The Fake Sound of Progress

It’s my brother’s birthday today! Brandon turns 15. It’s rather late, so his birthday is nearly over. However, this morning, he was still awake at midnight so I made sure I gave him a tackle-hug! He had disappeared from MSN and told me that he didn’t want people to bombard him with happy birthday messages – especially people he ‘doesn’t know’ or ‘doesn’t remember’.

It happens all the time; I guess, even though I don’t have a Facebook, I’ve heard how easy it is to wish someone a happy birthday on there. In fact, I recall Ben Jorgensen (you know, my idol, the lead singer of now-disbanded Armor For Sleep, and the guy I’m seeing in concert next January…) saying, “Thank you guys for all the Facebook messages… I’m sorry I can’t reply individually but I know how easy it is to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook”.

It made me laugh, because I’d wished him a happy birthday on Twitter and he’d replied. :P

My brother doesn’t feel any different, as most people don’t… it’s not much when you’re a year older when you’ve been counting down all the days and essentially, the only real difference is that you’re a day older than yesterday.

Along the lines of people my brother ‘doesn’t know’ or ‘doesn’t remember’ though, this rings a few bells of old friends. In a sad predicament, we graduate from school or high school and never again talk to the friends we made. While it’s sad that I went from having so many friends in high school, to being proud of the five or so friends I have now – I don’t feel any regrets in that, for I don’t feel like I’ve lost a friend or lost someone so dear to me. However, what really irks me is when people you ‘used to know’ and whom you felt really close to – talk to you only when they want something.

I had a close friend; she’s still in high school because of our age difference. We went to the same primary school together, talked to each other on the bus on the way home, and really got along. But now she barely talks to me anymore, and the last couple of times she’s talked to me is to ask me for money. Her bill was too large for her mobile phone and she was asking me if I had a credit card she could borrow. Right. She’s sixteen or so – not that it really matters – but this kind of thing is her responsibility and I thought it was rather rude that she was asking me for money. I’m more than willing to lend money to a friend, but her situation was just ridiculous. I didn’t have a credit card, and I simply said that I couldn’t give her money.

I put most of my money in the bank as soon as I get paid, because I don’t want to have it sitting around at home when I could really be putting it to good use and getting interest. Even though I told my friend this, she tried to make me take out money for her. I just refused. 🙄

On that note of money, I was finally paid for the website work I did, and the money appeared in my account when I checked today. Whether or not I will continue working is unknown, but I am not so keen on it.

In news of websites – I’ve added Tumblr themes for you Tumblr freaks (there are only two, though). I have also made a new Tumblr account because I just wanted to start fresh. I was sick of my old account and all the rubbish on it. I don’t really use Tumblr to interact with people anymore; it’s just more of a personal thing. I am now at Don’t forget my little tribute to Ben Jorgensen at Fuck Yeah, Ben Jorgensen. :P

I’m going to the zoo with James tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share next time, or you can keep an eye on my photoblog!

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Yeah it’s really easy to wish happy birthday to someone in Facebook, although it’s harder to reply to the wishes (it doesn’t look nice saying “thanks for the wishes” to every wish you got haha).

Yeah it sucks when people only contact you when they want something, but it’s always nice when people you haven’t talked to for a while contact you to catch up or to invite you to a party or a movie.

Hope you enjoy the zoo tomorrow! Take lots of pictures and have fun. ^_^

Hahahha I remember Lilian spending a very, very long time replying to birthday messages on Facebook. I’m glad I don’t have one; I’d want to return them the same way I do comments, maybe. D: Then again, it’s not like I reply to every single tweet I get. Sometimes there isn’t anything to be said, or it’s just obvious… :P

I don’t think anyone’s ever contacted me to invite me anywhere. Most of the friends I had in high school haven’t bothered contacting me. It just seems that any time I get contacted it’s because the other party wants something. /poo

My sister was talking about facebook and how upset people get if you don’t wish them a happy birthday. I couldn’t give a rats arse. I only go there for farmville :P

She asked you for money? Rude lil bugger …

Happy (belated) birthday to your brother! :D

Haha, I know that sort of feeling. It is like … “thanks :D” and that is the end of our conversation. /hmph It is not that I am not grateful towards those who wished me birthday wishes. I am just saying that that is how I feel. 🤫 And I agree – it is really easy to wish someone a “Happy Birthday!” on Facebook, too easy. I used to wish every single people on the birthday list. But I do not do that anymore, it just feels so weird. I barely, no, I have never talked to any one of them before! Most of my Facebook friends were some random people who added me because I am their friend’s friend or their senior’s friend ya da ya da. A few months ago, I removed all the strangers from my “friends” list. And I feel more comfortable to update my Facebook status nowadays. ✌️ I do not approve any stranger friendship request now, especially those who with a lot of mutual friends. I just feel that they are requesting friendship because they want to increase their friends count. That is so silly! /hmph Quality, not quantity.

