The Times They Are A-Changin’

Yesterday James and I went to our old school for a visit. Needless to say, it wasn’t what we expected. Of course we weren’t expecting to be welcomed with balloons or even seeing balloons. I’d heard about the new fence they’d put up across the front of the school, but for two years I actually had not even passed or been around the area. We didn’t really know what to expect and I think I felt rather queasy as we drove by.

The walk to the front office seemed almost endless. I could already see the new lockers they had put by the technology rooms. I was so surprised that I thought they were fake. Throughout the entire time we’d been in high school (which, for you worldly people who have elementary and middle school, is six years from years seven to twelve), we had not had lockers. At all.

I get a lot of people asking me where we put our books and if we had anywhere to put our gear. The answer is no, apart from the bags we chose to bring. We had to carry around all our books. We used to have eight classes a day, though during our time there, it was reduced to six. Now I think they’ve changed it again, because recess/morning tea break appears to be shorter.

The basketball court was covered with a shade. It had been open, and hot whenever we had sport or PE there. They had re-fenced it and it looked kind of bigger. The gym also seemed to be undergoing some kind of makeover with the big front sliding doors gone… it was all very surreal and strange.

When we reported to the front office, the principal and office ladies seemed to recognise us. Or maybe they were just being polite, who knows. Overall, we do know that while the place has changed, the people really haven’t.

But the school is in such stark contrast with university life, and the “big bad world” out there. It’s so different, going back and looking at this place. It’s dreary, and kind of dull. No wonder going to the shops or getting out of school was like a luxury. Getting free time was like a luxury when we were in school. I find that things have changed so much. The teachers mostly wanted to know about us, and what we were studying, how we were going. I guess nothing much has changed there. We didn’t have any real news to tell them!

I missed my old English teacher a lot. :P He was amazing, and after going on a hunt, we found him sorting out reports in a technology room. It was good to talk to him, but he was so stressed out. A lot of our favourite teachers had “disappeared” or were teaching elsewhere, which was disappointing. Our English teacher is totally awesome. Yes, I can’t stop saying it. (Y) He was wondering if James and I were going to get married or have children. LOL, that’s obviously much further down the line… 🙄

It’s funny… because I do remember that when I was in high school, I liked hanging out at school because all my friends were there. When school finished early or when classes were postponed or changed, sometimes we’d just meet at school anyway, and just play cards or something in the playground. Now that I’m in university, a lot of the time I just want to go home. @_@

Oh, the times, they are a-changin’.

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I wish I could go visit my high school, because of regulations due to visitors and such I don’t think that’s possible anymore. The only thing that I know they’ve changed with the school is the sign in front of the school, it now has a LCD screen on it. lol. Sadly the year I graduated one of my favorite teachers (Computer classes) was only going to be there for 1 more year…I did see her recently because she works at the local cat shelter! I loved seeing her too. :)

I miss my English teacher as well, my 9th & 10th grade English teacher. I changed my 10th grade schedule around so I could have her as an English teacher, she was a major influence on me and I love her (not in a weird way lol) for that. I also miss my Government/Economy [& Psych] teacher, I could sit and talk to him for hours!

Sometimes it’s a great thing to go into your past (buildings anyways) and see how things have changed, it also helps you to see how much you’ve changed as well.

Oh yes, I remember going back to my old high school and getting SUCH a slap in the face of change and it wasn’t even that many years. It was only about 4 years. It’s definitely strange seeing things from a different perspective like that.

haha, i drive past my school a fair bit, my sister just graduated from there are my brother still goes there.
But they added a huge fence around the whole school, it seriously looks like a jail now /oh
We had to carry our books too. we had 7 classes, but normally it was compressed into 4 classes, having 3 double length classes and 1 normal length class.
My friends and I used to be the same, hanging at school if classes changed, I guess because we didn’t want to go home, our separate ways. Now you have to make effort to see your friends and i enjoy my alone time. (H)


YOU GUYS VISITED GIRRA! (Yeah, I know, that’s totally me stating the obvious. Sorry!). I wish I could have gone with you :(. Oh well, it sounds like you guys didn’t have that exciting a time :P. Though it would still have been quite fun to go back.

The fence really DOES make Girra look like a prison. Haha. When I first saw it, when I drove my mum to parent teacher interviews, I was seriously so shocked. D: They IMPRISONED THE SCHOOL!

I can’t believe how much our highschool has changed in the two years we’ve been gone. *shakes head*. It’s so surreal D:. Ohhh! You saw the lockers! I didn’t XD. I didn’t go anywhere near the tech rooms when I was there. Although I am still so offended at those lockers. I NEEDED THOSE IN YEAR 12. My Mondays were terrible. I had TWO maths textbooks + LOTS of English Extension 2 stuff to bring. My arms were ALWAYS dead. And OMG, EIGHT PERIOD DAYS! I remember those. They were hectic D:.

