Summer Rain

The title is most appropriate. I know not everyone is used to it – but yes, in Australia we celebrate Christmas and New Year in the summer. It’s often really hot, and I’ve seen Christmas cards with Santa lazing on the beach. It’s quite odd. Some families also have barbecues to celebrate. I’m not too sure about other countries, but on New Years, there are celebrations in the city and by the harbour, with fireworks. I’ve never been to one of them, but apparently because there are so many people attending, it takes you hours to get out once the celebrations have finished. Some people don’t get home until morning. @_@ That’s not my cup of tea.

I often wish we had snow here. I would absolutely love the change of scenery and would love to see snow here around Christmastime, or even in regular winters. I have to travel for hours and hours, up hills and mountains, to see snow.

The closest we’ve ever gotten to snow was some six degrees (Celsius) a couple of years ago, I think, and I remember walking to school without a jacket, but the chill was amazing. I walked out the door and I couldn’t see a thing in front of me because it was so foggy. The walk was amazing and I think the fog was so… foggy… that my hair got damp.

I don’t know why it’s so cool to breathe out of your mouth and see fog. But it was so amazing to have that feeling. /faw

The reason I’m writing about this is because the past week, it’s been raining. It’s been really wet outside. The first of December was the first day of summer for us, and it rained. Apparently this is the first time in seventy years that it’s rained so much in summer. I’m not a beach person and I often prefer being indoors to being outdoors, but this makes me so relieved, because Australia’s summers are really hot and very intolerable. To have a cool summer would be fantastic!

I haven’t been up to much the past few days. I was going…

I really hate our doorbell so fucking much. You know why? It doesn’t work. My dad just got angry at me because I didn’t answer the door. My music is off, I’m quietly typing and he just got home, telling me that some delivery truck just left the house because no one answered the door. I told him that the doorbell didn’t ring.

Fuck that doorbell. What’s the point in having a doorbell that doesn’t even work? It’s so stupid. My mum’s told my dad over and over to fix the damn thing. Not to mention it’s been raining (like I was just writing about…), and even if the person knocked, it would have been really hard to hear.

This is totally not my fault. Ugh.

On the other hand, I do hate it when people knock the door constantly, about something that isn’t even important. Yes, this delivery was important and for my mum (she works as a beauty consultant). But in other cases, people trying to sell freakin’ girl scout cookies or something, knock on the door to no end. They knock annoyingly, yelling, “hello?” every three seconds.

I hate answering the door. Once this guy was trying to sell something and I told him I wasn’t interested in that service, and he tried to get me to sign up by talking about something else… cunning stupid people. I could go on and on but I’m sure you have your own complaints about door-knockers. D:

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ah yes you crazy people in the southern hemisphere and your summer when winter ought to be! y’all wear your clothes backwards as well, don’t you ;)
i live pretty far north in the USA (not alaska, but still) and we can get LOADS of snow. i often forget that there are people who don’t even get to see it. makes me feel sorry for you… sometime. other times jealous coz youre not walking to school or work in four feet of the stuff. /ehh
good luck making it through your horrific, backwards summer!

OMG, Georgina, I know you THINK you want to experience lots of cold weather where you can see your breath in front of you — Hell, I admit talking about it sounds rather romantic — But trust me, it’s anything but! 😢

It seems fantastic at first, but after three straight months of it, it’s horrible. The snow becomes hulking brown chunks of half melted banks riddled with dirt and small stones, the roads and sidewalks become icy and slippery, and the cold, after awhile, just hurts. Like, physically hurts. /ehh

Then again, I would say the exact same thing as you — That I’d love to have warm weather all year ’round. Really, though, if we were placed in each other’s countries we’d probably want to move back to our respective homes in a week! 🤬

Glad to hear so far you’re having a cool summer. That’s one thing I really like about being up here in Alaska as opposed to back home in Wisconsin, in WI it’s so humid and here it’s not so this last summer was nice.