You are so lucky that your idol replied you personally! :D I wish mine do that too. But even if he does, I wouldn’t understand what he is saying because he is a Korean. D: I plan to learn Korean language after my examination. There are so many interesting Korean shows! +__+


My! I have never seen such “friend” before. I am sorry that you have one…… I can’t believe she has the FACE to ask for money. Sure, I do borrow money from my close friends sometimes but not for something like my phone bills. /hmph I only borrow money whenever it is needed and also whenever I forgot to bring it. If I were you, I would say no to her too. Credit cards, hello? If I lend her my credit card, who knows what she would do with it. D: I might say yes if she is asking for cash but I will most probably say no because we are not that close anymore. Well, I guess this sort of “friend” will always appear once in a while in our life. We just have to be careful so that they will not be able to take advantage on us. (H)

That is a good way to manage your money. I guess I will follow your method when I work one day. I have a bad habit of spending my money whenever I have some. I wish I could finish my examination soon and look for a job. However, I was chosen to join the National Service Programme for three months after my bloody examination. 🤮 I want to have a job. I want to save up some money to buy iPhone, haha. But I want to buy a cellphone for my mum first since she has been “complaining” (not really, but it is close to that) about how the other children buy stuff for their parents. I would like to put a smile on her face with my hard earned money. :D

I do not use Tumblr, but I like the first theme, the one you are using on your new tumblr account. :) It is simple and lovely. ♥

The last time I went to the zoo was ……. twelve years old? Or younger? D: There is no zoo in my state. But I had visited the national zoo before, with my dad when he was alright. ♥ I could still remember that I was the one who guided him to the zoo by looking at the road signs. I went to a lot of places with my dad. He was usually the one who brings us to go for a trip. /eee I hope you enjoy your date with James tomorrow. :D Do share some photos here or on your photoblog. I would really love to see them. :)

I dread birthdays now that I’m older, my birthday is coming up fairly soon and I’ll be 25-years-old which is weird for me, but life goes on.

As for friends from high school. I do find it a tad saddening thinking back mainly because I wish I had enjoyed high school more and tried harder and actually took it more seriously. I still talk to my really close friends from high school now that Facebook is huge, I’m thankful for Facebook for that reason, it helps me keep in contact with people.

I’m kind of misanthropic myself and don’t trust people, so I rarely give out money unless it’s someone I’m really close to and trust a lot. Most of the time I think people are up to no good. I don’t save like you do though unless it’s for something I really need like an apartment and things like that. My theory is, if I save my money and rarely buy something I want and I die before I get to use it then what was the point? Ha!

I wish I’d done the same in high school too. Perhaps I’d be doing a better course and would have gotten into something better, had I tried harder, but I know that I did try as hard as I could, given the circumstances. I don’t really regret losing my friends, though – after all, we didn’t talk very much in high school. We just hung out and never really bonded closely with deep talks or anything.

That is a good point! I wish I could think like that, but my parents have an influence on me. They save like crazy and make the most of things on sale!

The reason I just up and left facebook and deleted my account altogether was because that I just couldn’t stand it anymore. It was useful for keeping in touch sometimes, but I didn’t like it when people I hadn’t talked to in years wished me a happy birthday. It just felt… weird.

To be honest, when I graduated from high school, I was glad that there was a chunk of people that I’d never have to seen again, or often. I’m glad that there were only a few people I would still be in touch in. High school was not my time. And I sense a similar thing for when I graduate from university – I prefer to have a few close friends rather than many.

In a sad predicament, we graduate from school or high school and never again talk to the friends we made.

