I trolled you.

I think it’s quite amusing how technology really eats at your soul these days. I was just working on an assignment and I was using Photoshop to create buttons with gradients. Sometimes I make my own and I use the Stroke tool to outline buttons; sometimes I’m far too lazy and I browse the web or just Google for “PSD button templates”. Photoshop is a gift, really. I adore digital media so much that I find it hard not to immerse myself in large quantities of it every day. Call me weird, but I enjoyed reviewing other students’ learning proposals. It reminds me of the days far back when I reviewed websites and critiqued them… I’m not going there again. It was truly time consuming because you weren’t just reviewing a page… you were reviewing a whole website and its content.

I came across a post on 1stwebdesigner.com called 45+ Free Design Template and PSD files. I don’t know about you, but seeing the word free makes me go like this: /faw

I am not really liking the ‘web 2.0′ style; to be honest I think it’s stupid and makes every site look the same. When I looked at some classmates’ proposals it seems that they want to look into the styles of a lot of websites. I don’t dig the “typical” look of most portfolios and professional blogs in this day and age – they often have glossy buttons and light diagonal stripes on the background, or mildly pixelated or textured backgrounds. I like to see web design as a work of art, and that means going by WordPress’s little “code is poetry” motto. Code has to be beautiful, semantic, clean – designs even more so. That means standing out from the crowd, in my opinion.

Something common that I don’t object to, though, is social media buttons. They’re cute, come in all different shapes, sizes and colours – and many websites offer them for free. I don’t deny that social media is a phenomenon, and sometimes I think it’s one of the best ways to interact with others who are in the same field. I have kept in touch with a lot of my blogging buddies over the years via Twitter, and it’s a quick, easy and mobile way of contacting each other. There is absolutely no obligation to read everyone’s tweets, and no one will half-heartedly shoot you if you don’t. Often, I’ve come across people who say, “I tweeted it, didn’t you see?” A funny matter, but you shouldn’t expect everyone to read every single one of your 140-character rants.

I often like to see new followers of mine, and I choose to turn notifications for these off (when you have 1000+ followers it gets annoying). I look at my profile and find a lot of web design blogs following me possibly because of stuff that I tweet, but there has only been one that I felt so inclined to follow back and that is @designdeck, who also have a regularly updated blog and tweet regularly. A lot of web design blogs have Twitter accounts that are worth subscribing to; if you’re not really one for blog feeds or just want to flick through some tweets until you spot something that tickles your fancy… Twitter is fantastic for that.

Anyway, there are also some great tutorials for creating your own web 2.0-like buttons if you so choose.

Next, iPads. Word on the iPad I won over a month ago? Still hasn’t arrived at my work office yet. This afternoon I got bored and started browsing eBay and bidding on a whole bunch of iPad 2s. They’re generally under $400 and you save quite a lot on used ones now that the ridiculous new iPad has been released. Of course, I bid on a few of those, my expectations of being outbid by a hundred dollars being met – and set myself a budget for any iPad I was to bid on. Of course, I get a thrill out of bidding on items. I feel like it’s a wonderful tactic to bang-snap-outbid someone by a hundred dollars, or shoot in your maximum budget price as soon as a listing opens. Of course, not a tactic to win, but to troll people. I don’t know how many times I’ve bid on an item in small increments only to keep getting outbid. I’m now doing the same to other people, and I know, as James says, it’s like I have no intention to buy the iPad at all… but the fact that someone out there is getting trolled makes me rub my hands together with glee.

Of course, why do I want an iPad? To read on, primarily. I have decided to get rid of nearly all my books and novels. My collection will soon be so much smaller. And I’m not doing it because I will be getting an iPad, no… I am doing it because I need more space in my room, and those books deserve better homes. But I’m getting an iPad because I want to be able to read on the go without carrying a large book around. It would be more impressive if I was dedicated to making an iPhone/iPad app… but maybe that’s for another day.

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First up, I have never been keen on the “following the web trend” thus have never step foot into the web 2.0 circle. Honestly, it’s not a big deal to be in it and I’ve honestly no idea why people are so eager and proud to be part of the 2.0 clan. But that’s just me, I design whatever I like, I follow no rules.

About the iPad, honestly, I regretted getting it! I got it for KOBO and Apple decided to disallow all in-app purchase and it’s now a chore to download any ebooks. Well, except their own Apple Books app which has quite a pathetic collection in my opinion. I gave it to my mum to play Smurfs with now. ;)

I really love my new iPad. More than I thought I would actually. I’m on it right now. These developers have really done a beautiful job with these apps. Stunning really. Clipboard impressed my parents so much my dad went and ordered himself one, lol. Hope you get yours soon and enjoy it as much as I do.

hey Georgina!! <3<3 i've missed you too! it's been too long since last time we spoke. i saw your new theme a while ago, but it's a shame i haven't had time to comment it before now. i think you should know it's beautiful, and i love the simplicity of it. you have the ability to make themes timeless!

i agree with you, themes should stand out from the crowd, and be unique! i want my visitors to stop for a while to stare and think: this is something i've never seen before. art is not "typical", neither should a wordpress be.

haha i use twitter to let my follwers know whenever i update. i also like to share quotes there. i guess i'm following pretty much everyone who follows me, but it's easier to keep track of mine 130 compared to your 1000++!

ohhh i love "albert einstein quotes". he may have been a great scientist, but i know him for his quotes. they're so wise, funny, and not to forget: true. my favourite is also by him – of course.

i hope you're doing fine, and take care! <3

Ho u wuggs.