Snow is overrated. Trust me. You love it until you can’t get away from it. It’s fun and all to play in, to look at, but it’s HELL to drive in day in and day out and then walk through the slush and stuff… ugh. I’ll try to send some your way though ;)

We had a door bell and it last all of about three minutes. It was annoying for one and now we have no batteries. But that’s what my dog Maggie is for. She barks when someone is just walking past the house. Or even getting out the their car down the street. XD

I still find it weird that it’s summer where you live. :O It does sound depressing to have christmas and stuff when it’s 90+ degrees outside. But I’m sure you’re used to it….. :)

I love it when it rains! ♥ It was raining here a few days ago and now it’s supposed to snow. Which is great if I don’t have to shovel it.

Anyway, not sure if you noticed, but I’m on hiatus. There really isn’t anything to blog about and I didn’t really want to just keep posting blogs with just questions. So this is one comment you don’t have to worry about returning. :)

BTW, have you talked to Jamie since the whole “thing”? Feel free to email me if you want to return your answer about that, :)

Our doorbell has lasted quite some time but now I think it needs to be changed or replaced. It plays a random song when you press it, and it’s like this music… not like a traditional “ding” bell. You’re lucky you have Maggie! :P

Everyone on the other side of the world finds it weird but I’m very used to the weather. :P I don’t like rain but I’m thoroughly relieved that we’re going to have a cooler summer because of this. It’s always so hot here.

Nope, sorry, I didn’t notice until I read your comment! These days (close to Christmas) I rarely have things to blog about… but I wouldn’t put my site on a hiatus. I’ve never done it! I usually still blog but I take a long time to reply to comments.

I haven’t talked to her. She was supposed to do a video shoutout to me as part of this goodie contest, but I haven’t heard from the organiser about that and all…


New Year’s Eve celebrations! I love the fireworks. I’m wondering if it’s way too much of a hassle to actually GO to the city and watch the fireworks live one year? I shall have to find out! Although it’ll have to be when my curfew is finally lifted *sigh*.

SNOW! Having snow here around Christmastime would be absolutely AMAZING. I wish we had a change of scenery too :(. Snow would be something different. I want to build a snowman and dress him up as Santa Claus!

We’ve been experiencing London weather ALL WEEK! I love it! ♥. Haha. It’s so amusing to think that yesterday was the first day of Summer and ALL day, it was absolutely pouring. And totally not summer-like, seeing how it was quite cold :P. I’d be glad to have a cool summer as well :).

Oh god. Door bells. We don’t have one, so if anyone comes to my house, they have to knock on our screen door. I hate it when people knock so hard, the screen door rattles, and it’s like “HELLO? ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THAT IF YOU BREAK IT?”. Asses. And omg, those people who are INCESSANTLY knocking and calling for attention…it’s like: GO AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY /angry. They need door-knocking ettiquette!

Hmph! It so was NOT your fault about the doorbell. If anyone’s fault, it was your DAD’S for not fixing the damn thing. He could have answered the door too. /angry I hate being blamed for things not my fault. It’s retarded.

HA! Door knockers. Some are SO annoyingly persistent. My dad threatened to get the police to prosecute one for trespassing before, because he just would NOT go away. Some people! HMPH!

I think it’s way too much of a hassle. I’ll tell you how the Ben Jorgensen concert goes and see if it equates to that somehow… oh, even though the concert is after New Year… I don’t know, apparently it’s hard to get out, so I’m sure you’ll have to get there early to get in to see. I think, either way, I’d want a quiet night in.

I think I just want to experience Christmas in the cold, and to just have snow. Not necessarily to play with it (though that would be fun!).

All I recall is that it was exceptionally hot last year, and this is just a lovely change. I despise hot weather, especially in here! :P

We have a screen door too! And it’s annoying when people rap on it when they don’t get an answer. I hate to admit it but sometimes we just don’t answer the door because we just woke up, or we know it’s someone we don’t want to talk to. Yet they still keep rapping the door; surely they would realise that maybe no one is home? /poo

its unbelievably hot here where i live. i like the rain it just must not hail then it gets to loud and i think my room will cave in. i would love to see snow, here in south africa it never snows, i would love to have a snow christmas. im not a beach person either but when we go away in december to the beach my dad loves to go sit but im taking a friend this year so i can go back to the house or the pool anytime. here in south africa we celebrate christmas and new year in a big way but i dont party that much, i wont have anyone with me on new year so hopefully i dont have to party, im very shy. i hate answering the door bell as well because then i battle to open the front door, if im alone i just ignore it..