Totally sad but that’s like me. That’s why I miss HS, you get to be with all your friends everyday! Now, it’s of good fortune that we even meet up once every two months or whatever. So what my friends and I are doing – we’ve started a chain email where we reply to all and just talk to eachother that way. Even getting everyone on MSN or some chat is not going to happen. Oh well ={

long comment coming up… well i bet it is cause your comment to me was pretty long haha anyway here i go:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BROTHER! I am 16 haha he is one year younger than me. You are right I do not feel like I am a year older after a day. I feel like it takes time to mature. I mean I obviously do not act or look the same way I did when I was 13. But I never had that “significant” break through moment. Although I had a sweet 16… That was pretty big:) Ahh i want to go back to it haha

Also yea facebook is easy to say happy birthday. I got happy birthdays from people who i wasn’t even that close with. It pops up on your dashboard lol. Anyway mhm you should get a facebook (I know you do not want too) but it makes it much easier to connect with people offline and online. Like my closest online friends of mine have my facebook. I have lost some friends too. Mhm but I have them on facebook hoping maybe one day we’ll connect again.. haha Anyway I am just at that awkward stage in life still, or at least getting out of it.

And THAT SUCKS :( I hate when people use people for stuff. mhm for money. Thats low. I would never ask someone I rarely talk too. It is selfish and awkward. Like common, for phone bills? wtf moment. She is not a true friend. Good think you don’t talk to her as much, you don’t know what else she would have asked you for if you were close. and tumblr themes = <3 am i following you?! I should if you have one haha

My 4 closest friends knows a little different part of my life. lol I am happy for each of them. Relying in One best friend is too much work. haha Yea I am suprised Corey doesn't judge me. i would judge me if he knew the stuff he knows about me lol Aww I am glad your friends all know about your site! Most of my friends are starting to know I met Evan (online friend) and they give me weird looks. I hate those looks. I feel like people don't understand. maybe its because I am younger and we get all those "safety" talks… Online safety. Yes you need to be safe online, but not everyone is a rapist or murderer….(mini rant) lol but I am glad Lillian and your bf know a lot about you! It's good to tell everyone. jad is a closed book, like a lot. shes mysterious and nobody knows whats going on with her., I think thats why i can't have her as my only best friend. I need to know my friends, know some dirt haha.

ohh i see. mhm I use high performance when its not plugged in and when its plugged in I go to power saver. Also it depends on the time of day and the glare on my computer. I hate the glares. Wait since it's summer where you are, do you celebrate Christmas in the summer? sorry for a stupid question…. but like here we picture santa and snow. do you picture like santa at the beach? lol Well I mean like propaganda and stuff around you.

One time when I went to the bathroom (I was 10) I forgot to pull my skirt down and my dress was inside my tights… and I had a performance… I learned to always check haha. I have embarassing moments, yet I rarely get embarassed…

My twitter is tiffuhknee. I think haah I am not on it a lot cause it always says "Sorry twitter is full" or something. and stuff. Also I have no picture and I am following like offline people lol. So I do not post my website. Maybe I'll make a falling-up one. I should. right? I think I should haha. Mhm do you have AIM or something?! lol Or if we ever loose contact we can e-mail:) I like that you leave long comments haha I miss them. Everyone post like 2 sentences. This is how you make friends online lol And yea I agree short comments are nice, I mean they are faster lol.

I think I use to be closer to the guys because I feel like a lot of girls just block about their "love life".. I mean it's interesting and all but I don't want to hear about petty drama or how much they hate people. I don't mind it if it's interesting. I feel like guy blogs are more interesting, well not always, but you know. haha there are girl blogs that are interesting, like yours. Yours makes me think lol. So thats a good thing. i don't have to "agree"with everything you say because theres only one side.. get it? haha

lol about the young fake girl you met. I’ve met two people. one now lives in my town (lived like an hour away before) another lives in tazzy.
I have facebook, not twitter, but I hardly ever write anything on it at all, it’s jsut a way for me to see what everyone else is doing.
You’re always a day older than yesterday :P But I guess actually being an older age could make you feel a little older :O if its a significant age.
Yay for finally getting paid :)
Have fun at the zoo.

Happy Birthday to your brother!

I saw a pie chart once that someone made of how often people send you messages on your Facebook. Most of the tiny slices were silly categories like “messages from your friends who saw you last night” or “other” and then 98% of the pie was OMG IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY LOL.


