In case you were wondering, nooooo, that is not what I named my iPad. I was considering Paddington, and it fit, but I am just not sure. Most people know that I like to name my belongings but I’ve yet to choose something that fits.

This isn’t the original iPad that I purchased a month ago. This is the one I ordered on the weekend. It’s an iPad 2. With the release of the new iPad, demand for the older models has decreased. I seriously don’t think every user wants to have a high resolution on such a physically small device. I’m sure most people on the new iPad would zoom in to a comfortable range. Who cares how huge the resolution of something is. If it’s not physically big, it doesn’t do much good. The iPad isn’t very large, but it has the same resolution as my monitor, which is physically about four times as large.

Everyone knows the joke with Steve Jobs holding up four iPhones stuck together in a two-by-two formation as the iPad, right? Well, it’s made its way pretty far. I know it was just seen as a pointless device, but I think that when it was first released, tablets weren’t all the rage and e-readers seemed sufficient enough to read on. I have to admit that the iPad, though not really a necessity for me, has been rather helpful so far. I finished reading half a book today on the train instead of just staring into space. I have wanted to read the e-books sitting in my computer for quite some time and I’m glad I got to do that on my morning commute. Of course, playing games is terrific, but I’ve owned the iPad for two days and I’ve only played it at home.

The first app I got was Instagram. Oh, how I missed it. Ever since I lost my iPhone last year I’ve been trying to nick my brother’s phone to upload there. Now I no longer have to since I have a camera on my iPad and I can upload and share my photos. Since I got addicted to Jewels Maze on my phone (Android), I got Bejeweled on my iPad. I found a lot of other similar apps but so far Bejeweled is the best. Some of the others had horrid colouring or really janky animations. Some of the animations were over the top. The idea for Bejeweled has been around for a hundred years, but it was popularised by PopCap Games. I remember playing it on my old computer when I was a lot younger.

I might get people recommending apps to me again. That’s totally fine, but I don’t like games like The Sims, Farmville… I can’t name any from the top of my head, but if it begins with “build and take care of…” then no, it’s not for me. I don’t like games where you create and build something and take care of it and have to monitor it. I find those games boring and tedious. James doesn’t like those games either. He says that if he wanted to do something he’d go and do it instead of playing a game involving it.

“I wouldn’t play an archery game.”

I agreed that I wouldn’t really play a ballet game, or a piano or guitar game.

“It mocks people… your efforts in honing a real skill you possess.”

I suddenly remembered how much I hate Guitar Hero. I never mentioned it because I know someone’s going to shoot my rear end – but here: if you’re going to, I don’t care. The reason I hate Guitar Hero is because it is completely unrealistic. There is absolutely no way in hell that playing Guitar Hero is like playing a real guitar. You’re pressing buttons. You’re pulling a small crap bar down every time. I don’t care that the new guitar model has a button for every fret and is closer to a real guitar. It just bloody isn’t. How the hell are you going to learn how to do slides and bends on something that just bears buttons?

I once heard someone say they were going to practice learning chords on a Guitar Hero guitar before they had a chance to learn guitar. I’m sorry, but that’s sad. If you want to play guitar, go and buy one. A typical classical guitar would be a hundred dollars. It might be a cheap brand and not last long but at least you’re getting a feel of the strings and the way you strum. Not with a fucking lever or whatever you want to call that stupid thing that you press down. Frigging wow. I don’t care if they make new models and shit, not happening.

One might argue that someone who really knows how to shoot a gun would be offended by shooting games with gun props. Like the ones in the arcade, I suppose. That is a valid point, for something as simple as using a gun in a game. I don’t know how to shoot one, and maybe shooting a toy gun is not actually how you shoot a real one. I don’t see people practicing how to shoot using a toy gun, though.

I could go on to argue that I hate DDR because it’s not dancing and you’re just stepping really fast and improving your arm and leg coordination, but I’ll stop. I kinda just hate Guitar Hero. And I know it’s just a game. But when you get people bragging about it or thinking it’s cool to walk around with the guitar controller (I’ve seen people do it. Seriously.)… just no.

Anyway before I log out, I just wanted to share a new forum that Erin initiated. It’s called StarsFalling MB. Since Tiffany and I owned SkeletonsMB.net and sadly decided to let it go after a couple of years… hopefully StarsFalling will come up with a lot of the members we had. I really liked the community we had on Skeletons but Tiffany and I really got far too busy to maintain the forum. There were active members but a lot of the staff were not active, and I guess we weren’t dedicated enough to it. We have our priorities though… school and work, as always.