Christmas in summer? First time I knew about that.. thanks for sharing georgina. :P Ever since, i want to have a white christmas but for the past… err.. God knows how many years of my life….? I only saw sands of dessert in uae and the cold breeze here in the philippines. it’s still fun. (Y) and oh… yeah fog… i used to experience that in abu dhabi too. as in like i can’t see anything. looooool. now i’m missing the fog. hahaha /faw

ill definitely take photos and show u guys, not sure if i can update wen im there but ill post them as soon as i get back. just computer tutorials for now i dunno what else to do, any suggestions?

I can’t believe this rain! It has been storming here for about a week. I have been on a graveyard shift and I thought it might be neat to watch the sunrise but it has rained every single shift :D On the plus side I can sleep through the day because it is dark enough.

I hope we have a mild summer too, I am not looking forward to 35+ degree days for weeks on end.

So strange to hear about Christmas/New Years in the summer.

Let’s do a swap! I’m from Canada, so there will be plenty of snow here for you to marvel at. And I’ve always wanted to do the holidays in sweet sweet sunshine-y warmth!

I’m up for it if you are XD

Move to Canada! You’ll get snow and foggy breath and it can get scorching. Hell, it’s too hot where I live, and I’d rather be in a place that is almost all snow all the time. It’d be nice to go out in a t-shirt on days, though, so moving to northern Canada wouldn’t work. :P

We don’t have a doorbell, but our “front” door leads on to the living room, which has the desktop computers in it (again). It’s awkward when you’re on the computer and then there’s a knock from behind you and you have to switch the browser tab or turn off the monitor so it’s not strange.

I’ve never had somebody knock constantly and say, “Hello?” at my door. I’d find that just plain rude, to be honest. Three knocks, wait for a few minutes, knock again, then leave if there’s no answer. Honestly, people aren’t always around when you want them to be.

We always set off fireworks for New Year! However it’s usually raining or snowing so it’s not the easiest of tasks. I used to think “Do Australians not find it strange celebrating Christmas during the summer?” but I guess it’s just normal for you, how celebrating Christmas with snow or rain is normal for us! I would like to see what Christmas is like during summer though.

I saw on Twitter once, a girl who lived in Melbourne had her family celebrate Christmas in July because it snowed though!

I would love some 6 degrees Celsius weather right now, it’s been between -5 and 0 degrees all week. :(

It sucks that your dad got angry with you about the doorbell! The one in our old house never worked, and we don’t have one here. Our door is plastic too, so it’s hard to hear someone knocking. The dog usually just barks when someone is outside though LOL.

Usually when someone knocks on the door I don’t hear it the first time because they don’t knock loud enough, but it annoys me when someone knocks once, and I go downstairs to answer it but just as I’m getting to the door, they walk away in a huff. Patience is a virtue!

Haha yeah, I think Edward just meant it as a joke. It was a shock as I didn’t even realise it hit me until I saw a big pile of snow in my hair and he was laughing haha. ¬_¬

Thank you. :)

So far I’ve lived in New England and California. In New England, it rains 3-5 times every week during the summer. In California, it doesn’t rain from April to November, which is really freaky almost.

Since I’ve spent all of my Christmases in the northern US, I’ve never seen one without snow. I cannot imagine a Christmas without snow. I’ve come to both love and hate snow at the same time. Love it because it beautiful and stunning and hate it because it means that I have to shovel it and because it is actually quite dangerous to people, cars, etc.

I have to say it’s going to be very strange for me here this year having Christmas in summer!! :P

Can we switch? You can take cold weather, blistering winds, snow, traffic jams and arctic winds and I’ll just laze around some beach, happily.
Also, we don’t get a lot of door-to-door salesmen, BUT we used to get some sort of “please join X religion” people and my mom took care of that with her awesomeness(they called at 6 in the morning on a Saturday, needless to say my mom pwned).

