I can’t say I’ve had a very good day.

I don’t know where to begin and I guess I don’t really want to detail it. I never really like expressing problems on my blog… I’ve told people I generally like to keep my blog a happy place and a place for happy thoughts, but sometimes I have the occasional blog where things just go bloody downhill. Yeah… I’m sorry to say this is one of them.

Stuff is going on at home. I hate talking about it. I don’t like talking about it to people. I feel that if I blog about it, people are just going to ignore how I feel and what I wrote, and when it’s something personal, sometimes I feel offended when people ignore what I write.

Yeah, basically, stuff is going on at home, and it clashes with what’s going on in real life. I haven’t been able to talk to my friends properly. I was supposed to go out tomorrow, and see James again, and see Lilian, my best friend who I haven’t seen in a long time, and Dylan, another amazing friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in a year. It’s his birthday on Christmas, and we were supposed to celebrate tomorrow with a picnic, but because of what’s going on at home, I can’t. It’s made me not only upset and disappointed, but pretty angry.

Speaking of Christmas, it is not the most wonderful time of the year as that song states. It’s not. Maybe I only realised that today. I know it’s a great time for families to be together, and maybe friends, but I hardly get that. I’ve said this to a lot of people – growing up, my family was never big on presents. On my birthday and when it was Christmas I learned not to expect anything. I guess that’s why I’m a bit of a sentimental person and value even small pieces of time with others.

There are two things on my wishlist.

  • Time.
  • A better relationship with my mother.

The second thing is the reason why I’m in a horrible, upset mood. It’s all I’ve wanted. For ten years, I’ve never really gotten along with my mother. She doesn’t know that it really tears me up inside that the way I am is not a person she likes. I can be stubborn, obstinate, selfish, careless. Sometimes I wish more people would accept me for who I am. I sometimes don’t give a fuck what people think about me, but deep down, somewhere, I sometimes care. :(

There have never really been material things on my wishlist. No one can buy me what I want now. I guess I’ve been hoping for more of both. Hope. That’s all.

I had a friend who was Buddhist so he did not celebrate Christmas. I was a bit surprised. I was only about thirteen, so I was naive. I didn’t know. Earlier this week my mum was serving a customer and said, “Merry Christmas” as a farewell. The customer scoffed and said, “Don’t you mean happy holidays?”

Yeah, maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas. But what the fuck are you doing shopping in a store that is having a Christmas sale, then having the nerve to make a comment like that?

I really wish the world would spin in the other direction so that all the stupid people would fall off.

My friends can stay. I’ll superglue their feet to the earth to make sure that they don’t. They’re sneaking to my house to bring the picnic here. /faw

I’m wearing a dress that says, “If friends were flowers, I’d pick a whole bunch like you.”

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I’m sorry about your problems at home, especially around this time of the year, it’s really not great. I don’t understand it that much, for I’m lucky and it doesn’t happen to me all that much (that’s not supposed to sound cocky or anything if it came out like that; what I mean is that I can’t compare). I’ll pray for you to get a better relationship with your mother over the holiday season and throughout the year. :/

Anyway, hope your picnic goes well at your house! Great that you actually get to see them :) Hope everything gets better!

I really wish your mum would realize what she’s doing to you. It’s not fair to you, and I know you try to please her and make her proud, and she just doesn’t get it! I wish things were different. =/

I really hope things get better at home, and that you feel better soon. I hope you have fun when your friend sneak into your house hehe. I’m sure you’ll have a good time. ^^

And smile. :)

Thanks so much Georgina! I appreciate your understanding. Okay, I understand :) *hugs* /wave

My grandfather is in serious condition, but is becoming more aware of what is happening, but still fighting for his life, and that’s good.

I know. But the reality is so. It’s great that some teachers leave us good memories. I guess it was great for him :)

Haha because you know someone. It’s good to have found someone who is afraid of the dark. Suppose well, I suppose if you do not have many nightmares is normal to remember that you had in your childhood.

I regret that you had a bad day. Sometimes it is good to write about what you feel and what is happening at the moment /type .

I hope things get better at home. I hope your wishes will comes true. Sometimes the relationship with our mothers is hard, because they do not understand our way of being. I have gone through what you and I understand that you suffer for it. The relationship with my mother has always been distant, yet I know I do what I can to have a better relationship with her.