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I absolutely love my ipad (and this font/layout btw!)

If you like Harry Potter the Harry Potter Lego game is much fun /eee

Yay iPad! I’m glad that you can make use of travel time now!

If you remember what my Google Plus account looked like when I was using it, you probably noticed that I was on and off addicted to Bejeweled. It is such a brilliantly made game. Actually, since I bought Bejeweled 3 for PC, I’ve played it too much. Whoops! I’ve played other games using the same concept, but none are as well-done as Bejeweled.

Over by my campus, there is a small restaurant called Panda Express that serves extremely Americanized Cantonese food. A guy I know will say “I like Panda, and I like Asian food. Liking the two are completely independent.” So when it comes to Guitar Hero/DDR and playing music/dancing, I like Guitar Hero and I like DDR and I like playing music and actual dancing. Anyone who thinks that playing Guitar Hero will be like playing a guitar is an idiot, and it’s sad that such people exist.

So, you finally got it?! Awesome. I’m thinking about keeping my tablet AND getting an iPad 2 but I’m not 100% sure what I want to do at the moment. What do you think you would do? (I want the ipad for the apps I’m tired of not having apps on my tablet)

YAY! You linked us. ;) Thanks! I hope we get tons of members as well. I cannot wait until we get as big as Pop. I just hope it doesn’t die out like Pop did. It sucks because I just read 2-3 posts for the first time in 2-3 days because no one is posting much on there anymore. :(

My mom is obsessed with Bejeweled. hahaha. They have a facebook game for it and it is one of the most addictive games for her. XD (while I am addicted to TS3 hahahaha)

Really? Only at home? I take my tablet EVERYWHERE with me. (living room, dining room…hahahahaha) I wish I went places to take it with me. I really like it but I kind of want the $60/mo internet but that is expensive but idk, I’m still thinking…

Yeah, it is funny that people thing guitar hero is just like playing an actual guitar. hahaha. I can play guitar hero but I can barely get past the first 3 pages of my guitar book. & I am still on easy on guitar hero so that doesn’t say much. XD

Anyway, thank you for linking me. :) I knew youw ould eventually so I wasn’t worried about when you would link it. ;)

I like the name Paddington, but you,re right, it has to feel right. I don’t think I really need a tablet, thhough. I have my Kindle Keyboard and that’s all I really need. I read while on my breaks at work, waiting for appointments, etc. I play games when I’m at home.

I think if someone is offended that they worked hard to learn to play guitar & think guitar games are a mockery really need to pull that large splintered stick out of their ass.

Oh, and I registered at that forum you linked to. I’m definitely going to check it out. :)

Congrats on your iPad! /faw
Stephanie is right, bejweled is actually quite addicting and a good travel game. I have it on my itouch so that I can play whenever I am on break at work, in a car, ect.
Angry Birds is too addicting, but I liked it for w awhile. I just played it so much that I am tired of it now is all.
I had a teddybear named Paddington when I was little, actually I think it is still in my closet. Whatever you choose had to feel natural and right that is for sure. I name randon inanimate objects frequently so I am right with you there xD

I think the iPad is a nifty device. :) Although, personally, I don’t need one. I basically have every electronic device I’ll ever need for the time being (e-reader, cell phone (junky, but it still works!), mp4 player, laptop…). One of my sisters has an iPad and I gotta say – it’s PERFECT for Draw Something. :P It’s big enough to draw than compared to a measly phone screen or another tablet.

I think I have to agree w/ you somewhat – concerning the bit about games vs the real thing. My nephews has those Guitar Hero & Rock Band games and we just play it/view it as a video game and nothing more. I also happen to have the DDR video game because someone bought me the mat which then caused me to buy the video game. I see it as good, easy exercise. xD You make some valid points and I think it’s ridiculous when people think they can actually learn how to dance/play a guitar/etc. through a video game!

There was a point in time when Bejeweled and Diner Dash were all I would do during downtimes between classes. They’re really efficient time wasters.

I’m glad you’ve gotten your iPad 2 and keeping in touch with the of the first iPad. It’s good that they had insurance cover it so they wouldn’t really incur a big loss from the theft. I hope you get your refund soon.

I’ve been keeping my eye on 7″ tablets at the moment. That’s the perfect size for me in terms of portability and ease of reading. I’m waiting for the quad-core Asus MeMo.

