A Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo with James. I don’t recall the last time I went before that. I must have been five years old or something because I do remember going there when I was in primary school. It was a long, long time ago. I got easily bored of the aquarium (another popular place here in Sydney) since I’ve been there many more times, so James and I decided to go to the zoo.

It was a really, really fun day. In the morning we waited around for a bit, since the sky safari wasn’t open until 9:30am. The sky safari is like this cable car thing. It takes you to the top of the park.

While waiting we noticed a little nature trail/bushwalk thing under the zoo (the zoo is on a hill). We went near the water down these steep rocks but then climbed back up and walked further. We ended up on a really small beach. It looked like shit because it was dirty and there was a sign saying that used syringes frequently get washed up… still a lovely view though!

We met a man from California. He was really nice and friendly, and said that he was going to the Great Barrier Reef (up north) after going around Sydney. :P


James and I had a lot of fun looking at all the animals, and got really close to a peacock, too. Some of the animals amused us, like the mountain goats. All the animals were really nice to look at. The zoo was huge!

We looked down on this little kid who said, “Something stinks… it must be the stupid animals.”
James said to me, “Since when did it become so uncool to appreciate the world around you?”

Nasty kid. /poo

Something exceptionally hilarious and coincidental happened when we went to see the ducks and the fish. There were koi fish in the pond swimming around, and people had tossed coins into the water for good luck. James tossed one in and gave me five cents. He told me to make a wish.

I actually pondered on that for a while, because I thought it would have to be a rather important wish. After waiting for about half a minute I made my wish and tossed my coin into the air above the water.

What happened next was shocking. Just before the coin hit the water amongst the koi fish, one of the fish swam towards the spot in which it was about to drop. As the coin hit the water, the koi fish opened its mouth and my coin went partially through the water before it…

It didn’t hit the floor of the pond. The fish ATE my coin. I couldn’t believe my eyes! :O D: I sure hope I didn’t do the poor thing too much harm. I was honestly doubting that he ate my coin… but…

We bought fish and chips for lunch. It was expensive, but we’d gone through the bread I’d brought and after walking for so long we were quite tired.

An otter eating fish
pelicans :D

When we decided to exit the zoo, we went on the sky safari for a round-and-a-half trip. It was totally awesome, but we just missed our ferry when we got out. We had to wait for another half hour so we walked the nature trail and instead of stopping at the beach, we kept going. This funny-scaled lizard was sort of following us through the trees. He would scatter by in front of us, crossing our path, then further down the path we’d see him come out of the bush again. It was like he was following us or making us follow him.

At the very end of the trail there was a rock that looked out to the sea. It was totally amazing. /faw Shortly after James and I sat there, there was the lizard again! :)

lizard :)
View of the sea and harbour

It was an undeniably awesome day. :) More pictures to follow on my photoblog, Indecisively.me.

James and I ~

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I love the pictures you took. That kid sounded annoying. That was a big turtle.

I did have a good birthday, thank you.
That is when you need to buy a new battery for your computer.
I usually do dark nails, but I wanted something very different. ♥
I never feel older on the inside either.

I’m glad you get to go to the concert. Have fun for me. XD

I’m sorry for such the crappy comment.

LOL I sure hope nothing bad happened to that fish! those are hard to raise sort of fish I think… cost a lot to buy etc!!

I love love animals too! I love the giraffe pic
I used to work at the zoo and run away from the peacocks since they just let them walk around the zoo. (WHY, I ASK YOU WHYYYY)

Aw man if you didn’t moderate all of your comments, I would be the first comment..or so I would think because it currently says 0. :/ Oh well..I guess I’ll never get first comment!! :(

Very cute!! I love going to the zoo. Looks like you two had such a blast. I don’t think the little fellow could help it. He’s young, you know? Not everyone can appreciate that their parents took the time out of their busy schedule to take them to the zoo. Although you shouldn’t take your kids to the zoo if they don’t want to because they won’t appreciate it. Obvi. I love the peacock photo although it’s cut off a bit, but it’s so beautiful. :) I love giraffes!

I thought that they’d discourage throwing coins in a pond full of fish since the coins will rust & what not into the water & raise the toxicity of the water for the koi fish. Hrm that’s interesting though..hahaha he ate your coin. I don’t think they can digest the coin. yOU KOI FISH KILLER!!! haha

Sea otterrrrrrr. I love them!! Sooo cute. Glad the two of you enjoyed yourselves. :) Do you guys have any panda bears or polar bears at your zooo to visit?