I hope you have fun when your friend to brew at home for the picnic. I’m sure going to have a good time :)

The message says your dress is very positive 👏

I’m sorry for your family problems and I hope everything will work out in the end. I’ve been looking for 5 minutes at your smilies and I can’t find one that hugs, but I do send you virtual hugs, lots of them. This past year I have felt like I was a let down to my parents and I actually told my mom (it really wasn’t a pretty sight, I broke down crying, a total mess), I think a lot of the tension between us dissipated after that. Maybe you could talk to your mom about it (if you haven’t already).

Also, on a side note, I think too much political correctness has transformed a percentage of the world in butthurt assholes. 😒

…Are you me? Heh. Really, though, I empathise more than you realise, especially with regards to the “wishing for a better relationship with your mother” bit. I’m so sorry you’re going through that. :

On a better note, as Shane said, I hope the picnic went well! :D

*Hugs* I can completely understand how you feel. I haven’t seen or properly spoken to my friends in what seems like forever. All of them have moved to different places and though we do try to get together as frequently as possible, things do get in the way.
It sucks when you don’t get along with your mum. I wish I got along better with my mum too. Whenever she annoys me most, I try to remind myself that whatsoever she might be saying now, or doing bad things to me, deep down, she loves me. A lot. She went through so much of pain because of me. She sacrificed so much for me. A mother’s debt is something no child can ever repay. And nobody’s perfect. People don’t do things our way. I accept, however, that if they did, the world be such a better place.
Be thankful for what you have. Count your blessings. Count them one by one. I am sure that will cheer you up.

I have had an awful week, too. But I talked to my best friend and Saurabh today, and things do seem brighter from behind a smile. Even if its a fake one.

I loved Matilda. When I first read it, I used to practice moving things with my mind all the mind, hoping against hope I would succeed. Unfortunately, I never did. Even after watching Harry Potter, when I would be in front of the T.V. and I wanted the remote, I would try every time, “Accio Remote!”
Nope. No success.

I hope your mood improves, sweetie. :)

I can totally relate to this blog, I found it pretty emotional.
My family life all changed so suddenly, my mum and dad divorced after my dad ran off with some skank, who I hate with a passion, not because of what she did (well slightly?) but because she treats me, my brothers and especially my mum like pieces of dirt. She got my mum arrested at the weekend for talking outside her shop in the shopping centre, I was livid. My dad wouldn’t give me presents on Christmas, he didn’t want to hand them in if he wasn’t allowed to see me open them, which is stupid because my mum isn’t going to let him into our home after he treated her so badly.. I guess after that its been a year without contact. Sometimes I like not having him around, its character building and its taught me that life isn’t perfect, and even when it isnt, its still pretty good. Like you, I’ve learned to value the more important things in life. I just feel for you, I really do. For your mum to not “like” you as a person, I feel is awful :( My mum is my world and I couldnt bare to imagine what you’re going through! I feel for you, I really do! ♥

I’m really sorry about the things that are going on a home! *hugs* I usually feel the same about having people ignore what I write and I tend not to go into detail when I’m blogging about a problem of mine, I do find it quite offensive when I write a blog about my feelings and people ignore the main part of it!

Christmas is different for everyone, for some people it is the most wonderful time of the year but for others it might just be a day. I hope that you can spend some more time with your friends, not just over the holiday but in general.

Everyone can be stubborn at times, and all those other things too. The Dr Seuss quote “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter” comes in helpful at this time!

I hope you have a lovely time at your picnic with your friends! I’m sure you’ll have a great day seeing your friends that you haven’t seen in a while, and your dress sounds so cute. :3

Thank you about my layout. :)

Yeah, I always see those bags on American TV shows and wonder how they actually manage to carry all their groceries in such small bags without handles! Some apparently degrade in water, which obviously isn’t good for when it rains!

Thanks, I’m beginning to feel a lot better now, but with the bad weather it makes it hard for me to leave the house since I don’t want to be ill again. X_x

I have about the same relationship with my mother, so I can
relate. The constant feeling that you’re never good enough, and
that you can never please her…? That kind of thing? Yeah, exactly
what I’m going through. I hope you get to spend sometime with your
friends; it’s one of my pet peeves when I’ve got plans with my
friends, who never make me feel distant, and my family messes it
all up. Again, I can relate. Hope things get better for you

I have issues with my mom too, but after moving out of the house, I’ve come to realize that my mom will bitch and scold and disapprove of me and my actions, but she’s doing it out of love. It’s just that parents like to control their children because they believe that their guidance will steer us in a better direction. No matter how old we are, 16 or 46, your parents will always want to control you. My grandma used to call my uncle and asked him when he’ll be home. He was 40 something at that time.