And yes blistering winds and arctic winds are different because of the diffferent air formations that hit Europe sometimes you get a nice chilly wind from the Atlantic other times you get a wonderful polar front /wah /wah /wah

Thanks Georgina! <3

Yeah, I know a lot of people wouldn't read it, but that's okay. Its true, we always want people to read our works, but even if they don't its okay. We love to share and write everything down because it makes you feel….magical? lol So even though I would like people to read it, its okay if they don't. :)

Plus, I've really been wanting to work on this. I think it might help myself and maybe give some advice to others. :)

As for the fanlistings, I think I'm addicted to them already! lol 👏 They're so much fun to join and link! And putting on the buttons on your site; they're so pretty too! ♥ So I'm really, really glad that I took your advice about the fanlistings and decided to join a few! Well, more then a few. XD

Where I live its always freezing around Christmas and New Years! It rarely snow though. We might get some flurries, but it hardly counts as snow. :( It sounds like you celebrate New Years the same way we do. :) We watch the fireworks on TV or go to a local park where they hoot off fireworks. We don't actually go to anything big, like the harbor or anything. We have celebrations for New Years everywhere. Different parks and places, big and small all have places where you can watch the fireworks. :) Its fun but crowded.

I enjoy seeing the snow too, but its kind of pain in the butt. Since don't always get a lot of snow here, it often leads to a lot of accidents and people getting hurt. :( Its SOOOO pretty though! <3 Our snow falls are new foggy though. Unless you breath out of your mouth and create the fog. Its so much fun to do! XD

Wow! /ehh Your summer starts in December?! Really?! That's weird. lol Well, not weird, just different. lol

Our summers are really hot too. Our winters are cold and our summers are hot. Our summers are really hot and humid here. So they're just totally unbearable! :( I mean they're nice, but they're so humid you can hardly breath.

I know exactly how you feel about the doorbell though!! In our old house, we had a doorbell too that didn't work. People would stand there and ring it for like a hour and a half and then get pissed when no one answered the door (and they knew we were home). But its like, usually you can HEAR the door bell ring! I mean, if you didn't hear it ring then KNOCK! That would piss me off to no end. I mean, its not like these people were deaf.

One thing I hated about people who knocked, were people who stood there knocking for hours! But what really bothered me, wasn't the knocking, it was when they went around and looked in the windows! That creeped me out to no end! They even went around to the backyard and everything! Now that really bothered me! We called the cops on one guard of teens who did this.

It has been rainy, cold and wet here – when it rains, that is. Mostly it is just cold and windy with the sun out.

Neither my mom nor my grandmother have doorbells. They aren’t really needed here. Most people on our street have dogs, including my mom and my grandmother. A month or so ago there were two different people trying to sell us raw beef, chicken, etc. It was really random, because it is farmland, and we don’t have cows, but just … It was odd. I think we did at the time. It was weird, though, because we don’t get people like that here.

Although … some people DO try to take things here. They come randomly and think they are being sneaky. We realize, but as soon as we do it is usually too late. :( Everyone on our street knows everybody.

When I dress appropriately, I’m still put down as a fourteen year old. :( It is frustrating. Parents at my little sister’s holiday parties treat me horribly. Sometimes I wish I could say, “I graduated in 2009, and I am the one who helped put this party together!” But that would make me seem like a teenager. It’s just … Ugh, you know?

My dad’s side of the family tend to treat me like … crap. They don’t take me seriously at all. It’s so aggravating, and I don’t really look forward to seeing them. They’re high-class wannabes, and my mom’s side of the family seems more real.

I try not to get on Tumblr often. Otherwise, I will pulled back in and back to having “post goals”. I have 1000+ posts. I don’t need to sucked into the tornado until I have 2000, haha.

Ah, every time my grandpa comes over, he rings the doorbell like five times in succession. Our doorbell is extremely loud and obnoxious, and ringing it just once will suffice. It’s beyond annoying, but as he is my grandpa and I love him dearly, we just tolerate it. And salespeople are so annoying. I usually just don’t answer the door, haha. xD

We don’t really get a lot of snow where I live, but we do get some. I always say Christmas and snow are the only thing that keeps me from going insane in winter. xD I really, really hate the cold, but I love the snow and making snowmen in such. Not to mention it’s just really pretty. It stinks that you have to drive so far to see it!

