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When you type a full sentence in uppercase, let me ask: Do you hold down the “shift” key for the whole sentence, or do you turn on “Caps lock”? To be honest, I hold down the “shift” key. I suppose we all have our weird typing habits, and other habits that are actually really quite common. I have come across many on Tumblr (seeing as Tumblr is the land of spam, essentially), outlining common habits – and people usually ‘reblog’ or ‘like’ these posts when they agree.

Speaking of Tumblr just momentarily, I thought I wasn’t going to let myself be sucked into the land of spam yet again, but it proves to be more useful than it seems. It doesn’t seem useful at all, and it wastes a lot of people’s time. But I found, that with my new Tumblr account, since I follow less people, there is less of a chance for me to be distracted by pretty pictures. I don’t know why I always used to go to Tumblr to find pretty pictures, but I don’t find that same interest anymore, because the pictures aren’t even mine and they just get circulated around.

I’m becoming greatly obsessed with the “medium film” Agents of Secret Stuff – it was written and produced by Ryan Higa (nigahiga on YouTube, most subscribed!) and Wong Fu Productions. I can’t stop watching it. I must have watched it ten times already. It’s 35 minutes, if you have that long to spare, and if you’re bored I highly recommend watching it. In a few words, the film is about an assassin trying to fit into high school. The acting is exceptional, and you will spot some YouTube “celebrities” in the film. It’s humourous and paced pretty well. /bounce

The problem with watching YouTube videos is that you can get stuck watching them. A lot. Over and over. I don’t know how many times I’ve viewed certain videos more than ten times. Then again, you can get stuck watching anything. But herein lies the problem: I watched Agents of Secret Stuff so many times that I keep seeing Ryan Higa in the street. /bash Have you ever watched something so much that you start seeing things from it in real life?

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I hope everyone had a good one. Christmas is nearly here and it’s just crazy. I don’t know if you guys are already making wishlists but some bloggers like Brooke and Ashley have. I’ve been thinking about what I’d like for Christmas, but I don’t have many things that are material. Most of the things I do want are non-material things, and there is nothing I really want all that much that someone could buy me. As they say, money cannot buy happiness. I’m not implying that I’m sad – just stating the very obvious. I know I would like my family to be closer, and I would like for a few of my friends to be happier, and for things to get better for them (no names, just saying). ♥️

LOL. I folded a basket of clothes not too long ago, and my brother just came in to get some of his. He put socks on his feet. In this hot weather, I was confused.

“Why are you putting socks on?”
“So I don’t have to put them on in the morning.”
The things we do to save time. XD This reminds me of myself reading or using my laptop on the train to save time, or even planning my thinking time in the car before I’ve even gotten ready. Does anyone feel that time is precious like that? @_@

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I used to hold the ‘shift’ key if I needed to type in uppercase until recently. Now I just turn the ‘Caps Lock’ on since sometimes it can get award while holding the ‘shift’ key. xD

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately too. It helps that my mum changed our plan – instead of 25GB now we have 100GB, for the same price! I think I’ve used up 3GB today already. >_<

Ah, Christmas is coming. I should start looking for presents for my family. Last year I got my mum a book and can't remember what I got my aunt, but I was thinking of getting her an external hard drive – until she got one herself. I really don't know what I'm going to get.

I don't save time like you do. Like, I hate having to wait for the bus or the train, so sometimes I'll walk to the next stop or something, but I think that's quite as far as I go. I don't do anything while travelling – that's my thinking time and all I do is listen to music and either think about something or daydream. Or sleep, as I used to do while we still had classes. xD

I asked Brandon if he downloaded Agents of Secret Stuff and he said yes. I told him that I did too, and he said it doesn’t matter because we have 200 GB. :P

Our family’s not big on presents. I think I’ve told everyone that already. But we just don’t buy each other gifts very often at all. It’s just not done, not to mention it’s hard to get presents for all of us. We’re all picky. My mum usually just asks Brandon or I, straight out, what we would like.