If vancity’s ipad comes you’ll be D: . D: !

Yeah, code should be tidy. :) it reflects on your professionalism as a developer /eee

Your tweets are nurg. hrrng


I would love to have an iPad, because maybe then I would be able to do some things online without needing my lappy, which is currently serving as my main computer source (since I lack a desktop). First comes a printer, though. …I’ve discovered it would make a lot of things much, much easier!

I dislike the web 2.0, too. :( I really do miss how websites all over the web varied. Now they’re all looking the same. P: It’s quite frustrating. :L

Your iPad has been shipping for a month and it hasn’t come in yet? Grr! Even if the iPad is shipping from the US, it shouldn’t take a whole month to make it to Australia!

Web 2.0 is such a confusing term. I had to look it up in order to figure out exactly what it meant. Apparently, it means “simple”, but a lot of sites that seem to be on web 2.0 on many other aspects are anything but simple. What I like about web 2.0 designs is that they’re usually easier on my eyes than many older designs. I think that a good web developer can make a website look distinct from others – like you! You do a lot of things that I read about in web 2.0 designs, and only James’s blog looks anything like yours!

I wonder if the people you trolled had any idea that they were being trolled. You are a silly, silly girl! 👏

I made a Web 2.0 layout before, but I never actually used it because it looked too common. I created one because a bunch of other people were making them. I understand that they have a “sleek” look with them, but I don’t want to just follow the crowd. Besides, Web 2.0 doesn’t appeal me anymore.

I don’t want an iPad or any PC tablet. I’d rather get a computer. I don’t know what I’d do with an iPad since it’s like a huge iPod Touch. I already have a Kindle, too, so reading on it isn’t an option…

Georgie, how dare you not read all of my tweets?! :P Hahaha. I get what you mean about web 2.0. I liked the slick and clean look it had in the beginning, but now they’re all starting to look the same. I prefer clean layouts, too, because I think it’s harder to hold back and edit than to show off every possible web skill you have. Plus, clean-looking designs are forever.

Your trolling of iPad bids is making me laugh. I should try doing that, too, but with my luck I’d end up having to pay for 10 iPads. Hahaha. Anyway, I cannot believe your iPad hasn’t arrived yet! Have you contacted the seller yet? This is getting so ridiculous. Please let me know the seller’s name so I’ll never buy anything from him/her :P

I’ve started to get rid of some of my books as well, through Paperbookswap. I’m liking the portability of ebooks in that I can read multiple books on my phone for no added weight, like you. However, I still like curling up with a good book. There’s something about turning pages and not looking at something digital. Old school, I guess.

Off topic, but for some reason I can only access your site from my phone or through a proxy on my computer. Weird, right?

simple is always better. shiny is for sure overdone and makes ya look like you’re trying to hard.

to be honest with you, i am a book hoarder. i hate even loaning my books to friends. when i purchase a book and it’s home remains my bookshelves

We were learning how to create shiny gradient buttons in one of my classes. -_- It’s really not my taste because it’s exactly how you put it: typical. Professionals all seem to want to head in that direction and it’s really not working. I must admit I’ve stalked your portfolio before because it’s so different yet professional. /bounce

One problem I have with social media buttons is that they’re all so … interesting. Haha. They can’t be integrated into a professional design because the good ones are always the more artistic ones that probably distract viewers. I tried making my own once though.

I really don’t understand Twitter. I have one, but I don’t know what there is to write about. Maybe when I become a professional designer I can post links to interesting articles but that sounds kind of boring too.

If you read an iPad too much your eyes might get tired. It’s a lot like staring at a computer screen. I wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement for books. Kind of sucks for me because when I’m taking a break from working on the computer and have nothing to do, I end up on iPad playing games which is no break at all.

I actually use a computer for about twelve hours a day and my eyes don’t get tired. It’s been like that since high school and I get my eyes checked every now and then – my vision is 20/20. :) I keep the brightness on my screen pretty low.

I wasn’t going to use the iPad to replace books – no way, I couldn’t do that. I love books too much. I just happen to be getting rid of some recently. I have far to travel to work and school so it’s just an on-the-go thing. At home I’d definitely pick up a physical book.

It isn’t really boring to post links. I have posted a lot of links to cool websites on Twitter and it’s a good way to share them with others and keep your own personal record of them; though I suppose Delicious does a better job at that (I don’t have a Delicious account).

I don’t like 2.0 styles because the fun in me making designs, and whatnot(even though my coding is shit) is I like it personal. For instance, my current layout reflects my interests and likes. I think that’s important, especially in a blog.

I actually never got an ipad. Don’t get my wrong, I do want one, but I have a laptop, an ipod touch, and a samsung andriod…I think I am completely set on technology for a while. I really do not see the point in wasting the money. The trolling makes me laugh though. I’m sick as hell, so when I read that bit of your blod, it really pepped me up ♥

I actually used to have a twitter, but I don’t update because it really can’t keep my interests, XD

Social media icons are going to be the death of me. Every time I see a website offering a set for free I feel like I have to download them. I hoard cute little things – of a graphic nature anyways. Though I’ve never really been “on trend” online or off line. I just go with whatever feels right. Which is why I’m always changing things it seems.

Good luck on the bidding for iPads. everyone knows my stand on those things in general…ha ha. Not a popular thought, but I can’t help it.