Happy Birthday to Brandon. Wow. Fifteen. He’s still at a trying age :P. Hahahaha. I wished him happy birthday on facebook, which is hilarious, how your post is kind of knocking that form of communication :P. HAHA! But Ben Jorg is right. It’s notoriously easy to wish someone happy birthday on facebook. I got something like 52 posts on my birthday. I didn’t even realise I KNEW that many people D:. I mean, I appreciate all the posts, and it’s nice when people wish you happy birthday, but WOW. Facebook makes it SO easy. Not too sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing :P.

Oh we were totally talking about this yesterday. That person is retarded. As IF any sane person would trust a sixteen year old with a CREDIT CARD! I mean, my PARENTS wouldn’t trust ME with a credit card at that age, and I’m like…responsible. LOL! Well I am when it comes to money! She’s got SOME NERVE asking you /angry. Especially for something that’s HER fault. Going over your phone bill? That just shows you can’t be responsible with money and limits and stuff. Give you a credit card when you’re like that and that’s like…financial SUICIDE D:.

And I bet she’s the kind to…like…once she has your credit card…use it whenever and claim “Oh, it was an EMERGENCY”. HA! WHATEVER! Hmph!

I HATE people like that. It HURTS when you realise someone you thought WASN’T like that IS like that after all :(. SO CUT!

Thank god you got paid! :D It’d have been SO frustrating if you didn’t. I advise you NOT to do anymore work for that guy. He’s an ASS too. And I don’t mean that in the “Agents of Secret Stuff” manner.

YAY! YOU HAVE TUMBLR LAYOUTS :D. I love the one you put on MY tumblr ♥ .

AND YAY! You went to the zoo today! Hehehehe! :P

I think it’s a good thing that you can so easily wish someone a happy birthday and even get notified of when their birthdays are coming up, but it’s not such a good thing when instead of getting a present or really giving them a nice phone call, you opt for a message on Facebook. :(

She definitely doesn’t sound responsible to me! Even if I had a credit card I would not trust her enough to use it. I’d just be really fishy about it, and after all, we all know everyone is a little stingy when it comes to money. /sweat

He hasn’t asked me to do anything, and my decision is not completely made, but I’m definitely not keen on working for him anymore! Yes, he’s definitely no Agent of Secret Stuff, either!

Haha yes! ♥

I personally find it quite ridiculous to just walk up to someone you haven’t talked to in a while to just ask for money like that. IDK.

Anyway, following on tumblr because I’m creepy like that 🤬

Thanks Georgina! Glad you like. I know. I did not know that quote, but thanks for telling me. I understand. Sometimes things do not go as you want but life goes on, it is :)

Thank you! Finally, exams results were as I announced in my blog. That’s right, I was working hard. You’re right.

Yes it’s crazy that the stores are decorated with Christmas decorations. I know. I suppose it to awaken the Christmas spirit in people, and to make cash with purchases they have made. It’s a good comparison that you made.
You’re right. I guess it’s true that some people like to prepare this stuff as soon as possible. It is also true that a month before the Christmas gifts are cheaper than at Christmas.

I know. Today I am going to see the fake documentary. Has not yet been released in theaters, in my city you can see it is part of the Official Selection Film Festival. You’re right, some artists change their careers. I hope you can see the documentary. The trailer is posted on the Internet /type

I too love movies about love. I agree with you XD

Haha I remember that scene from the Lady and the Tramp, it really is a beautiful scene. Haha true.

You’re right we should never lose hope (Y)

My close family has not placed a tree for a while. It’s okay that you and your family spend time together during those dates.

You’re welcome!

It is true many people do not like the text references to me I do not care to include a reference list. But it is certainly something tedious work.

I understand. You still have time to decide whether to make a master. So do not worry.

I know. This weekend we are back in cold polar alert. And it will not stop raining. That is what is the winter /um
I hope that there will soon have some heat.

Yeah it’s really easy to wish happy birthday to someone in Facebook or on Tuenti. Even if you have many comments from happy birthday, it is difficult to answer them all. But it’s nice that people remember you.

Happy belated birthday to your brother! Your brother is right you do not feel different to have one more year.

It’s sucks when to people only contact you when they want something, But It’s always nice when to people you have not talked to contact you for a while to catch up. Anything.