Amazing photos! Hope you had a good time! :D

Aww, I`m glad you had such a good day at the zoo :D The last time I went to a zoo was two years ago or so, when we went with biology class. The polar bear part was under construction though, so we couldn`t see it & that`s my favourite part :( I wish I could go back again with my dslr & my sisters zoom lense! I love the zoo, but it’s soo much walking xD The picture of you & James is really cute :D

It makes sense to not get your liscence because of those things. There’s no point it having it if you can’t use it I guess, though it may come in handy if there were emergency situations but I guess as long as you kind of know how to drive, police could make an exception for you driving without a liscence if someone was in danger or something xD haha

It sucks that the job got cancelled :/ hopefully you can try again next year, or find something even better! :D

Ooo I love the Zoo. I’ve definitely been to the Zoo one too many times, but I always find it just as interesting to see the animals :)

Yeahh that’s not cool at all to call animals stupid :S Wtf. Strange child.

The fish ate your coin D: Weird. But maybe that means good luck ;D I bet your wish will come true :D

Aw the pictures are lovely :D I’m glad you had such a good time :)

I couldn’t help myself but look at all your pictures, haha. Omg, where are the kangaroos and koalas?! Lol I’m just kidding. /hehe Sydney looks so lovely … Looks like such nice weather too… if I had a camera / camera phone I’d show you the bare trees outside my window. No snow yet though.

But that is hilarious, why would the fish eat your coin? I’m sure money doesn’t taste good, haha. But yeah I agree, hopefully it doesn’t do any harm to it. That’s why you’re not supposed to feed the zoo animals … and you ironically fed it, hehe. XD

I’ve never been on a sky safari before, I’ve wanted to for ages though. Must have been awesome. But the last time I went to the zoo was like never … just like you haha.

*hugs* *hugs* You know honestly I agree, my mom sucks. It seems like most Asian parents are pretty unreasonable. The deal with your permit sounds EXACTLY like something that would happen to me, mom complaining and stuff. I do feel a bit better someone else my age doesn’t have it, haha. I know most American kids get those things at 15 … but you’re from Australia, I don’t know when you guys go for it.

My mom knows very well how close I am to my brother and that obviously I didn’t ask him to pick me up. But nevertheless I’m the “selfish bitch” so I don’t “deserve any favors.” She’s the one who won’t pick me up because she doesn’t want to “get home late” because my work isn’t “on the way home” so it’s a waste of gas and time. Almost exactly like in your case with your brother. Maybe our moms were separated at birth or something. /huh

Okay this is when your mom gets worse than mine, I’m sorry to say. Two jobs for a student who also has ASSIGNMENTS and EXAMS to worry about is A LOT. I’m assuming they’re part-time jobs though, but if you get a third one you might as well live my brother’s life. He has a full-time job and he’s a student, which is why I never hear from him. And I’m pretty sure that was all my mom’s idea, just like it was her idea for him to come back to the US for Christmas when it’s obvious he doesn’t have time … okay maybe your mom isn’t any worse. /angry

Aw that’s too bad then, at least you got paid for it. Even though, let’s say I was paid for something I worked on but it disappeared … I’d feel a stab of pain … okay I’m dramatic, I know, haha.

I’ve never signed anything with just K, but my name is 2 syllables and it seems kind of weird. Like I’m super-uber-lazy. And usually I just write Kris, which is 1 syllable!

I closed some of the Korean stuff I applied for out of greed … hahahaha. Greed this early in the fanlisting business … though I hope they don’t hold it against me that I closed after like 1.5 months, and won’t approve me for new subjects or something.

Oh yeah, you have sashimi that’s pretty close to Japanese food since sushi and sashimi pretty much represents it … at least to the people who don’t eat Jap food, haha. Now you just need to get your hands on sushi … not that I’m encouraging it if you’re trying to have less fanlistings. (H)

Well don’t worry, you’re not the only one with a not-so-good relationship with her mother … I think we’ve covered that haha. *hugs*

Sounds like you had a really great time! I’m personally not a big fan of zoos (animals, yes; zoos – not so much!), but you managed to get some AMAZING photos. I especially love the one of the peacock – so beautiful! :)

I can’t believe the fish ate your coin though! Good heavens. I wonder what effect this will have on your wish? Lol. I hope the fish is okay, too – I don’t think coins are considered part of a nutritious koi fish diet. ;)

As for that little kid… /pow Honestly, what’s the point of going to a zoo if you’re going to complain about the animals?! Nasty little brat. :(

LOL, chance are that the fish just spat it back out later – they do that (if you see fish in little aquarium tanks, they pick up little rocks all the time and spit them back out because they think it could be food or have food on it). It looks like you had a marvelous time, great photos! I love your photo of the two pelicans :) I just *love* going to the zoo or the aquarium (which has a lot of non aquatic animals, actually!) and love taking photos there… Animals are fantastic.