When we celebrate New Years, we sometimes buy some small fireworks and shoot them in our backyard, but they have huge shows downtown and they’re amazing, but extremely crowded. I’ve only been one year when I was about 9, and one of our family friend’s worked downtown, so we got to watch it from his office building, which was spectacular!

don’t you just love the winter weather in the south?! I love living in FL omg love love <33333 it!! it snows as far as like the border of FL hahahaa It's crazy how the weather is around the world huh? XoXo

Wow, it’s really weird for my to associate summer with December. It’s like 48 degrees (F) right now which is….6 degrees (c). It seems waaaay colder in Celsius. XD It’s good that it’s raining, I love the rain in summer but in the winter, it’s just stupid.

I hate when my friend’s doorbells don’t work! They never answer the door then. :/ I don’t think my doorbell has ever broken but it used to get stuck so it would be like going on FOREVER. It was really annoying. And knocking on the door forever and also when people ring the doorbell more than three times, they need to understand: I’m busy and I can’t answer the door. Gah.

Hello! :D Yeah, it seems like a ton of people are taking a break or leaving permanently. It’s sad. :( And sometimes weird!

Yeah, I could see where it may not be. I was never in to the whole emergency room thing but then I oddly got into it. Yeah, DVDs are better. I normally just record the showings on my DVR so I can watch it later since my schedule doesn’t really work with the television schedule. :/

Hahaha, I have never heard of Lockie Leonard! But yeah, some kid shows are really good….actually. But I don’t feel so weird because all of my friends love Drake and Josh. xD

Thanks!! Homework is a draggggg…..

Well, what I did is I tried to keep up with the happy birthdays and they came up as notifications. I don’t normally write a long thank you hahaha. I just simply write “Thanks!” or something. :P Yeah, I think it feels more special when I wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook and they say “Thanks Anna!” or “Thank you Anna!” It makes me feel special. :P

Well, I know that I love my friends TO DEATH right now but that could change in the blink of an eye. There are sosososososo many friends that I haven’t spoken to in years…I think that’s mostly because people change. Yeah, I totallllly agree! You know what’s weird? When you have friends but then they have so many connections with people you have a connection with…do you have that or am I just weird? xD LOL.

JUST HIDE and ignore those door knockers!! that’s what I do anyway…

OK so let’s trade – you spend your christmas here
and I’ll spend it there….
I hate the cold
I hate the snow
I am freezing and the heater is on full blast (ok not really)
And the firework is going …..

yet my toes are feeling the chill =(

The place where I live has a pretty moderate climate. Our winters aren’t really cold, and people can survive without a jacket throughout the year. Only place I’ve seen snow was in a hill station. And I’ve seen snow fall just once. Of course, I live in just below the tropic of cancer so I can’t really ask for snow…

Sorry that you got bored and decided to close your blog. :( I really appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment though. ♥

I am sensitive to cold weather so I really need to wrap up. If I want to see snow I have to travel to the mountains, four hours away, and I’ve only been there a few times in my life. I’ve lived in Indonesia for a month or so, and that’s near the equator so it’s mega-hot! I don’t like that weather either. :(

Wow, Christmas in summer! :D It’s so weird and awesome at the same time that we live seasons the other way round. Hope it won’t be too hot for you this year, and not too icy here.

You hate answering the doors… I hate that PLUS the freakin’ phone! >.< Sometimes I wish I could unplug it and put an end to all those calls (telemarketers, relatives, etc. etc.). I always end up with a migraine, and then I won’t even tolerate Simmy phoning me up on my cell – and he does several times a day! Eek.

~ Luana S.

P.S. My last REAL post was: not the one about Dual Electronics. :P That’s spon.

Wow, you couldn’t be more different from me. I suppose if you’re too hot you want the weather to colder and if you’re too cold you want the weather to be warmer. There’s never a balance. It rains in summer all the time here, I think we’ve just had out wettest summer on record. I like summer rain because it’s warm and refreshing. Any other rain is just cold and miserable.

