The iPad and the other iPad

This will be a quick post before I shower and doze. I washed my hair at midnight and didn’t want to go to sleep with completely wet hair. I couldn’t locate our new hairdryer so I used a hair curler to at least make my hair partially dry. I really like the way my hair smells after I wash it. It ends up being so soft. Luckily, I don’t get very oily or dirty hair, so I don’t need to wash my hair that often. When it was down to my knees, I was fine washing it once a week. I always kept it away from my face and braided nicely. Now I wash my hair up to twice a week.

I went to bed at 1:30am. Very horrid. I just didn’t want my hair to be wet… I’ve slept with damp hair before, and it doesn’t give me headaches at all. I know it’s still not good for the hair, at least not when you do it often, but hmm, Georgie’s been bad. I’m allowed to be bad as much as I like. ;)

Speaking of bad, I’ve noticed that since I started this job back in October-November (which I love – and I’m not going to stop saying that :P), my diet on weekends has been really off and really bad. I eat healthily during the week, but on the weekends I eat horribly. I seem to have lost my appetite again, too. Or in the very least, it’s reduced. I realise that I eat healthily during the week because I work every weekday and it is convenient to bring my own lunch and leave fruit in the fridge at work. I just don’t even think of bringing instant noodles or candy.

Though, I was bad today and bought a bag of candy. The little devil floating around the back of my head tells me that it hopes my boss ate the leftovers this afternoon. I did buy a bag of lightly flavoured mints, though. I am getting a little bored of gum, and I dislike plain mints with a passion, especially the dry, powdery pressed ones that really just make you cough. I’m a fan of hard boiled kind of candy that is glossy and clear. I think I used the wrong term there, but forgive me; I’m tired.

On the weekends I can’t be bothered making a proper lunch so I just make instant noodles. Sometimes I am too busy doing homework or other things and I just look for a quick fix and make something quickly or snack on something. I need to stop. @_@ Same goes for eating out at restaurants every week! It is really the norm for anyone working in the city area but I don’t feel like spending money on buying lunch and walking to restaurants and being spoiled for choice. Oh yes, there are restaurants everywhere. My boss mentioned something about wanting to try them all. :)

I got impatient waiting for that iPad I bought from eBay. It’s been five weeks now. On the weekend I spotted an Australian listing on eBay for an iPad 2. After much thought I just went for it and bought it. It comes with a case and charger and already has screen protection. I’ve already given up on the other iPad, thinking it’s probably been stolen or lost in transit or fell into the Pacific Ocean or something. Either way, I will receive a refund if it never arrives. If it does, I have decided that I will sell it along with my spare charger and cable as well as the iPad case I bought a month ago.

I don’t think I’ll sell internationally because of how expensive it is. I sent Rachel a shoulder bag and a shirt and it cost over $40 to ship. I keep forgetting that the United States has some ridiculous surcharge every time I want to send something there. I know I’m not that picky with money, but I still am trying to save. /um

That said, I’ll probably sell across Australia and I’m pretty sure that someone will be interested in it. I’ll probably let people bid on it as well; items tend to sell pretty high in auctions because people go nuts. Like me trolling people. /hehe

I’m tired. Over and out.

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Woot! First comment?! But anyways, I absolutely hate going to bed with wet hair. :P I definitely need to get a blow-dryer, and I’ll definitely have to try the curling iron thing. As for the diet, I wouldn’t be too perturbed by it since you eat pretty healthy during the week…unlike me, who’s eating doughnuts with cinnamon icing and drinking chocolate milk as I type this. :D As for the iPad, I definitely don’t get the whole shipping to the US thing and I live here. :P

I wish I could wash my hair less often, but I since I exercise every day, that would get disgusting really fast. I feel like I’m going bald. My hair is definitely thinning and it’s driving me crazy ’cause it used to be so pretty :(
hope the other ipad comes soon!

My hair is so thick that I have to wash it a lot, because it gets tangled and frizzy and what not. It can be quite a pain at times. It’s also really long, it’s about down to my waist. But I don’t want to cut it, honestly.

I have that awful habit of eating except I skip meals a lot. I never eat breakfast. I just never have the time, and I really hate myself for it sometimes. I really well on weekends though, I guess because I’m at home and I can cook and I feel not in a rush. :P

I just got my iPad 2, but I use it mainly for digital drawing and schoolwork. I recommend getting a stylus if you take notes with it, or just having one can be really handy sometimes. (:

My hair used to be sooooo thin when it was long. I used some good products that helped it grow thicker. :D I would like my hair to reach down to my waist. Once I had hair that long but I had it layered at that point, so it wasn’t much of a pain to deal with.

D: I have got to have breakfast – even just a bowl of cereal or something. Otherwise, I won’t be able to eat very well the rest of the day. Admittedly it’s my dinnertimes that have been awful. Last night I ate dinner at 10pm. I know that’s normal for some, but definitely not for me. On the weekend I’m lazy and unprepared so that leads me to the instant noodles!

I have a stylus that I got with the case I bought, haha. XD

Hey Georgie, I just love your blogs!
Just thought I’d let you know that you taught me how to use Fanupdate. ahha ♥

Anyway, it’s good to only wash your hair 2 a week. I wash it about 4-5 times a week because it does get a little oily. D: Darn!

OOO restaruants CAN and are expensive in my opinion! I hope you can save some money.