I hope you resolve your family problems. Usually all it takes is a serious talk to them.

Ah no Johnny loves nature, he just likes to joke about killing me in the woods. /pow But anyway, onto your blog.

I feel like most people who read a blog that describes problems going on home mostly talk about themselves instead of the person to be able to relate. But for me, I find it awkward for me to read about such a personal story because it’s blasted on the internet & anyone with internet access can read it. So like you, I keep negative things offline in secrecy because I don’t want to seem like I want pity from people.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having problems at home, girly. I know your relationship with your mom is tough, but sometimes if it’s been like this for this long & now that you’re 19 .. it’s just not meant to be a tight knit relationship. It’s not easy to get along with everyone swimmingly, even if it is your own daughter/mother. I suppose you could try to sit her down & talk it out. I think that’s absolutely necessary in your case. I hate hearing about your problems because it does affect me when you’re so down. :/

Christmas is definitely different for everyone around the world & Johnny’s parents have never given him anything phenomenal either so it’s not like you’re the only one. But gifts are just the commercialization of Christmas. Christmas is about love, warmth, & being surrounded by loved ones. I know that you’re experiencing problems at home so it’s a bit difficult to actually enjoy the holiday season. /snort

But anyway, I actually agree with the guy, I’m not going to lie. I mean I wouldn’t have said anything, but it is more “politically correct” to say “happy holidays” because not everyone is a Christian & the world shouldn’t assume so. Even more so, it should be a holiday sale not so much a “Christmas” sale..even then it shouldn’t be discriminated to only Christians that observe the holiday or those that do. If it’s a sale & it’s open to the public who happen to be a mix bag of all sorts of religions or not, why shouldn’t they be politically correct? I mean yeah it’s NOT THAT big of a deal & people make it so, but it’s really shouldn’t just say merry christmas to someone who might be Jewish. Like the Jews care about Christ’s birthday, you know? Besides, his real birthday isn’t even in December.

There are more Muslims than Catholics in the world & I’m sure if you’re not observing Christmas & a bunch of people say merry christmas to you over & over again, you get really tired of it. I’m an Atheist & I observe Christmas! Hell, I love Christmas, dgaf about what it’s original celebration was for obviously, but my family celebrates it & most of them are Buddhist. I don’t care if people say Merry Christmas to me, but if I were Muslim or Jewish & I don’t celebrate it, it would annoy me. ‘Course, it’s not like your mom was trying to shove Christianity down that guy’s throat, however, some people do take it to the next level. That guy might’ve been having a bad day or is very bitter towards people who aren’t “politically correct”. Just sayin’. I get really annoyed when people say “god bless you” or when they say they’ll pray for me. KK sure thang.

But ANYWAY I really do hope that you have a good Christmas & that your mom lets up on causing you so much pain. It is the holiday season & it’s time to be FUN & CARING!!

Whatever is going on at home, I hope for the best! :)

I sometimes feel like I have an incomplete life. When people ask me, “How’s it going?” I actually think. How IS it going? I just respond “Fine”. Because it is. It almost always is. It’s almost uncanny, how nothing very terrible has happened to really bring me down in a long time.

I know that when I say this you might say, well that’s lucky. Who wants to live in depression? I don’t. I just want to actually have more emotion in my life. To help me grow as a person.

I hate those people who say things like that. I know a heck of a lot of Jewish people who still say “Merry Christmas!” and are fine with it.

Georgie. no matter how tough things get, Christmas is a time of happiness, so try to have a merry one. We’re all here for you! ♥

Also, I do care about what you write. Especially if it’s deep from the heart. :)

Aw don’t worry about commenting, I’m just glad you’re feeling better. I’m a big believer in hope, been so ever since I got hit by a car. Even if many people who should fall off the earth have told me that’s crap, I don’t give a damn. I think hope is probably the #1 thing on my wishlist. Without it I wouldn’t be able to get the others … non-materialistic ones. Material things don’t matter much at times like these … more like they’re just, I don’t know, nice?

I’m sorry you can’t see your friends. Your best friends live so far away then? That’s too bad. =( My other best friend goes to school all the way in California, I haven’t seen him since he left in the summer. I’d be so upset if I were you too. I just hope you can have another chance to see him soon. It’s so horrible to not see someone important for so long. In my case it’s my brother of course.

