I am a customer and I am providing them my custom so they can stare all they want but it still makes me feel uncomfortable. I usually don’t end up using sites where the packing is more than the actual item but usually I try and use UK based sites so there isn’t shipping tax.
Ah I’ve never worked in an environment where I have to ace customers but I can imagine it can be a nightmare so it’s good that you’ve had a good experience! Your mum has a cool job!

With the risk of sounding like a groupie: I hear you! 😢

Customer service here is dismal… well with a few exceptions, and those have a tendency to over compensate. I totally understand the feeling of saying no when the price is too high. I mean, of course I wouldn’t buy it, but I feel so embarrassed just saying “do you mind if I keep looking?” 😳

Oh and don’t get me started on shipping: it is just so annoying that stuff gets shipped for nearly free to most of Europe, aside a few “select” countries (mine included). Gah! /angry

Customer service is NEVER an easy job. You have to please the customer even when you know 100% that they are wrong! The excellent shops that understand and follow this are the ones that I prefer to frequent (as i’m sure everybody does). It does make you wonder when they are rude if people ever do actually return to some of these places! lol

Gah, I hate the pricing of postage in Australia. It is just much to expensive! Considering how cheaply you can get things here, sending stuff is so much more expensive and Australia Post just keeps increasing the price.

As a person who took customer complaints (over the phone) for a couple of years. Let me tell you, they’re not always right. Many customers just want to try and squeeze more for less out of you and the language some of them use… not appropriate at all!

I hate customers sometimes. They are very draining, staying calm sometimes can be very hard.

here in VA, it is $13 to send a 1 pound envelope to Spain, which my mom is doing for me because a best friend of mine lives there, but what truly matters at the holidays isn’t the price, but the happiness you give a person to show them how much their friendship means to you, the joy you know you give them is priceless. ♥

That’s true! The cost doesn’t matter in the end. I think we’d all be sending out more gifts overseas if it was cheaper, though. :D

Your site isn’t really loading for me; I can’t see any of the images and stuff; good luck fixing it though. :)

i’m still working on it, there should be some images in the doll post, but that’s mostly it, I keep being undecided on the layouts.

isn’t loading right completely for me either, the background is supposed to be green, & i don’t know where i went wrong with it

I can relate to how ridiculous shipping is. My brother is currently living in Greece, and as a result he can’t get a lot of stuff that he did back in the states. Also, he works for a family that used to live in the US, so they also can’t get a lot of stuff. So my mother being the wonderful woman she is, periodically sends boxes to them and the prices she pays is ridiculous. A medium sized box (like a box a little bigger than you would fit a stereo in) costs between $150 – $175. I realize that it’s a sort of large box, and it’s in another country, but that much? I can’t see how I’m the only one that thinks that’s a bit pricey!

awwww.. I agree with this.. I dont understand why the shipping makes it more expensive than the piece that you are going to buy.. o___O anyways, you have a very cool mom there! :D

Sigh … any job with a customer service component is always very hard. I’ve had my share of it in both retail and foods departments. In retail, there’s always that one person that tries to bargain with you. Who bargains in a retail store?? There are just some cheap bastards out there. Foods was the worst for me. I used to work in the food department at the movie theatres. I’ve been yelled at about prices, had someone throw their drink at me … everything … But that was the only job where I was actually able to yell back and defend myself because I feel like I had the right to not be disrespected like that. Someone throwing food or drink at you?? That’s just undeserved especially when I was being as polite as possible. But once the disrespect comes in … oh!! You are in a world of hurt!! Some people these days. That’s why now whenever I step into a store, I try to treat the worker with as much respect and patience as possible because I know how it feels like!

your mums absolutely right with that rule, it just sometimes becomes confrontational if the customer is my sister lol..

WTF!!! $52 for postage? Wow. Tiff lives in the US of A and that sounds incredibly off … What a damn ripoff, wow. I am still stunned about that. I know they have put the cost up from Australia to woop woop, but you would think Australia to the States would be a lot cheaper then that. Wow again.

As for your comment on my post, I know. Mum has accepted Sean. He’s pretty lucky, but Mum loved Chloe and she knows how much Sean is trying … She knows he is making an effort to help me right now and that means a lot to her. And my father for that matter. They are hard eggs to crack those two.

As for customer service, I had a guy throw a shoe at me. So my manager made me go out back so I could kick boxes I was so mad. I refused never to work in customer service again. And I never have. Your Mum has some awesome staying power. Kudos to her xx ✌️

I find it completely amazing that we’re not afraid to share things like this, people would actually make a huge secret of it. /hehe I have a lot of phobias too, tiny holes in walls makes my skin crawl. Idk if there’s a phobia for that, but it’s irritating lol.

Snow is a beautiful part of nature, people should embrace it not run from it. XD I just love the way everywhere looks white and pretty. The only time I don’t like snow is when it turns dirty and eck! /poo I think you would like the snow a tiny bit just because it’s new. :D

Someone keeps asking me when I’m doing the giveaway, i don’t know who that person is but they really want it. I don’t want to do it just because of one person though. I might MAYBE do one next year, but I’ll ask people to tell me their reasons for wanting the domain and if it’s not legit enough then they can’t be in the contest. It’s strict but it seems like the only way.

I’m going to watch Adjusting the Sails now…..okay done. That was really sad. I seriously thought Sean was dead until I read the description. Wow I actually cried while watching that. 😢

Ohhh, yep yep, I’ve been judged and stared at before when I enter a store because of the way I dress… very uncomfortable feeling :( But that’s just how judgmental people are and I rather not cause any trouble.
I get those guilt or whatever whenever the sales associates has helped or was really nice that even though I don’t want to buy..i end up buying too but because they were nice and helpful.
Shipping is a pain! Nowadays I rarely buy anything online unless it is FREE shipping. But some online stores that is always free shipping and no minimum purchase is still a rip off because they already hiked up the prices on the items so its like shipping payment is there just not officially labeled. -sigh-
I’ve visited Australia before…so I understand what you’re talking about. It was really shocking to compare prices between Australia and the U.S. D:

The customer is always right is really the best principle, because without the customers, services and shops would be nothing Dx I think it’s the same thing when it comes to school, teachers can mess with you but as soon as your parents get involved they get scared xD

I don’t usually get scared when I have to return things, or tell them it’s not what I wanted. I think it’s because it doesn’t happen too often. However once my Mum made me buy something for her from a shop near by, then told me I bought the wrong things, and I had to go back and return it literally in the space of an hour I felt like an idiot Dx This happened when I bought my phone’s memory card as well.

I don’t usually buy things online, but wow $52?! Wtf that’s crazy. It’s the same for delivery here, even though it’s all in the same country. You could buy something from a clothes website, ask for it to be delivered soon and have to pay an extra bulk of money Dx