I remember being SO amused at walking around the minimal shops in Toongabbie. How funny. Highschool was SUCH an institution :P.

Yeah, the teachers were like that when I was there. They wanted to know what I was studying, and how it was going, and all this random stuff about uni :P. Mr Stormont was particularly interested in how I was finding Law XD. But it’s cool how our teachers remember us, huh? I feel special :).

Hahaha you saw Henretty! I know how much you wanted to see him :P. It’s so cute how he asked if you two were going to get married XD. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Even Henretty knows you are meant to be ♥.He was an awesome teacher :D.

hmmmm.. I hate that when after I graduate, my school will just add new facilities and activities. it makes me envy those kiddos younger than me. hahaha. but i’m lucky right now in my university because changes happened when I am already there. lol. (H)

awww going back to your high school.. something i will never do. both in middle and high school i was such a bully and therefore nobody liked me. hahaha. big deal its the real word now kids. teheheheh

i could not and i would not carry my books around ughhh! talk about back problems. in our school we had to share lockers with 2 or another person. Which was okay I guess, it just made high school life all social and much more awkward. You sound like you had a blast in high school

Ah yes, those bittersweet memories. I remember part of my classmates did a little prank, right after graduation (i.e. at the start of the next school year): they asked the younger kids to hide, and they went to math class instead. Gave the teacher a big surprise. I’m still pissed that they didn’t advertise this… wish I had been there.

Some 3 years after that, we passed by the school and decided to go inside and look around it, for old times’ sake. There was a janitor (who was hired after we graduated), and wouldn’t let us in because we weren’t students of the school. I never went back after that, but it was such an unpleasant feeling. I attended that school for 8 years and some jumped up janitor just screams at me to go away… 😢

At least you met some of your old teachers :)

Thanks so much Georgina! :) This week he was released from the hospital but his condition is weak. I know it’s sad, but I guess it had to happen. *Hugs* Yes, that’s true. Thanks for your words of encourage.

I speak from the standpoint of business, because I’m studying the race has to do with it, but the truth is you’re right in what you say, to work in any field need to know about it. I agree with you. When you study something I was unaware, perhaps you discover it is possible that you like.

I understand perfectly what you say, me same thing happens that to you. Yes, that’s true, you’re totally right /um

I know. Yes, that’s true. But at least the movie was not a mess that could not be seen.

I also believe that Christmas is a wonderful time, but we must also recognize that it is a time heavily influenced by consumerism. I hope you see soon the Christmas decoration stores there.

I think so too :)

I understand. To us it’s left to our choice, but teachers have it in mind. If it is true that a good thing to learn, but somewhat tedious.

Okay /type

It seem unusual to visit your school after so long. I guess you noticed the changes that occurred there. At least you met with your English teacher.

It is true the times change and things too :)
I have not visited the school since I have graduated, and I think I will not do it, at least for now.

I had a similar experience when I visited my old high school two years after I graduated. It was… wow… so different. I was actually glad that I had graduated at the time I did. The walls were painted red instead of white. Many of the older teachers that I had had retired.

But it’s always awesome when people recognize you. I always stop by to see the band teacher, and he’s always happy to see how his former students are doing. So the principal and the office ladies probably did recognize you.

If I were to visit an old school, I’d probably be like, whoa . . . I visited my elementary school for my little brother’s open house, and I felt as if the halls got soo small. I felt crowded and squished, even if there was only 1/3 of the amount of people in the hallway, as there are in my middle school hallways, xD.

I miss my 5th grade teacher, soo much. She was honestly by far, the best teacher I’ve EVER had out of my 10 years of school! I wish she teaches high school, so I can be in her class next year, xD.

If it was really drugs, there would probably be sweat trickling down my face. And I’d probably begin breathing in and out quickly, and then run away, xD. Haha, I’ve never been good with dealing with pressure of any sort, unfortunately.

The drug effects are very, very disturbing, yes. I don’t want my teeth to yellow, my lungs to crumble, and my own life tipping over. I always dream of what my future is going to be like, and to not be able to live my life to the fullest because of a stupid drug mistake is so not worth it, dude, xD.

And thanks, (: . I worked really hard on the drawing, haha.

I’ve stayed without a Formspring for a very long time, xD. Everyone thinks anyone who makes a Formspring nowadays is a wannabe, because Formspring is soo popular and “everybody” has it, lol. Most people I know who my Formsprings get spammed constantly and asked super personal questions. And it seems really boring, just answering weird questions, o.e.