As you know by now my mom doesn’t like the type of person I am either. And it does hurt sometime when we realize we do care. I feel kind of terrible I don’t know the right thing to say to help, since I don’t even know how to deal with my own situation. =(

Aw, I love it when people use the word lovely to describe pets. It’s so, I don’t know, lovely? I’ve never used it to describe Kimmy though. I guess after all cats aren’t as social and outgoing as dogs. But Kimmy is smart! Really smart. <3

Hahaha at least you have James to cook! :P I don't like the stereotype that all wives have to cook. One of my Chinese friends' dad cooks, and a lot of people just didn't understand. I mean, what's wrong with it? Sometimes the woman is the head of the house! Yeah that's my plan for the future, aha.

I think I should sit down and post a real Christmas wishlist, with details. Maybe I'll do that for my New Year's resolution. Top of the list, better relationship with my mom of course. And I don't know if it's selfish to wish to see Arron more. =(

The only time I know underwear is expensive is in Victoria's Secret … but that's horrible. I'm assuming you meant the fight that you mentioned in your blog post above. I can only hope everything's okay for you now. *HUGS*

There's seriously something wrong with the weather! I haven't seen you write about the boiling heat yet! I hate strong winds though, but it's winter here and that would only make everything worse. So damn cold so damn early in the season.

Lol I do tend to judge people's emotions online … haha. And I tend to put in my own emotions when I'm typing something. I use too many emoticon symbols etc. My brother did seem fairly happy today. ^^ He didn't even complain that the plane was delayed over 3 hours … I think I would've killed someone, haha. Then again I'm the one with temper issues.

Were you planning on sneaking out to buy presents? Lol. Though you guys aren't big on presents. That's really sweet. You're right, it's her loss. I wish you could see her surprise though. You still have a few days until Christmas though.

LOL but a song is only about 3-5 minutes, can you take a shower that short? Haha.

Actually I took the SAT twice … we can take it as many times as we want. So yeah twice I had the stress of writing an essay in 25 minutes. Oh yeah, planning is included in that time.

I’m sorry about the situation at home. For what it’s worth and if it helps at all, don’t be surprised how many families have underlying problems but we all work through it. My family’s one and I never blogged about it, never tweeted (twitted?) about it, never told anyone online or offline about it because it was so close to my heart. I express my feelings better inside myself. I work things out better myself when people give me time and space. I hope your relationship with your mother improves. It’s probably been said a million times, but perhaps you should talk it out with your mom, honestly. Maybe even let someone close to you both (your brother, father?) show her this blog without you in the room first. My family’s problems are very deep-seated and truth is, they’ll never fully untangle but you can manage them with good communication. It’s been three years now, I think and aside from the occasional, casual jab, it’s fine.

If you ever met my dad, you’d think he was the least festive person on the planet. Truth is, he’s too busy to care. My sister and I learned this year that excitement and enthusiasm really is infectious. This year will be our best Christmas ever (and the first since moving away from the US) because my sister and I decided we’d plan it and organize it and make up our own lousy Christmas carols for it. I bought my mother a Thomas Sabo bracelet, it’s a material good yes, and I’m not hoping for any designer jewelery myself because I’d much rather see her face when she receives it. She owns nothing designer, she’s far too down-to-earth but even the most humble of people appreciate a good taste in bling. :P

I’m sorry that such horrible things are going on at your house- especially since Christmas is near.

Your mom sounds like a horrible person! She doesn’t realize that you are doing so much already. I hope she realizes what you really are. ♥

I hope things will get better at your house and you’ll feel the Christmas spirit. :)

*hugs* Thanks Yvonne. :) I’m just hoping that Christmas and new year brings some good vibes into the family. Things are getting a bit better already.

Awwww. *Hug* Sorry about your problems at home. Not every family is perfect. Everyone has at least one relative that shakes things in the wrong way. I’m like that with my mom too. We have a half and half relationship.

That’s sweet of your friends to sneak in a picnic for you too!! I LOVE THAT!!! Have a great time on the picnic!!!

I’m sorry that things haven’t been going too well. My mom and I get along ok, but it’s mainly because I’ve learned what troubles to take to my dad. Our relationship used to be terrible and has gotten better, but she’s getting a lot weirder.
My school often has debates about whether or not we should be able to say “Merry Christmas.” A lot of people say that “Happy Holidays” is more correct, and I agree, but “Merry Christmas” just comes to the tongue naturally. I don’t even celebrate Christmas and I say it :P
“I really wish the world would spin in the other direction so that all the stupid people would fall off. ” – True statement!

