The Fake Sound of Progress

It’s my brother’s birthday today! Brandon turns 15. It’s rather late, so his birthday is nearly over. However, this morning, he was still awake at midnight so I made sure I gave him a tackle-hug! He had disappeared from MSN and told me that he didn’t want people to bombard him with happy birthday messages – especially people he ‘doesn’t know’ or ‘doesn’t remember’.

It happens all the time; I guess, even though I don’t have a Facebook, I’ve heard how easy it is to wish someone a happy birthday on there. In fact, I recall Ben Jorgensen (you know, my idol, the lead singer of now-disbanded Armor For Sleep, and the guy I’m seeing in concert next January…) saying, “Thank you guys for all the Facebook messages… I’m sorry I can’t reply individually but I know how easy it is to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook”.

It made me laugh, because I’d wished him a happy birthday on Twitter and he’d replied. 😛

My brother doesn’t feel any different, as most people don’t… it’s not much when you’re a year older when you’ve been counting down all the days and essentially, the only real difference is that you’re a day older than yesterday.

Along the lines of people my brother ‘doesn’t know’ or ‘doesn’t remember’ though, this rings a few bells of old friends. In a sad predicament, we graduate from school or high school and never again talk to the friends we made. While it’s sad that I went from having so many friends in high school, to being proud of the five or so friends I have now – I don’t feel any regrets in that, for I don’t feel like I’ve lost a friend or lost someone so dear to me. However, what really irks me is when people you ‘used to know’ and whom you felt really close to – talk to you only when they want something.

I had a close friend; she’s still in high school because of our age difference. We went to the same primary school together, talked to each other on the bus on the way home, and really got along. But now she barely talks to me anymore, and the last couple of times she’s talked to me is to ask me for money. Her bill was too large for her mobile phone and she was asking me if I had a credit card she could borrow. Right. She’s sixteen or so – not that it really matters – but this kind of thing is her responsibility and I thought it was rather rude that she was asking me for money. I’m more than willing to lend money to a friend, but her situation was just ridiculous. I didn’t have a credit card, and I simply said that I couldn’t give her money.

I put most of my money in the bank as soon as I get paid, because I don’t want to have it sitting around at home when I could really be putting it to good use and getting interest. Even though I told my friend this, she tried to make me take out money for her. I just refused. 🙄

On that note of money, I was finally paid for the website work I did, and the money appeared in my account when I checked today. Whether or not I will continue working is unknown, but I am not so keen on it.

In news of websites – I’ve added Tumblr themes for you Tumblr freaks (there are only two, though). I have also made a new Tumblr account because I just wanted to start fresh. I was sick of my old account and all the rubbish on it. I don’t really use Tumblr to interact with people anymore; it’s just more of a personal thing. I am now at Don’t forget my little tribute to Ben Jorgensen at Fuck Yeah, Ben Jorgensen. 😛

I’m going to the zoo with James tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share next time, or you can keep an eye on my photoblog!

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