The Times They Are A-Changin’

Yesterday James and I went to our old school for a visit. Needless to say, it wasn’t what we expected. Of course we weren’t expecting to be welcomed with balloons or even seeing balloons. I’d heard about the new fence they’d put up across the front of the school, but for two years I actually had not even passed or been around the area. We didn’t really know what to expect and I think I felt rather queasy as we drove by.

The walk to the front office seemed almost endless. I could already see the new lockers they had put by the technology rooms. I was so surprised that I thought they were fake. Throughout the entire time we’d been in high school (which, for you worldly people who have elementary and middle school, is six years from years seven to twelve), we had not had lockers. At all.

I get a lot of people asking me where we put our books and if we had anywhere to put our gear. The answer is no, apart from the bags we chose to bring. We had to carry around all our books. We used to have eight classes a day, though during our time there, it was reduced to six. Now I think they’ve changed it again, because recess/morning tea break appears to be shorter.

The basketball court was covered with a shade. It had been open, and hot whenever we had sport or PE there. They had re-fenced it and it looked kind of bigger. The gym also seemed to be undergoing some kind of makeover with the big front sliding doors gone… it was all very surreal and strange.

When we reported to the front office, the principal and office ladies seemed to recognise us. Or maybe they were just being polite, who knows. Overall, we do know that while the place has changed, the people really haven’t.

But the school is in such stark contrast with university life, and the “big bad world” out there. It’s so different, going back and looking at this place. It’s dreary, and kind of dull. No wonder going to the shops or getting out of school was like a luxury. Getting free time was like a luxury when we were in school. I find that things have changed so much. The teachers mostly wanted to know about us, and what we were studying, how we were going. I guess nothing much has changed there. We didn’t have any real news to tell them!

I missed my old English teacher a lot. πŸ˜› He was amazing, and after going on a hunt, we found him sorting out reports in a technology room. It was good to talk to him, but he was so stressed out. A lot of our favourite teachers had “disappeared” or were teaching elsewhere, which was disappointing. Our English teacher is totally awesome. Yes, I can’t stop saying it. πŸ‘ He was wondering if James and I were going to get married or have children. LOL, that’s obviously much further down the line… πŸ™„

It’s funny… because I do remember that when I was in high school, I liked hanging out at school because all my friends were there. When school finished early or when classes were postponed or changed, sometimes we’d just meet at school anyway, and just play cards or something in the playground. Now that I’m in university, a lot of the time I just want to go home. πŸ˜•

Oh, the times, they are a-changin’.

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