Although I don’t know how you two kept your urge from tossing that kid into a tiger enclosure ;) (I’m joking!!! Mostly.)

Yay animals! The animals look beautiful. I’ve always wanted to see a peacock up close! Great to hear that you had an awesome relaxing day!

What beautiful photos! And you know, I don’t mean just the photos of the animals. ^-^ You and James are so happy that it’s a pleasure to look at your photo. I’m glad you could spent such a great day at the zoo, and kids… heh, they’re kind down-to-earth (not in the best sense of the idiom). ^^’

I have not commented on your blog in a while. I’m sorry about that. It’s been a tough week to me, and I’m still trying to make it with NaNoWriMo. I’m that stubborn. ^^

~ Luana S.

Helloooo!! ZOO :D. How exciting /bounce.

I haven’t been to the zoo since I was little! Hahaha. Did you see the baby elephants? I’m DYING to go see them. DYING! /wah

You guys were there before 9.30am? OH MY GOD. I am amazed. Power to you guys, cos I don’t think I was even AWAKE at that time. And I swear I slept earlier than you :P.

I don’t remember there being a sky safari! :O Omg, SKY SAFARI! I love cable cars. Reading your blog just makes me want to go to the zoo more /wah!

What a stupid obnoxious child! Going to the zoo is COOL! Guys take their girlfriends to the zoo these days! HMPH. He’s going to make a TERRIBLE boyfriend, and end up in a loveless marriage or ALL ALONE. Just because he doesn’t appreciate the zoo. I bet it was his FEET that stunk, not the animals. What a jerk! /angry He is totally offensive!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT STORY ABOUT THE FISH EATING YOUR COIN IS HILARIOUS! Oh god, I hope he didn’t suffocate or anything D:. Poor fish. It must be a cheap Asian fish. Eg. “OHH! FIVE CENTS! MUST SAVE!”. Hahahha. Maybe it means your wish is going to come true now :P.

All your photos are so pretty! Especially the peacock one. I’d forgotten how colourful and attractive peacocks are D:. I want a peacock feather! LOL. It’d probably just make me see. LOOK AT HOW CUTE THAT OTTER IS! :D I want to adopt him as a pet :P.

And look at how cute you an James are :P. Hahahaha xD ♥.

I’ve always wanted to go to the zoo again. I think I’ve gone once when I was in like fifth grade for a field trip, it was the longest bus ride ever d: That peacock is beautiful, I always thought they were so pretty. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip (: Little kids don’t appreciate much anymore especially if it isn’t a video game nonetheless a zoo full of “stinky” animals. I’m not a big animal person but I still think they’re pretty amazing.

I’ve only been at the zoo once. :( I have this fascination with turtles, lol. Don’t worry about the fishie, I’m sure the coin was spit out when you didn’t see or something. At the carp pond in Thailand, there were some jerks throwing cigarettes to them and even though the carps ate it, they quickly spit it out again.

Is that the cityline of… uh, your town? (Sydney, right?)

The photos are great, looks like you had a fun time! :D

Thank you :) I’m glad you like my new layout.

I didn’t do very well in my science exams which upset me a bit. I just made me realised how hard I have to work on them. I spend so long revising for these mock tests and I didn’t do well. I will have to work my socks off ready for the real ones in January.

I love going to the zoo. I haven’t been recently but I want to go now!

I love cable cars but I hate going on them with my dad. He tries to shake the cars which he knows scares me haha!

I love the pictures! The one of the Peacock is so beautiful. I hope the Koi fish is okay :) It’s not your fault it opened it’s mouth. Maybe they like to eat them haha!!

Places like zoos are always expensive to buy food from. We normally take a pack lunch. I’m glad you had a really good day :)

hey hun looks like u had such a great time at the zoo. u and james look so cute togethor, how long has it been for u two?

I saw you tweet about the zoo, haha. :D Sounds like you had a fun time though, and you’ve got some nice photos. I love the one of you and James, it’s so cute. :)

This is a reason why I’d love to live in Australia: The zoos sound so much better than in England. There’s one near me, but there are no interesting animals any more. The best thing is probably the ginger pigs, they had to get rid of the monkeys because they kept pulling the windscreen wipers off the cars!

