In case you were wondering, nooooo, that is not what I named my iPad. I was considering Paddington, and it fit, but I am just not sure. Most people know that I like to name my belongings but I’ve yet to choose something that fits.

This isn’t the original iPad that I purchased a month ago. This is the one I ordered on the weekend. It’s an iPad 2. With the release of the new iPad, demand for the older models has decreased. I seriously don’t think every user wants to have a high resolution on such a physically small device. I’m sure most people on the new iPad would zoom in to a comfortable range. Who cares how huge the resolution of something is. If it’s not physically big, it doesn’t do much good. The iPad isn’t very large, but it has the same resolution as my monitor, which is physically about four times as large.

Everyone knows the joke with Steve Jobs holding up four iPhones stuck together in a two-by-two formation as the iPad, right? Well, it’s made its way pretty far. I know it was just seen as a pointless device, but I think that when it was first released, tablets weren’t all the rage and e-readers seemed sufficient enough to read on. I have to admit that the iPad, though not really a necessity for me, has been rather helpful so far. I finished reading half a book today on the train instead of just staring into space. I have wanted to read the e-books sitting in my computer for quite some time and I’m glad I got to do that on my morning commute. Of course, playing games is terrific, but I’ve owned the iPad for two days and I’ve only played it at home.

The first app I got was Instagram. Oh, how I missed it. Ever since I lost my iPhone last year I’ve been trying to nick my brother’s phone to upload there. Now I no longer have to since I have a camera on my iPad and I can upload and share my photos. Since I got addicted to Jewels Maze on my phone (Android), I got Bejeweled on my iPad. I found a lot of other similar apps but so far Bejeweled is the best. Some of the others had horrid colouring or really janky animations. Some of the animations were over the top. The idea for Bejeweled has been around for a hundred years, but it was popularised by PopCap Games. I remember playing it on my old computer when I was a lot younger.

I might get people recommending apps to me again. That’s totally fine, but I don’t like games like The Sims, Farmville… I can’t name any from the top of my head, but if it begins with “build and take care of…” then no, it’s not for me. I don’t like games where you create and build something and take care of it and have to monitor it. I find those games boring and tedious. James doesn’t like those games either. He says that if he wanted to do something he’d go and do it instead of playing a game involving it.

“I wouldn’t play an archery game.”

I agreed that I wouldn’t really play a ballet game, or a piano or guitar game.

“It mocks people… your efforts in honing a real skill you possess.”

I suddenly remembered how much I hate Guitar Hero. I never mentioned it because I know someone’s going to shoot my rear end – but here: if you’re going to, I don’t care. The reason I hate Guitar Hero is because it is completely unrealistic. There is absolutely no way in hell that playing Guitar Hero is like playing a real guitar. You’re pressing buttons. You’re pulling a small crap bar down every time. I don’t care that the new guitar model has a button for every fret and is closer to a real guitar. It just bloody isn’t. How the hell are you going to learn how to do slides and bends on something that just bears buttons?

I once heard someone say they were going to practice learning chords on a Guitar Hero guitar before they had a chance to learn guitar. I’m sorry, but that’s sad. If you want to play guitar, go and buy one. A typical classical guitar would be a hundred dollars. It might be a cheap brand and not last long but at least you’re getting a feel of the strings and the way you strum. Not with a fucking lever or whatever you want to call that stupid thing that you press down. Frigging wow. I don’t care if they make new models and shit, not happening.

One might argue that someone who really knows how to shoot a gun would be offended by shooting games with gun props. Like the ones in the arcade, I suppose. That is a valid point, for something as simple as using a gun in a game. I don’t know how to shoot one, and maybe shooting a toy gun is not actually how you shoot a real one. I don’t see people practicing how to shoot using a toy gun, though.

I could go on to argue that I hate DDR because it’s not dancing and you’re just stepping really fast and improving your arm and leg coordination, but I’ll stop. I kinda just hate Guitar Hero. And I know it’s just a game. But when you get people bragging about it or thinking it’s cool to walk around with the guitar controller (I’ve seen people do it. Seriously.)… just no.

Anyway before I log out, I just wanted to share a new forum that Erin initiated. It’s called StarsFalling MB. Since Tiffany and I owned SkeletonsMB.net and sadly decided to let it go after a couple of years… hopefully StarsFalling will come up with a lot of the members we had. I really liked the community we had on Skeletons but Tiffany and I really got far too busy to maintain the forum. There were active members but a lot of the staff were not active, and I guess we weren’t dedicated enough to it. We have our priorities though… school and work, as always.

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