I always have dreams that I get up from bed and get dressed for school and everything. Then my mom wakes me up and tells me to get ready for school O_O oyy.


*HUGS*. I hope you’re feeling better now :). We totally brought the picnic to you. Even if it wasn’t as long as we originally planned. We still had fun ♥. It was AWESOME to see you again :). MUST MEET UP PROPERLY!.

Sorry things aren’t too good at home :(. Wish you could come live with me for a while /wah. But I hope things get better. Especially since it’s almost Christmas/ the New Year.

I GOT YOU A CHRISTMAS PRESENT :D ♥. Hehehe. I bought it yesterday. Just in time!

I wish your mother treated you better. It’s seriously almost CRUEL, the way she treats you :(. *HUGS*. I ♥ you! :)

That customer was awfully rude. Just because you’re not a fan of Christmas doesn’t mean you’re allowed to disrespect what others want to celebrate. HMPH! /angry. That guy was an ASS.

More *HUGS*!

I am feeling better! Thank you so much for today, I’ll have to blog about it later. ♥ It still went well, yay!

I’m just hoping the new year brings something lovely. Thank you so much for the book too, I can read it from an actual book without having to open my e-book version. :D

*superhugs*! I guess the woman was having a shitty day… yeah, it was a woman! She could just have said “merry Christmas” too. It wouldn’t have hurt to say it, people cannot assume that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Oh well.

Thanks for that <3
Yeah, I hate him for it :/

I'd like to set up my own charity one day.. Helping Africa, I really want to just improve it, so badly!

Thanks for all the compliments, I dont really know how to reply properly, cos your too nice! haha

I'm sorry about your mum, but as long as you still hope you can get better, it will!

I like being pale sometimes, I just wished I tanned MORE.. when I go away I dont tan at all, and I wish I did :( Damn!

I think its nice that you were able to admit that god wasn't for you, even when you were raised that way. It shows how strong and independent you are, and I really respect that! :D

She’s your mom, maybe try confronting her about this? I don’t really have good advices on your case as my mom and I are best friends every since.

Lol @ the customer. Sadly, there are many idiots in this world.

Anyway, happy holidays!

It was 6 years ago when I had my last operation so you would have thought everything was normal. It just sucks.

I don’t think the UK knows how to cope with the snow and it comes every year. Everyone seems to panic!

I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems at home, particularly problems that are affecting your free time and social life. When you are feeling down, all you need is your friends, and when you can’t be with them it makes life more difficult.

I don’t feel in the Christmas mood yet, and I’m not sure when I will be. I’m working Christmas Eve, 12 until 5 which means it’s a mad rush from finishing work to get to the Church for the Christingle service.

I’m vary cautious about which of my website visitors I wish a Merry Christmas to. Sometimes I forget that not everyone celebrates Christmas. I don’t want to offend anyone.

I can understand why you get a bit offended. I always find it hard to comment on blogs about personal issues. I guess sometimes it’s easier to ignore the topic in a comment. I actually always end up talking about myself too much rather than responding to the topic. I always try to respond properly to blog posts though – I get so sick of one line comments like “hi how are you?” People who leave a comment on an entry they haven’t read is just rude to me. Anyway…

I’m sorry life at home isn’t going so well, especially at Christmas. It’s nice to hold onto the idea that everything will magically resolve at this time of year. I think you’re being hard on yourself, like you’re looking for the faults your mother might see rather than focusing on what’s good, which means a whole lot more. The whole “I don’t give a fuck” attitude is good for people but I reckon everyone cares. It’s impossible not to care when somebody has a problem with your personality, it’s you, you can’t change it.

I don’t think you should give up on trying to improve your relationship with your mother. But, well it takes two to work on any relationship.

I don’t understand why people get offended by Christmas. Sure, it is a Christian festival but it’s more of a corporate holiday now. How many people who celebrate Christmas are actually true Christians? It can barely be called religious at all now.

I hope you see James, Lillian and Dylan and have a good time. I hope you have a really good Christmas too.

Thanks for the entry. I tried to email you back but I think my email is having some problems. I’ve only got three so far so I’m not sure how long I’ll have to keep it open for. :/

I’d hate being behind in school. Thankfully I tend to be in the top classes which means we get the course finished earlier. Then I can focus on studying.

