A Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo with James. I don’t recall the last time I went before that. I must have been five years old or something because I do remember going there when I was in primary school. It was a long, long time ago. I got easily bored of the aquarium (another popular place here in Sydney) since I’ve been there many more times, so James and I decided to go to the zoo.

It was a really, really fun day. In the morning we waited around for a bit, since the sky safari wasn’t open until 9:30am. The sky safari is like this cable car thing. It takes you to the top of the park.

While waiting we noticed a little nature trail/bushwalk thing under the zoo (the zoo is on a hill). We went near the water down these steep rocks but then climbed back up and walked further. We ended up on a really small beach. It looked like shit because it was dirty and there was a sign saying that used syringes frequently get washed up… still a lovely view though!

We met a man from California. He was really nice and friendly, and said that he was going to the Great Barrier Reef (up north) after going around Sydney. πŸ˜›


James and I had a lot of fun looking at all the animals, and got really close to a peacock, too. Some of the animals amused us, like the mountain goats. All the animals were really nice to look at. The zoo was huge!

We looked down on this little kid who said, “Something stinks… it must be the stupid animals.”
James said to me, “Since when did it become so uncool to appreciate the world around you?”

Nasty kid. πŸ’©

Something exceptionally hilarious and coincidental happened when we went to see the ducks and the fish. There were koi fish in the pond swimming around, and people had tossed coins into the water for good luck. James tossed one in and gave me five cents. He told me to make a wish.

I actually pondered on that for a while, because I thought it would have to be a rather important wish. After waiting for about half a minute I made my wish and tossed my coin into the air above the water.

What happened next was shocking. Just before the coin hit the water amongst the koi fish, one of the fish swam towards the spot in which it was about to drop. As the coin hit the water, the koi fish opened its mouth and my coin went partially through the water before it…

It didn’t hit the floor of the pond. The fish ATE my coin. I couldn’t believe my eyes! 😧 😦 I sure hope I didn’t do the poor thing too much harm. I was honestly doubting that he ate my coin… but…

We bought fish and chips for lunch. It was expensive, but we’d gone through the bread I’d brought and after walking for so long we were quite tired.

An otter eating fish
pelicans πŸ˜„

When we decided to exit the zoo, we went on the sky safari for a round-and-a-half trip. It was totally awesome, but we just missed our ferry when we got out. We had to wait for another half hour so we walked the nature trail and instead of stopping at the beach, we kept going. This funny-scaled lizard was sort of following us through the trees. He would scatter by in front of us, crossing our path, then further down the path we’d see him come out of the bush again. It was like he was following us or making us follow him.

At the very end of the trail there was a rock that looked out to the sea. It was totally amazing. 😚 Shortly after James and I sat there, there was the lizard again! πŸ™‚

lizard πŸ™‚
View of the sea and harbour

It was an undeniably awesome day. πŸ™‚ More pictures to follow on my photoblog, Indecisively.me.

James and I ~

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