I’m not sure I could live in an Australian climate. I’m always complaining about being cold but in reality I’m used to it. I always find it funny when I see tourists with hats and scarves and I’m walking about in a vest top.

6°C is probably about the average daytime temperature for autumn/winter here. It’s not too cold to me. :P Our daytime temperature isn’t even above freezing at the moment. A few nights ago the coldest temperature recorded was -23°C which is close to Britain’s record. It’s soooo cold.

I do agree, snow is beautiful. I’ve been taking loads of photos. I have these really gorgeous icicles in front of my window and everything outside looks like really thick icing on a cake. It’s just difficult to appreciate it when the furthest you can travel is to the village shop and even that’s a struggle.

Have you never been on holiday somewhere snowy? We always go on holidays where it’s really warm but people I know abroad always go on ski holidays to go somewhere cooler. :P

I hate faulty doorbells. Our old one sounded like it was dying, it was funny. Maybe it just needs a new battery or something?

Thanks the concert was amazing. I’m gutted about missing 30stm today though. I’m really annoyed it hasn’t been postponed or cancelled because there are no trains on the east coast running so getting to Aberdeen is close to an impossibility. The venue’s website said that the band had been travelling overnight and made it in quite a patronising way. Not all of us have an expensive tour bus to get through the snow.

I love strobe lights too. I was really mesmerised too. It’s amazing how everything looks like it’s moving in slow motion.

Thanks, I’m really hoping all my grandparents get through for Christmas. Who knows how long this weather is going to last. I guess we have family over every year for Christmas and we see them often throughout the year. It’s easy to forget the joys of quality time. Until it’s gone that is.

I hope you have a great Christmas too. I would find it strange celebrating Christmas in summer. A lot of the traditions are based on the idea of keeping warm – stockings around the fire, the hearty food and stuff. It would be really cool to have a barbecue for Christmas though. Although my Dad would fail epically at barbecuing a turkey.

It’s less than two moths away, it’s not that long to go. Haha, I’m getting excited for you!

We had a doorbell that didn’t work before, and eventually we just took it down xD It was on our front door anyways, and we generally use the back door.. but all sales people use the front :/ My mom used to put up signs saying if you’re selling something, just go away.

I think it would be really weird to have christmas in summer :O I find it odd when we don’t even get a white christmas, but then again I’m in Canada so it’s likelier to happen here than in some places in the states. We have firework celebrations sometimes too on new years, but like you said the lines are always wayyyyy to long to get out so we usually don’t go.

I’m really not sure why she doesn’t trust him :/ Like he hasn’t done anything to make her question it & if anything, it should be him that doesn’t trust her after some of the things she did in the summer. He said that she’s threatened by how close we are, and how well we get along and that I’ve known him for longer. Yeah, but we’re JUST FRIENDS. I sent her a facebook message, but she never replied & then yesterday she shot me death glares at school. Whatever, if he’s going to listen to her & not talk to me it’s his own loss.

I absolutely can’t stand the rain, but it seems to make the weather more muggy here than it does make it cooler. I hate muggy weather, it just makes you feel all hot & sticky, nasty d: I live in a place where I don’t get much snow either & usually most people that don’t get to see snow, want to, but me being of the odd few people, I hate the snow. Our doorbell used to not work for the longest time, it took months for my dad to keep saying “I’ll do it this weekend” for him to actually do it & it took him probably at total of five minutes to do it. I think all dad’s say that, haha.

Dear Georgina,
Sorry this is late but here I go:)
I wish it was hot where I was.. switch places? please? i never been to Australia either. lol Right now it’s cold, maybe like 30-40F… I do not really know. But it sucks that it is raining during the summer. I hate rain during the summer because it ruins my school plans. Like I want to hang out, go swimming and just be outside and rain ruins that at times. Mhm and Christmas santa on the beach… that would be an oxymoron here haha.

Doorbells… my friend does not have one and we have to knock everytime I pick her up. It’s actually quite annoying. Like I always think she won’t here me. Mhm well it’s not your fault that you couldn’t hear the doorbell if it was not working lol. My doorbell makes a loud weird noise haha it’s not just like a regular doorbell, it goes on longer. Although now I am use to it lol. If your dad really wanted to get in, he could have called you know.

