I trolled you.

I think it’s quite amusing how technology really eats at your soul these days. I was just working on an assignment and I was using Photoshop to create buttons with gradients. Sometimes I make my own and I use the Stroke tool to outline buttons; sometimes I’m far too lazy and I browse the web or just Google for “PSD button templates”. Photoshop is a gift, really. I adore digital media so much that I find it hard not to immerse myself in large quantities of it every day. Call me weird, but I enjoyed reviewing other students’ learning proposals. It reminds me of the days far back when I reviewed websites and critiqued them… I’m not going there again. It was truly time consuming because you weren’t just reviewing a page… you were reviewing a whole website and its content.

I came across a post on 1stwebdesigner.com called 45+ Free Design Template and PSD files. I don’t know about you, but seeing the word free makes me go like this: 😚

I am not really liking the ‘web 2.0′ style; to be honest I think it’s stupid and makes every site look the same. When I looked at some classmates’ proposals it seems that they want to look into the styles of a lot of websites. I don’t dig the “typical” look of most portfolios and professional blogs in this day and age – they often have glossy buttons and light diagonal stripes on the background, or mildly pixelated or textured backgrounds. I like to see web design as a work of art, and that means going by WordPress’s little “code is poetry” motto. Code has to be beautiful, semantic, clean – designs even more so. That means standing out from the crowd, in my opinion.

Something common that I don’t object to, though, is social media buttons. They’re cute, come in all different shapes, sizes and colours – and many websites offer them for free. I don’t deny that social media is a phenomenon, and sometimes I think it’s one of the best ways to interact with others who are in the same field. I have kept in touch with a lot of my blogging buddies over the years via Twitter, and it’s a quick, easy and mobile way of contacting each other. There is absolutely no obligation to read everyone’s tweets, and no one will half-heartedly shoot you if you don’t. Often, I’ve come across people who say, “I tweeted it, didn’t you see?” A funny matter, but you shouldn’t expect everyone to read every single one of your 140-character rants.

I often like to see new followers of mine, and I choose to turn notifications for these off (when you have 1000+ followers it gets annoying). I look at my profile and find a lot of web design blogs following me possibly because of stuff that I tweet, but there has only been one that I felt so inclined to follow back and that is @designdeck, who also have a regularly updated blog and tweet regularly. A lot of web design blogs have Twitter accounts that are worth subscribing to; if you’re not really one for blog feeds or just want to flick through some tweets until you spot something that tickles your fancy… Twitter is fantastic for that.

Anyway, there are also some great tutorials for creating your own web 2.0-like buttons if you so choose.

Next, iPads. Word on the iPad I won over a month ago? Still hasn’t arrived at my work office yet. This afternoon I got bored and started browsing eBay and bidding on a whole bunch of iPad 2s. They’re generally under $400 and you save quite a lot on used ones now that the ridiculous new iPad has been released. Of course, I bid on a few of those, my expectations of being outbid by a hundred dollars being met – and set myself a budget for any iPad I was to bid on. Of course, I get a thrill out of bidding on items. I feel like it’s a wonderful tactic to bang-snap-outbid someone by a hundred dollars, or shoot in your maximum budget price as soon as a listing opens. Of course, not a tactic to win, but to troll people. I don’t know how many times I’ve bid on an item in small increments only to keep getting outbid. I’m now doing the same to other people, and I know, as James says, it’s like I have no intention to buy the iPad at all… but the fact that someone out there is getting trolled makes me rub my hands together with glee.

Of course, why do I want an iPad? To read on, primarily. I have decided to get rid of nearly all my books and novels. My collection will soon be so much smaller. And I’m not doing it because I will be getting an iPad, no… I am doing it because I need more space in my room, and those books deserve better homes. But I’m getting an iPad because I want to be able to read on the go without carrying a large book around. It would be more impressive if I was dedicated to making an iPhone/iPad app… but maybe that’s for another day.

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