I like your new Tumblr themes ♥ And I am following your new Tumblr account. I saw what they were going to the zoo on Twitter, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and have done lots of photos. I’ve seen any picture you took at the zoo on your Tumblr :)

A few my of my friends at school have always hated the Harry Potter films, but after watching the current one, they think it’s amazing! Maybe after watching it you’ll change your mind? Personally, I love Harry Potter films! I just love the whole magical thing! Man, I wish I had a wand!

Yeah! Everyone seems to be dying! I watched a documentary on Harry Potter. It was all about flying on the broomsticks, and spells and stuff. It was great! It said in the documentary that even more people are going to day in Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows! I’ll really miss Dobby; and Dumbledore for that matter!

I watched the first one quite recently, just so it was fresh in my mind, before I watched the new one, and it really is crazy how much better the more recent ones are! The acting’s also a lot better.

I really want to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World! It looked so good on the TV! I think I’ll have to buy it and watch it. I haven’t seen the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but again, it looks very good.

Haha, I’d definitely recommend seeing it! It’s definitely the best so far!

My birthday was quite recent, and I was still up at midnight, so my sister came into my room with a cake, and sang happy birthday to me! I thought it was really thoughtful! I also got to open one of my presents!

That is rude! I think I would of just ignored her – especially if that was the first time we’d spoken in ages!

Yay! What type of website was it?

I really don’t know much about Tumblr, because I’ve never really used it. I really like the ones you’ve made though! They’re great!

Yay! I love going to the zoo! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Oh I like having people wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook, of course I know everyone who I have added there, so I get no strangers wishing me … stuff :P Besides, it’s nice to know that someone thinks about you, and takes the time to write a brief message. You wouldn’t believe how lazy I can be when it comes to doing small things like these :P

That “friend” is definitely not a… friend. More like an opportunistic bitch :(

HEYYYYYYY GEORGINA!! Meh, sorry for not talking to you in MONTHS. Gosh. I am getting annoyed with myself because in my comments, I am always like “Sorry” or “I’m late” or whatever. :P I seriously have been feeling the wrath of high school. :/ I am on break now (for just a few more days though), so I am commenting like crazy….so you probably won’t hear from me in awhile but Christmas break is in about 3 weeks so yeah. :D

Happy birthday to your brother! Haha, yeah. On Facebook, it just appears on the sidebar if you’re friends with that person like.. “So and So’s Birthday” or something haha. All you have to do is click the name and PRESTO: you write “happy birthday”. :P It’s kind of hard to reply to everyone but I don’t have as many happy birthdays and someone famous, so I manage. ;)

I have some old friends of mine that went to elem. school with me and they are in high school with me now but I hadn’t seen some of them in a LONG TIME because of middle school…My district split up the elem. school into 2 different middle schools, so we got split. I don’t talk to any of my old friends from elem. school anymore…everyone’s changed so much. :S

Happy somewhat belated birthday to your brother. :D Even though it becomes hard to respond to birthday messages after awhile, I think they’re still nice. It’s the only day of the year where you get that kind of attention. Ham it up, I say.

I’ve never had a problem with old friends asking me for favors. I haven’t graduated high school, but I’ve moved twice and have had to leave those friends behind. It is a sad predicament, leaving those people behind. It’s easier now to thanks to the interwebs, but Facebook didn’t exist (or wasn’t popular) when I was in fourth grade so those friends have really gone their separate ways. D:

That seems really absurd to me that that friend would ask for money. I don’t think I would even ask the friends I still talk to on a daily basis for money. @_@

Happy birthday to your brother! And that’s cool that you got paid for the website you were working for. What website did you work to make the money?

I used to have a million friends, and so many good friends. I got along easily with everybody, and though not everyone loved me, I didn’t have a problem with the ones who didn’t like me very much, xD. I went from that, to having only like, five or six close friends. And the rest are all either friends-ish or just mere acquaintances. Amazing how much things can change in only a few months, 0.o.

Some people I’ve added on Facebook were all like, “Omg Jenny! It’s you! I haven’t talked to you in forever!” And they’d say they missed me and all, and try to become close again. I find it kind of weird, because if they had missed me “so much”, why were they only starting to talk to me about a month after I added them on Facebook, and I’m like: “Hey,” & it takes them 10 minutes to realize who I am, xD.