Mhm me too with Piano. I went to one of the top Piano schools where I live. It was expensive and they were strict. They expected over 2 hours of practice a day. They wanted scales and all that stuff. They wanted classical music…. Anyway you should play piano for fun, if you do not anymore:) I love playing disney songs haha, guilty pleasure:p

Awww girl! I hope you are better now:) no more depression.. right? I was sad and depressed sophomore year of high school. Like I was miserable because I did not get into something in the beginning of the year which made a downfall for me until December. I was miserable during Christmas. Then after my friend helped me and lifted me out of it. I apperciate all he has done, though I feel bad because I think it was a lot of pressure on him (hes in my current blog). My grades slipped and it was hard to bring them up.. and then the end of the year I had guy problems, so my mind was not focused on my grades…. I screwed up./ and it caused me to not get into something this year. I ended with all A’s and B’s though, but i wanted to do better.

I like PC in a way, haha I feel like they are faster. Like sometimes I think macs take a while, but then again I never “owned” a mac. haha I only used them in school and various places like Friends houses. I have an HP upstairs and Dell which I am on now. I am just happy I have working computers:)

Mhm yea this is long haha, I am getting better at mastering long comments. I had a lot of practice with some other people haha. I can type pretty fast so it isn’t that bad. haha And yea this was late. I’m sorry :( I was caught up and I did nto return like any comments…. I love getting comments but sometimes people say the same boring stuff, not you, but other people. I get tired of it, you know?

I am a cheapsake too at times haha My friend owns me 4 dollars… I need to ask it from him. I hate askign for money back too. ahh I hate money sometimes. It’s always a “touchy” subject. Like it seems rude and people are embarassed with their money stability. So I guess you did not give it to her at all? lol

and Follow me on tumblr:) haha well You do not have too! but mhm, mine is tarnished…. I do not want to give the rest on a comment, cause I don’t want random people adding it, you know? My tumblr is pretty private. Cause I have a picture and everything and post inner thoughts. But you are welcome to follow me:) i think I am following you:)

I agree bad people would want your info right away or make really BAD comments like “Hey babe,…” you know. like sexual comments too. I trust a lot of people online haha I mean you have to have patients to write and code a layout, lol and I think most of the bad people go on craigslist to hook up… blogs and facebook and twitter take too much time lol. I think people only hear about the BAD stuff about online friends.. never the good. I am glad I proved some of my friends wrong:) haha Like they all thought I was gonna get raped.. but I didn’t cause I trusted him and I knew who he was.

I have a twitter. haha we talked on it. But it NEVER works for me:( Like it’s always breaking andsaying that its overflowing. I am just not a huget tweeter. I like tumblr better:)

Mhm I am friends with both genders. haha Like at times everyone annoys me, so like girls or guys I get annoyed. Like girls are too dramatic and stuff (one of my friends is… she is SO dramatic) but like guys don’t have filters. You can trust them but not all the time. They accidentally blurt stuff out… Not all guys but the guys I have experienced with havelol

I think everyone SHOULD get used to it. Only like 1/3 of the world has Christmas and New Year’s in winter! In tropics it would be the dry/wet still warm season, and Australia summer. What’s so weird about it? It’s the world. I like winter better than summer though, but I wish we had a bit warmer winter. I went to see the Times Square ball drop in NYC a couple of years ago. It was freezing cold and I had to wait so many hours! At least I didn’t get sick though!

I have never heard of snow in Christmas time, and NY is in northeastern USA. I’ve always wished for a white Christmas but I thought it was just a European myth. I heard it snowed on Christmas last year though, but I didn’t get to see it. It’s been 6C here for the past few days and there’s no snow yet, though I heard about snow to the north not too far from here. I suppose it will get here soon.

Now that’s something I’m not used to. We always have more rain in summer than winter, though generally it’s pretty sunny. But I guess it would be nice to have a cool summer. I don’t like weather above 25C <- used a converter for that, still learning, because it would be too warm or hot to wear jeans … and if I wear shorts I have to wear long sleeves. I'm just weird like that.