I’ve never been teased before about being tall but when I first started going out with my ex, who was really tall, the first thing a lot of people said to me was “at least he’s tall enough for you.” I wasn’t quite sure whether to say thanks of be offended. :P

I’ve only ever been skiing on a dry ski slope. It doesn’t really appeal to me. We have skiing in the highlands but it’s so easy to get stuck on the roads when there’s been a lot of snow. :/ It would just get me in a bad mood. :L

Merry Christmas. x

*hugs* Feel better, Georgina! We won’t let you stay down forever! *more hugs*

I can empathize with you because I also have/had similar issues. But let’s leave those words unspoken. We already know what they mean to us.

*even more hugs*

I’m sorry things are hard at home. /faw My mom and I have never been the way we are now. I moved out because of crap my stepfather was doing, and she used to be just like him. Now I’m back, and things are different. She is herself. Maybe you just need a break from her, or something. I don’t know. D: Hang in there. (Y)

I would like more time, too. I would also like to be respected with what decisions I make in my life. I don’t want/shouldn’t have to have to keep explaining myself. So what if I don’t answer the phone? I was busy. That doesn’t mean call me from a private number. :( I don’t know. The more independent I get, the more people I am upsetting because I am doing my own thing rather than depending on them all of the time. >.<

I like Mondays because I feel refreshed, It's a lovely feeling.

If Pluto was once known as a planet, I think it should stay a planet.

I've been bored and without inspiration for posts lately, so I have been published memes. They're saved in my Drafts. /faw I have found that it is easier to gather some entries in my drafts for the future. Sometimes I want to update, but I don't know what to post. So… wah lah! I feel like I tend to bore people with my pictures. I don't know. 😳

Aww honey =[. I wish I could tell you everything will be
ok, but I can’t be sure about that. Just take one day at a

I’m not good with commenting personal blogs, because I don’t really want to tell other people what to think and do. I can however say that I have the same relationship with my step-dad as you have with your mom. We’re not really close and he does not like my personality. I wished for a cellphone to Christmas when I was 12 and he got really mad, calling me materialistic, selfish, cold, greedy etcetc. I can’t judge you or your mother or your relationship, but I know you need to just let out some steam.

I hope you’re feeling better. Reading Lillian’s comment suggests so. ^^

I’ve never met a Buddhist who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. I’m used to most Thais celebrating it (American imperialism, it just doesn’t make it religious anymore, lol). My mom is a mixed Buddhist/Catholic and she loves Christmas.

I’m so sorry to hear that your home/family life isn’t going too great at the moment and I hope at some point that you have a better relationship with your mother.

My family has always been big on presents at Christmas but to be honest, that’s not really what Christmas is all about. For me it’s family and friends coming together to celebrate. I’m not religious or anything…

If I could I would try to give you an awesome Christmas. :) Maybe some time after Christmas (when I have money again) I will send you a little gift or something (if you’re ok with giving your address out).

If you ever really want to talk feel free to e-mail me any time, I don’t mind listening to you as long as you get it out. It does make you feel better and because I don’t know you in person there is nothing you need to worry about. :)

*hugs* Sometimes the best thing you can do is write about what’s going on, even if no one pays attention. Getting everything out of your system is a great thing to do. The fact that you value the small things – that does make you a special person because not many people do that anymore. It’s always the bigger the better and I know sometimes I’m like that. I try not to be though, I honestly do. I hope you enjoy the time with your friends since they were great enough to bring the picnic to you! :)

Hey Georgina!

I know how you feel, my parents were extremely hard on me (being the oldest in the family and they were very traditional Asian values). We didn’t celebrate christmas at all, I’ve never recieved a christmas present from them. During christmas everyone would be so joyous about their family dinners etc and I would be extremely upset that I didn’t have any of that. Lucky you have great friends and a amazing boyfriend though :)

I moved out as soon as I could to get away from all the family dramas. I hope it’s nothing too serious and that you’ll get through it!

I’m hindu, so I don’t really celebrate
christmas. But since we like having parties, we do use that as an
excuse XD . I don’t have anything against people saying “merry
christmas” , though :D .

Whether or not it’s part of their religion, they don’t have to be like that.. what the hell..

Anyway, in terms of a relationship with your mother. Glad you’re really sincere on your part trying to ameliorate it but for me, I give up. I can’t get along with that woman. There are just things they don’t understand, they have these sort of expectations or whatever,

Also that’s nice of your friends to sneak the picnic to you :)

If you need to talk, I’m here to listen!!

Sorry about the problems that happened at home. I can’t get along well with my mother too. Sigh. Do all daughters have such a problem too? :(