I know that when I leave middle school, I’m only going to keep in touch with my real friends. Screw everyone else who goes to EMS. Most of them had made my life absolutely miserable last year, and once I get to leave them all behind because the majority of them are going to go to this one high school and I’m going to a whole different one, I’m not looking back, (x. Time for a fresh start.

Wow, I can’t believe the only times she tried talking to you again was when she needed money, =_=’. My aunt — well, she’s really actually my mom’s friend — used to always ask my mom desperately for money. She did a wonderful acting job convincing us she needed the money badly. And then about a week later, my mom was talking to someone who knew my aunt, and he was all like, “She was in need of money? Nuh-uh. No way. She has a 5 story mansion right down the block. She’s rich as hail. What are you even talking about?” So basically, my “aunt” had pitied my mom into giving her even more money, when she’s already filthy rich, 0.o. I don’t get some people . . .

Happy Belated Birthday to your brother! :b. I hoped he had a nice birthday, haha.

Are you on vacation break right now or something? Since you said you haven’t seen’ your friends in ages, and if you were at school . . . ? 0.o. Haha, I’m kind of distancing myself from some people, which is like, the opposite of what you’re doing (you want to catch up with your friends). I think it’s time I begin realizing who my real priorities are. My ex-boyfriend got all mad at me because I couldn’t tell him how I feel about him, because honestly, I really didn’t. And he was like, You’re nothing to me until you can tell me who your real priorities are. He is such a drama queen, dude, =_=’.

If I had to be the third or fifth or whatever wheel, I would’ve rather stayed home and find something to do (like curl up in my bed and just watch an old movie on my laptop). People at my school are all about relationships and boyfriends. It’s kind of ridiculous. Like one of my bestfriends put her boyfriend before anyone else, and they were together for only 5 months, and when they got in fights, she’d completely lose it. She almost stayed up because she got sick from crying so much, o.o. So then when they’re together, it’s all like, cuddling, kissing, making out, touching each other in weird places, and pretending nobody around them even exists. Yeah, I don’t feel like having to watch all of that, xD.

The hat didn’t hold the water, unfortunately, xD. Well, sort of, but not really. I think he would’ve noticed if it did hold the water, though, because it would look heavier and I wouldn’t have held it so casually, :b.

I’m glad he didn’t have a lot of valuable stuff in the jacket, o: . I’m so glad I didn’t lose my phone for good. I just find it amusing that the person who stole it chose to brag about it to someone else who turned it in to me, xD. An attempted theft gone wrong, rofl. If I sank that low that I tried to steal someone’s iPhone while they were taking a test, I wouldn’t have bragged about it to everyone. Since well, everyone knows what my iPhone looks like, xD. The color of the cover kind of stands out. Neon-purplish, xD.

You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia? 0.o. I thought it was just a culture thing, haha. My world geography teacher says that a lot of Native Americans don’t celebrate it because of what really happened on the first Thanksgiving, to the Natives. I wonder what happened, ahah. He wouldn’t tell us because we grew up learning happy stories about Thanksgiving.

I remember a girl who wore a skirt and a little t-shirt to school when it was snowing outside. She got sick a few weeks later and didn’t go to school for like, a month. Haha, I think she’s crazy if she wore a skirt to school when the temperature was around 30 degrees F. It’s insane!

I wouldn’t like Quake, :b. I don’t know; my brother tried to get me to play those games where you run around shooting things to earn points, and stuff. They bore me, xD.

I was so overwhelmed by all the Pokemon, and how it all works. 400+ little creatures, and the types and stuff. My brother had to explain it all to me. It took me forever until I was finally actually really good at the game, xD.

Happy belated birthday to your brother. I don’t feel any different either on birthdays. But I disagree with you on the facebook topic. I think its the thought that counts.
Even though we might not always stay in touch, not always get the time to talk because separation is a part of life, just clicking on the person’s profile and writing “Happy Birthday” meant that the person thought about me, even if it was for just a second, and remembered me. I think its sweet.
There are so many people I don’t get the time to talk to as much as I like. At least I can send my wishes across on that special day.

Woah. Your “friend” sounds selfish. No offense. :)

I have cried during lots of books. Its no big deal.
To love and lose it is better than to have never lost at all. I don’t know. I seriously don’t. I think sometimes the pain is too much to live with.
Good luck with the tutorials!