I sell things on eBay too but I do “buy now” instead of an auction. Auctions can be better because you can get more money out of it and ebay wont take part of the proft.. which is NOT cool. /pow

I have a question btw. I was looking through your tutorials and I saw one for Enthusiast. Does that work as like a mailing list/subscription thing? Sorry if I’m sounding like a noob but I’m looking fora mailing list script that doesnt require wordpress. 👏

i absolutely love coming on your site to read your posts what can i say im nonsey haha <3 we should be blogging buddy's

i must admit ipads are amazing but the prices are horrendous i have the iPhone 4s and i don't see the point in an iPad i think it does just the same tbh

i just hope they actually do refund you i had the same kind of problem as you <3

I am like you too…I don’t like going to sleep with completely wet hair either >_> oh I haven’t really used a curler to dry my hair ever xD. I hope you didn’t do any kind of heat damage! You are lucky! I get oily hair so I have to keep washing it regularly…pretty much every alternate day. My hair is getting closer to my waist and hopefully I can keep it long for a while :D.

LOL Georgie…I am worse than you…I will sometimes go to bed with damp hair because I am too tired and lazy to dry it off >_<

OMG I have a similar problem…I eat healthily during weekdays because I spend most of my time at work so I can't really be snacking all the time or I don't think of eating. I don't exactly ruin it on weekends…just anytime that I am home xD. I love both instant noodles and chocolates @_@

I do the same thing on weekends…I feel pretty lazy to cook or eat on time T_T. I would love to eat out and try out different restaurants but we don't have a lot of them around my work…I have pretty much tried them all now :O.

O_O five weeks really? It shouldn't take that long…where was the seller from? I hope you enjoy the iPad2 then! Hope you can either get a refund or easily sell the first one if you ever receive it!

That's quite a bit just for shipping but I have experienced my fair share of expensive shipping overseas ;_; I don't blame you for trying to save!

oh what is this about you trolling? I would like to hear about this XD.

Just found the trolling blog…going to enjoy reading that XD.

i agree~ i dont like to go to bed without drying my hair. i tend to get weird dreams or headaches when i wake up if i don’t .. lol

heeyy eating healthy on the weekdays and then treating yourself on the weekends is fine (as long as it’s in moderation). i’m sure you know your body the best – so treating it well and feeding it properly is the way to go ^_^ a little candy isn’t so bad girll.


I find that if I sleep with my hair wet I get allergies, so I try not to sleep with wet hair.

My hair is so dry so I condition it a lot, as I can’t afford treatments at the moment. Thanks to bleaching, & I can never find home-made treatments recipe to try.

I’m so jealous that you’re getting a iPad, I would only dream of being able to afford one of them.

For the record, I’m planning to send you like fifty bucks through PayPal within the next probably six weeks or so.

Don’t you dare, or I’m buying for you and you HAVE TO USE IT XD

Probably shouldn’t have said that without thinking. I hope no one sees it and snags it. 😰

Or I can renew your domains for you. HAHEEE. Since your domain is in my account. :P

I’ll be so pissed at whoever’s dick enough to steal that.

I don’t like sleeping with wet hair either. I’ve always been told it’s bad to do it, though I don’t remember why. Even so, I don’t like the feeling of wet hair against my pillow!

I think I eat healthier during the weekday, too, because I bring my lunch to work now. It used to be opposite. My co-workers and I used to eat out a lot during our lunch break XD;; It definitely started getting expensive though.

That sucks about your first iPad order. I hope you have better luck with your 2nd one!

Oh so that’s what you’ll do with that other ipad..btw why did you buy a cover and all before that ipad had arrived? well I doubt it will arrive now…but if it does…do tell me ;) ;)
How are you Georgie?

Going to bed with wet hair is very uncomfortable, at least that’s what I think. It becomes all damp and stuff… eugh. so yeah, I’m kinda addicted to hair dryer /ehh it’s annoying to wait for the hair to dry itself.. O_O
Also, I know how this sounds insane and stuff but.. I wish my appetite is reduced too… not that I eat like a dinosaur or anything but I just want to have my appetite reduced temporarily.. /desperate/
Instant noodles! dangerous food that is, haha.

Hey hun im so sorry ive been so quiet. read my new blog youll understand my pain lol.
when my hair use to be down to my butt i use to sleep with wet hair everytime i washed my hair but now i have short hair and a hairdryer it takes 10 – 15 minutes to dry. i also just wash my hair twice a week i dont understand people who wash their hair everyday lol.
i also eat healthier during the week days, i mainly take fruit as well its the easiest or a sandwhich. during the weekend i sometimes go out with friends or sometimes i just forget to eat lunch or something.
you must see how much it is from the uk to south africa, its insane thats y i only do it for veryyyyyy important stuff.
hopefully you get your ipad 2 and you can auction off your other one if it lands on your doorstep.

I’m the opposite. I cook proper food during the weekends but rarely during the rest of the week when I work. I just have more time to cook during the weekends plus it’s more fun because then I can cook together with my boyfriend.

You actually had hair down to your knees? Wow, that’s amazingly long! I think my hair is long but its nothing compared to that!

I could never fall asleep with my hair wet. It’s so thick that my pillow would be soaked completely in just a few minutes. It’s just as bad as having wet socks, in my opinion!

From a young age, I’ve always been told that sleeping with wet hair was not good, but I never knew why /huh

Like you, I don’t wash my hair everyday either. I don’t want to strip my hair of too much moisture. It takes awhile for my hair too get oily and I’ve never put it to the test. The longest I’ve gone without washing my hair was 3 days, and it kept pretty well. Sometimes, in lieu of washing, I use a spray shampoo. It smells really good and keeps my hair soft as well :D

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a giveaway on my blog, but I’m very concerned about shipping internationally. I don’t want to limit it to just the U.S. since I’ve noticed that my readership is mostly outside of the country and I don’t want to do a disservice to them.

I applaud you on being able to eat healthy when you’re at work. It was the opposite for me. I never had time to make my own lunch so I always bought those premade meals that just need some microwaving and – ta da! – I’m set for lunch.