I’d rather wait than walk. I don’t want to waste my time walking when I can read a book or do something. To be honest walking really wastes time when I do have things to do that I should do without walking. Daydreaming is nice, but I often integrate my plans for the day or later on into any thinking time…

:) yeah, i do consider time. though it’s crazy how i waste it especially in front of my laptop. :X

Yes, i do press the shift button instead of caps lock. hahahaha and i agree tumblr being a land of spam.. that’s why i created a new more personal account there. haha :D i hope you don’t mind link exchanging with me? just visit my blog :D

I usually hold down the ‘Shift’ key with my left pinkie finger and type the full sentence that way instead of using ‘Caps Lock’. The only time I really utilize ‘Caps Lock’ is when I’m typing on my iPhone because it gets annoying having to hit the ‘uppercase arrow’ after every single letter! XD

I, too, tend to plan my actions around time, specifically how to get things done in the fastest manner with the least amount of moving around possible. Especially when I’m at university since our campus is full of hills that are tiring to climb up and down if you’re constantly hopping from building to building /argh Some days, I’m perfectly content with the hours in the day, while other times I find myself using the hours between midnight and 4am to finish up the projects of the day before -__-;

I put the caps lock on. It is to frustrating for me to hold the Shift key. It goes faster with Caps lock.
I have a Photobucket account. It sounds the same, I don’t know all that Tumblr involves though. I don’t engage in social networks like that anymore. My last was It does waste time, and I’m glad I grew out of it. Or maybe I had too much of it. :D
I began the YouTube movie. I don’t have a lot of time to spare though. I will watch Taylor Matthews’ last performances on America Got’s Talent a lot and I love Oprah’s surprises with Stevie Wonder and then with Josh Groban. Those are really fun to watch.
I can’t say I’ve ever seen things from a movie in real life. Except Abigail Breslin. I know a girl who could be her double.
I have a Christmas list, but I try not to think about it. If I was to narrow it down it is two un-material things. It is good to want un-material things. I think it shows character. That you can face yourself instead of covering it up with material things.
That sounded just like a boy. Putting on your socks for the morning. :)
I plan ahead so I don’t have to do things later.

I always hold down the shift key because I don’t like the Caps Lock key. I always forget to turn it off and then it gives me more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, I guess that I’ve gotten used to typing with the shift key by now.

I also don’t have a wish-list. I don’t actually want anything. There are some things that I will need, and maybe sooner or later rather than now, like a new laptop, but those are things that I’d get outside of the holidays anyways. But I really really enjoy finding presents to surprise people with. It’s more fun that way.

And why not look at all the pretty pictures? I love pretty pictures!

I hold down the shift if I’m typing something small. I saw Agents of Secret Stuff too! The guy is so cute! I want them to do a sequel or make it longer! lol I love watching youtube videos.

I used to do that too. Now it varies. Sometimes I press shift and sometimes I like to press the caps key. I hate it when people type in caps and lowercase. Like, do they really have all that time? And it’s for every single facebook wall post. And they speak in a code language. I literally stare at it for 20 minutes until I get an idea of what it says. (irrevelant to the caps thing, but lol idk where it came from. a rant, maybe?)

Like, here’s an actual post from my facebook page that others have shared:
“WeLp DiS B ThE lIdDlE StStA pEaChCaKeE (lOvEsYuHh) HaCkIn cHeCkIn SuM sTuFf BuDd fInNa GeTt OfF tHiS lIdDlE nAsTy ThAnG”

like. seriously. WTF DOES THAT SAY. Anyways. /endrant

I don’t go to tumbl.r or whatever. Those sites have always just struck me as boring. No tumblr. No formspring. No myspace. Only a sites twitter, and I am a facebook addict, completely and totally. It’s awesome. (:

I never had Tumblr, but I like being distracted by pretty pictures (I just go on I just saw Agents of Secret Stuff (I had 35 min to spare). It was pretty funny (especially how Aden stared at Taylor in the beginning). I was pleased to see Ian and Anthony from smosh =D. I don’t celebrate thanksgiving either, *hi5*. I know what I want for Christmas : a skateboard!! :O :} Yes I feel time is precious like that, but I still waste it more then anything. Sad, sad.