I’ve been a member of some MBs in the past, but have ended up inactive on all of them. Primarily because I had nobody to talk to and therefore got bored. I’m very much a TV person so I was always active in those part of the boards, but it seems like nobody else likes TV enough to talk about shows. Hahaha.



Wow, I’m annoyed… I just wrote a reply to this post and when I hit backspace I must have clicked out of the box, because the browser flipped back to what was open before. Yeesh. Anyway, it was something about how DDR is good for working out and guitar hero/rock band are basically to make you feel like an instantaneous rock star instead of having to work for years practising on a real guitar in order to sound like that (at least, that’s my view on it). LOL @ the “walking around with a guitar controller”. I think I actually snorted reading that.

You should check out “Bejewelled 3”, no idea whether you can play it on an ipad or not though.

I never played GH or DDR, but if someone is acting like they can play an actual quitar after playing that video game, than they are insane! XD I agree, they aren’t the same.

I’ve went ahead and made a temporary site at webs.com until my app goes through at bubble. I forgot how annoying it was not to have headers and footers, lol. Thank goodness I only have a few pages.

I think you should go for the name Paddingtion fir your Ipad. It’s cute and it fits. :D

My dad told me a couple days ago that many people complain about the new iPad. They say its battery drains much faster than iPad 2, it’s much heavier and so on. I wasn’t really interested when the new iPad was launched, which is a surprise because I usually go quite mad when there’s a new Apple product launched. Hopefully they will launch something new, not ridiculous like this.

Haha, Bejeweled. :P My mom used to play that game. I’m not really into those classic games but they’re pretty good games to waste my free time. I love the Sims though, because I can do anything to my Sim. It’s more of a free game, and I like it. /bounce

I’ve only played Guitar Hero once, and that was also in my cousin’s house. I do find the game enjoyable but about that person who wants to practice chords with Guitar Hero, that is very ridiculous. /hmph Maybe he is really into that game that he doesn’t know an actual guitar. /bash

I really love DDR! :D I never see it as a ‘dancing game’, but more of a burning-calories-game. Well, if you’re talking about the Korean stepping game called Pump It Up, people can actually dance on the machine. But it is their choice to either play a very easy song while dancing on the machine or just focus on a very difficult song. /bounce

I’m happy for you Georgie. Now you can read a lot! Which is this book that you half finished?
Well, even I don’t like farmville and Sims and all…It’s fun in the beginning, but then it just becomes boring. I love all sorts of arcade games and till date my favourite has been MCF on Yahoo… it was the best.

And your name for your iPad is sweet…Paddington…

Btw…how are you?

You finally got it?! XD You’re one lucky girl! :P The Ipad is really useful, especially since you use it in so many ways. It’s a good thing your purchased the Ipad. :)

I like the Ipad but I don’t think I’d use it that much xD that why I don’t have one yet:P

I downloaded a few games for ipad, but so far the only one I’ve played is draw something.

I’ve always hated guitar hero as well. I never heard anyone say it’s a good way to learn to play guitar, but it basically took over all of my parties for two years and I resent it for that. Once we moved into a house and people had to travel to the basement to play guitar hero and rockband, no one wanted to play. Turns out they only wanted to play because other people were playing so they couldn’t talk anyway. Stupid game.


I have such mixed opinions on the iPad omg. I used to hear the iPad is best used for watching movies and other than that it’s useless. But if you can read or play games on the train that would sound fun. But nowadays the train makes me motion-sick if I look at anything. I just think that’s cus I don’t sleep enough but still. I didn’t know about the Steve Jobs joke … I don’t know much about apple ever since I lost my iPod touch. Not like I can afford any more Apple devices anyway.

I like the Sims but Farmville is just pointless. Take care of a farm?? Are people too tired of suburban life or something? I also like Guitar Hero because it makes me crazyyy but whoever thinks its playing real guitar, how stupid can they get?? It’s a game it’s not supposed to be realistic just like Wii tennis isn’t. Wii bowling and boxing makes the cut a bit more. I don’t think shooting a fake gun is anything like shooting a real gun, cus you can aim and shoot without worrying about the bullet. It’s completely different! Also I feel same about DDR as guitar hero, it’s just something for laughs. It’s not realistic either and it’s MOST DEFINITELY not dancing. It’s supposed to make you look idiotic in any case.

I haven’t been on SkeletonsMB enough to know that it closed. I’m horrible!!!!

