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When you type a full sentence in uppercase, let me ask: Do you hold down the “shift” key for the whole sentence, or do you turn on “Caps lock”? To be honest, I hold down the “shift” key. I suppose we all have our weird typing habits, and other habits that are actually really quite common. I have come across many on Tumblr (seeing as Tumblr is the land of spam, essentially), outlining common habits – and people usually ‘reblog’ or ‘like’ these posts when they agree.

Speaking of Tumblr just momentarily, I thought I wasn’t going to let myself be sucked into the land of spam yet again, but it proves to be more useful than it seems. It doesn’t seem useful at all, and it wastes a lot of people’s time. But I found, that with my new Tumblr account, since I follow less people, there is less of a chance for me to be distracted by pretty pictures. I don’t know why I always used to go to Tumblr to find pretty pictures, but I don’t find that same interest anymore, because the pictures aren’t even mine and they just get circulated around.

I’m becoming greatly obsessed with the “medium film” Agents of Secret Stuff – it was written and produced by Ryan Higa (nigahiga on YouTube, most subscribed!) and Wong Fu Productions. I can’t stop watching it. I must have watched it ten times already. It’s 35 minutes, if you have that long to spare, and if you’re bored I highly recommend watching it. In a few words, the film is about an assassin trying to fit into high school. The acting is exceptional, and you will spot some YouTube “celebrities” in the film. It’s humourous and paced pretty well. 😁

The problem with watching YouTube videos is that you can get stuck watching them. A lot. Over and over. I don’t know how many times I’ve viewed certain videos more than ten times. Then again, you can get stuck watching anything. But herein lies the problem: I watched Agents of Secret Stuff so many times that I keep seeing Ryan Higa in the street. πŸ™ Have you ever watched something so much that you start seeing things from it in real life?

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I hope everyone had a good one. Christmas is nearly here and it’s just crazy. I don’t know if you guys are already making wishlists but some bloggers like Brooke and Ashley have. I’ve been thinking about what I’d like for Christmas, but I don’t have many things that are material. Most of the things I do want are non-material things, and there is nothing I really want all that much that someone could buy me. As they say, money cannot buy happiness. I’m not implying that I’m sad – just stating the very obvious. I know I would like my family to be closer, and I would like for a few of my friends to be happier, and for things to get better for them (no names, just saying). β™₯️

LOL. I folded a basket of clothes not too long ago, and my brother just came in to get some of his. He put socks on his feet. In this hot weather, I was confused.

“Why are you putting socks on?”
“So I don’t have to put them on in the morning.”
The things we do to save time. πŸ˜† This reminds me of myself reading or using my laptop on the train to save time, or even planning my thinking time in the car before I’ve even gotten ready. Does anyone feel that time is precious like that? πŸ˜•

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