I already made my Christmas wishlist along with my birthday wishlist a while ago haha.
Let me know if you’d like a xmas card from me ;) (not a stalker i swear)

Anyway, I don’t get this Tumblr thing?? Like, people just reblog a photo … and then what?
WHAT’S THE POINT?? Lol.. it’s not even yours.
Please explain…cause seriously I think tumblr should be just if YOU yourself have something to post but not big enough for a blog blog. And people are abusing the reblog tool..

For me it depends if I use the shift key or caps lock — if it’s just a short word/words then I’ll use the shift key, but if it’s something long I’ll use caps lock.

I’ve never fallen into the whole Tumblr thing because it seems pointless to me. It seems like people just share things and like stuff, I like just blogging on my blog. If i want to share a photo or something somebody said I’ll just quote it on my website and do it that way, haha! To each their own though with the whole Tumblr thing.

LOL My little sister will sleep in her clothes so that she’s already dressed in the morning and all she has to do is wake up, do her hair and brush her teeth, haha! It’s funny what we’ll do just to get a little extra sleep or a little extra time.

I usually don’t type entire sentences in capitals, I only do like one or two words at a time and usually hold down the shift key. When I do, on the rare occasion, type a whole sentence in caps I usually hit the caps button so I can still type a bit faster :P

OMG, I love that movie.
I’ve been watching it nonstop too ♥ I guess we have similar tastes hahaha! And that we both have no life XD
Sorry this is so late but thank you for your birthday wish! I’ve been really busy lately with French, Math and History exams but I’ll survive :) xx

I don’t think about time very much anymore. I used to, but now I just live for the absolute moment. Tumblr I won’t join, for me I don’t see the point. I have enough things to curb my enthusiasm (Y)


I use the Caps Lock key. Even if I’m just capitalising the first letter XD. It’s a weird habit, but I can’t help it. And it totally works for me :P. I only use the shift key if I want to insert those symbol things on they keys on the top of the keyboard. If that makes sense D:.

You’re back, regularly using Tumblr! Hehehehe. It wastes SO much time D:. It’s terrible! Oh well, I still love it. Haha.

Agents of Secret Stuff is AWESOME :D. It is SO FUNNY, I practically peed my pants, from laughing too much while watching :P. Ryan Higa is a comic GENIOUS. I haven’t watched anything so much I start seeing someone in the streets wherever I go, but I’ve heard that if you play Tetris too much, you start seeing falling blocks everywhere, which I find HILARIOUS XD.

CHRISTMAS! My wishlist would be full of books and/or Disney dvds. LOL. I’ve already finished my aunt’s christmas shopping for her! Just my parents’ to go. OMG, I have to get you a Christmas present! I shall do so soon! *nods*. Oh noes, I don’t know what to get you /wah!

I think non-material things are better than material ones. Unless they’re books. Only kidding. It’s better to wish for someone’s wellbeing, rather than things you will probably end up throwing away :). That’s the true Christmas spirit, right?

LOL, your brother putting socks on to save time in the morning is HILARIOUS XD. But I guess you should try to save time if possible, because it IS precious. I mean, this year feels like it’s gone by SO quickly D:. I feel like time is precious, but I also feel that it’s not worth it to try and cram something into every minute, because you have to relax too. That’s important. :)

I always hold down the shift key, unless it’s a really long sentence, in which case I might use Caps Lock. Though I don’t think I’ve ever used the shift key at the right-hand side. I didn’t even notice it existed until quite recently. :’D

I’ve thought about getting tumblr for ages now, because all my friends seem to have it, but it’d just be another drain on my time and another thing that I’d have basically no followers on. So I haven’t yet. I might do one day.

I’ll admit to putting socks on the night before to avoid putting them on in the morning very occasionally, but that’s due to avoiding cold feet in the morning rather than saving time. When it’s -10 outside getting out of bed and putting bare feet on a wooden floor when there’s no heating on is not fun. Not fun at all. 😢

I use Caps Lock. o.o Unless I’m using my phone. I find it easier to just continue pressing the Shift key.