I think people are very confused with the whole resolution thing. I have the iPad 3 and things aren’t super small. In fact it’s the same size as the previous iPads. Everything is exactly the same size (to the eye). I’m not sure about the technical information about the whole resolution thing but they haven’t squeezed the 27″ iMac screen into an iPad. They are totally confusing people because I thought the same as you till I saw it in the store.

You should try the game Diamond Dash, it’s good! It’s more addictive than Bejeweled (I think). That’s the only recommendation I have at the moment as I don’t really play many games on the iPhone/iPad.

I miss the old forum communities. Before the days of Facebook and MySpace, forums were the next big thing. Unfortunately, forums just aren’t as big anymore these days, especially ones for personal bloggers. Hopefully StarsFalling will become active and big as there just many long living ones around, I guess people have many other things to do than spend time on a forum.

Oh I see what you mean now. But I don’t see much of a point when the only noticeable difference is crisper, clearer images. Sure, it’s nice, but in the end it’s just a novelty thing.

Hmm well I will have to give it a go; I spotted Diamond Dash the other day! I’m not really a game-player either but it seems that the iPad is good to have a few games on because of its size and functionality.

I have to agree… I usually have better things to do than spending time on a forum. I interact with people via Twitter and through blogs. I like forums that have a focus – like for fans of a certain band or something like that – but if it’s just a general forum I think it doesn’t make it stick out from the rest and you think it’s “just another forum”.

I’m glad you admit that an iPad isn’t a necessity, but just something useful, something nice to have. It’s so nice and slick! If I had the money I would probably invest in one, but reality is I don’t, haha. I would go with the Kindle Fire next, since it’s less than $200. (On a side note, I ended up getting a plain e-reader, the Kindle Touch, for my birthday last year because I just wanted something purely for reading books on a “paper-like” screen and not an LCD screen)

Apps are truly what make the device amazing, right? :) People shouldn’t knock things until they ask themselves what they want to do with their device, and look for apps that can help them do it!

I’m still sticking to old techies… I don’t know, maybe because it’ll just get your tired at the end of the day. That’s how I felt after sticking my eyes on my dad’s Android after an hour of playing Angry Birds. After that, I decided to continue using my old ol’ cellphone.

And yes, those games are just pointless. Farmville and The Sims. I’ve played Farmville before, and all of the time was about waiting and patience. It’s good people started ditching that silly game today. No one plays it anymore.

I’ll rather stick to real books, not e-books. It’s not that because I dislike (and not hate) new gadgets, it’s that I’m just worrying about my eyes. Especially that the resolution of the iPad’s LCD is very huge enough for my eyes to see kilometers away.

And yeah, I hate Guitar Hero… *sticks out my tongue in disgust* Too corny. You’ll rather have your finger twist on a real guitar than play that corny “guitar” game.

iPad is definitely not a necessity. I always see it as a device that’s… how to say it, good for playing games and do other fun things; go twitter, take pictures, instagram and all those. Ah yes, e-book. It’s probably my first top reason if I were to get an iPad… although the idea of reading soft copies doesn’t fascinate me. /snort I’m such a picky person haha.
Tell me if you find an interesting game on android, m’kay? XD even though I’m not a mobile game person, it’s kind of difficult to find a cool game in android mark– i mean, google play :P so far, I only find temple run interesting and maybe “draw something”.
I find your hatred towards guitar hero… amusing, I guess? It sure gets boring though… rhythm games are well, starting to grow boring on me even though it reminds me how tap tap was sooo popular back in my high school.
Guitar Hero can be fun but when people think they’re cool just because they have the guitar controller? ….Ugh, no thanks.
Playing DDR, for me, is like exercising haha definitely not “dancing” though.. /snort

Hey! I was able to read some of your tweets regarding this iPad thingy on twitter. I’ve been wanting an iPad. In fact, my best friend and I are planning to have a swap, her iPad and my iPhone.

At first I totally prefer iPhone over iPad mainly because they offer almost the same feature (except for being a phone of course) then after months of using the iPhone for apps, ebooks, web browsing, games and the likes, my eyes began to ache. Apparently, hours of spending time on my iPhone is bad for my health. (according to the eye doctor) so what I wanted to do is own an iPad, dispose the iPhone and buy a cheap phone… but my Mom doesn’t want me to do that. Regarding to her, what I am about to do is pointless. From the most awesome phone to the least, oh gosh, but still I wanted to have an iPad, I just don’t have enough money to buy it, besides, my iPhone is not even a year old..