Summer Rain

The title is most appropriate. I know not everyone is used to it – but yes, in Australia we celebrate Christmas and New Year in the summer. It’s often really hot, and I’ve seen Christmas cards with Santa lazing on the beach. It’s quite odd. Some families also have barbecues to celebrate. I’m not too sure about other countries, but on New Years, there are celebrations in the city and by the harbour, with fireworks. I’ve never been to one of them, but apparently because there are so many people attending, it takes you hours to get out once the celebrations have finished. Some people don’t get home until morning. 😕 That’s not my cup of tea.

I often wish we had snow here. I would absolutely love the change of scenery and would love to see snow here around Christmastime, or even in regular winters. I have to travel for hours and hours, up hills and mountains, to see snow.

The closest we’ve ever gotten to snow was some six degrees (Celsius) a couple of years ago, I think, and I remember walking to school without a jacket, but the chill was amazing. I walked out the door and I couldn’t see a thing in front of me because it was so foggy. The walk was amazing and I think the fog was so… foggy… that my hair got damp.

I don’t know why it’s so cool to breathe out of your mouth and see fog. But it was so amazing to have that feeling. 😚

The reason I’m writing about this is because the past week, it’s been raining. It’s been really wet outside. The first of December was the first day of summer for us, and it rained. Apparently this is the first time in seventy years that it’s rained so much in summer. I’m not a beach person and I often prefer being indoors to being outdoors, but this makes me so relieved, because Australia’s summers are really hot and very intolerable. To have a cool summer would be fantastic!

I haven’t been up to much the past few days. I was going…

I really hate our doorbell so fucking much. You know why? It doesn’t work. My dad just got angry at me because I didn’t answer the door. My music is off, I’m quietly typing and he just got home, telling me that some delivery truck just left the house because no one answered the door. I told him that the doorbell didn’t ring.

Fuck that doorbell. What’s the point in having a doorbell that doesn’t even work? It’s so stupid. My mum’s told my dad over and over to fix the damn thing. Not to mention it’s been raining (like I was just writing about…), and even if the person knocked, it would have been really hard to hear.

This is totally not my fault. Ugh.

On the other hand, I do hate it when people knock the door constantly, about something that isn’t even important. Yes, this delivery was important and for my mum (she works as a beauty consultant). But in other cases, people trying to sell freakin’ girl scout cookies or something, knock on the door to no end. They knock annoyingly, yelling, “hello?” every three seconds.

I hate answering the door. Once this guy was trying to sell something and I told him I wasn’t interested in that service, and he tried to get me to sign up by talking about something else… cunning stupid people. I could go on and on but I’m sure you have your own complaints about door-knockers. 😦

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