I love Tumblr, and I do follow a lot of people. I get sidetracked by all of the pretty pictures, quotes, etc. I am an excessive Tumblr user, I guess? :(

My mom and I love the duck songs and the chicken song on YouTube. :P “I’ll bust the windows out ya car… for some chicken…” LOL. :)

Alarms work for me unless I am in REM sleep. I’m normally only like that when I have nightmares or extremely detailed dreams (usually nightmares). Other than that I wake up via alarm clock, or at 9:46am if I am not awoken early by anyone or anything.

Thank you!!! :D I can’t seem to stop making icons, i inspiration for nothing but them.

I want to buy something this Christmas but i have no money. :( I just redeemed an iTune Gift card, i think i’ll give that to my sis for Christmas.
I’m not getting a computer, no cash. :( My brother is going to China soon and if it’s cheaper there then MAYBE I’ll be getting one, but I doubt it so my hopes are not exactly up.

I only use the shift key when I’m making a letter capital, as for a full sentence I use cap lock because if I hold down the shift key then I’d have to type with one hand.
I don’t care for tumblr anyone, I don’t see the point of it.

I love Ryan Higa, his videos are seriously hilarious. :D I love the one about the word “pawn,” at least I think that was the word. XD Happy late Thanks Giving, even though you don’t celebrate it, I’m sure you’re thankful for something or someone. :)

I have weird typing habits as well. Everyone has their own quirks. I live in the US, so we do Thanksgiving. It was windy and rainy most of mine haha. I did get to ride a bit(my cousin’s have horses, and I sold mine last year so it’s been a while since I was on one)

I love Christmas time. It seems the only time of the year people are genuinely nice to each other. I have been absent from online because of a particular game, and school and such, but it’s good to be back to blogging lol.

As far as presents go, I love to get books and writing things. I journal a lot because I love to write. Sometimes on a particular topic, sometimes just letting the thoughts flow. I also love reading almost any type of literature. I think I love renaissance literature more than a lot of other genre’s, but fantasy literature is always a nice escape. /faw

Your bother seems interesting, lol. Sock on to save time huh? Well, I suppose whatever works! lol

Thanks for the kind words of support you left on my last blog. I truly appreciate it. :)

I USUALLY HOLD SHIFT DOWN TOO. It feels like the lazy way, but it’s actually more complicated. Another bad keyboard habit of mine is I use the number keys along the top instead of the easier box ones on the side. I even press shift to hit the plus sign next to the backspace key. -_-

Agents of Secret Stuff looks like it would be really funny. I watched something by Wong Fu Productions a couple weeks ago…At least, I think it was them. I can’t really watch Youtube videos though. I don’t have the attention span. I’m always tempted to open up another tab and start doing something else, but that doesn’t really work because then I can only hear the video. Thirty-five minutes would definitely be a challenge.

I asked for Disney movies for Christmas as well. I don’t know why, but I haven’t watched them in ages and I have a strong desire to now. Especially Hercules. I’m a big fan of that one.

I TOTALLY HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY TOO, WITH MY PINKY FINGER :P (and btw I totally did that will holding down the shift key.) :)

I also just checked out all your websites!!! And you are actually so amazing. :)

I often forget what we’re talking about you know with me taking massive breaks between blogging, but alas

I think I do hold the shift key down actually when i’m writing a sentence in caps lock, then i think why am i holding the shift key so i turn caps lock on then forget to turn it off and get random CAPS LOCK in my sentences haha
I agree Tumblr wastes so much time looking through pictures and reblogging haha. I try not to go on everyday else I’d never get things done lol. I watch youtube vids over and over as well, especially if they’re songs i like that i’m too lazy to download and there’s also an ending scene to an episode of the vampire diaries i just watch over and over because it’s so sad, then i get distracted watching episodes of whose line is it anyway and end up wasting an hour or two lol.
I don’t want much either this year it was so hard to make a list for people, I was looking around like it’s nice, but do i really want it , and the answer was no.
LOL at your brother, i must admit though i do things like that to save time, i plan my days out exactly and get everything i can do done first like putting socks on in the morning, because i know i’m going to be wearing socks haha