Haha, definitely fix that doorbell! My room is on the 2nd floor and I'm always there so I never have to answer the door. Not that anyone really knocks on it anyway.

Yes my mom is so mean! But someone else had already pointed it out, and she's right, that my mom didn't let me go because she doesn't want me hanging out with my brother's friends. She doesn't trust a bunch of 20 year old guys to not hit on me. I don't see the big deal though, I know them all and they're not bad people.

Haha, my cousins all live overseas (cept the ones on my dad's side of course) and I think they have the same interests as me! Unless they enjoy American music that is, which I highly doubt. Okay change that to really hope … I really hope they don't like Justin Bieber and stuff. I know Taejin (the only one I talk to) likes a lot of the same music as me.

Ooo, kangaroos! They look really different from what I've seen in other pictures. I was like "what is that?" until I hovered over the image and what you wrote showed up. I had a hard time believing they were kangaroos, haha.

Haha, and it didn't notice the lovely taste of the coin? "Went for it before the other fish could" that sounds so cute! Hehe. Though if you're not allowed to feed them and if that rule is obeyed, generally they wouldn't be fed randomly and would know it's not food … oh wait they're fish not sea lions like I saw at the aquarium, not that smart, hehe.

Agh, that's so unfair! Some people are irresponsible and drink while driving, it doesn't mean everyone! But I guess 18 is just to limit the number of those people on the road. But it's still quite unfair. My mom doesn't trust my friends to drive – yeah all of them have licenses cept me. The only car she allows me to take other than her's or my dad's is my brother's.

Lol then all Asians would be related … which I like to think they are. If your brother is a lot younger than you and allowed to have more freedom, then it's definitely the whole gender bias. My mom often says to me "if you were a guy" something something something. Yeah, thanks.

Yeah I'd imagine so! After classes and assignments you'd want some free time but no, work is in the way! That's when you start thinking FML … ha. And now you have a proper break, mothers want to ruin it. I probably won't be working when I go to school again … don't need the extra stress. Right now I'm working extra hours for free to "repay" my mom's friend for being so nice to me. Not that I need the free time when I don't have internet.

Yes, praying has begun. I know when he's here my mom will probably pay more attention to him rather than nag me in all her time, yay! Okay that totally sounded selfish =( but I do feel kind of bad he's even coming when he's so busy. When I'm older I don't think I'd be that nice to visit my mom from so far away with so little time.

Oh good you have a backup! Well if he's gonna be that rude – like delete your work and not contact you – then I think you should get a better job. =)

Oh cool! I wish someone could apply for all those fanlisting I want to apply for.

They are predicting a wet hot summer for us. I know JOY, not!
I hate door-knockers to. I don’t answer the door … I let someone else do it.

On a sad note, Chloe passed away last night … We had to do the humane thing and have her put to sleep. It’s extremely hard for me right now to have the words, so I am just distracting myself by visiting you guys. :-)

My usual new years is drinking. :) It’s one of my excuses to pop open some vodka or beer. Do you drink? My mum used to give me a mouth full of champaign every new years when I was a kid. I hated it, but I would always have a friend sleep over on the night, and they loved it. 🙄

I think I live about two hours from the snow, but I’ve never actaully seen Australian snow. I was just telling someone else that the only time I’ve seen snow was in the Netherlands. It was icy, and I was a little disappointed, because it looked fluffy, but when you touched it, it kind of hurt.

Haha, sorry but I think were going to have a stinker again this year. It’s been raining for us too (Melbourne). Yesterday we had a storm with hail, same as the day before. I know Melb and Sydney aren’t really different when it comes to whether. It only takes about two hours to drive to the Sydney border. I could come visit right now. :) lol, but my car wouldn’t make it. It’s too old.

I broke my doorbell. :) I hated the thing.

I hate door knockers, one of the reasons I ripped out the door bell. I don’t get many around where I live. The ones I have are either Jews, Christians or people wanting me to change electrical companies. I’m always nice to them, but I’m also impatient. I hate telemarketers even more though. Even though I’ve listed my home number on private and registered as a non lister on the Internet, I still get the annoying phone calls.