That kid sounds pretty mean, why would you go to a zoo if you think the animals are ‘stupid’?! O_O

OMG, I can’t believe the fish ate your coin! Usually, when I throw a coin into the water with fish in, they swim away! I doubt it’d do much harm to the fish though, maybe he just thought it was food.

Haha, sometimes I’d hold my laptop upside down and shake it to get the crumbs out, but it doesn’t do much and I’m scared of dropping it! Oh well, only 27 days until I have a new one. :3

LOL, I guess you saw I liked Zayn on Twitter? I’m always tweeting to/about him. :’)

I’m sorry you can’t get the interview soon. :( Hopefully something new and better will come along!

Your visit to the zoo sound sfabiulous and your photos are great, my favourite photo is probably the one of the peacock :) I also like the one with the giraffe and the one with the lizzard, ive never been to the zoo ;( but i do hope to go sometime soon, you live in sydney??!? thats wicked. Ive never been outside of canada, i have a saaaad life /wah
Haha Helzapoppin sounds funny, and catchy xD Dare i ask how you came up wiht it?
Lol we have quake four somewhere in my basement, i remember screaming whenever someone got shot, i was three at the time lol, i burst out into tears once because my mom had died, she thought it was the cutest thing, so she says lol.
and yeah, my parents have an interview with him soon to discuss why my mark dropped so fast, and i told him face to face that he was a hypocryte. he didnt enjoy it much.

these are awesome photos! i especially like the peacock one! :D the sea otters are so cute too :D

i’m sure the coin wouldn’t hurt the fish, otherwise i’m sure they would know better than to eat something that big! but that definitely would have been very strange to see!!!!

dude, your photos are incredible… the shit!

what camera do you use?

Thanks! For these photos I used a Kodak DX7590. I also use a Kodak C653 from time to time, and my iPhone. I don’t get to take the DSLR everywhere though, so this was a rare opportunity.

Hello! First I wanted to let you know that my blog is back, and I still have your link up. If you’d like me to remove you, please let me know.

Anyways, I love the zoo!! I used to go all the time when I lived by it back home. The penguins and seals were always my favorites. :)

Wow, the fish thing is crazy! I love the pics, especially the peacock – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Glad you had a fun day.

/hehe the fish ate your wish?! /eee let’s just hope the fish granted your wish lol and that he didn’t eat the coin. I like going to the zoo and aquarium…I think I like the aquarium better because I don’t get to go there much..so quite the opposite from you lol 👏 Glad that you had an awesome day :3

Omg I love Taronga Zoo. I went there was I in primary school as well. I recently went there last year with Andrew and we picked like the hottest day to go! and they were overcharging us for drinks (like $6 for a bottle of water). I loved the animals though. The meerkats are the best, you’ve got some awesome photos! the peacock one’s amazing. You got to see a lot more animals then we did. It was so hot when we went most of them were hiding hahaha

I suppose the Koi eating your coin should give you an extra boast of luck? lol I mean that doesn’t happen all the time.

aw, i love Christmas, but I am the worst to buy for cause I always buy things I want myself.
Oh i live up near the great barrier reef (H)
loving all the photos, and it really does look like you had an amazing day (Y)

I love the picture with the goats all over that rock at http://indecisively.me/. I haven’t seen any thing like it. :)

The best experience I’ve had at a zoo was in Perth zoo. We went to visit the tigers and they came right up to the glass and started to rub their tummy’s on the glass. I remember putting my hand on the glass and It was so awesome. Every other time you go to see the tigers, they’re sleeping somewhere and you can barely see them.

Last year I went to dream world, which is almost like a zoo. I love how the peacocks just walk around with the people, same with the kangaroos.

Looks like you had a lot of fun. :)

Gosh I haven’t been to a zoo in a long long time. Think the last time I went was 8 years ago when I was on holiday in China. I went to a massive zoo there which had a massive safari type area that required us to travel around in these coaches. I saw an elephant take a massive number 2 while I was there. There were so many people crowding round it watching it do its thing! It was a bit disgusting and kinda amusing. It was a little bit more interesting then watching the elephant stand there staring at the visitors.

Talking about the zoo, I can’t wait to visit the zoo in Hong Kong when I go there next May. They have panda and red panda and I haven’t seen a panda in a long long time!

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