I tend to hold down the shift key. I never use caps lock except when I’m typing on my iPod. I remember at primary school when we went to the ICT room and we were learning an elementary Word Processing software watching people type basic sentences and use caps lock to capitalise the first letter of each sentence. I remember thinking what a waste of time to press a key twice when you can just hold the shift key. I must’ve been a computer nerd even then. XP

I’ve never used Tumblr. I have an account but that was only to ask Ian Watkins questions on his, he never replied. :(

I can spend so many hours on YouTube. Recently I’ve been watching lots of old Disney films after getting that Tarzan song in my head. I think I’ll watch The Fox And The Hound after you mentioned it because I barely remember. I’ll make a point to watch that video. I’ve been so bored stuck at home because of the snow. I’m not really familiar with YouTube “celebrities” but I know there are some awesome people on there. ;) I spend most of my YouTube time watchning music videos which leads me to loads of interviews with bands. I was laughing at Billie Joe Armstrong talking about taking weed in a way called “a gravity bong” then I realised just how pathetic I was and decided to do something more worthwhile with my time. :P

It’s nice to see somebody spending their Christmas wishes on something not materialistic. Normally when someone mentions Christmas people think about the new games console or mobile phone or something they want. It’s easy to forget why it’s really special. You actually made me realise this could be our last Christmas as a family because my brother is seeking employment and could be leaving home soon.

I forgot about 101 Dalmatians. I loved that film. When the puppy they thought was dead sniffed it’s little nose, aw, so cute.

I cry a lot at films or good television. It is a mix of all the happenings on screen, amazing camera shots and the beautiful background music that sets me off. I think it can create a lot of emotion.

Haa, I always add new website sections because it takes me so long to make a layout and I’m never happy with them. A new section means I can use the same layout. :P I’ve always loved the idea of a network website where there’s a really nice splash page with links and quick details of all the different websites. I can’t buy domains or hosting though so it’s not really for me. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the websites you have.

When is your concert by the way?

I hold down the “shift key” only if I’m putting a smiley face, xD. <– Like the "D" in "xD", :b. Other than that, I always use the "cap locks" key if I want to make a word, letter, or sentence all in uppercase.

I've tried using Tumblr before. It looked really neat, the way my friend Rachel organized hers, and that pretty much inspired to start my 2010 blogging streak, xD. But, I find it somewhat confusing — the way some people organize the stuff on their Tumblrs anyways.

I actually wasn't going to watch that Agents of Secret Stuff video at first, but then my brother kept nagging me about it and I was getting so annoyed, so I spared 35 minutes and watched it with him on his iPad, and I thought it was stupid at first, but then it got so funny, xD. The bloopers are really funny too, ^_^. Somehow, I always find the bloopers much funnier than the actual video, 0.o.

The only person I see often on the streets are the "doppelgangers" of my granddaddy — the one on my mom's side. It's so weird. I see his doppelgangers at least once a year, and they'd also be wearing the same kind of clothes he would wear, and it just makes me wanna run up to the guy and give him a nice long hug. It's tempting, :b.

I hate socks. They always slip down, and then my feet become blistered, Dx. And they bother my feet when I take my shoes off because they get hot.

I first saw the trailer for Black Swan a few months ago, and I totally forgot about it until last week and by then I had thought the movie had already come out and was no longer shown in theatres. Turns out, it hasn't even come out, xD. It looks so intense, and spooky, and the ballerina part — it's so different from the other movies, which are usually about vampires and just stuff that aren't as unique as a ballerina, xD. I mean, how many movies do you know that are about a spooked ballerina? xD.

The hype of Twilight turned me off, not HP, :b. I used to think HP was stupid, honestly. The old movies were way too hard to understand. But then again, I was little, xD. I wonder how many cities out there are still blahblahblah over the Twilight Saga. I don’t like Twilight at all now. It’s so unrealistic.