I don’t think I’ll be making a Tumblr any time soon, xD. It seems just like a blog, except, uhm, less complicated? 0.o.

I was so sad when the bloopers ended, o: . They were hilarious! Better the movie itself, in my opinion. I think Ryan Higa’s old, old videos (Like “How to be a Gangster) were honestly his BEST ones ever. His newer ones are, well, not as great.

For the past week, my left sock has fallen down every single day, and I’d stop every 2 minutes to pull them up, so my heels won’t be blistered. ‘Cause that’s happened A L O T before, and it h u r t badly.

Dude, I was so sad when I found out Black Swan isn’t showing in Vegas, Dx. I looked forward to seeing that movie SO much. Maybe it’ll come out on DVD in a few months, and then I can watch it, o: .

Books written in old English tend to frustrate me, because I can’t understand them, and it just sounds so . . . old, o: .

8 hours, haha. It took that long for my family and I to drive from Vegas to San Jose. Worse days of my life . . . And then there came the journey BACK from San Jose, :b.

Me with no Internet is like . . . Well, I can’t think of an analogy right now. But it’s awful. My day would be so boring if I had absolutely NO Internet access. I’d probably spend it reading, but after a week of only reading and talking to my family and no friends, and no Internet, well, yeah that’s really frustrating.

Sometimes, I pass by old friends in the halls, and we wouldn’t even say anything to each other. It’d be kind of awkward, especially if a lot went down between the two of us. I have one best friend, and I’ve known her for 8 years. A very long 8 years, and we got into a million fights, but in the end, she’s still my best friend, (: . I’m not one of those people who call everyone my best friend, ’cause honestly, those people are kind of annoying, :b. There’s a girl at my school, and gets a new best friend like, every single week. It’s irritating to see her FB statuses about her “best friends”, and she’d post a million about Kyleigh, and it’s like, DUDE, I get that you guys are “best friends”, and I get that you’re both cheerleaders, now STFU.

She is crazy! o: . I think being single right now is the best thing ever. Having a boyfriend, or just being taken brings drama. Like, during the “relationship”, and once you guys break up. There is always going to be SOME kind of drama.

Good thing he got his phone back, :b. And the kid was very stupid. I mean “Thanks for the phone”, seriously? xDD.

Your blog title… *giggles*

Sorry. /hehe Anyway…

I actually hear a lot about people going back to their schools after they graduate to visit teachers and just check the place out…I can’t help but think it must be really weird, but I’m glad your visit seemed to be rather pleasant, though probably a bit strange too. Personally I feel my stomach lurch just driving past my old high school, so revisiting just for old time’s sake isn’t something that appeals to me at all, lol. But you’re right about the contrasts between high school and university and the sort of freedom you get at the two. After being at university, the idea of being confined to the school campus for a whole day, five days a week seems positively stifling…except at the time it didn’t seem quite so bad because at that age you really aren’t aware of what it feels like to not have those restrictions. You know they await you once you graduate, but until you actually experience them, you don’t realize just how awful high school is in comparison! :P

That’s cute about your teacher asking if you and were James were going to get married and have children though! Hehe.

I had to, Aly, I had to! It was… fitting. :D

I wasn’t really sure why we were visiting. Perhaps the primary reason was to ‘see how it is’. I obviously wanted to catch up with all the teachers or at least see how they were going. During high school everything was restricted but I did like hanging out at school and I actually enjoyed school. University is so much better, but you’re right, at the time I was in high school, I wouldn’t ever have known that. I remember being told that you got more freedom but it was so much harder.

I was doubtful… LOL now I believe them. I didn’t think there was a lot of work involved but the hell there is!

:love: this post. i would never dare go back to my old school the teachers are real pricks. the school you’re describing sounds amazing. here where i live it pretty much has mean teachers. school is dirty. and principles are getting kicked out for mis-treating the kids. it’s a mess here where i live.

I can’t wait for college, and at the time same I feel anxious about it. Time is passing by very quickly. I have less than three years until I graduate from high school.

The school has a cafe that has a flat screen TV, couches, “2.0” chairs and tables, cappuccinos and coffee drinks, and baked goods. It looks really amazing. We didn’t have it last year. I think that the school saved money to build the cafe this year in order to discourage the driving students to stop leaving campus during school hours.

I never liked going to school since I was in elem. Even til now that i am a college student.
So I never really thought of visiting my old school, or schools for that matter since I transferred a lot, like you did. But I guess it is kinda good to drop by once in a while.