It is very easy to wish someone a happy birthday on facebook. I think it’s kind of nice though, whether you talk to the person a lot or whatever, it’s nice to get a happy birthday and get told to have a nice day. -shrug-

I’m glad to hear that you finally got paid for that job! It’s about time.

I like to put my money in the bank just because I’m least likely to spend it if it’s out of sight, haha. I don’t have a debit card or anything. I usually just keep a little cash on hand and try to save my money.

Also, thank you for the comment about my grandpap. It’s kind of hard for my family, but we’re doing fine. It’s amazing what love does though because he can forget everything but my grandma. A lot of times he’ll only eat the food she brings him or he only wants to talk to her. It’s really cute, and gives me hope.

Talking to my mom did help about my piano lessons. She told me not to feel like I was disappointing her, which I did, and that it was just something I couldn’t do right now and I could maybe pick it up later. So I feel bad for quitting, but it’s also such a relief.

Lol, I’m not much of a birthday person either (as you might have recalled me saying recently!), so I can definitely understand your brother’s attitude, especially when there’s the added awkwardness of being contacted online by people you barely know or don’t remember. =/

That’s so amazing though that you got a reply to your birthday tweet to Ben Jorgensen! I can only imagine what a thrill that must have been! :)

As for your “friend”…well, let’s just say the use of quotation marks indicates what I think of that. /hmph I can hardly believe people actually do things like that…I’ve never had anyone ask me for money like that, thankfully. (Well besides my brother…but he doesn’t count. For anything. Ever. Hehe.)

I’ll have to go and check out those Tumblr themes! I have a rather unhealthy addiction to Tumblr these days, I must admit. And of course I’m now following your new Tumblr account. :)

ye its very easy to wish someone on facebook like friends u not that close with or family that are far away but local people i prefer calling them or texting them.

ive had many friends like that, that would only talk to me if they want something from me. i recently deleted two of those friends from my life because they made me so mad that i got upset.

thats good that u got paid. i always put my money in the bank its safer there and then i cant spend it all at once.

i hope u enjoyed the zoo yesterday (being friday). cant wait to see all the photos. i havent been to the zoo in years. i got no one to go with.

I definitely prefer calling or texting them too. I don’t have Facebook, either. It really bothers me when friends just talk to me when they want something. I find it really selfish.

I did have a good day, thank you! Some pictures are in my new post. :)

Haha all things I noticed over time and while reading your blogs & tweets. Whenever I was going to bed you were getting up and vice versa hahah. Also noticed the university thing because I have a lot of people I talk to from out of the U.S located in Australia. :D

And ah, you are absolutely right. The gunk is a good sign to clean out those nails. /hmph

You must have melted when he replied to you on Twitter, I would have. :) So true though, it’s super easy on Facebook. It gives you a notification on the side telling you whose birthdays are that day and you can just click the links.

I think it’s rude that your friend asked you for money. I could never ask a friend for money and I don’t think I ever have. Maybe if the person was like my absolute best friend of whom I see on a daily basis, but even then probably not.

Yay for the zoo. It’s too cold for the zoo here unfortunately. :( :(

Oh wow, your brother’s birthday is on the same day of my boyfriend’s birthday /eee
I’m the same with cards. It’s weird how I have cards from people I rarely talk to anymore. And I know exactly what you mean about people only talking to you when they need something. I feel bad because I have friends who I always wanted to keep contact with. But with only 300 mins a month on my stupid new contract (only thing I could afford), it doesn’t leave me much time to actually call people other then those who I regularly talk to.
I admit most of the other Harry Potter films weren’t all that. I didn’t read all the books, just the last one and I was surprisingly hooked. I finally understood what the big hype was about. But this film is a lot better, as they’re more mature and everything. It was also funny, some parts were really emotional and it seemed real, unlike the other ones.
I would defo recommend. Maybe you could try watching it online rather then going to the cinema.

Well essentially its not that BIG a deal. As you get older, it just seems to be an excuse to have cake, unlike the younger and less venerable years where the anticipation of gifts ( 😒 -> D: -> 😝 ) “HOW DID YOU KNOW ITS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED”.
Parents: :D ENJOY, You’ve only sighed your yearning for it 50 times already.