I’ve only read two Narnia books. The very first one, and the Lion and the Witch and the Wardrobe one. They were really good! xD. I tried watching the Prince Caspian movie, but it was hard to follow in the middle, and then I remember having to go pack so I never finished it, |: .

Girl, I think what you need is a short little vacation away from life, :b. Which is what I desperately need, too, haha. I want to be able to go on a real vacation and have fun, relax, forget about the stress from school, friends, and relationships, and enjoy myself so much I don’t even have to take out my phone to text or call someone, or use the computer to go on FB or some social networking website. Just me and my family, having an amazing time together. Drama-free.

I’m going to Vietnam in summer 2011, and the last time I went to Vietnam was during winter break 2008 for my uncle’s wedding. It was so boring and I missed home so much I almost began crying. Everything was different, and the plane ride was so exhausting having to listen to my little brothers’ crying and wailing, and when I got off the plane to use the restroom, I found it so horrible, dirty, and stinky I just broke down and cried right there. It was awful in Da Nang. I couldn’t go anywhere. The Internet sucked. It was raining 24/7. I couldn’t eat anything. So I just hogged up the Skype phone all day and night talking to my friends who were still in the States.

Ah, “acquaintances” and “friends”. There’s a difference, I realized not too long ago. I call so many people my “friends”, when truthfully, they’re only acquaintances. And then there’s the jump from friends to close friends, to best friends. The true best friends are the ones I spell with no space between “best” and “friends”, xD.

Forgetting about people I don’t really want or need to remember, <– That's what I plan on doing once I reach high school. I want to go to this one school that's both one of the best in the city, not expensive, not too strict, it's a real "high school" and not a huge mansion for perfect people with fake smiles, and a school where I can get a fresh start. I told myself I wanted a fresh start because I don't want to have to deal with the people who have taunted me throughout elementary and high school, but truthfully, I only wanted a fresh start so I can run away and slowly forget about Karl. He started taunting me again a few weeks ago and texting me the meanest things and talking shiet about me, and I was like, "Seriously . . . I thought we were over that." So all this time, "fresh start" only meant "totally and completely Karl-free". I want real friends, and I know those are hard to find, but it'll be easier to find once I'm around people who don't know a thing about me and will not judge me based on the things they've heard instead of based on me myself.

She took the house your grandmother lived in? O___o. Dannngg . . . That's crazy. There was a family fued between my grandparents and their relatives or "close" friends (that they call family or something) last year, where my grandparents' friend/relative kept adding more and more to her house and expanding her land and stuff. You know how there's usually a space between two houses? Well, the girl wanted to build as much as possible, until opening a window in my grandparents' house meant touching the wall of the other house. Their whole house was surrounded. No backyard at all, and the windows didn't work because if we opened them we'd just come face to face with the other house's walls. It was awful, and she had so much power no one could do anything to stop her.

I have a friend who told me a month ago: "I'm so sick of being single that I want to cry!" And I asked her how long ago was her last boyfriend, and she said about a month. I was like, WTFCK . . . Because she doesn't really need a boyfriend. She says she wants someone who's always there for her and to comfort her, and I was like, "hello? You have your best friends for that; some guys only do that because they have that title as your boyfriend. Remove that title and they wouldn't give a fck what happened to you or how you feel."

OMG, that kid actually did that? xD. What did your boyfriend's friend do? Like, did he know the kid was using his phone? Lmfao. That's so stupid, xDD.

I’m not sure what my weird typing habits are, besides using the backspace to erase all my typos a lot lol. I usually hold down the “Shift” key, too.
I just got a Tumblr, but I’ve already stopped using it since it was really just to look at pictures. And too many of them! O_O
The thing that I don’t like about YouTube movies is that I always end up getting a no-audio or incomplete movie lol. It’s pretty depressing.

& you’re not alone, and neither is your brother. I hate getting up early, so I get everything ready for when I wake up. haha.

I used to perform a lot, too, and I’m all shakey about it now O_O

lol, I hold down the shift key too /hehe
Everyone has their weird habits, its funny when we notice someone else’s habits that they have never noticed they do.