It is nice that you are able to talk to your fave teacher on your visit! Would have been very disappointing if you hadn’t! And funny how he asked about you and James planning on having a child and such. :))

I know times are very different aren’t they? In University no one wants to make new friends they just want to get in and get out. In high school everyone wanted new friends and it was so easy to make new friends it was great. Well it is different for me as well because I moved countries too so I guess it might have been different who knows…
It’s sucky when teachers move and you wanted to see them and there is like no way of getting into contact with them. Most of my teachers are on facebook now, the ones from high school. Maybe you could find some of your teachers there as well?
Haha – well at least you know that’s something you want to do =) get married and have kids with your lover man ;) Hehe how cute.

Take care xxx

I remember when I went back to my high school for my brother’s high school graduation. It was about 4 years later and my favorite teacher was my band director and he didn’t recognize me for a few minutes! It was embarrassing!

i went back to my old highschool a while ago as well!! it was soo surreal because it looked the same but also alot had changed aswell haha not only the layout but ALOT of the students were different!.. i still recognised some though ahhaha
most of my teachers recognised me too and knew who i was hahaha it was awesome to see the teachers especially after so long :D

Oh wow, that is a hell of a lot of changes. How on earth did you manage to complete all of secondary and sixth form with no lockers!! You have some super duper strong arms. I have popped down to my old secondary school quiet a lot when I was in college becuase my friends went to the 6th form there. It’s weird how even in those two years all the teachers change.

My boyfriend isn’t usually like that at all which surprised me the most. Usually its the other way round with me not wanting to hug and stuff infront of my friends. I think it’s because he was pretty overwhelmed by it all. Either way I’m just glad he had an amazing time.

Going back to ‘old places’, such as old houses and old schools I think is always so excited. Once I went back to my old primary school and wowwww, it just brought back so many memories! It felt so weird going back. But like… good weird ;P

When I went back, like you some of the facilities had changes but the teachers were all the same.

I guess my situation is kind of different though because I’m still in High School xD & Primary school’s are so much different.

Time’s do change xD

It sounds like you had a good time though, especially with your old teacher x)

It’s always strange to go back to high school after you’ve been gone for so long. I went to two different high schools, and I’ve heard both have undergone some serious renovations, but I couldn’t imaging going back and seeing those familiar halls again. I’m really surprised you guys didn’t have lockers, in America I don’t think I’ve ever seen a middle or high school that didn’t have the hallways completely lined with lockers. Even some elementary schools have lockers or cubbies, which is silly because those kids have one classroom and one desk.

HA when I finish high school I’m never going back xD

Long time since I commented, again. I can’t remeber where our convo ended off. I will tell you though that I have been reading your blogs in computer class ;) even though I could not comment due to very nosy computer neighbours.

I actually was planning to visit my elementary school when it is exam time. I know a few teachers have left. It will definitely be weird, but I think the hardest part is not seeing it through the same perspective, that I never wanted to leave because a new school would be scary. I kinda just want to keep the memory the same way I left it. I will probably cry. :) I’m very emotional, but I won’t be to emotional about highschool or junior high.

I see you kind of enjoyed your visit. Other than missing a few teachers who left. I like your English teacher. He sounds cool.

I hope I didn’t talk to much about my self. I do that because I like to relate to peoples posts. But t makes me sound to into my self sometimes. Or that’s atleast what I think people think.

Georgie!! Lol…I can’t even remember the last time I commented on your site. I’m such a bad friend</3

That's so cool that you decided to visit your highschool! Was it just something spontaneous or did you visit for a reason? I love amazing teachers who I'll never forget. My favorites were my kindergarten, third grade, and high school business teachers. I'll never forget them!

You guise have recess and tea breaks?! Man…so lucky. in my school district, recess stopped after elementary school. The seniors (grade 12) in my high school were allowed to eat outside but that's like it…haha. What is tea break? I mean, during the middle of the day, anywhere between 10:15 – 1:30PM my school had lunch breaks for whoever was scheduled to have it.

OMG I remember visiting my elementary school…the ceilings are SO low! I always thought it was such a big school as a kid. Times are changing…and we're all getting older!

I haven’t been back to my HS since I left it in 2004. I’m sure a lot has changed since then because I would see something new every time I would drive past it. High school was the best years of my life. Though at the time, I did not think so, but now, I saw how little worries I had. I had no bills, no responsibilities…just school to worry about. I get to see my friends everyday and talk to them about my problems and just have fun.

College was great for me too, but I was stressed out a lot. I had to work and balance school at the same time. Not to mention that there was roommate drama and all that stuff that comes to being on your own.

Now, I miss school so much. To the point that I’m going to enroll in class just for fun. Yes, I’m going to take class for fun. I suppose I should just go back for my masters, but I really don’t want to go through the application process when I can just sign up at the local college and be done with it.